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The Link is the Thing!

  Natural linking, what is it and how do I get it? More importantly, do I need it? If you run an Internet web presence that you want others to find in the search engines then the answer to the latter is YES!

What is natural linking? That is an easy question to answer. Natural linking occurs when someone places a link to your site from another site. The reason that someone might link to your site is not really important, the fact that they placed the link is the only thing that matters.

Some of the reasons that someone might place a link to your site or to a page within your website are:

•    Your site offers some information that supports a fact or reinforces a position contained within another site.
•    Your site offers some tools or resources that would be helpful to others.
•    Your site contradicts a common misconception that others want use to validate their own views on that topic.
•    Your site represents a controversial viewpoint that others might want to showcase for their own purposes.
•    Your site is just so very cool that others need to be made aware of it and seeing as my website links to your site, my site must be cool too!

Regardless of the reasons why someone might be linking to your site, these natural links are very important. Even if someone is linking to your site because they think it is a sad joke and they want others to see how bad your site is, it really doesn’t matter.

Knowing that these types of links are important the next question is, “How do you get people to link to your site?” There are several ways you can get people to link to your site with the easiest being, make a useful site. Easier said then done you are thinking eh?

When you think about it, creating a useful site isn’t that difficult, it just requires time. Time to find helpful tools to share with others, time to find sound advice regarding your site’s topic of interest and time to make your site ooze the “It” factor. The amount of time it will take is solely dependent upon how much effort you want to put in to it.

OK, so you finished your site, now what? How do you let people know that your site is ready to amaze others? There are several ways to let people know about your site. If you have a budget set aside you could set up a PPC campaign that may bring in some traffic. You could join groups or forums that share your interest or even better, that are totally opposite to your site’s message or theme. Perhaps one of the best ways is to write articles that others can use on their sites that are seeded with a few well placed links pointing back to your site.

One of the next big trends that is about to take off is, the “Bartered Link”. Bartered links are where you offer space on your site to host an article written by other webmasters, which contain text links to their sites in exchange for a one way link back to your site. Are bartered links considered to be natural links? If they aren’t then they sure do a fine job of mimicking them.

Regardless of the motivation behind someone linking to your site, even if it is because they think your site is bad or your opinion is wrong, just remember this… the fact that they did is all that truly matters as the link is the thing.

   Linking for Fun and Profit

  Well actually, linking isn't fun at all. In fact, it's quite tedious. Seeking, responding to requests and adding links takes time and effort. But, if you're not actively building links the RIGHT way you are going to be left behind. In other words, your site will be "Lost in Cyberspace". The plain fact is Google, and to a lesser extent, other important search engines, reward sites with links from relevant and important pages.

If you want your site to deliver lots of targeted search engine traffic (and who doesn't?) there are two equally important factors:

1) lots of keyword-rich, search engine friendly content
2) lots of relevant, incoming links from the RIGHT sources

For real success you need to cover BOTH of these strategies. Don't concentrate on one and not the other.

So, how do you go about building your links? It's not rocket science, but as I said, it does take time and effort. From my own experiences, here's what you should do:

1) Download and install the Google Toolbar:


This will show you the PageRank of the page you are viewing. PageRank is a measure, rated from 1 to 10, of the "importance" that Google gives to that page. There has been a lot written about PageRank. You don't need to become obsessed with it but it IS an important consideration when determining WHO to link to. A link from a PR-5 page is worth FAR more than a PR-0 page.

2) Establish a resource or links directory for your site. This lets potential link partners see that you are willing to exchange links. You should make it clear on your links pages what your linking policy is i.e. under what conditions you will agree to exchange links.

3) Your aim should be to build a resource directory that is relevant to your business. Don't try to build a mini Yahoo with umpteen different categories. Keep your directory focused on your site theme. When you first start out you will be inclined to link to anybody in exchange for a link FROM anybody. This is a mistake. Be patient and choose your link partners carefully.

4) Before requesting a link from another site, add that site to your directory. Contact the webmaster and tell them you added their link because you believe their site would be of interest to your visitors (and so it should). Give the url where your link is located and ask for a return link, along with instructions on how you would like your link worded. NEVER demand by saying things like "if you do not link to us we will remove your link".

5) If you have not received a reply after 2 - 3 weeks send a polite follow up. Again, don't demand. No one is under any obligation to link to you. If you do not receive a reply to your second request it means that the webmaster does not want to link to you, or they are simply too busy to respond. In that case, leave it and move on. I receive dozens of link requests a day. Sometimes it takes me many weeks to get around to responding. You'll go mad worrying about links that have not been reciprocated. Your time is better spent.

6) When you receive a link request visit the site and check that it meets with your requirements as set down on your link pages. Is it a quality site with good content or just a "link farm"? If it doesn't meet your requirements don't link to it.

The webmaster SHOULD have already linked to your site but be prepared to overlook that breech of linking protocol if it's from a good quality, high PR site.

7) Beware of webmasters who add your site to their "directory" which turns out to nothing but a link farm i.e. has no useful content, just a bunch of links, and asks you to link to an entirely different site, one that HAS good content. These webmasters are playing you for a sucker. The benefit is all theirs.

8) As I said in point #1, links from high PR pages are worth more than links from low or no PR pages. Seek out high PR linking partners but keep in mind it is the PR of the actual page your link is on that matters, NOT the PR of the home page. In other words if the home page PR is 5, but the page your link is on is several layers deep in the directory, it will probably have a PR of 0 and be of little benefit to you. Check the PR of the actual page your link is on, or is going to be on, before agreeing to exchange links.

Each page on your links directory should be no more than two clicks away from your home page, and your linking partner's site should be the same. If your link is placed on a page which looks something like this - directory/category/subcategory/subcategory with your link - you will derive NO value from that link.

9) Be prepared to negotiate your links. Savvy webmasters understand the value of links from high PR pages. If you add a link to a PR-0 page on your site don't expect your link partner to put your link on a PR-6 page, and your link partner shouldn't expect the same from you. Exchange value for like value.

When you first start out your site may not have any PR due to a lack of incoming links. This reduces your bargaining power. However, you can overcome this by getting your site listed in as many large business directories as possible. Some of these you will have to pay, such as Yahoo and Microsoft's Business Directory, but many others are free.

10) Be specific about how you want your link partner to link to you. It is MOST important that the link to you contain your targeted keywords in the anchor (linked) text. When I ask for a link to my site I don't want the link title to be:

Steve Pronger Web Business Solutions

Instead, I ask for:

Small Business Website Designer

or whichever keywords I am targeting at the time. Note: Try not to have all your inbound links targeting the same keywords. This can raise an "over-opimization" flag.

11) And finally, here is an excellent resource to help you find quality link partners. It's called Value Exchange, and will put you in contact with like-minded webmasters:


   Link Popularity is The Key to have huge amount of permanent and quality traffic.

  As a website owner, you may or may not realize the value of a campaign designed to increase link popularity. The results of such efforts serve to increase the amount of traffic not only because of the increased visibility of your website due to larger amounts of links. Additionally, the higher the number of relevant one way links coming into your site, the more you build link popularity.

In order to find out which sites on the internet have the highest link popularity, it is only necessary to go to a search engine and enter a word or phrase.  Understand that the first sites to appear on your screen will be those that have invested resources to build link popularity.  The steps necessary to increase link popularity may seem simple at first glance, but here are some reasons to hire a specialist to help you increase link popularity:

The search engine algorithms consider multiple items when assigning link popularity to particular sites. Internet marketing pros know how to build link popularity for your site.

It does matter where your site is listed.  Free directory listings and reciprocal link programs seem like a great idea to increase link popularity, although if used incorrectly these services may actually detract from your link popularity.

An SEO specialist hired to increase link popularity will understand the interrelations of the major search engines. For example, they already know that Yahoo! rankings are tied directly to Google rankings. And more than that, they know how to get your site noticed.

A professional SEO specialist will already know the tricks to networking. They have experience with contacting the owners of sites containing similar content or themes in order to request link exchanges. They know the best way to get you the external links to your site in order to increase link popularity and site traffic.

It should by now seem fairly obvious that almost without a doubt if you want to build link popularity successfully, you are going to require outside help. Because your priorities need to be focused in other areas than SEO, hiring a link popularity SEO specialist is a fabulous way to save your time and increase your site traffic with a minor financial investment.

Of course, by hiring someone to build link popularity for your site you are going
to have a better return on investment than if you spent your own time trying to increase link popularity.

In closing, be aware that link popularity is perhaps the most important measure applied to a website with today’s search engine technologies.  It takes a large investment of time to build link popularity for a newly launched site – and to increase the link popularity of an existing site. So, hiring an SEO specialist to perform this task on your behalf is a good investment to make when you consider the tangible benefits that happen very quickly on your site statistic and the search engine results pages.

What is Link Exchange?

 In simple term we understand link exchange as 2 webmaster put each other's site's link on his or her site for sharing traffic andmutually SEO benefit but that is not the all.Actually it is just reciprocal linking.There are many ways to exchange link or linking your site to other websites. Read below carefully.

 Methods of website linking
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedi

Reciprocal link

A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two objects, commonly between two websites to ensure mutual traffic. Example: Alice and Bob have websites. If Bob's website links to Alice's website, and Alice's website links to Bob's website, the websites are reciprocally linked. Website owners often submit their sites to reciprocal link exchange directories, in order to achieve higher rankings in the search engines. Reciprocal linking between websites is an important part of the search engine optimization process because Google uses link popularity algorithms (defined as the number of links that led to a particular page and the anchor text of the link) to rank websites for relevancy.

Relevant linking

Relevant linking is a derivative of reciprocal linking or link exchanging in which a site linked to another site contains only content compatible and relevant to the linked site.
 Three way linking
See also: Webring

Three way linking (siteA ⇒ siteB ⇒ siteC ⇒ siteA) is a special type of reciprocal linking. The attempt of this link building method is to create more "natural" links in the eyes of search engines. The value of links by three-way linking can then be better than normal reciprocal links, which are usually done between two domains.
  Two-Way-Linking (Link exchange)

An alternative to the questionable automated linking practices referenced above are free, community-based link exchange forums such as LinkPartners.com, in which members list their sites according to the sites' business category and invite webmasters of other compatible sites to request a link exchange. Such forums were created to foster the ethical exchange of links between sites dealing with similar, relevant subject matter in order to offer visitors broader access to information than that obtainable on either site individually. Unlike automatic linking schemes, these forums require members to editorially review sites requesting a link and make human-intelligence-based decisions on whether establishing a link with them would benefit end users and comply with search-engine quality and best practices guidelines.
 One-way linking

One-way link is a term used among webmasters for link building methods. It is a hyperlink that points to a website without any reciprocal link; thus the link goes "one-way" in direction. It is suspected by many industry consultants that this type of link would be considered more natural in the eyes of search engines. One-way links are also called Incoming Links or Inbound Links.
  Resource Linking

Resource Links are a category of links, which can be either one-way or two-way, usually referenced as "Resources" or "Information" in Navbars, but sometimes, especially in the early, less compartmentalized years of the Web, simply called "Links." Basically, they are hyperlinks to a website or a specific webpage containing content believed to be beneficial, useful and relevant to visitors of the site establishing the link.

In recent years resource links have grown in importance because most major search engines have made it plain that -- in Google's words -- "quantity, quality, and relevance of links count towards your rating."

The engines' insistence on resource links being relevant and beneficial developed because many of the methods described elsewhere in this article -- free-for-all linking, link doping, incestuous linking, overlinking, multi-way linking -- and similar schemes were employed solely to "spam" search-engines, i.e. to "fool" the engines' algorithms into awarding the sites employing these unethical devices undeservedly high page ranks and/or return positions.

Despite cautioning site developers (again quoting from Google) to avoid "'free-for-all' links, link popularity schemes, or submitting your site to thousands of search engines (because) these are typically useless exercises that don't affect your ranking in the results of the major search engines -- at least, not in a way you would likely consider to be positive," most major engines have deployed technology designed to "red flag" and potentially penalize sites employing such practices.
  Multi-way linking

Multi-way linking is a technique used for website promotion whereby websites may create similar one-way links that each involves 3 or more partner sites. This provides each website with a one-way non-reciprocal link. This technique has evolved from reciprocal linking. The latest search algorithms have evolved to hold less favor towards websites that contain a high percentage of reciprocated links, and a higher favor towards websites that maintain a high level of incoming non-reciprocated (one way) links. How to filter out excessive reciprocal link schemes is even being mentioned in anti link spam patents.

The term multi-way simply refers to the fact that the link exchange is between 3 or more websites, however each link is singular by only pointing to one other website. Other means of linking that may increase your web presence may also include other indirect methods such as loading images, videos, content or RSS feeds from a third partners website.
 Link campaign

Link campaigns are a form of online marketing and SEO. A business seeking to increase the number of visitors to its web site can ask its strategic partners, professional organizations, chambers of commerce, suppliers, and customers to add links from their web sites. A link campaign may involve mutual links back and forth between related sites, but it doesn't have to require the reciprocation of links.
  Incestuous linking

Incestuous linking is an SEO strategy used by a webmaster to promote a collection of their own web sites, or those of close friends.

