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 What is a Web Directory?
- a web site (usually about a certain topic) that contains links to other websites or resources. Unlike search engines, web directory listings are reviewed and added by human editors.

 Web directory
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A web directory or link directory is a directory on the World Wide Web. It specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links.

A web directory is not a search engine and does not display lists of web pages based on keywords; instead, it lists web sites by category and subcategory. Most web directory entries are also not found by web crawlers but by humans. The categorization is usually based on the whole web site rather than one page or a set of keywords, and sites are often limited to inclusion in only a few categories. Web directories often allow site owners to directly submit their site for inclusion, and have editors review submissions for fitness.

RSS directories are similar to web directories, but contain collections of RSS feeds, instead of links to web sites.

Scope of listing

Most of the directories are very general in scope and list websites across a wide range of categories, regions and languages. But there are also some niche directories which focus on restricted regions, single languages, or specialist sectors. One type of niche directory with a large number of sites in existence, is the shopping directory for example. Shopping directories specialize in the listing of retail e-commerce sites.

Examples of well known, general, web directories are Yahoo! Directory and the Open Directory Project (ODP). ODP is significant due to its extensive categorization and large number of listings and its free availability for use by other directories and search engines.[2]

However, a debate over the quality of directories and databases still continues, as search engines use ODP's content without real integration, and some experiment using clustering. There have been many attempts to make directory development easier, such as using automated submission of related links by script, or any number of available PHP portals and programs. Recently, social software techniques have spawned new efforts of categorization, with Amazon.com adding tagging to their product pages.

Directories have various features in listing, often depend upon the price paid for inclusion:

  • Free submission – there is no charge for the review and listing of the site
  • Reciprocal link – a link back to the directory must be added somewhere on the submitted site in order to get listed in the directory
  • Paid submission – a one-time or recurring fee is charged for reviewing/listing the submitted link
  • No follow – there is a rel="nofollow" attribute associated with the link, meaning search engines will give no weight to the link.
  • Featured listing – the link is given a premium position in a category (or multiple categories) or other sections of the directory, such as the homepage. Sometimes called sponsored listing.
  • Bid for position – where sites are ordered based on bids
  • Affiliate links – where the directory earns commission for referred customers from the listed websites

Human-edited directories

A human-edited directory is created and maintained by editors who add links based on the policies particular to that directory.

Human-edited directories are often targeted by SEOs on the basis that links from reputable sources will improve rankings in the major search engines. Some directories may prevent search engines from rating a displayed link by using redirects, nofollow attributes, or other techniques. Many human-edited directories, including the Open Directory Project and World Wide Web Virtual Library, are edited by volunteers, who are often experts in particular categories. These directories are sometimes criticized due to long delays in approving submissions, or for rigid organizational structures and disputes among volunteer editors.

In response to these criticisms, some volunteer-edited directories have adopted wiki technology, to allow broader community participation in editing the directory (at the risk of introducing lower-quality, less objective entries).

Another direction taken by some web directories is the paid for inclusion model. This method enables the directory to offer timely inclusion for submissions and generally fewer listings as a result of the paid model. They often offer additional listing options to further enhance listings, including features listings and additional links to inner pages of the listed web site. These options typically have an additional fee associated, but offer significant help and visibility to sites and/or their inside pages.

Today submission of websites to web directories is considered as a common SEO (search engine optimization) technique to get vital back-links for the submitted web site. One distinctive feature of 'directory submission' is that it cannot be fully automated like search engine submissions. Manual directory submission is a tedious and time consuming job and is often outsourced by the webmasters.

  Bid for Position directories

Bid for Position directories or also known as bidding web directories, are paid-for-inclusion web directories where the listings of websites in the directory are ordered according to their bid amount. They are special in that the more a person pays, the higher up the list of websites in the directory they go. With the higher listing, the website becomes more visible and increases the chances that visitors who browse the directory will click on the listing. There are PHP scripts (free and paid versions) for the management of bid for position directories include phpLinkBid (paid), Link Bid Script (free), Astanda Directory Project (ADP), and a modified link bid version for phpLD (phpLinkDirectory).

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  How to use Link Directory to Promote Your Site

There are numerous ways to  promote your site. Unlimited option are waiting for a internet marketer to use.Every marketing method works well if used properlly.Some marketers like me use the combination of all the method and some even elite marketers rely on 2-3 vatly used strategies. Submitting your site to major link directories is on of the strategy widely use by most of internet marketers.Some of the link directories have very high pr ranks  in major search engines and considered an authorative sites.When you submit your site to such directories you will not get much benefits directly as receiving free traffic but on the hand you get valuable do follow backlinks to your site and search engine spiders crawls these directories regularly so if your site is new it get indexed quickly and because of do follow high pr back links your site will stand more chance of ranking high in most major search engines for relavent keywords.

 Furthermore submitting your sites to a good link directory will help boost the popularity of your site as well.Submitting to a link directory is still not as popular as link exchange,article marketing,banner advertising and other form of marketing strategy but it should be really equally important part of your promotion strategy.Why link directories are worthy of submiting a site for promotional purpose?It is very easy to understand if you know the basic of SEO.Link directories themselves have lots incoming links to the sites.Google and all other major search engines have a strategy to rank high the site which is important to other sites and way the search engine spiders decide this is by counting inbound links to the site.(It is just to explain you the basic behind submitting to high pr link directories and actually there are lots of SEO factors are involve for getting high rank but inbound links is one of them)

As I said before search engines' spiders visit these directories too often and if they found a new link(Your site) then they folllow the link and indexed the site and if your site properly targeted for relevant keywords and properly optimized then the task of search engines become easier to indexed your site in related categorey.You get one way link to your site and again all the major search engines consider one way links as a sign of site's popularity so more one way links to your site,more chance of higher ranking your site stands.So you should submit your site to all the major link directories(More is marrier!).

You can submit your sites to all the major link directories by  2 way.
1st manually but it  is really hard to submit your sites to  500 + directories as you just don't have to post your url only but all good directories require other details like...name,e-mail address,keywords,description of your site and some time more details.It takes lots of time to submit to all the directories.

 2nd Now-a-days there are many link directory submitter software programs and services through which you can submit your site to all the major link directories.There are  some softwares and services with which you can shedule you directory submission and your site will be automatically submitted regularly.
Software programs mostly have one time expence and then you can use them for life and some companies even provide frequent updates at no cost.Link directory su bmission services are mor effective as updataed regularly but most of them available as monthly subscription.In business term it is overhead or on going exoence every month.

  In my opinian it is better to  go with a good software program as it will save monthly expence but it is wise not to submit manually so that you have time for all other  marketing tasks.

 One more thing to keep in mind is to insert as much description is aloowed and targete only a few relavent keywords.This way your site will be more visible and get more popularity.
 Some high PR link directories do not accept each and every site so for your site to be included in such directories,your site must has good quality content and properly optimized with targeted keywords.You must spend some time to do this 1st before submitting your site and if you can afford you can seek the professional help.Believe me it is well worth the time as this will not only help your site to get acccepted in such dilink dirctories but all other factors of SEO are demand the same things so when you apply other strategies for getting higher ranking in major search engines,this will add up.

How can you take advantage of web directories

 I wrote more the marrier above right?When I wrote that I was speaking about quality link directories and not the other way.Let me warn you by submitting your site to any link directory,you will harm your site's ranking instead of boosting it.Let me explained you this with real world example....... I found this from popular webmaster forum(dp)I was just browsing the forum and I cam into contact with this post.One net marketer was shoutting that he had submitted hiscustomer's site to a web directory and found that the customer's site listed on several more directories with same anchor and description(He found this after submitting) and because of this same anchor and same description at many directories his customer's site went from page 1 to last page 4 on Google Search.

 Now-a days all major search engines frquently updates their policy and use the lattest technology to provide higher rank to worthy of sites only,specially Google is ahead of them and its pure goal is to provide better service to the people using Google.Google is top among all search engines and so they have developed  most  advanced algoritham and regularly improving it and this advanced algoritham can distinguish one link from another on the bases of several quality factors such as
-age of the domain and whethe the character of the domain has been changed from one to the other or not
- inbound links
-and age and quality of those links
-quality of outbound links and so on

This way such parameters can be understood even by basic seo service provider.

 It is now possible for Google to differentiate a low quality directory fro a high quality genuine directory.Low quality directory is generally giving out links to each and every site while a high quality genuine directory has some kind of editorial content over its content and site included from submission.They check each submitted site and if they found the site meeting all parameters then only include the site.Google has also started to find out and then punish those directories which soley created for the purpose of taking advantage of an old domain's PR rank and so made on high PR dropped domain with high PR  rank history.