Due to the domination of the search engine market by Google, and its underlying PageRank technology, sites are deemed to be more important if they have large numbers of inbound links. If those inbound links are also from highly ranked web sites, they will boost the web site further. With the take-up of blogging and social networking sites such as MySpace, this has resulted in lots of web sites that are inter-linked and can artificially improve the ranking of a web site without merit, i.e. without valuable or unique content.

When the sites are not directly owned, this is referred to as a web clique.

Overlinking in a webpage or another hyperlinked text is the characteristic of having too many hyperlinks.

It is characterized by:

    * A large proportion of the words in each sentence being rendered as links.
    * Links that have little information content, such as linking on specific years like 1995, or unnecessary linking of common words used in the common way, for which the reader can be expected to understand the word's full meaning in context, without any hyperlink help.
    * A link for any single term is excessively repeated in the same article. "Excessive" is usually more than one link for the same term in a line or a paragraph, since in this case one or more duplicate links will almost certainly then appear needlessly on the viewer's screen.


The opposites of overlinking are null linking and underlinking, which are phenomena in which hyperlinks are reduced to such a degree as to remove all pointers to a likely-needed context of an unusual term, in the text-area where the term occurs. Underlinking results whenever a reader encounters an odd term in an article (perhaps not even for the first time), and wants to briefly browse more deeply at that point, but he or she cannot without an extensive search of the article for a (possibly non-existent) instance of the linked term.

The extreme case of underlinking is a dead-end page, a page with no links at all. Usability experts discourage making dead-end pages.

Underlinking also occurs when web pages use the rel=nofollow attribute to prevent search engines from considering these links when performing link analysis, weighting or ranking. Wikipedia is a well known example of this kind of underlinking.
 Link doping
See also: Google bomb

Link doping refers to the practice and effects of embedding a large number of gratuitous hyperlinks on a website, in exchange for reciprocal links. Mainly used when describing blogs, link doping usually implies that a person hyperlinks to sites he or she has never visited, in return for a place on the website's blogroll, for the sole purpose of inflating the apparent popularity of his or her website. Since the search algorithms of many web directories and search engines rely on the number of hyperlinks to a website to determine its importance or influence, link doping can result in a high placement or ranking for the offending website.

Originally used in an essay published in Sobriquet Magazine and on Blogcritics.org, link doping has been confused with the related practice of excessive hyperlinking, also known as "link whoring". While the two phrases may be used interchangeably to describe gratuitous linking, link doping carries the additional connotation of deliberately striving to attain a certain level of success for one's website without having earned it through hard work (as an average athlete on steroids might perform better than a naturally gifted athlete not on performance-enhancing drugs).
 Free for all linking

A free for all (FFA) link page is a web page set up ostensibly to improve the search engine placement of a particular web site. Webmasters typically will use software to place a link to their site on hundreds of FFA sites, hoping that the resulting incoming links will increase the ranking of their site in search engines. Experts in SEO techniques do not place much value on FFAs. First, most FFAs only maintain a small number of links for a short time, too short for most search engines to pick up. Second, the high "human" traffic to FFA sites is almost completely other webmasters visiting the site to place their own links manually. Finally, search engine algorithms count more than link numbers, they also check relevancy which the unrelated links on FFA sites do not have. Another drawback to FFAs is the amount of spam e-mail webmasters will receive from members of the FFA. Using an FFA can be considered a form of spamdexing.
 Link popularity

Link popularity is a measure of the quantity and quality of other web sites that link to a specific site on the World Wide Web. It is an example of the move by search engines towards off-the-page-criteria to determine quality content. In theory, off-the-page-criteria adds the aspect of impartiality to search engine rankings. Link popularity plays an important role in the visibility of a web site among the top of the search results. Indeed, some search engines require at least one or more links coming to a web site, otherwise they will drop it from their index.

Search engines such as Google use a special link analysis system to rank web pages. Citations from other WWW authors help to define a site's reputation. The philosophy of link popularity is that important sites will attract many links. Content-poor sites will have difficulty attracting any links. Link popularity assumes that not all incoming links are equal, as an inbound link from a major directory carries more weight than an inbound link from an obscure personal home page. In other words, the quality of incoming links counts more than sheer numbers of them.
 Web popularity and the problems of link popularity

The link popularity does not consider users’ judgement about websites’ content: It only computes the number of links and the website traffic quantity. It seems qualitative becasuse as Robert K. Merton  shows speaking about "popular scientist": "popularity is a cumulative process";in fact well known scientists get disproportionately great credit for their contributions to science, while relatively unknown scientists tend to get disproportionately little credit for comparable contributions (the Matthew Effect). However, the popularity in the scientific community is linked to the scientific reader judgements and not as in web comunity, only to the others websites judgements (i.e. the comunity itself). The scientific reader is more aware of this popularity process than a web user, who is forced in a simple click automatism. In this sense, Link popularity is not a real "qualitative" index for three main reason:

1. The linkpopularity is not related to qualitative dimensions of the interaction: As Federici, Borsci, Stamerra, and Mele  show, the popularity, as an indirect measuere of the website quality, considers only the web comunity judgements (inlinks) and not the accessibility and the usability dimension of the website. In this sense, linkpopularity does not consider how a websites answers, in qualitative way, to the users needs but, just, how is probable that the information that a user search can be foud in a website.So, the diffculties of the users in order to interact and achieve the information are not considered by the Linkpopularity perspective.

Rich-get-richer phenomenon: The actual ranking algorithms used by the search engines lead to the impossibility for not popular websites to emerge from the web. As Cho et al. show the “rich-get-richer” phenomenon is widespread through the web: the popularity of already popular web pages tends to increase, while the new or not popular pages have less possibility to be clicked.

2. Popularity as illusory perception of a qualitative order in information: As Federici et al. show the link popularity is certainly the main criterion used by search engines both to arrange web information and to reply to users’ queries with effectiveness and efficiency. Yet, this functional order criterion can be misunderstood when users assume that the highest websites in the rank offer better content quality than others. Actual ranking algorith implicitly indicates a quality level concerning the website to the user, and this happens because of a simple perceptive mechanism induced by the web technology, that is founded on a common marketing law: the most a good is sold, the better the good, or rather in this case: The most a website is clicked, the better the website. Search engines order any query outputs in a top-down hierarchical sequence starting from the greatest ranking level website to the lowest. So the highest website occurring in the rank is perceived by users as qualitatively better than others, i.e. as the best answer to the users’ queries. In this way, it has become a common idea that search engines and ranking lists are structured to offer as fast as possible the best answer to the users’ queries. A certain “cognitive consonance”, according to which websites with best rank value have the best content quality (i.e. demand met supply), has produced a circular and vicious process: since popular websites are already better reachable in the virtual space (that meaning they will probabilistically get more clicks), they will always be more popular. Since they appear in the first rank positions, popular website is more likely to be clicked and this effect influences both users’ choices and information use. In this way, quality becomes a mere technological product that informs and forms users’ reality, influencing their judgements and choices, while they become part of a process induced by the same technological tools that they operate.

       Definition of popularity in the world wide web context:

Federici et al. define, using the common definition in Webster dictionary, the “popularity” as a threefold meaning comcept: 1. the first meaning concerns with the features of that which is stated of being popular: “the quality or state of being popular (…) adapted to common people”. In this “objective” sense, popular concerns with the accessibility structure of information that is popular because it do not offer resistance (barriers) to users. 2. The second meaning of popularity refers to the attitudes or believes of people: “the state of being esteemed by people at large (…) or pleasing to common people”. In this “subjective” sense, popularity concerns with the people perspective onto the features of objects. This is what we trace back to “usability”, namely, what is deemed popular on web by the users because of suitable, friendly, satisfactory. 3. The last popularity meaning concerns the pursuing an aim: “Something which obtains, or is intended to obtain, the favor of the vulgar (…) The act of courting the favor of the people”. In this sense, the popularity is not just a feature of an object (accessibility) nor a (user) self-representation of an object (usability), rather than it is the set goal reached, namely the website wide-spreading, such as say, its “linkability”.

These authors propose a large definition of popularity in the web context (the Web Popolarity): Web popularity is a property that is attributed to a website when it is well widespread on Internet by the means of inbound and outbound links (linkability/link-popularity), the information is accessible for all users (accessibility), and when users esteem its use as efficient, effective, and satisfactory (usability).
 Link bait

Link bait is any content or feature within a website that somehow baits viewers to place links to it from other websites. Matt Cutts defines link bait as anything "interesting enough to catch people's attention." Link bait can be an extremely powerful form of marketing as it is viral in nature.
 Link bait in search engine optimization

The quantity and quality of inbound links are two of the many metrics used by a search engine ranking algorithm to rank a website. Link bait creation falls under the task of link building, and aims to increase the quantity of high-quality, relevant links to a website. Part of successful linkbaiting is devising a mini-PR campaign around the release of a link bait article so that bloggers and social media users are made aware and can help promote the piece in tandem. Social media traffic can generate a substantial amount of links to a single web page. Sustainable link bait is rooted in quality content.
 Types of link bait

Although there are no clear-cut subdivisions within link bait, many attempt to divide them into types of hooks. This is a short list of some of the most common approaches with brief descriptions:

    * Informational hooks - Provide information that a reader may find very useful. Some rare tips and tricks or any personal experience through which readers can benefit.
    * News hooks - Provide fresh information and obtain citations and links as the news spreads.
    * Humor hooks - Tell a funny story or a joke. A bizarre picture of your subject or mocking cartoons can also prove to be link bait.
    * Evil hooks - Saying something unpopular or mean may also yield a lot of attention. Writing about something that is not appealing about a product or a popular blogger. Provide strong reasons for it.
    * Tool hooks - Create some sort of tool that is useful enough that people link to it.
    * Widgets hooks - A badge or tool, that can be placed or embedded on other websites, with a link included.
    * Unique content hooks - This hook is intended for people that are in need of unique contents or articles for traffic or AdSense revenue. This became popular after Google implemented Duplicate Contents Filter and sites with duplicate contents saw fall in traffic. To use this hook, you have to create unique contents and give it out to Bloggers and webmasters with an obligation to put link back to your site.

 Forum signature linking

Forum signature linking is a technique used to build backlinks to a website. This is the process of using forum communities that allow outbound hyperlinks in their member's signature. This can be a fast method to build up inbound links to a website; it can also produce some targeted traffic if the website is relevant to the forum topic. It should be stated that forums using the nofollow attribute will have no actual Search Engine Optimization value.
 Link broker

A link broker is a company that allows you to buy or rent links. Link brokerages function in a few different ways but all offer the same service: selling or renting you links. The quality of the sites, the links they sell and the prices vary greatly, as do the effects those links can have at the search engines.
 Blind link

Some links are created to intentionally hide the ultimate destination of a link until the user has clicked on it. It's accomplished via redirection (possibly a URL shortening service) or client-side JavaScript. Blind links are usually used for deceptive or advertising reasons, and are most associated with TGPs and Rickrolling.
 Blog comments

Leaving a comment on a blog can result in a relevant do follow link to the individual's website. Most of the time however leaving a comment on a blog turns into a no follow link, which is almost useless in the eyes of search engines such as Google and Yahoo. On the other hand, most blog comments get clicked on by the readers of the blog if the comment is well thought out and pertains to the discussion of the other commenters and the post on the blog.
 See also

    * Backlink: incoming links
    * Deep linking: linking directly to a page within another website.
    * Inline linking: linking directly to content within another website.
    * Zipf's law
    * Off-page optimization

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   FAQ :Link Exchange

  These are most common questions asked by webmasters about Link Exchange

Q1: How many links needed to rank high in the SERP?
A1: It depends on the niche your website is built on. In other words it depends on the content on your website,which niche is targeted through the content. If your website content is about bacteria and you have some strange long scientific names of bacteria involved then you have no competition and you will rank high(How many are going to search for this?) and so you will not need many links.But if your website content is about weight loss then you have tough competition as there are millions of other website which are targeting the same niche so you will need thousands of quality links to rank high in the search engines.

Q2: Manual or automated link exchange,the better one?

A2: In old days there were no automated link exchange services or directories and a webmaster has to do this task manually. But now a days there are many link exchange services and directories are available where they offer you over all control and automation. You do not have to download anything and you can decide with whom you want to exchange link with. This automated service even checks automatically that your link partners are maintaining your own link on their sites or not. In my opinion the automated is best solution in present situation as it saves lots of time and hands free.

Q3: How it is possible to get even more links to my site?

A3: Design a good looking well designed site and then post original,unique and useful content.This 2 things will make other webmasters to interested to link exchange with your site.