Now you know  it is actually easy for an experienced marketer or webmaster to decide which is good quality directory and which is not

 simple guide lines  to decide quality of a directory 

    -1st check : that domain is penalized by Google or not without considering domain's PR rank
 How can you check this is very simple process: just type “sitedomainname” without the TLD(remove com,net,biz etc) in search box on Google. If the domain is in first page then
- the domain is not penlized & perfectly fine by Google.
(Remember that some top level Domain like com,net etc may rank ahead which are with different TLD

    - 2nd check : check how many pages have been indexed. 
  You can check this easily by  just  typing   ” site:www.sitedomain.com ” without quote in the search box and search on Google.If you find fair amount of pages in the search result means the directories' pages are well indexed by search engine and your site will definitely get some benefit by submission.

    - 3rd Check :Check that the category you want to submit your site is really indexed and how old indexing isfor that perticular category!

    -4th  check : Check the directory domain on Web Archive . They only start archiving any site after they become more than 6 months old.So if there is no archiev of directory site mens it is relatively new and you will not get much benefit by submission.Sometimes you find archive for the same directory domain name with description  of totally different site means the directory is created on high PR dropped domain name and no use of submission.

    -5th Check : Check for site links in the Google search results.The directory domain should have 8 sitelinks or 4 mini sitelinks .These sitelinks display in the search results means the domain is well trusted by Google bots.

  If you don't know what is sitelinks(Directly From Google)


The links shown below some sites in our search results, called sitelinks, are meant to help users navigate your site. Our systems analyze the link structure of your site to find shortcuts that will save users time and allow them to quickly find the information they're looking for.

We only show sitelinks for results when we think they'll be useful to the user. If the structure of your site doesn't allow our algorithms to find good sitelinks, or we don't think that the sitelinks for your site are relevant for the user's query, we won't show them.

At the moment, sitelinks are completely automated. We're always working to improve our sitelinks algorithms, and we may incorporate webmaster input in the future.


 A Directory Submission Possibly Harm Your Site Instead Of Providing Benefits? :

Yes it can!Keep these points in mind before submitting to link directories.

    -Never ever submit your site to those new high PR directories with amazingly odd domain names like “xyazxyz.com/.info/org/.net etc etc. even if the submission is FREE. Sooner or latter those directories are going to be penlized by Google or may loose the home page PR or deindexed by google.The worst is site may disappear after few months as these are the sites made on high pr droped domain with single goal in mind to solely monetize the high PR of old domain.And suppose Google index the category your site has been listed,then the possibility is that Google will consider your site as link renter.Remember the older the links(directory) is better trustworhy.

    - The manual submission is better than auto submission because you can inser different anchor texts and description as many time as you want and even you can go for 100 % different dscription for each directory.But remember it takes time and tiresome job to performed.Still I emphasize to do the submission manually yourself  because with auto submission to lots of directories, your site may be submitted to an irrellavant directory,e.g.  gambling directory!And if this happens just Imagine about happening of your site's SERPs .You can slowly slowly do this by submitting your site to 10-20 directories at a time.

 Promotion  through Web Directories

Webmasters uses web directories with 3 main goals

1. Inbound permanent link

2. Benefit from High Page Rank Directories

3. Receive free targeted traffic.

 The significance and practicalities of these 3 goals.

As I said when you submit your sit to a high pr link/web directory,you get a one way link to your site.It is one way link because you do not have to insert url of directory on your site page.One way links play primary role for highe ranking for particular keyword- keyword phase in search engines.Search engine considers a oneway link from Site A to Site B as a vote in favor or Site B, indicating that Site B contains good content and the search engine will also check that if Site B includes a return-link to Site A or not.If site B includes return link to site A then Search engine will consider less weight to the link for providing the ranking because in this situation it is reciprocal link instead of one way link. It is known fact that search engine give less importance to reciprocal link and too much importance to one way link. 

Alternatives for getting one-ways links are as below:

1.Writing and submission article
2.Press release
3.Social bookmarking
4.Blog  forum posting
Forum posting
^.Get your site listed in a directory / Directory submission.