Q4: What’s a High PR site & why everyone want a link from it?

A4: It is actually a descriptive term used by Google.PR stands for Page Rank and this is the alogorithm used by Google to rank a website. Google is the leader among the search engines and most other search engines are using similar algorithms.So when your site get a link from high PR page it also became popular.If you want to know how well a website is doing in all major search engines then you should check its PR.

Q5: Tell me the contrast & similarity between one-way links and reciprocal links

A5: The similarity is only one and that both are links to a site and contrast is vast.In a reciprocal linking you have to put link providing  site's link on your own site,only on that condition you get the link while in one way link you get link to your site without any condition,you do not have to put the link of the link providing site on your own site.In short reciprocal linking is for mutual benefit for 2 sites and a kind of link trade.From the point of SEO the one way linking is more useful for higher ranking of a site.All major search engines give more weightage to one way linking to provide higher rank to any site.As a webmaster for you,both type of linking is important and remember to get one way linking is difficult and so you should try to aim at receiving both types of links.As I said before only exchange link or  get reciprocal link from the site relavant to your own site or content.

Q6:Why is link anchor text  important ?

A6: 1st what is anchor text?When you link any word/s or sentence with a hyper link with help of html codes,the word/s  or sentence which will become clickable is called anchor text.For example if you use the words Click Here on a webpage and hyper linked it then the words "Click Here' will become clickable and so the words "Click Here" is anchor text.You can insert anything as anchor text so when you use keywords in and key phrases as anchor text then this will give more weitage for higher ranking in the SERP to the page the anchor text pointing  to and thus the page gain more popularity.Use the keywords in the anchor text wisely and you can get higher ranking in the SERPs.

Q7: What other things should I do to get more traffic in addition to link building?

A7: As I said before link building is one method and what other things you should do to get more traffic then I only say that use all the resources provided on this sites.Just read the above navigation menu and you can easily know what you should do.

        Tips About Link Building

  Here I am going to show you how with link exchange your improve the ranking of your site in the major search engine.

In my opinion link exchange is one of the best way to promote your site.

Most webmaster think that if they want to make their website successful then they must drive lots of traffic to their sites.Yes they are right.Without traffic nothing can be achieved. They also think that they have to update their sites too frequently to get the search engines' spiders regularly crawl their sites and provide them highe ranking but it is not true. It is wise to update your content frequently but it is not necessary to spend most of your time updating your site.

The most webmaster think that if they frequently update the site they will get higher ranking and thus the lots of free traffic from the search engines but in my opinion they are partially right.Yes off course you get some traffic but not enough so that you can depend on that and forget all other methods of driving traffic.I have done it myself and done the test with my own 5 sites which are on the 1st page of Google and among top 10.I have maintained the ranking for 3 months for all 5 sites(Believe me it is hard work and you can not do that on your own,my team has helped me lot) and we check the server logs regularly for each site and to my surprise the traffic I was receiving from search engine for each site was not much but the traffic I was getting from reciprocal links was very high and amazingly it did not lessen up when one of my site's ranking went down to 2nd page from the 1st page.

You may know there are some scripts and softwares available in the market with which you can either generate lots of doorway pages or denotes false linking to search engine spiders so the spiders will regularly crawl your site.Yes your site can get benefit for a time duration but today search engines have become smart and they frequently change algorithm on which a search engine works.So even if you apply 100 % legal SEO technique,they will work for short time and as soon as search engines change the rules for ranking all you hard work become useless and you have to update your site according to new rules.In my opinion just depend on only search engines for traffic is risky way to market your site.

Now the question is if we can not rely on SEO alone then what should we do?In my opinion follow the basic rules of SEO.Do not neglect the basic optimization.You must do that for each of your site but do not spend most of your time for this.Instead of apply other marketing strategies and in the way increase traffic as well as ranking of your site.Do not use any unethical method and never try to fool the search engines with false strings and mirrors. Sooner or latter search engines are going to find out and your site is going to be punished.So you should apply a strategy which will not only increase your traffic but also increase your site's ranking in the search engines.

 In my opinion again one the best strategy is link building.Reciprocal link exchange + one way links.With resicporcal link you are doing 3 things together.1. Adding valuable content of your link partners' sites for your own users,2.Getting free trafic from the resicprocal parners' sites,3.finally as I said before the search engines provide the the higher ranking to the site which have more links on other sites.This way you improve your raking in the search engines.As I said before you should only exchange the link with the sites relevant to your business or niche otherwise free traffic you are going to receive from your reciprocal partners' sites will be not useful.When search engines' spiders crawl your reciprocal partners sites,they find your link there and by following that link they also crawl and index your site.In short more links = more free

Every webmaster exchange link with a quality good site so search engines like your site if they find your link on many other sites as indirectly these all sites with your link providing unwritten certificate to search engines about your sites that all these sites believe that your site is good quality site.

This link building alone can provide your site with free traffic,higher ranking and valuable content.

Now a days social book marking sites are very popular and there are many free service available with which you can provide the social book marking facility on your own site by inserting 2-3 lines codes.You should tell your visitors to bookmark your site so that they can use or read the content any time they need in the future.If your visitors like your site and if they find the content useful then they are going to do this but you should provide the facility so they can do this easily.This way you can gain many high authority one way links to your site and boost your ranking in the search engines.I have not tried it but you can even try to offer some incentive/bribe in the form of digital download.

Next time when you use the Google search for finding something just check that all the high ranking sites have link directories inbuilt with the sites.So create a link directory relevant to your niche and invite the webmasters serving your niche for reciprocal link exchange.


SEO is important part of marketing strategy but do not spend to much time for updating content. Link building is a part of SEO and you can get higher ranking through link building. You should automate the reciprocal link exchange process through a script and include a relevant niche directory for this purpose.

One the best way to build lots of one way links to your site from the high PR site is article marketing. You can read more about the topic at article marketing section. You will find the link in above navigation menu.

  What to do and not do when exchanging link?

  There are many who will you tell you what should you do for link exchange but there are a few who will tell you what you should not do while exchanging link. There are many things in link exchange which you should never do from the point of SEO,instead of getting any benefit from the search engines you will harm your search engines ranking if you take such actions.Now a days search engines are became smart and try to provide and maintain quality content to their users through search results.So they have made some basic rules called algorithms and strictly stick to them.So when doing link exchange with other sites if you take some wrong action then it is possible that either your site loose the ranking and some time even penalized for the action you have take by mistake.So you should know in advance that know exactly what you should not do while exchanging link.

 Anchor Text Links -Do not use any non useful word in text links and anchor text anywhere on your site.For example if you want your visitors to next page on another page or on another site for reference then do not use the word "Click Here".It is no use from the point of SEO.In stead of using "click Here" try to use the keyword or keyword phrase relevant to your site that will give your site SEO advantage.For example if you are running a site about natural method for weight loss then try to include the anchor text link or link text as more info about natural method for weight loss instead of using click here to send visitors to the next page.You have most probably see some big content site which provide number like 1,2,3 for multiple pages in the same category(Sometime it is the limitation of the script used and a webmaster can not help that except modify the script codes),they can take advantage of these links by placing appropriate relevant keywords.

Do not Use Link Farms – Never ever use the link farm to exchange link.If you have slightest doubt about any site being link farm then avoid the site and never do link exchange with the site.Search engines hate link farms and the site associated with a link farm considered link renter and so search engines do not give any weight to the links to your site and some time genuine links from reciprocal link partners suffer because of your link on a link farm site. Ultimately your ranking suffers and sometime your site can be penalized and not indexed.

Relevance Counts – You should not participate in link exchange with a site which is not relavant to your niche or business.As I said above traffic coming from  non relavant site is not useful and search engines only appreciate the relevant links.For example If you are selling sport goods e.g. tennis ball then if you exchange link with a weight loss related site then the traffic from the weight loss site will not be useful. Instead of if you exchange link with tennis related site or sport related site then you will get higher conversion and chances of higher ranking will increase.

  SERP Ranking & Link Exchange

  You know know that if yo want your site to decently rank higher in the search engines then you most importantly do one thing and that is actively build links to your site.All major search engines consider how many links you have on other sites and it is a one of the most important parameters to provide ranking to any site.More links higer the site's rank goes this is the general rule but you also remember that not only quantity important but also quality is more important.Your site will not gain anything if you have lots of links on the junk sites.Your site's link in many other sites means all these sites with your link recommends your site to search engines as good quality site.Remember that one way link will get more weightage than a reciprocal link.One more thing may be not much surprising but can easily understandable is your site also get weightage on all incoming links.I mean if your page has lots of incoming links then the search engines think that so many sites have made effort to get link on the page so there must be something important about the page.

So more links on the page more important the page must be.There are many scripts and software programs are available with which you can find the high PR site relevant to your niche or content.Some of them even have facility to automate the e-mail messages process asking for reciprocal link exchange.So simple process is find such sites and ask for reciprocal link exchange but....

   But it is not so easy as it seems.Suppose yo have a new site now the new site requires each and every relevant link it can get bt question is who is going to exchange link with you?If you asked an established high PR rank site's webmaster then the possibility is that you even do not get reply because such site generally get too many reciprocal link exchange offers so such site's webmaster is going to give importance to the sites from which his site gain something.Your site is new so he has nothing to gain from the reciprocal link exchange.Same goes with other established sites although they are not high PR site.In short for a new site each and every link has highest value and what value a new site in return provide has lowest value so it is most difficult to start link exchange process.

So what you must do to solve this problem for your new site?

Don't worry there is a solution.If yo have visited these well established sites and checked them thoroughly then you know most of them have a link exchange form.You can fill up the form with your link and details but all these sites have one common condition and that is you 1st put their links on your site and also include the url of the page where you placed the link.It is not hard part as it requires only 2-3 mintes only.And withot your page url with their link on it,you can not submit the form,so you submit the form in hope that these well-established sites will accept your site as a reciprocal partner but remember there is no grantee from these sites that your link will be included.It happens many times that these well-established sites do not bother to reciprocate your link and enjoy one inbound link without any work at their part,they save few mintes work in hope that the webmaster who has submitted the link is not going to all the steps to remove their link as it is more work for webmaster and it is true if your link is not reciprocated with such a site and if you want to remove its link then it is more work than you have done while placing its link on your site.And a link on your site costs you nothing at all.My experience shows that out of 100 forms yo fill up only 10 will result in real reciprocal link exchange.Means 10 % success.So if placing a link on your site and submitting a form for reciprocal link exchange requires you to spend 4-5 minutes then yo are spending 40-50 minutes to get a single reciprocal link and you can say it is really costly.It is lots of time but remember there is no other way for a new site.

These are all hurdles for applying link exchange strategy to promote your site and it is really costly if you think from the point of time you have to spend.How can you make this easy and save your time as well as get real reciprocal link partner.I have learnt this hard way and through trial and error method but you can have it here without any hardwork.Remember these points while using above technique....

-Go to Google and place the term "free link exchange " in the search box,you will get lots of results.
-Do not submit to the sites on 1st 2-3 pages as everyone is doing the same and these sites are receiving too many request for reciprocation and so they will not bother to actually reciprocate.
-Submit request to the sites on 3rd page and above,they are receiving less request and so eager for reciprocation and chances of including will increase.
-Read the instructions with form if it says that your link will be included certainly within defined time,such site will behave honorably and include your link.You also found this written on a form that says that you are submitting your link at your own risk and there is no guarantee of inclusion. Such writing denotes that most probably they are not going to include your link and you are trying in vain.
-Find out if there is an e-mail address on the form which seems like a real person then before submitting a request and filling up the form just write to e-mail address and ask if you submit the form,how many days the site will take to include the link if you get timely reply that means they are serious about reciprocation and your link will be included.

     Best of luck for happy linking!

       Tips For Link Building

  As I said before link building is one of the most important marketing strategy to promote your site.All major search engines consider and provide ranking of a page on the bases how many number of out going and incoming links your page has as well as quality of those links.Ih short your site's ranking in the SERP influence by number of in + out links and quality of those links and traffic you receive from them and so it is most important thing to learn or acquired knowledge about.

 The first step you should take is to use the sites you have business relation with.Get your link placed on such sites and it is easy as you have already got business relationship. Your link is going to stay there for long time because of your relationship.You can get your link on the following places while starting.....

    -    Business Associations sites & Trade Group Sites .
    -    Existing Customers’ sites. Trade associations.
    -    The Site Of The Chamber of Commerce.
    -    Friends’ relatives' sites.
    -    Merchant,  Vendors and suppliers websites
    -    On Your Affiliates' Sites

 Once you get placed your link on all the sites you can have on relationaship bases,there are many other place to get your link placed and if you are serious enough about your business then you must do everything to get as many in + out links as possible.


If you want your website to be successful and high ranker in all the major search engines then you definitely you want to include it in each and every major directory.Major directories where you can submit your site are...(Read more in web directory section)

   - DMOZ

All these directories are not free and some charge considerating amount of money.

  Ways To Obtain Links

There are many different way to obtain links and there are so many different opinions about what works for link exchange and what does not work. You can read about this in many webmaster forums.You have to check your specific requirement as well as how successful you want your site to be and how much hard work you are ready to do.

   Some  of the ways to obtain links are............

  -Uniqueness Of Content- Place unique content on your site so the webmasters  who think the content useful will place your link.This is called natural link.

 -Reciprocal Linking-You exchange link with other site.Yor link on that site & that site's link is on your site.This is mutually beneficial if the both sites are targeting the same niche or business and have no competing products.
 -Article Marketing-Write quality articles and submit them to as many places as you can.It is one of the best way.
 -Forums  - In the forum add your site's link in signature(Read more in the forum section).
 -Blogs Post comments on the do follow blogs relevant to your niche or business with your site link.(Read more in the blog section)
 -One more way is to find out places where yo can submit your link for fee or for free.How can you find out about such sites?Simple through research and searching in the major search engines.

  - “add your link”
  - “add a link”
  - “add your site”
  - “add a site”
  - “submit a site”
  - “list a site”
  - “submit your URL”
  - “submit a URL”
  - “submit your site” 

  Yo will discover lots of site but take some time and do proper research and find out the sites which are high quality sites and relevant to your niche or business. Make list of sch sites for latter submission.

Because there are lots of ways to build links I am sure you are going to find a way which works great for you and ranking of your site in the search engines goes higher. Again quantity as well quality is important but give more weight to quality. If you want my opinion then I still recommend Article Marketing which is one of the best strategy to build lots of one way links.

   Link Building & Popularity Of  Your Site

  In my view link building process should not be difficult nor it should be time consuming. You might have read ads like :"Build 1000 back links to your site within 3 days by spending just $ 37".Let me tell you frankly it is not true and your site's link may be placed on junk site.Remember as I said above quality is more important than quantity.

Yes quality is important but how can you judge a quality?It is difficult task to judge quality.One more thing if your reciprocal link partners' sites are not with good quality then reciprocation is not so great idea so do not spend lots of time to write e-mail message asking for a link exchange.

As I said above and again I repeat here that one the best way for link building is article marketing.The best way to gain links quickly is article submission. If you write a high quality article relevant to your site's content or product and submit it to high PR article directories then a single article can generate at least 30 to 40 back links.Imagine if yo write an article a day and submit it then within just a week you will have 210 to 280 back links to your site.And those are one way links(more precious) and not reciprocal ones.

One way links are important,why?

Search engines change their algorithm frequently to provide more relevant search results to their users.The 2 big search engines Google and Yahoo are now giving less importance to reciprocal links as they consider them link trade between 2 sites for mutual benefit. It is heard that yahoo is going to penalize the sites with link pages in near future

Suppose it is not like this then again non reciprocal one way links are important because of visitors.Your visitors do not like to see the sites with useless content and if the linked site is of lower quality,you will also loose some reputation about your own site as visitors relate your site to that site.And if you have exchange link with some non relevant site then it will be of no use at all.And again if you have exchange link with your competitor then you are handing over your prospective buyers to the site.

So one should not link to any site?
No but actually you should link your site to as many authoritative sites as possible. The authoritative sites are ranked 1 or 2 through out your genre.

Links are important on each and every site and so do not give away and place them freely on your own site. Just link to the authoritative sites of which content your visitors will appreciate. To decide this put yourself in place of your visitors and think what will you expect from your site as a visitor.

Is there any other ways than article marketing?I have done everything about article marketing but I still need more links.

Yes as I said before there are numerous ways and one the 2 most important ones are....

1.Good Content : You have heard that content is king and it is true with advanced algorithm of major search engines.Search engines are providing more and more favors to the sites with good content.Morever if a webmaster finds your content useful for his own visitors then he is going to link your page or article through his own content.

2. Web Directories : Web directories are also good way to build one way links.I am not writing anything here as all the important things about directories are already written in web Directory section.
 3. Blogs : You can post comments on do follow blogs with your site link.Write a genuine comment but do not spam the blog.Again yo can read in details at Blog Section.

4. Forums : You can insert your site link in the forum signature. Again you can read more in the forum section.

  Link Building & SEO For A New Site

  Every webmaster knows that to get high ranking in SERPA your site must be optimized with targeting keywords as well there should be a link building strategy. I have included here some new tips.

The most important thing in link building is relevancy. All the major search engines,specially Google provide high ranking in the SERP to the site with the highest relevancy. But how can one determine relevancy?There are tons of parameters that are considered while determining relevancy but the most important parameter is how many sites are linked to your own site.The site like IRS is high in SERP because of this although they do not trade link with anyone.

 If you see inside this tendency of search engines,you can easily know that ideal way is that you need only in coming links from other websites relevant to your site or site content.For example if you run a weight loss website then you only need inbound links from weight loss related site as well as sites related to diet industry and nutrition. And remember that inbound links from non relevant site like gardening and traveling will not help you to rank high in search engines and it is although true if they are sending 1000s of visitor and mark my words in fact these non relevant links will harm your search engine ranking.

Remember one more point :Google favors a slow and steady increase in links when it comes to link building to any site but here we are talking about a new site so you should not worry about Google's this particular tendency. But if you are doing link building for an established site which has already indexed by Google then again slow and steady wins the race is the right mantra.

You may know or may don't know that Google never ranked a new site and a new site sits up to 6 + months in so much discussed Google sandbox. If you take this fact in consideration then you do not worry about Google for a new site.Any way Google is not going to rank your site for at least 6 month so take advantage of Google's this strategy and build as many links as you can during this period.

So for my own new brand site(except some particular ones),I always try to build as many legitimate relevant links as I can the reason is that the older the link more weight the link receives in the search engines. The older links are more valuable so when the actual ranking time for my site comes from the point of view of Google,most my links are at least 4 month old because I have done most of link building during 1st 2 months.So consider this and build your links as quickly as possible for a brand new site.

In Remember I did not say to purchase link,use link farm or do anything which is not consider ethical by search engines.I am just suggesting  that use legitimate ways but start early and build as many links as you can before Google start to rank your site.Just take advantage of sandbox period and make your links older and when you approach 4th month in sandbox then just do not stop your efforts for link building but slow down and make it slow and steady. This strategy worked for my new brand site and I am sure it will work for your new brand site,too.

          Link Building Is Advantageous & Stepping Stone For Success

  Link building is considered to be an important part of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. Complete link building will help to drive more traffic on your website and will try to place your site amongst the top rankings of the search engine. In the recent days, the SEO professionals follow different types of link building services like one way link, two way link and three way link. Remember that just applying to these services cannot increase the traffic on your website. Simultaneously, if you try to analyze various top ranking sites and organize an operation of link building between the two, then this can work better.

The link building service is not so easy to follow as it seems to be. Also, the linking concept has great impact on making your site famous. Here are some useful tips that can help to attract more people towards your site.

One of the best ways is to search the most targeted words of Google. Get the top sites relating these keywords and get the links of these sites. You can get some more links by analyzing the top ranking sites and try to get them also. In case if you are not able to get the links of the top most sites, then you can also trace the back links of those sites.

You might think why the link building of so much importance. With the help of link building, you can build various other hyperlinks of the top ranking sites. This will be helpful in increasing the page rank of your website. With the increase in the page rank, the traffic towards your site will automatically increase and your site will become more popular in the search engine. When the traffic increases on your site, this means that other websites have started developing trust in your site to share different information. This is liked by the bots which are the computers that perform indexing and ranking of any website. This will drive more traffic towards your site. At the end of the day, every website is interested in gaining money either for donations or for marketing their products or services. If this cycle continues smoothly and with progress, then you can have a huge business online.

Building the links is very useful to achieve good ranking of your site in the search engine. There will also be great traffic on your site which could help in promoting your business. This process takes some time so, try to follow and implement the link building services properly in order to achieve great heights of success in your business.

It Takes a Village: Using Link Exchanges to Boost Your Traffic

While we may be in the mindset of comparing our website to an island, standing on its own amongst the raging sea of the internet, one of the best tools in improving your SEO and your traffic flow is to consider a link exchange with other websites. Trust us on this one; taking the time to build a network of websites that are linking to your site (and vice versa) is worth your time and attention. There are several good reasons why a link exchange plan will help your business.

The first reason, and one of the most obvious, is that a link exchange will increase the traffic to your site. Not only can people find your site directly, but you will also benefit from the traffic that is attracted to your link exchange partners site. You want to exchange links with websites that are similar to your own so that you have quality interest, but ones that are different enough not to be direct competition. If you're both selling the exact same product, this doesn't make sense to exchange links. An example would be if you are selling a yard rake. You might consider linking to gardening websites or blogs. Your traffic is in the same niche, but you aren't competing for sales.

A good way to decide what type of sites you should link to is to consider the keywords that your site is using. Type your keywords in to a search engine and go through the results. When people are searching for a site like yours, these are the results they are seeing, so exchanging links with the appropriate sites that your search returns will be beneficial. The most traffic is going to the sites that appear on the first two pages of a search so try to get the links from there.

Once you have a good list, contact each site and propose a link exchange. If they are an active website looking to grow their traffic flow, chances are they will take you up on your offer. You will send them your link and then they will send you there's. It is pretty simple really. Developing and implementing a good link exchange strategy is only going to help your site. Consider beginning one today.

 Using Link Building To Increase Traffic To Your Website
 Link building plays a vital role in higher search engine placements and good traffic to a particular website. It has emerged itself into a full scale industry, with millions of dollars in turnover. It is one of the most important processes that affect your websites page ranking on different search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN etc. Basically in link building, as a user discovers a page and likes its contents, he links to the page and thus the page gets higher ranking. This is the process in which links are acquired.

For building link popularity, link building services are used. These services can save your time and advertising expenditure. The success of link building depends upon the quality of inbound links. There are three types of link building one way, two way and three way.
One way This type of link building is used only used for establishing incoming links without displaying the other ends link on yours. All this is done through blogs, articles and press releases. Thus it can be said that, social media is a great medium for one way link building and drawing traffic to your web site.
Two way This process, also known as reciprocal link exchange, requires you to submit your link to other websites and accepting their links in return. This process is based on give and take policy. But one must be cautious while exchanging links with others, who are having same or higher page rank.
Three way In this method, link building services operate by involving a third website as a medium for exchanging links between two websites. A good SEO provider will ensure to eliminate non essential linkages and would take care of inbound, outbound as well as reciprocal links of your website.

There are lots of companies providing link popularity building India. These companies are the best place to get all your answers to website queries. Such Indian companies charge a lot less as compared to companies worldwide and are also able to deliver best results.

Thus, we can say that link building is a very effective tool and one should definitely subject his/her website to it if you want to become successful.

There are many search engine optimisation (SEO) methods, and one of the most important is link building.

What is 'link building'?

Link building in basic terms is building links back to your website - whether you post them on websites or forums, write articles with links back to your site and submit them to directories or many of the other ways in which you can gain links to your site (see below), it's all done with one aim; to improve the ranking of your site in the search engines!


Why would you want to increase the ranking of your website in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)? The higher your site appears for keyword phrases relating to your website, the more visitors your site will receive! No longer will you need to spend heavily on advertising or marketing projects, if you can appear on the first few pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing for a competitive keyword phrase that describes exactly what you're offering on your site then your traffic will increase instantly!

Quality Back Links

Back links are known by many different names; inbound links, inward links, in-links and incoming links - but they all mean the same thing - a link to your site that a search engine like Google can use to find your site. Receiving quality back links from popular and highly ranked sites can directly help your own websites ranking - with different types of back links such as reciprocal links, theme-based links, three-way links, directory submission links and many more, it's well worth your time and money contacting a professional SEO company in Manchester like Gareth Hoyle to take care of your SEO campaign.


...sites that can get you banned. If you decide to choose a ridiculously cheap SEO company to work with, there's a good chance they will use SEO methods that could get you banned from the major search engines!

Through using a world-renowned SEO company like Gareth Hoyle you can rest in the knowledge that your site is in safe and experienced hands.
 Most vital part of link building is the reciprocal link exchange

 It is already known to you that to get a better position on any search engine you have to have a good search engine optimization
of your webpage. A good search engine optimization will do a better link building to get the maximum traffic of your page. Link is the most vital and crucial part of your website as it determines the visibility of your webpage. Without link building no Search Engine Optimization can ever be complete or can get the desired results. So you can easily conclude that this is a pivotal role in building the popularity of your site and thus in your business too. So do not ignore the part of search engine optimization as it can make or break your business. There are various methods of link building. And among them on of the most important is the reciprocal link

Now you are thinking that what a reciprocal link building is. To know about this you have to know about this at first. This very thing is known as link swaps, link partners, or link exchanges. This plays a great role in boosting the search engine ranking of your website along with increasing the web traffic to your site. Therefore most of the leading seo companies pay a good deal of attention in building reciprocal links. But it should be remembered that building reciprocal links should be a part of your link building strategy and not the sole concern of your marketing strategy. Reciprocal links are important because when your site ranks in any search engine then most of the search engines consider and count the fact that how many numbers of sites are visiting to your site or links to your site. The quality of those sites is also counted or is taken into account.