 Writing articles is not difficult but everyone can not write good articles and you only get oneway link when you have included author's resource box with your site link so most webmasters choose this after directories. Press release,social bookmarking and blog and forum posting can get one way links but they have some limitation like limited source,not have relevancy for all type of site,more time consuming etc etc. And so now there are many in directory business who publish  and maintain a directory site and many new directories came into existance.

However, some of these new directories are not SEO Friendly and Quite a few are even link exchanging farm with onenother.Google has started to penlize such directories and sites listed on such directories.Search engines and webmasters' favourite is DMOZ.A listing in DMOZ will provide your site with high pr link,is seo friendly and efficient from every aspect of search engine algorytham

 In early years of internet webmsters get targeted traffic fro these link or web directories and that time search engines were not so popular.But now the tables turned and today search engines like Google,Yahoo and MSN take over and became so popular in general public,a few people ever use these directories to find what they want. Some directories are still popular, like the Yahoo directory, are still quite popular and used by net surfers to search information. A listing in such directories can bring many targeted visitors. A Yahoo listing could bring both Google ranking improvement as well as free traffic but  Yahoo charges $300 just to review your site and reviewing means reviewing there is no guarantee of inclusion and even if your site is accepted, you have to pay $300 annually to keep it there.
   Directory Submission & Website Traffic

 Every website needs traffic and that is targeted traffic.Suppose you are an intemidiate marketers and knows about every marketing strategy availabel.You built an high quality,well designed site which is well optimized for higher search engine ranking with relavent keywords and keyword phrases.You have managed to get large number of reciprocal links.You have written articles and submitted to many article directories.You have also submittted your site to link directories.Do you think now you can relax and wait for traffic to flooding to your site?No

 As more and more sites and bogs are coming into existence,more and more people strat using internet and off late the net has expand so widely that it is becoming more amd more harder for any site to rank high in the search engine and even a highly optimized keywords targeted sites have difficulties to rank high.There was a time when a web master build a quality nacklinks with good anchor text and forget about backlinks but not any more now a webmaster has to continuously make afforts to build backlinks regularly other wise your copetitors will either catch up with you or even get ahead of you.

 With this growing need of backlinks and growing number of people online looking for good and service,the niche directories are born.

  What is a niche directory?

  A niche directory is like a link or web directory but very small in size compare to a link directories.A link directory is general directory where you can submit a site related to any niche while a niche directory is on specific subject and accept site from the specific niche.Submission to a link directory is generally free while a listing in a niche directory is mostly not free.

Niche directories are usually much smaller and have far fewer listings than regular paid directories and are almost without doubt a lot slimmer than the mass of free web directories on the internet. As a webmaster this is great news as it makes getting a good, relevant and visible link to your site become very easy. For surfers a niche directory offers a handy way of finding what they are looking for quickly and easily.

 Submitting and listing your site in relavent niche directory will cost you a small fee but believe me your site will gain huge advantage over you competitor's site and you will definitely get better ROI than a paid ad in a classified site or a paid listing in ayellow pages.You will  receive targeted traffic from niche directory as in the eyes of search engine such niche directory site generally considered authrative site for that niche.

SEO and High Ranking with Directory Submission

There are a various ways to promote your website these days. Three most popular for a beginner are link exchanges, article submissions and traffic exchanges. If you own a web site or a blog you might have used these marketing strategies.These all three are working well and so they are popular among webmasters.perhaps.As I said before thes all are free advertising and free traffic receiving methods.And again as I said before there is another free option available and that is manual or semi-automated directory submission.

What does it mean to make directory submission? In simple words submitting your site to many link or web directories but frankly there is much more than mere submission.I don't want to repeat my words but just remind you that you can do this either manually or automatically through a software program or a service and again remind you that manual submission is far better than aut submission as you have chance to insert various anchor text and various description for each dirctory.

In simple terms  a web directory is just like your phone book but it contains links to different websites rather than a list of phone numbers. Just like  yellow pages the web web directory sites put their information into different categories and sub-categories so that required information can be easily found by net surfers or net users.When you make a directory submission make sure you place your details into the most appropriate category, and sub-category  of the directory. Your prospective customers will find your site easily by placing your site in correct relavent catogey and sub catogery.

A website directory will check the content of your website before it will list it in the directory and when you are listed you will automatic receive a oneway link to your site from the submitted directory.These directories are high pr sites and receive lots of traffic from the major search engines and when your prospective customer visit any of such directory(Because he is directed by search results),he will find your site and this way you drive free traffic to your site. 