The reciprocal links are a kind of agreement between two websites in which both of the sites agree to publish the link of each other on their website. It is a type of banner link to a site which can be in the form of text also and which directs the visitors of one site to visit the other site. The same kind of text or banner link could also be found on the other site also. Moreover it should be remembered that the exchanging of links is based on the mutual trust of the websites. It is not always possible for the search engine optimizers to monitor whether the other sites are also maintaining their links or not. It is often seen that while re-modifying the site these links are often forgotten of. It may be that the site you are liking with may not pay proper attention once they get better ranking therefore in that case you should monitor the sites so that they may not bury your link under other information, or delete it during site up gradation.

The theme of reciprocal link building is that your site and the sites reciprocally related to your site both are dependent on each other for link building.

       Link Exchange Tips, No Tricks

  * Use text links, avoid image links.
* Anyhow, if you have used image links, then always make sure to put your keywords in the alt tags.
* Put your prime keywords in text links and always insure to put a short descriptions of your website/page in minimum of 20-30 words or more if allowed.
* In text links if you are not allowed to add descriptions then always try to put a short descriptions in title tag. E.g.: < a href =" link-exchange.html " title =" Link Exchange Tips, No Tricks ">Link Exchange< /a >
* Avoid repetition of keywords, repetition will lead to low rankings.
* Always try to exchange links from related websites (e.g. if you have a football league website, then a link from other sports websites will be known as related website links)
* Never, exchange links with unrelated websites/pages.
* Always ensure that the website that you are exchanging links with, is well optimized and has a good content.
* Never try to exchange links in quick sessions. Since search engines ignores or does not index those sites who gets bundles of links in quick time.
* Give your link exchange works few hours every day, to ensure that you get limited but quality links.
* Mainly for new websites, avoid exchanging bundles of links in quick sessions.
* Avoid creating a link/links.html file, since search-engines do not index link/links.html files, often.
* Always make a 'resources' (any appropriate name) folder and create an index.html file for that named folder and create appropriate html files for appropriate links going into them. (a sort of web-directory)
* Never, never exchange links with pages bearing more than 50 back-links. Generally 25 is appropriate and should not be more than two clicks away from the index/main page.
* Always ensure yourself that the page/website you are exchanging link is being indexed by the search engines or not.
* Also ensure on your own that the page/website you are exchanging link with, is not being blocked by any scripts, or disallowed by robots.txt, or disallowed by using noindex, nofollow on html page.
* Avoid linking to those tricky and false websites, and if possible inform already linked websites about the matter and ask them for link-exchange, if related to your websites.
* Links from the main/index page of the related website is the most quality link that a website can get. But, never try to place more than 20 back-links in index/main page.
* Exchanging links with your competitor's back linking website/pages are also the quality links that a website can get.
* Never post your website links to FFA, Guestbook, or other unrelated areas. Since search-engines completely ignores such links and may penalize your website.
* Site bearing good Google page rank are appropriate for link-exchange. Generally 4+ Google page rank is great for link-exchange.
* Exchanging links with old website is excellent.
* Link exchanging with new websites, with decent Google ranking at first, but bears quality contents and is well optimized, is also an excellent option for exchanging-links, since new websites bears less outgoing links than the old websites.
* While exchanging links for homepage of your website, also try to exchange links for sub-pages of it, for better ranking for that particular sub-page.
* Personal verification of the linking partner's website is recommended.
* Check for total incoming and outgoing links for whole website or for particular sub-pages of your linking partner's website and off course of your own before getting link exchanged.

A link back to the author's article page Link Exchange Tips, No Tricks is compulsory, in case of publication of this article in featured article websites or others. Example of author's search engine optimization and link building work can be found at The Indian Handicrafts.
 * Send an unsolicited automated and/or canned link exchange request via email and/or online contact form. Combining both of these methods guarantees success.
* Provide a link in your automated link exchange request to the page on your high quality site where you've so graciously linked to the recipient. That page where their link appears should have a Google PageRank™ of 0-3 (zero to three) with 0 being the best, and have a unique keyword rich directory path like this...
Important Note: The deeper you bury their link within your website, and the more keyword phrases you can strategically place in the URI path separated by hyphens, underscores, slashes and/or other delimiters, the greater your chance of securing a quality link exchange. Three or more hyphens in your root domain is an added plus and sure to attract high quality link partners.
* If your high quality links pages are showing up as Supplemental Results in Google site:example.com searches, that is definitely an added benefit.
* If you have 50+ outbound links (OBLs) per page, you're doing good.
* If you have 100+ outbound links (OBLs) per page, you're doing great.
* If you have 200+ outbound links (OBLs) per page, that is absolutely outstanding!
* Use your Google Gmail account and/or your links@example.com (company) email address to send the automated/canned link exchange request. Use both email addresses for maximum effect!
* Tell the recipient in your automated link exchange request that the link to their website will be removed (expires) from your high quality links directory in a specified number of days if you do not receive a reciprocal link from them. This is a great way to attract high quality links!
* Send unsolicited automated follow up emails with additional automated link exchange requests. This is sure to get the recipients attention.
Additional Tips for SEO Link Exchange
* Link to the recipient with the link rel="nofollow" attribute.
* Link to the recipient using a 302 Found tracking script.
* Link to the recipient using JavaScript to hide the link from being indexed by the search engines (<a href="javascript:">).
* Link to the recipient from a high quality links page that has 100+ outbound links.
* If you've been creative enough and have found a way to place 200+ outbound links on the page, that should convince the recipient to participate!
* Inform the lucky recipient how important PageRank™ and links are for the survival of their website in Google and, that linking back to you will improve their overall search engine positions. Specifying that their link must come from a page on their website with a minimum Google PageRank™ of 3 is definitely a great way to earn brownie points and seal the deal!
* Include a second email address in your automated link exchange request (in your signature) along with the name and link of the program that generated the unsolicited automated and canned link exchange request.

       Link Exchange Work:

1. Bringing link exchanges to you, instead of surfing the web to find them, is smart webmastering. This is done by building backlinks to your link swap web page, in order to get both organic search and direct traffic. The benefit is to reduce the amount of time spent on searching for Link Exchanges. Also, there is less time spent on initial link swap emails that do not get a response. Possible backlink title phrases:
theme Link Exchange
theme Link Swap
Reciprocal Link Exchange
Swap theme Links

   Tip. When building backlinks, smart webmasters add more hyperlinks to their link exchange web page on the pages within the same site.

2. Finding high quality relevant websites should be easy. [see Thy SEO Checklist Technique #3.1] The Google Toolbar PageRank and a link:FutureBacklinkURL at Yahoo search, well help determine webpage quality. If you have never used Google's Toolbar, it's a cool tool and can be turned off and on from the View > Toolbars menu in Windows Internet Explorer.
   Tip A. Other site's that offer an online link exchange in .php form look like time-savers, on the surface. I find that around 25% of these sites don't seem to work when clicking "submit." In any case, one way to find these is to search at Google: inurl:php "add link" keyword. I keep track of .php sites that do not work when submitting. This helps me avoid working with the same site in the future.
   Tip B. I minimize the act of soliciting link swaps through email. This reduces any possibility of SPAM complaints.

3. I lock in quality backlinks from exchanges, by doing the following:
   A. I place the other's backlink on a page that has a better Google PR than my backlink.
   B. After an exchange, I offer a top-link agreement, giving a better placement than I ask for. Example: I tell them "I will keep your site within the top 5 listings at the web page it's already on, if you keep mine within the top 15 listings at the web page it's already on."
   C. I chat about something I find interesting about their site, by-way-of email, to help build rapport.

Backlink Life in Link Swaps:

Periodically checking to see if your incoming links, in Link Swap agreements, are still up, is part of the webmaster's work. I am going on seven years as a link exchanger. From my experience, I can say that once a swap has been finalized, your backlink should stay up based on your backlink's usefulness, it's Google PR, and the equality (similar PR) of the reciprocal pages.

Webmaster Central's Does Google Remove the PageRank shows that backlinks lose their value after deleted.

Once both backlinks, in a quality link swap, have been published to the web, how long will yours stay up?

95% of your BLs should stay up for 1 month |
90% of your BLs should stay up for 3 months |
75% of your BLs should stay up for 6 months |
65% of your BLs should stay up for 1 year |
50% of your BLs should stay up for 2 years |
25% of your BLs should stay up for 5 years |

When the other webmaster notices your site is above theirs for the same keyword phrases they are working on: How long, when they unfortunately see you as competition?

85% of these BLs should stay up for 1 month |
80% of these BLs should stay up for 3 months |
65% of these BLs should stay up for 6 months |
60% of these BLs should stay up for 1 year |
45% of these BLs should stay up for 2 years |
20% of these BLs should stay up for 5 years |

All percentages in this second set have been reduced by 5 to 10%. Other webmasters who remove your backlink first might be eliminating a reason for your site's high ranking. In other words, they do not believe in Godly link swap relations, but they may be in unfortunate competitive fear of other good sites that share the same theme.

Both number sets above reflect only BLs of webmasters who are not the first party to end link swap agreements.

I have thought about other reasons a backlink is removed first, in a link exchange. To me, based on my good experience, the webmaster who is removing BLs first is doing it out of the possible following reasons: (1) The evil Bait-and-Switch: They see removing your link as no big deal and maybe the other webmaster won't find out until years later. He is a merchant, the balances of deceit are in his hand: He loveth to oppress. - Hosea 12:7 (2) There is fear that their reciprocal backlink really won't stay up based on their experience with other link swaps. This fear is what drives them to end link swap agreements first. (3) They are cutting back on these outbound links to avoid a possible engine algorithm penalty. There is a possibility of duplicate content that is a characteristic found in link exchange titles and descriptions. (4) They would like webmasters to believe that backlinks lose their value the older they get. With this in their agenda, they assume other webmasters do not care if their backlink is removed after a period of time. (5) Upon checking their outgoing links, your site was not working on a first or, after a few days, second attempt. (6) They did not accurately record the web address of their backlink. After not finding their backlink with a brief search they assume the agreement has ended.


It pays to be smart, when sending link exchange requests through email. This approach should almost eliminate the possibility of being red-flagged in the email system.

To be smart, a webmaster should only send Link Swap Requests to webmasters who ask for it. When another webmaster does not ask for an Exchange, your IP and email address have a higher likelihood of getting labeled as SPAM.

If you don't really care about SPAM complaints, you could at least take this easy step for consideration to others: Add the other webmaster's backlink first and state this web address in the first email. A happy email reader, most of the time, should not complain.

Link Exchange Email Scripts:

#1 ~Visit Their Link Swap Page & Email Recieved Request - Add - Send Email~
I visited your link page at http://www.____ and I am sending my info as requested.
I placed your link http://www.____ at Google PR __ http://www.____ , 1 click away from Home Page - let me know if your site's info is correct.
Could you place my link on PR __ http://www.____ and reply?
In return, I'll keep your link on my good page.
My Site's Info:
url: http://www.____
title: ____
desc: ____
Fair Link Swaps should last forever.

   Tip: "Could you place my link on a good page and reply?" should be used, when you don't know your exact future backlink.

#2 ~Email Received Request - Don't Add Yet~
I could place your link at Google PR __ http://www.____ , 1 click away from Home Page.
My Site's Info:
url: http://www.____
title: ____
desc: ____
I will add your site once I see my link at your site. Or, I could add your link first, let me know the address of my backlink.
   Tip: The above script should be used when you'd like to see the other's web sites before adding their link. When deciding whether or not to do a link swap, these two things should be considered: (1) Do I like the Google PR or the amount of backlinks for this site? (2) Based on my notes, did this site's webmaster end a previous link exchange agreement first?

#3 ~Email Received Request - Under 100 Links Request~
I received your link exchange request.
Can I get my link http://www.____ at http://www.____ moved to a page at your site that has under 100 links? If not, could you remove my site? See Design and content guidelines at:
Could you reply with my new reciprocal address? I will add your site to Google PR __ http://www.____
   Tip A: When my link has not yet been added to a page containing over 100 links, I don't spend any more time on this link swap. Sometimes I reply to let the other webmaster know my opinion about 100+ link pages. Sometimes I don't let them know about this possible Google algorithm penalty.
   Tip B: To quickly determine the amount of links on a web page, plug in the address at Meta Tag Analyzer and scroll to "URLs found" at bottom.