A lot of online business owners use the automated directory submission services of SEO firms to jump start their directory submission process. Both manual and auto submission will provide links back to your website but as I said before(why I am repeating again and again in different words?) as a rule manual directory submission provide the highest benefit to your website.It is very important that you find and make a list of high pr search engine friendly directories to get the best SEO result for your time and affors as well as to receive much more free traffic.Keep this list handy so when you start submission you don't have to waste your time for finding high pr seo friendly directories and you can concentrate on submission process. 

So you are trying to obtain links back to your website or in other words backlinks. What does that mean exactly? Well links back are basically a link on any given website which then points or directs the customer back to your website. All the major search engines,specially Google count the total amount of links back or backlinks that you have to your website in order to consider rating and popularity of your site. The more links back that you have the higher your website will appear on a search engine result page.

Getting back links to your site is a very slow process and should be done slowly and steadily. If you try to make too many back links in very short time the big search engines will realize what you are up to and may actually block your site from being indexed in their search engines at all. That doesn't mean you have to wait for years.With right link building strategy you can build enough backlinks to your site within 6 month but remember this should be never ending process.

Directory submission is very easy but befre you start submitting you should have some plan and considaration about some important points.Never ever submit your site to irrelavent link directories.By submitting to irrelavant directories you still gain some seo advantage but but you will not receive free targeted traffic as the surfer visiting any of irrlavant directory will not find your site or products useful and so not going to visit your site.In short submission to relavant directories to your site will be much more beneficial.

As I said before use different anchor texts and description for each link directory.Each directory has its own rules,terms and condition for submission and you must obey them if you do not then your submission may be rejected and sometime rejected forever so you can never try to resubmit.I f the directory from where your site has been rejected forever is directly related to your site then it can have vey bad effect on your business and you may loose many prospective customers forever so be careful and before trying to submit read rule,terms and conditions for each site carefully.

 Some webmasters have no time for submitting to link directories themselves and so they take the help of profession SEO company who is specialize in directory submission.Most of SEO company offer this service at low cost to gain trust  and to sell other seo services.One more reason for low cost is throatcut competition.Although they are experts and have speciality in ditectory submission,do not forget to instruct them about inserting different anchor texts and different descriptions for each directory.

 Multiple Benefit of Dirctory Submission

Submitting your sites to high pr rank web directories has multiple benefits..:

Availability of your site:
Submission to web directories provides you backlinks to your site. To promote your website you need to get as many back links as you can. The more web directories you get listed with the more benefit your website will get.These directories are high pr rank sites and so they receive lots of traffic from search engines and if your sites url is listed in many site you can obviously get some of the free traffic to your own site. Your potential customers search for the information from the various sources and if your site is available at various sources he will find your site easily and so get your site listed in many popular web directories and just be present everywhere possible and do not loose prospective customers. 

Ranking High In Search Engines:
 Submission to many link directories means many backlinks to your site.It is obvious fact that the more the backlinks to your site the higher your site's rank in search engine results.Higher the rank in search engine results means more free traffic to your site.Morever these dirctories are liked by major search engines and so spidered regularly by all major search engines and if the search engines spiders find new link(your site) they will follow and indexed the site so if your site is new it will be get indexed quickly.

Targeted Free Traffic:
When you submit your site to a high pr directory and when accepted and listed in the directory is the same process like in offline world.Let me explin this more clearly.Suppose there is a busy market place specially for products related to your business and similar to your products so you think if I can get a shop or office there I can increase my sales and so you apply for a shop and your application is approved and you got the shop.When you submit your site to online link or web directories you are going through same steps and finally your site get listed/got shop  in high traffic directory/busy market place. You get a chance to be more visible to the audience who is out to shop for your products or services. The visitor who has reached your site via a web directory is one who is more interested in products related to your business so naturally you will get high conversion. Therefore the backlinks from online web directories yield you much better ROI than any other same priced advertising on the net.

Be a Winner : In a web directory you place your  site in direct comparison with others' in the same business. The visitors can see for themselves that how  and why you are better than the rest and because it is their choice they become your loyal customers.

We have seen the benefits of submitting and listing your site in web directories but what you will loose if you do not submit your sites to these link directories? Not listing in web directories could mean that your site is not available to many potential customers.In other word a shop in desert or a shop where there is not enough population around.  

 Advantages And Benefits of web directories

 In simple words a directory is a catlog of sitelinks catogerised by subject or topic.We have seen above how the directories are helpful to a webmaster or a net marketer but now we will see how they will helpful to the end users or net surfers.

Well directories  provide the same service as a search engine but with a small difference. Directories catogerised the sites in categories and present it to the user, making it more easy for the user to find the most relevant useful sites.

Some of the directory advantages and benefits to the user and to you are:

1.Some directories lists local business hence provide more relevant information about a local shop or service e.g. if a user is just planning a small party and is searching for caterers then, a local directory will present more relevant results to him than a search engine.If your line of business deals with local people then you can get your site listed in such a relavant local directory and get new customers and clients.

2.Search engines normally accept almost any site or page that is submitted to them irrespective of its quality. All sites submitted to directories are reviewed by humans and poor sites are nott accepted and hence directories provide quality output to the end user. This advantage over search engine works in favor of building users loyalty towards the directory.You can take benefit of this directory advantage to promote your own website.

3.Some directories provide more seperate catogerised list of sites for only one category. So the user uses such directory will get specific  result.In other word exact information he is searching for.e.g. if you search for free hosting the search engine results will list down even those sites which probably just offer free hosting as a part of promotion and for limited period of 1 month or 3 months but if he visits a free hosting directory he can see the broad categories of free hosting providers and even compare all the free hosting providers.He can choose a site specifically offered service like a paid host .This directory advantage is true for any scenario.

4As I mentioned above you get more conversin rate and  higher sale from the visitors coming from a link directory than visitors from search engines

5.Again as I mentioned above you get more backlinks to your site and with more links your site will ranked high in search engine result and you will receive more free traffic.

 Link Directory Submission for your blog

Now we have seen what benefits and advantages your site receive by submitting it high ranked link directories and hoe you can submit your site to these directories but suppose you run a blog and not a website.You are a blogger and not a webmaster.Then?You can apply the same methods or it is totaly different?Actually there is not much different but it is slightly different process.

 Keep these points in mind..........

   1. When to start to submit your blog? You must  have some content before submitting your blog. Owners of directories accept only blogs with  valuable content.
   2. In how many directories I need to submit my blog? Simply  more is better. It is good to submit your blog to directories permanently.
   3. Where to find directories? I have already mentioned that on the previous page.
   4. How to choose right ones? I have also mentione this on the previous page
   5. How to automate submissions?I have mentined it too 
   6. What are important data for submissions? I wrote about this but some more details.Yes,as you know anchor texts and desription.Anchor texts (Title in forms). Anchor link content has to be keyword for which do you want to be visible in search engines. It is rule not to use the same anchor text for all directories, but vary it with more keywords. Also different description for each directory can be important. Sometimes you need to enter keywords in submission form. These keywords help you find your page in directory itself.

  So there is no difference about submitting a site to web directories and submit a bog to the web directories except that your blog should have enough good content.

Promote Your Directory Website

 We have seen how you can promote your website and blog with help of web directories but suppose you are an owner of a such web directory or link dirctory then  you also need promotion for your directory site,right?How can you promote your web directory site?

   Here are some tips..........

There are thousands of web directories online and it is a tough business.Keep this in mind there isa fierce competition in the web directory busines and what you can do is to some how make your web directory unique and offer some features whci is not offered by most directories.

Give Free Submission Options

Offer free submission at a start when your directory grow in size and you gain enough weight in major serach engine.Now is the time to charge for a listing.I suggest you to keep it free at start because no one is going to pay if your directory is not big enough and because of freee listing it will grow insize very quickly.

Use RSS Feeds

Another effective way for promoting your directory is to get quality incoming links through RSS feeds. You can make RSS feeds for stuffs such as website of the day, newly included websites, most popular websites, et cetera, and submit the RSS feeds to popular RSS directories.

Clean and Customize your Directory - Find ways of make the directory website attractive. A clean and neat directory promotes itself. You can do this by get it customized and by adding useful and unique content. Your directory should be designed with easy navigation in mind

Use Incoming Links - You can get incoming links to your directory website from your other websites and directories, which are related to your directory niche.

Make use of Forums - Use forum signature to promote Your directoryb website.

Promote with Directory Submission - You can submit your directory website to other popular directories.