#4 ~Adding Their Link After Seeing Yours~
Your link http://www.____ is at Google PR __ http://www.____ , 1 click away from Home Page. As long as my backlink stays online, I will keep yours up.
I will move up and keep your link http://www.____ within the top __ listings at the web page it's already on ( http://www.____ ), if you move up and keep my link http://www.____ within the top __ listings at the web page it's already on ( http://www.____ ). Could you reply for top-placement agreement?
Also, I could place your link on PR __ Home Page http://www.____ for my url at your PR __ theme here Home Page.

#5 ~Top Agreement Completion~
http://www.____ is within the top __ listings at http://www.____ and will stay there as long as http://www.____ stays within the top __ listings at http://www.____
Thank You for top placement!

The above words in green are optional.
The above characters in chocolate should be one blank space in your actual script.

       What Are the Benefits of Link Exchange

In simple explanation Link exchange is where you can feature other websites links on your own website and in exchange, the partners will display your web site hyperlink on their web pages. Link exchange has been practiced for a very long time (since the start of web) by website owners and link exchange is now used by almost every site on the web big or small in order to improve rankings.Link exchange has certainly evolved alot since internet marketing started ,however one continuous factor is that Link Exchange was and still is one of the best ways of ranking your site or page higher on the search engines.

What are the benefits of link exchange ? Well link exchange has been and still is a major part of internet marketing with the main benefit of link exchange being that it is one of the leading factors in improving placements in search engines. Undeniably link exchange is the easiest way to improve your website link popularity, and by doing so, to achieve better search engine positioning and increase your website traffic. If done properly Link exchange is a very effective and inexpensive approach of gaining popularity and prosperity on the web. As has been proven over many years now link exchange is the most successful way for increasing your visitor traffic without paying any money for advertising. In addition link exchange is one of the most effective ways to increase website ranking, measured for example by Google page rank, therefore increasing traffic to your site.

Google was the first search engine to determine the most relevant pages according to the relationships between websites ,as this system was very accurate at gauging the importance of a website when Google first started,which in turn lead to the popularity of Google today. Google started all these trends including page rank and after year 2000, this practice has gained more popularity as search engines such as Google started favoring sites that had more links in the rankings. However it is also only fair to point out that relevancy is equally and sometimes more important than page rank for Google.

Due to the domination of the search engine market by Google, and its underlying page rank technology, sites are deemed to be more important if they have large numbers of inbound links. However it is important to point out that if a lot of bad quality and irrelevant sites are linking to you, and your site is linking to them, Google may penalize your site for being irresponsible for your website content. Search engines such as Google use a special link analysis system to rank web pages. For example, try to grab top position in Google for 'investment' or 'traffic' or 'without a high page rank and you will quickly find you have virtually no chance. Ultimately page rank is like trust rank for Google as well as for webmasters therefore I fail to understand why some people will not learn that they just can't fool Google with their stupid tricks.

Well folks, It's time to start looking to search engine optimization again and as some if not all of you know, part of that game is getting your site linked to by as many other sites as you can as described above. In the beginning it was hard to get listed high any search engines out there, but after some search engine optimization things which i did to several of my sites, search engines started to like these sites and since then things are doing well.

However it is again important to point out that the only links I have out from them goes to safe and tasteful sites, with tools and resources that I think my visitors might find useful. Equally all of the links coming in to my sites are links that equally adhere to exactly the same principles the key word being relevancy. I think that people need to take responsibility and do search engine optimization the correct way and focus some of their energy on making their site valuable to the community, and well designed and not waste their time trying to trick the search engines.

Unreservedly the best links are not paid for or exchanged but earned and given naturally because of a web sites quality content. In my humble opinion this is the hardest part of any search engine optimization method but equally the most rewarding. However my rationale for saying all of what i have is by way of giving you a brief overview of search engine optimization methods,and is intended as a time-saver that conveniently provides you with the info you need to make an informed decision.

Link exchanging can expose your website to Internet users on a worldwide basis as link exchanging is one of the best methods of getting exposure to your site on a limited or zero budget. Increased and targeted traffic can definitely be achieved by utilizing effective and relevant link exchange to attract larger, quality and targeted traffic for your web site. Websites with large exposure to the online market receive thousands of visitors a day, having a text link pointing to your site from one of these sites in a key area can filter huge volumes of traffic to your website. As we all know and have experienced the success of every web business lies in its traffic doesn't it.

Link exchange is or should be a crucially important strategy for every internet business owner,as by using positive and relevant link exchange will prove to be the most accessible way to improve your web sites link popularity.By doing so,you will also achieve much better search engine positioning and increase your web sites traffic. Link exchange is also one of the most important steps in search engine optimization making link exchange an absolute must do for search engine ranking by any webmaster.

I believe without any shadow of a doubt that link exchange is the very best free resource available to increase your website traffic although it requires patience and persistence in equal measure to utilise it successfully. However If you want to promote your web site on a limited budget,then link exchange is undeniably the best option.

       Mastering the Art of Link Exchange to Make Money

As the Internet world continues to get crazy, with more and more web players signing up for an online money-making quest, ideas are being churned out from all sides. People are getting more and more creative, especially when it comes to website promotion tools to make money. As a website owner or webmaster, given the myriad of options that are available to you, perhaps you find it hard to choose which techniques to apply.

One of the most effective website promotion tools is link exchange. To help you evaluate this tool to tell whether it can help you or not, there are three main things you need to know. The first thing you need to know is what link exchange exactly is. If you’ve already been a web player for a long time, you’ve probably heard and encountered link exchange already. However, if you’ve only just discovered the wonders to make money online, here’s yet another tool that can help you with your quest. The next thing you need to know about link exchange are the various ways how link exchange can help you make money with your website. Finally, you also need to know how link exchange works, in case you’ve proven that it is effective and is a technique that is worth applying to your site.

       What is link exchange?

In a nutshell, link exchange has been defined as the process of exchanging links between websites. Participating in link exchange programs are usually free, but of course, some programs also charge fees. Despite this, it is still a good idea to use link exchanges as a tool to increase traffic to your site to make money. The primary reason for this is because it is a very cost-efficient tool.

How can link exchange help you?

Link exchange helps you in two different ways. One is through direct links, and the other is by increasing your page rank for SEO purposes. By exchanging links with other websites, especially complementary ones, is a good way to widen your online presence. This way, more people have more access to your site. Visitors of pages you’ve exchanged links with can click on your link to get to your site. This is how direct clicks work. On the other hand, by increasing your link popularity, you also improve your site’s search engine ranking. How? Basically, search engines prefer sites that have many inbound links because the more inbound links a site has, the more important and relevant it is in the online community. So by participating in link exchanges, you drive traffic to your website through direct clicks and through search engine results and hence increases your chance to make money. You also get to measure the importance of your website online.

How can you use it as a tool?

By joining link exchange programs, you are required to surf the websites of other members owners. Every time you surf a member site, you earn credits, which are transformed into visits to your own sites by the other members. Primarily, by surfing one another’s sites, members of link exchange programs already increase traffic. However, that’s not what link exchange aims to do. By surfing sites, you will come across websites that complement yours. When you find one, contact the webmaster and arrange to exchange links with them. Remember that it is better to find sites that are trying to reach the same target audience as you are. This way, you will get more targeted traffic to your site to make money.

Now that you have the basics, can you think of a reason not to use link exchanges? Sign up for a link exchange program now and start to make money out of your website.

       Automatic Link Exchange And Its Benefits

What is link exchange?

Link exchange is the popular method of increasing page rank and generating maximum incoming traffic. But generating enough links is not as easy as it seems. There are many important things you should take care of before starting your link exchange campaign. Before discussing link exchange tips, we should understand exactly what a link exchange is. Link exchange is simply the exchange of your links with others. Every Webmaster wants the maximum number of visitors coming to his site for obvious reasons; his revenue and site popularity both increase with the increased number of visitors. But the basic question remains on how a Webmaster will be able to generate enough links coming to his site? There are two popular methods for creating the targeted links, one is manual and the other is the use of automated linking programs. Whatever method you choose for your linking campaign, remember that each has its own pros and cons. For instance, manual linking may take months to complete and automatic linking can result in untargeted and irrelevant links.

Automatic Link Exchange and its benefits

Automatics links are links which are generated using some kind of tool. With automatic links, you are not required to do the hard work yourself, whereas in manual linking you have to do the tedious work. For automatic link exchange, all you need is the selection of the sites you want to generate a link to or from and the link exchange program will handle the rest of the process. With the automatic link exchange system, you can get hundreds of incoming links to your site with just a few steps. Automatic link exchange also has the benefit of a segregated directory that optimizes organization into different topics and niches. This makes it even easier to gather only relevant links. However, the cost may be discouraging. Of course, you can use free auto linking services. But comparing a free auto linking service to a paid linking service, you can easily differentiate the difference in their quality. There are various auto-linking software available in the market; these software can generate hundreds of reciprocal links to you. The quality of auto-generated links depends upon the price. Still, an automatic link exchange program has many advantages to recommend it over a manual link exchange program. Some of these advantages are:

* Your site can be linked with hundreds of web pages in just a few easy steps.

* Every auto-linking directory is well segregated in different topics and niches. Therefore, you can easily find the most relevant links for yourself.

* Today, these automatic link exchange programs are available at very competitive prices. Some of them are even free. The amount you are willing to put up depends on the premium you place on quality links.

* It gives you a big source to find a business partner or associate.

Manual link exchange is now fast becoming history. Gone are the days when you can hardly get even 10% to 15% responses from manually created links. Exchanging your links automatically gives your site more exposure and serious web traffic. The response level is also much better with an automatic link exchange system. With a quality link exchange, you will see the boost in web traffic coming through search engines. Your increasing link popularity results in more traffic, high page rank and a major source of income for your financial needs.

The Power Of Free Reciprocal Link Exchange Programs

Description: Find out the truth about Reciprocal Link Exchanges and see if they are right for you at this time. Please read our unbiased review of Reciprocal Link Exchanges.

One of the many keys to success for any web site is how good their site is placed in the search engines results pages. Every search engine you find determines top spots by the same manner: link popularity
. You can achieve this by using free reciprocal link exchanges and the more links you have that are from other high quality sites determine what sort of lead you have on the other to win that coveted top spot.

The more links that you have the better chance you have of getting good positioning if you have established hundreds of quality, relevant link exchanges. Therefore, free reciprocal link exchange is a good bet.

Google's PageRank system is Google's way of attempting to try to measure the importance of each web site and sites that have a higher PageRank will tend to rank higher in the search results, and in return they will happily receive more visitors from Google.

Free incoming links exchange is great when dealing with Google because they are the most popular search engine in the world and raising your website's Google PageRank can be the catalyst toward increasing the number of visitors that your site receives.

The most important factor that Google uses in order to determine PageRank is the total number of links that are pointing to it making free incoming links exchange invaluable. The PageRank of the pages that those links are on are crucial to your web sites ranking which means the more links leading to your site from other relevant, quality web sites, the higher your PageRank will be. An effective way in increasing your PageRank is by inviting other webmasters to participate in free incoming links exchange will be mutual beneficial.

Every single major search engine online be it Google, Yahoo!, and MSN, all factor in link popularity in their search ranking. Moreover, other search engines "borrow" their results from one of these big three. Establishing an effective incoming links exchange program can very well increase your ranking in all of the most popular search engines. In short, free incoming links exchange plays a huge part in this.

There are several programs you can purchase on line that can easily automate the process of free incoming links exchange as well as maintaining as well as creating reciprocal link exchanges. Every single popular search engine considers how a site's rank is determined by the quality of links you have on your web site and the number of visitors is therefore there to get a large number of high quality, relevant web sites to post links to your site.

If you are one of the many people who wish to participate in link exchanging but do not have the time to do it manually and decided to opt for a program you may be wondering if search engines like Google or Yahoo! can determine whether or not the links were generated by the program you have purchased as well as if these search engines even care.

The answer to both these questions is yes. They care because companies pay money to be listed as "sponsored" links and seeding your links can play games with their software messing up their sponsoring so yes - they care.

As far as being able to tell whether or not you used a program to see your links - yes. The software they use detects certain key phrases and product information that your software embeds into the HTML coding. If you wish to pull one over on them you may be able to remove the code by opening your HTML files into an editor and locating your link pages and finding the code left behind by the software (it is always near the top and hidden) and simply delete it. Just remember that free reciprocal link exchange is gold in your hands, don't let it tarnish.

Link Exchange Request as a Tool for Web Promotion

When you have a business on the Internet today, you need to give it every opportunity to thrive.

Having a web site that displays your products and services is a great way to alert internet surfers of your site, however, you can have the best site on the internet, but business will ultimately fail if no one knows you are there.

Most of us realize that there is not a better way to get people visiting your web site while waiting to be listed by search engines is through being linked to by other quality sites.