Link Exchange - Negotiate with other top directory websites and get reciprocal links

Promote with Freebies -  You can offer free downloads
in exchange for an incoming link in the user signature. This free stuff can be anything from web templates to free web services such as SEO and site maintenance tools. You can also promote the web directory with free eBook downloads or free software downloads.

Use Social Bookmarking Websites - Use social bookmarking sites like Twitter, digg.com, Yahoo! Buzz, tweetmeme.com, StumbleUpon.com, reddit.com, Technorati.com, del.icio.us, kaboodle.com, mixx.com, and Slashdot.org to mark new features and significant announcements on your directory.

Use community sites or social networking sites

In short your directory is a lot similar to a usual website. Most of the promotion methods available for a normal sites are available for your directory as well.So you can use all traditional methods of free traffic and free advertising like  free ad sites,classifieds,banner exchange,link exchange,seo and ses,directory submission,bloggging etc etc

    Web Directories for SEO

If you are looking for ways to promote your website, than web directories should definitely be considered a big part of your promotional plan. Web directories provide web visitors with a one- stop destination on the web to find the information they are looking for. Further, in using web directories, you can increase the visibility of your website and derive myriad benefits offered by web directories.

Let's take a look at the benefits that webmasters derive from web directories:


      Some webmasters might wonder why they should bother to submit to web directories when 80% of all website traffic comes from search engines. The answer is simple when you consider the following: what about the other 20%? When you are attempting to maximize the traffic that comes to your website, every little bit of promotion helps and web directories can help you gain a big chuck of that 20% of web traffic you have been missing out on.

      Did you know that a key factor in the ranking algorithm of search engines is link popularity? By using web directories you will be creating more links that point directly to your site and the higher your ranking becomes in various search engines across the Internet. Further, everyone knows that a higher search engine ranking is equivalent to easier accessibility and easier accessibility equals more traffic for your website.

      The first way to increase your link popularity is to include keywords in your hyperlinks. When you submit to web directories, the links you submit should not only lead to your site, but also should possess themed keywords within the links. The themed keywords will not only make your site easier to find, it will also increase the rating of your links in various search engines—again getting more, free web traffic for you.

      Links that are created within web directories are votes for a site and they use your keywords within your hyperlinks to associate your link with certain key phrases. As such, the keywords you select are extremely important because they determine how often your links will be pulled up whenever a key phrase is associated with your created links. Therefore, It is a good idea to research the most popular keywords associated with your website theme before submitting your website to various web directories: the most popular keywords can make all of the difference in the world.

      If you are submitting to various web directories, there are a few things that you need to consider. First, for a directory to be valuable, the pages you submit your listings to must, at minimum, be listed in various search engines. For instance, if you submit your links to a web directory that doesn't appear in any search engines, chances are web visitors will not only have difficulty finding your website, but they will also have extreme difficulty finding the web directory you have listed your site in. In such cases, the listing in the web directory is a fruitless endeavor. Conversely, if you list your web site in several popular web directories and you utilize keywords in your hyperlink and short website description, you greatly increase the visibility and accessibility of your website.

      The second consideration you must keep in mind when submitting to web directories is that when you are submitting your hyperlinks, you will derive the most benefit from submitting to directory pages that have a comparable theme to your website. For instance, if you have a website that is based on credit cards you will find that you get more web traffic from a web directory page that focuses on credit cards. Thus, when searching for web directories, look for web directories with topics that parallel the central focus of your website.

      Here's a quick tip for you that can help you derive the most benefit from listing your hyperlink in web directories: watch out for Google Adwords as these are a good indicator of how Google at least categorizes the page. In other words, if you mirror your hyperlinks and descriptions to appear much like those seen in Google ads, you will more than likely increase your search engine ranking as well as your listing in various web directories.

      In order to be successfully listed in any web directory, you will need to conform to the terms and conditions of the directory. Typically, web directories list a series of specific listing regulations that you must adhere to and it would pay for you to adhere to them. In addition, to improve the chances of your listing being accepted you should try to avoid promotional language and you should choose a category that is as close to your website theme as possible.

      Webmasters have much to look forward to in terms of web directory posting. In fact, the next generations of web directories are now appearing that allows business card type pages. Not only do webmasters get the opportunity to post a short description of there website, but now they are afforded the opportunity to display their logo and contact information as well. Such offerings prove to be particularly appealing because eye catching logos and easy contact information will make a Webmaster's website that much more appealing.