Advertising your web site is what will draw customers to your site. There are many ways to advertise your site, however the best way to do this is through link exchange.

Link Exchange ("Reciprocal Link Exchange") is the practice of exchanging links with other websites.

It has been a long time practice by website owners since the beginning of the web.

Exchanging links can save a lot of money that you otherwise would have spent on other means of Internet advertising.

Link exchange is a very effective and inexpensive approach of gaining popularity and prosperity on the world wide web.

It have been used by a lot of webmasters for years as a means of direct marketing.

If you exchange links with relevant websites increases your link popularity and in part, improves search engine optimization. It is an easy and very effective way to trade links.

In order to get your request accepted, you must make sure that your site is worth linking to, it should be attractive, useful, and most importantly, have good content.

Always accept and request link exchange with sites with a similar theme as yours. Google and other Search Engine Robots give a lot of weight to relevancy.

The software for this process usually query search engines under target keywords, finds a list of high ranking website that appear in Google's first two Search Engine Results (SER) pages and then sends automated link exchange request e-mails to the Whois or Alexa contact.

Link Exchange offers one way link building to with millions of web sites exchanging links simply to improve rankings, these links tend to be free, irrelevant, only with search engines in mind and tucked away on pages stuffed with link exchange partner links.

Link exchange is one of the most important steps in search engine optimization (SEO).

Web sites must be signed up with their service in order for you to exchange links with them.

Web sites that have completed many link exchanges will usually experience increased traffic through direct clicks and search engine results.

Reciprocal linking is one of the most important tools for web promotion; it increases the link popularity of a web site, as long as the linking category is relevant to your site.

Something to think about: if you build a quality site you probably won't have to worry about requesting links, people will visit your site just because it is useful for them, or because you offer what they want.

What is Link Exchange?

Link exchanges have been used by webmasters for years as a means of direct marketing. Recently, this practice has gained more popularity among webmasters due to the fact search engines prefer websites that have many inbound links, thus improving positions in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). To the search engines, this is an accurate means of determining the importance of websites. This practice by the search engines to rank websites has helped lead to the popularity of linked-based search engines, like Google. Thus, link exchange software and services have become popular.

There are various ways to initiate a link exchange with another website. The primary way of beginning a link exchange is to email another webmaster and ask to exchange links. Another way to find websites looking to exchange links is to visit webmaster discussion boards. These websites might have link exchange forums or link exchange directories where webmasters can request link exchanges from a specific category or have open requests to allow any website to exchange a link.

The basics of the link exchange
If this is all a bit foreign to you, let's start with the basics: There are two kinds of links: "outbound" links and "inbound" links. Outbound links are links on your site that point to other websites. Inbound links point from outside sites to specific pages within your site. Therefore, as you can see, any specific link is both outbound and inbound, depending on your point of view. A link on your site - yoursite - pointing to our site - other site - is outbound for you, and inbound for us.

Link Exchange Increases PageRank
Google's PageRank is an important measure of the popularity of each web page. The higher your site's PageRank, the better your site will rank in Google's search results. The more high quality links you have pointing to your site, the higher its PageRank will climb.

Link Exchange Increases Link Popularity
The number and quality of websites that link to your website (link popularity) is one of the most important factors that help all search engines (not only Google) to determine your site's relevance for a search phrase. Exchanging reciprocal links with other websites has proven to be an extremely effective solution for webmasters seeking to improve their search engine rankings.

* increases your search engine ranking dramatically.
* helps to get a link to your site on similar sites.
* finds sites that are linking to your competition.
* automates your email contact with other sites.
* generates and maintains your links page.
* automatically checks partner sites to ensure they are maintaining their link to your site.
* imports your current links pages.

What is Better Link Exchange or One Way Links

Link exchange is very helpful when building link popularity for your website, it also helps in building contacts and getting better search engine results. There are many free link exchange sites on the internet. Link exchange is beneficial but one way links are more valuable to your website. Reciprocal Link Exchange is still a very valuable practice. Everybody is always looking for the next big thing to bring more links to their websites.

Quality is better than quantity. As everyone knows by now links that grow to quickly do not look natural to search engines, so when search engines see this they become suspicious. Getting quality links are more important than getting quantity of links. One link from a page rank 8 can push you to the top of the search engines rankings compared to getting 100 page rank 0.

Getting links from web pages that contain your main keyword in the page title is extremely powerful and is something many people often overlook. Your link title should be brief and free of long sentences.

When optimizing your site you should optimize around the researched keywords that you chose. Remember content is king. Search engines love links and if these links are natural within the content search engines see the benefit and use them. Plus the rapidly changing content is another reason the search robots love the new content. Having good quality content is what brings reader to your site. Since the internet is about information content improve the quality of your website and by improving the quality this will bring people to your site. The site should be optimized for your chosen keyword or keywords. The first recommended way to get links is to develop useful, unique and original content. The way to get links to your site is to create well thought out meaningful content, when webmasters visit your website will read this information become interested and link to it from their website.

Manual link exchange is slow. However, link exchange done manually can be very, very time consuming. When placing the link in text body of the content, you are basically letting the visitor know that you are recommending the other website, the visitor might not be conscious of this, but this is basically what you are doing. Many people believe that Google and Yahoo have already started penalizing web sites that does link exchange in a large scale but we do not know the extend of it.

Reciprocal link exchange is not dead, if you provide links for the benefit of your visitors. Linking for the sake of visitors is a win-win scenario. Every link on your site is an official business contact exposure. So when opting to exchange links make sure the partner you are exchanging with is motivated to put the link on his site and you will need to do the same. One of the best ways to get links is using directories, blogs and articles. Yes link exchange is still worthwhile to do but your directive should be to get one way links, since these will really boost your search engine results. When acquiring one way links make sure you are using keywords in your anchor text, this will help with the one way link. Many web directories require you to pay for a one way link or exchange links with the directory.

Free Link Exchange

To manually exchange links with other Internet websites can be an extremely slow, tedious process that may take several months of hard work. The goal in free link exchange is not only to enhance your Internet website traffic, but to increase website link popularity. Many programs that offer free link exchange have already attracted a multitude of members searching for link partners. Spending an endless amount of time searching for link partners, checking back links on the Internet websites of your partners or even uploading link pages is not necessary. The automated free link exchange services add new link exchange partners on a daily basis, update your own directory pages and assure that your link partner is linking to you regularly.

Whether you're the savvy computer programmer or a novice without a clue on how to exchange links, with free link exchange, a team of experts are able to activate your link in the directory absolutely at no cost. Not only is coding or Internet webmaster experience unnecessary, but your website can be active in less than 24 hours in the free link exchange directory. Several reasons occur for choosing an automated free link exchange program:

No email exchange is required to establish new link partners.

More than a thousand link partners can be added instantly with signup. This is usually a 24 hour/ 7 day a week courtesy.

It doesn't have to be a strenuous task to stress over link exchange.

Automated tools are operated on fast servers. An additional burden doesn't to be placed on your own server.

There's generally a 100% guarantee for two-way linking, otherwise your link partner's website will be suspended.

It's important to be aware that a fee, usually within the median of $49.95/year, is charged when your page rank is lower than 2.

It's a vital fact in free link exchange that search engines rank Internet websites simply by pointing to a website with a specific keyword the higher the Internet website ranks for that search engine term. Other factors do indeed influence this; however, it is chiefly link that will determine the ranking in free link exchange. Links are very important to boost your page rank that will certainly enhance your Internet website traffic which will then increase your business and income. Hence, the quality of your own links is quite significant with the links from relevant sites and pages. The secret is in knowing that it's usually about the quantity as well in free link exchange.

Automatic Link Exchange Factors

Automatic link exchange is the method of links being instantaneously switched over with other Internet websites. There are assorted ways of arranging an automatic link exchange with webmasters. The quickest and most effective way to forward emails to another website owner is to perform an automatic link exchange. Many computer users visit webmaster discussion boards which offer a specific automatic link exchange forum where different webmasters can actually request an instantaneous link exchange, whether it's a particular category or even open to the public. The control panel edits and deletes the links automatically. Automatic link exchange detects the various links that do not respond and you can immediately notify the website owners or simply delete the links with one click.

Automatic link exchange directories are used frequently by several webmasters to attempt and build up their link popularity
generally by searching for other proficient webmasters listed in the directory who are looking for link trades. The majority of these automatic link exchange directories charge a nominal fee for the access to the webmaster directory or even the database. However, one can find many free link exchange directories on the Internet. Often at times extremely useful, the automatic link exchange is viable. However, it's wise to be cautious with whom you trade the links. Getting in the habit of trading with the wrong site can have a horrific impact on your own Internet website. The safest bet is to maintain a specific and secured linking method where you neither accept links from certain non-related Internet websites nor even post links to these non-related Internet websites.

Discovering websites via the automatic link exchange that resemble your own Internet website may be quite difficult. However, it's important to note that the end result is usually at best when simply linking to a multitude of websites that aren't in your particular industry whatsoever. In other words, with the automatic link exchange, it's much more achievable to find ten links from Internet websites that are similar to your own than finding plenty of links from Internet websites that are foreign to your demographics, interests and target market.

There are a host of considerations with the automatic link exchange. It's important to note that search engines look at the Internet websites that links to you and alludes to a particular theme for your own website. This is based on your own Internet website content as well as an assortment of content from the websites linking to your own. Various undiscovered and secret methods that the search engines use that are improbable to understand completely may not actually help with your specific cause in the automatic link exchange. Therefore, it's not necessary to learn them.

Can Good Link Exchange Boost Your Website

Once a website is properly designed it is time to concentrate on the appropriate link exchanging campaign. Link exchanges are very time consuming but it can be of great advantage if done cautiously. Webmasters look for various ways to get a higher ranking with search engines and it is through proper link exchanges with other sites that the desired goal can be accomplished.  One needs to focus more on building a correct link exchange program on a regular basis to attain good rank in the SERPs.

The best way to earn quality links is to provide original and fresh content to your website and keep it updated with recent information. The site should contain exchange links with only targeted websites so that the customers find interest in the products and services of the company. Link exchanges can be started by performing a search, based on keywords that are relevant to your website. Visit sites of your interest and view as many pages as you can. Observe how different sites have set up for a link exchange program. Your website is your business online and so any link that is posted is basically an exposure for an official business contact.

Importance of Link Exchange
Link exchange is very helpful when building important business contacts and for getting higher rankings in the search engines. It is not only a vast fields but one should always remember that only ten percent of the offers that are sent, get a good response. People try to get many reciprocal links by spamming websites and so most of the links are of no benefit. You can get quality links by writing informative articles and posting it in other websites containing a link of your own. Online blogs and forums also help to a great extent in acquiring good links. This helps in promoting and increasing the visitors of a site.

Link Exchanges that Need to be Avoided
There are few link exchange methods that the webmasters should not follow while creating exchange links. They are:

Link Farms: Such websites are created to gain link popularity
and anyone who is registered can submit their site to their list. They mutually agree to link to all the sites on the list. This method is a strict no, because most of the sites will not be relevant to your site and it may be difficult to find your link on a page. Even search engines may get your site banned for using link frames to gain the popularity.

Link Software: Few software programs
are available that automatically search and send emails to other websites. The problem is, you may get linked to sites that are irrelevant and this would just be a waste of time.
Retrieved from "http://www.articlesbase.com/web-hosting-articles/can-good-link-exchange-boost-your-website-729383.html"

The Truth About Link Exchanges

I believe Link Exchanges still provide quality and useful backlinks that search engine love. There is no right or wrong way to make link exchanges, but you must follow certain guidelines which I shall explain below.

In my experience I have seen big improvements in search engines rankings
after getting reciprocal links from related websites.

Link exchange guidelines:

Get reciprocal links only from sites that are related to your own at first. Best thing to do is create a directory with categories and subcategories. Like eBay although you won't need to have hundreds of subcategories. Once you build a strong link exchange directory with related sites start getting links from any type of site.

This only applies if your website is brand new but also if you get links slowly. If you are experienced, and know how to get many link exchanges fast, then there is no need to create a highly focused directory before getting links from any category.

A link is important, so important that it does not need to be on a page with 40 other links to be considered important. All links are required, so accept a link even if there are a hundred other links on the same page.

The only time I reject a link is when a webmaster creates a page on his site, totally blank, and he does not link to it from anywhere. So it cannot get indexed any time. They just upload the page on the server and that's it.

Installing one of the free plugins that display links that are using nofollow tags is also important. So make sure your links won't be using nofollow tags.

Pay attention to three way link exchanges from certain type of sites. If you link to site A, and the webmaster then links to you from a directory (not a site) that is no good. At least get a link from a website.

4 Do not link exchange with directories. They have no content and most of them have categories that relate to everything you can imagine. All links are important, but still I ignore directories, I submit my website to many directories but not to those that require a link back.

Making link exchanges with sites hosted on free webservers is not bad, however these websites usually do not last long, the webmaster may buy a domain and all links get lost. But it is still a link, so get it if you can.

6. Check their links pages, and if they have too many characters in the URL pay attention. If it is too long search engines cannot index that page and a link on the page is useless.

However check to see if some of the pages got indexed, if at least one got indexed then even the rest can get indexed.

Those are basic rules.

If you have a blog do blog link exchange, you place their blog on the sidebar and vice versa. They might also accept an article exchange which is even better.

I check to see if my link partners are still linking back once a month, assuming you don't have some directory that does the work for you. Before I delete any links I send the webmaster an email or use their contact form. Sometimes they just move the site to a better location not always remove link. So good thing to check before deleting link partners.

Getting too many link exchanges at once is also not recommended. That looks very spammy and even worse if they all have same anchor text. So for a whole month you did nothing than all of a sudden you have 100 new links in one day.

Done slowly and every day, say 30 links a day that is absolutely great. Whatever the amount it must be the same every day approximately. I can tell from my results. It is also good news because you work less. Now OutRankSmart brand new seo software, allows you to get more than just 30 a day. 200 or more a day is realistic with outranksmart and the 'work' is clicking mouse.

Hope that all this information helps. Even though the keywords you select are very competitive you still are able to get good results if you focus on getting links.

Ranking High With Static Link Exchange

As we all know, link exchange can increase website visibility and popularity. The more links you have from other sites, the more popular your website will be. One of the main factors for most search engines to rank your site indeed is quality and quantity of inbound links. However, lots of people do not realize that exchanging links with dynamic link exchange program does not help your rank much.

All search engines
use a spider (or called a robot or a crawler) to crawl your partners' sites and find your site. If your link partners keep your link in their database (which is called dynamic link exchange when you exchange links with them,  for example, when you search your link information on your partners' sites,  you see the URL like www.yourpartnersite.com/link.php?url=yoursite.com), there is no way for the spider to know where to grab your site information from their database and add it to search engine indexes. Now, you may ask "how do I ask my link partners to put my link on their static pages, such as, a html file?". Before you ask this question, you must be able to place their links on your static pages. Here comes such a link program - Link Exchange 2.0. Let me talk a little bit of how this program was created. A couple years ago, we designed several websites and tried to rank them high on the major search engines. Throughout many experimental trials, we have found if your link partners using dynamic link programs, your link on their sites does not help your site ranking at all. Therefore, we designed this link exchange program, and over a year, we have proven this program working really well. There are several examples as the following: 1.Keywords: Motorcycle LED lights, Motorcycle lights. This site has been on the first page of all major search engines. As this article is written, it is #1 on MSN, #3 on Google, and #2 on Yahoo. 2.Keywords: Chinese Gifts, Art Statues. This site has #1 on Yahoo and MSN, #7 on Google. 3. Keywords: Florida lottery service. This site has #1 on Google and Yahoo. #5 on MSN. The above sites are just several example sites which are using our link exchange program. Once you install this light-weight link exchange program, you do not have to pay much attention to it because whoever visits your site and wants to exchange links with your site can automatically place their links into your static pages after they have placed your link on their link pages. It saves a lot of time to add your partners' links. It automatically checks if your link is on their reciprocal link pages; it also tells them if your links are already on your link pages. You can get this program from http://www.usasmt.net/web/agora.cgi?product=CGI_scripts&action=step4.

Conclusion, no matter what kind of link partners you link to, make sure that your link is placed on their static pages. Ask nicely to your link partners if they can place static links for you on their link pages because you offer them the same. If they can not, simply do not do reciprocal link with them because it won't help your site.

Top 6 Link Exchange Tips

In order to achieve top 10 ranking in Google Yahoo and MSN you need to properly optimize your website for a specific keywords related to your site topic. If you optimize for wrong keywords, you are unlikely to see any results.

There are many software's available to help you achieve search engine optimized (SEO) pages. XSitePro software will enable you to pinpoint any issues with on-page optimization and will guide you to correct these problems in step by step manner.

Link exchange or off page optimization plays a huge role getting higher search engine rankings. Here are top 6 tips for managing effective link exchange campaign.

1. Use a link exchange management script for managing link partners. A link exchange script will save you time and efforts to effectively manage link partners. Webmaster would like to exchange links with your site if you have link exchange script installed on your site. Make sure you link to link partner page from your home page.

2. Try to achieve PR2 (page rank) to PR3 with your link partner section to attract authority websites to link to your website. Use article submission with link back to your site to get one way links back to your website and improve your page rank.

A) You can submit articles to 450 article directories using Article Post Robot.

B) Use Link Directory Submitter Software to submit to high PR directories.

3. Once your website has achieved PR2 to PR3 then you can find authority websites with high search engine rankings similar to your website theme for link exchange. Never exchange links with non-relevant websites and link farms. The search engines will lower your ranking if your site is linking with link farms. 1 relevant link is better than having 10 non-relevant sites linking to your site.

4. Never exchange link with website which are banned from search engines, sites which are not indexed in the search engines and whose PR is equal or less than PR1. Never exchange links with link farms as link farms are considered spam sites in search engine's eyes.

5. Make sure you do not have more than 25 links pointing out from your link partner pages.

6. Search engines are looking for a constant and gradual increase in links pointing to your website. Getting a quick spike in links may be perceived as spammy in search engines eyes. So make sure you are constantly exchanging links over the time with other websites to increase your site rankings.

Free Link Exchange - Improve your Website

Are you looking to improve your website overall, such as traffic and search engine ranking, one thing you definitely want to consider is a free link exchange. A free link exchange can do wonders for the popularity of your website. One thing that most every search engine looks at, when determining rank placement of your website, is link popularity. The thing about link popularity is that it has now become one of the most identifying factors when it comes to website ranking

Many people are not aware of what a free link exchange is or how to even begin using one. A free link exchange is a specific website on the internet that allows you to post a link to your website, along with a description, and Meta tags, in efforts of exposing your website to their users. However, most free link exchanges require what is called a reciprocal link. A reciprocal link is the act of exchanging links with another website. To put it simply, they would place your link on their website in exchange for you placing their link on yours.

While this may seem easy and you are probably ready to jump right into finding a free link exchange directory, there are a few things you should know before you get started. First, you want the free link exchange to be relevant or have relevant categories to your own site. If you operate a pet store website, you would not want to participate in a free link exchange with a music store. Instead, you would want to participate in a free link exchange that offers a category or sub category, or conducts business that is relative to your own site.

For example, with a pet store website, you would want to exchange links with a pet food dealer, pet lovers, pet supplies website, or even a breeder, any other site that has to do with pets. Another thing that can help with your link popularity is the ranking of the free link exchange website. The higher the site ranks on search engine, the more relevant your link to and from them becomes in the eyes of the major search engines.

Again, by using a free link exchange, you can improve not only your website, but the traffic and ranking on the search engines

Using Link Exchange Programs To Market Your Website

Link exchange programs connect web masters together who are interested in trading links to each others' web sites. The reason for exchanging links is to drive more traffic to the sites. Link exchange helps web masters by bringing in traffic from the referring page and also by increasing the web page's search engine ranking. Many search engine algorithms add value to web sites
that have a large number of links to the page.

Links are typically facilitated by third party programs or online sites that bring web masters together with others who are looking to exchange links. While many of these sites were once free, most of the major link exchange programs have gone to either pay per use or subscription required sites. Many of the better programs periodically verify that the links that are exchanged between webmasters are maintained. If one partner in a program decides to remove the link at some point, the link exchange program will notify the second webmaster who may then decide to contact the individual to request that the link be added, or simply remove the link from the offending site.

Link exchange has declined in popularity in recent years as most of the major search engines have altered their rating algorithm to lower the value placed on two way links. A two way link is a link from a site that also features a link back to the original site. Since most two way links are the result of link exchange programs and not through the web community's level of interest in the web site, the search engine companies realized that two way back links no longer were a valuable estimator of a web site's value.

Most search engines now place a much higher emphasis on one way back links than they do for exchanged links. The reason for this is the assumption that one way links represent genuine community interest rather than just being the result of a transaction. For this reason, many web pages offer one way back links for a fee. Many of these web sites are themselves highly ranked since many of the search engines place a higher emphasis on one way back links from sites that are themselves highly ranked.

It has been said that exchanging links is dead, but reports of its death may indeed be premature. There are still a number of web masters that use link exchange programs to drive up their search engine rankings and, while the major search engines have lowered the value of two way links, most of them do still give them some weight. This means that, while link exchange is not a useful as it once was for SEO purposes, it can still help to effectively market a web site.

5 Proven Ways To Find Link Exchange Partners

If you're like most small business websites on the internet today, you use link exchanges to market your website. But sometimes finding websites to exchange links with can be a time consuming task. Here are a few proven methods for finding websites to exchange links with.

1: Search Engines Queries

Using Google or Yahoo, perform the following searches, replacing "keyword" with a keyword related to your site.

Keyword add url
keyword add site
keyword add link
keyword submit url
keyword submit site
keyword submit link
keyword link exchange
keyword link swap
keyword reciprocal link
keyword related sites
keyword links directory

2: Find out who's linking to your competitor's.

If you can find out who is linking to your competitors, you can try to acquire a link to your site ob each site that already links to your competitors. Just search for link:http://www.competitors-url-here.com

3: Other link directories

Find sites that relate to your site that have link exchange directories. Visit each site in their link directories and attempt to exchange links with each site.

4: Link exchange tools

There are several excellent websites that match webmasters with related sites that are interested in exchanging links. Two of the best are Linkalizer and SiteSell's Value Exchange. In general, you'll want to stay away from sites that completely automate the link exchange process. I have used some of them, but the search engines do not like these sites, and may penalize your site if you use them.

5: Software

There is also software available that searches for and automatically emails sites to see if they will link exchange with you. I have used and like LinkAssistant. If you decide to use this method, ensure that you comply with all spam laws and the search engine's guidelines.

All 5 of these methods are proven, dependable ways to find link exchange partners. Use them and start gaining more free links to your website today!

       How to build lots of quality links? Does link exchange work?

After a lot of hard works put together with your valuable time, you could have found your site running and you might have felt like your dream turned true. You might also have designed the site with a perfect layout and the niche which was expected to be loved by more people. But you could have soon realized that you are getting only very few visitors to your site. Do you ever wanted to know the reason? Continue reading to know why that is happening.

How many inbound links with good quality have you made to point back to your site? Without links, obviously no traffic is going to reach out your site. So initially you need to pay for links by starting a paid campaign using AdWords at Google.com. Or if you don’t want to spend for paid links, then you need to wait for the Google search engine to index your website and provide the page rank for your website naturally.

But to get ranked high by Google you need to do search engine optimization (SEO). SEO consumes lot of time and certainly needs efforts. But if you try to do SEO without any knowledge or experience, then you may end up by wasting your time with worthless non-working method.

So the best option is to hire a SEO specialist. But again there lies two problems. First one is that the SEO experts are too expensive and the second one is that there are lots of fake experts.

But at this stage you don’t have enough time to think creating link. Better you start doing link exchange campaign in the quality and niche relevant websites.

So you are wondering how to make quality links right? There are lots of options available to do this. One such method is to write articles and distribute them. You need to distribute minimum of 10 articles everyday. This will be the best option for you if you are a good writer and have a fair amount of time to spend for this everyday.

The main advantage of this is that it is free and already proved its worth. But there are certain things you need to remember while distributing an article. The most important thing is that your content should not be a duplicate content. In case your articles is found to be duplicate by the search engine then your article will not be indexed by the search engine. Then you will not be getting back links through that article.

So your article needs to be unique for each directory you are submitting to. But the bitter truth about this article submission technique is that the article writing is really boring and hard to do on everyday basis.

Another option for link building is the link exchange directories. Here you need to have a good powerful script to add such directories into your website. Using that you need to track the entire link exchange. When you are using this technique you need to be more careful as the other webmaster might delete your link without any notification to you.

You can download a good link exchange directory script at phplinkdirectory.com. Since this is a very popular one it will not be much difficult for you to find a theme that suits the template of your website. Even if it doesn’t suit your website then you can easily find a person to modify the tpl and php files for you to suit your website. Have a look at this website as it will certainly help you to get good amount of back links.

Another idea to get back link is to have a link exchange partners. Even though the inbound links will help you to get good ranking you still need to pay attention to the sites you are linking to. Always choose the websites that have good quality and good content and also make sure that it does not have more than a dozen outbound links in a page.

The link exchange involves lots of tricks and techniques. Let me share the details about the trick which I believe as the best. Create a new website or a blog and establish a link exchange directory on it. Then offer a 3 way links in it. I mean you add a link of a website on it and add the main website link to the website whose link is added to the new website. But make sure that you never add an outbound link to your main website. Please know that most of the webmasters have more number of sites. So never try to add all the eggs you have to a single basket

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