      In the end, web directories are a valuable part of your web promotional program and should not be overlooked in terms of their value. Along with the use of search engines, and article databases, a Webmaster will be pleasantly surprised at the free advertising available on the Internet. Finally, the increase in web traffic that webmasters will reap is truly astonishing indeed.

Advantages of Web Directory Submissions

Webmasters optimize the website to have higher search engine rankings on result pages. The key motive for this is to enhance their website's online traffic and achieve sufficient recognition to be acknowledged on the World Wide Web. A web directory submission is one of the organic techniques to do just that. The online world has a range of unparallel techniques to boost up any kind of business. This is why; there is an increasing no of demand of website creation and designing. Content and designing of a site are as considerable as its development, i.e.: attaining out to the public it is intended for. Of the millions of websites which compete with you online, to present your site to the audience is a job by itself. Coming to your release in this regard are Search Engines and Directory Submissions.

Definition of Web Directory

Web directories are websites which hold one way links of all additional web sites and are arranged according to different categories to make best use of. As compare to automation techniques, Web directories are manually reviewed and checked, and afterward on positioned under its precise category.

In fact, there is a match among submitting your website to a web directory and reciprocal link building. As because both work to amplify your Website traffic with the use of links, a Web directory is much simpler compared to reciprocal link building processes. There are two types of Web directories on the online market. One kind of Web directory is the one which charges a certain fees to be added to its database list, known as paid directory. Paid web directory listings will instantly be added on to their list, and will be directly posted on the definite site under its declared category. And the second type is free directory submissions which can even take six months to be approved by the directory to be listed in their database.

There are many advantages of web directory submissions. One of them is Web directory submissions boosts a site to increase the web traffic. The outcomes might not be instantaneous; but in time, your site will gradually increase in popularity as more people have entrance to your link on an assortment of web directories across the Internet.

And since popular search engines uses manually submitted Web directory scheduling in their page ranking criteria, submitting in one will sensibly give you an edge in search engine results.

Director submission has become the primary seo strategy which webmaster are using boost up a websites ranking. There are so many criterions which search engines track to determine a site’s rank for certain key or search words. One of these consist links to the website. The page rank of a site is straightforwardly related to the number of quality links it has. The more links you have pointed to your site, with some distinction of the key phrase you want to rank high for, the better ranking in the search engines you will receive.

Turn Web Directories Into Cash

A really simple way to create passive cash flow on the internet  is by starting a web directory.  A web directory is basically an index of other websites  such as dmoz.org that are compiled into categories.  You can start a web directory on any subject you can think of and profit from it for years to come.

Anyone can start a web directory and all it takes is a domain name, some web hosting and a directory script.  Directory scripts costs as little as $25 or can be created using simple html.  Web directory scripts make starting and running a directory a lot easier because they automate the process of accepting new link submissions as well as accepting payments.

One of the things that make directories profitable is webmasters paying for link submissions.  Webmasters who need one way links pointing back to their website are happy to pay to be listed on a directory because everyone with a website needs backlinks for SEO.

Paid submissions are only one of many ways you can monetize a web directory.  You can monetize your directory the same way you monetize any other site ie. Google Adsense, affiliate programs, text link and banner advertising.

To ensure you generate the most income you can from your directory you need to market it online and build up its traffic.  That means you need to build up your sites backlinks via article marketing, link exchanges, press release distribution or even text link advertising.

Or if you already have a website you can simply link to your web directory from it.  If you already own a website or two then starting a web directory is a super easy way to create more cash flow from what you’ve already built.  And if you start a directory on the same subject as your other site(s) you can create a valuable resource for your current visitors.

So for the price of a nice dinner out on the town you can have a domain name, web hosting and a directory script that will bring in passive income for years to come.  Turning $50 into thousands is not that hard.   It just takes knowing exactly what to do.

I’ve turned web directories into passive income generators over the last four years that have generated over $90,000 in profits for me.  The hard part was learning how to do everything myself.   Luckily you don’t have to go through the process of learning everything yourself because I explain it all in my new eBook.

It is titled "Web Directory Profits" and it shows you my exact techniques on making money from web directories.  To find out more simply Google "Web Directory Profits" or visit http://www.webdirectoryprofits.com and you’ll see it.

If you’ve never considered starting a web directory or maybe you have then I urge you to check it out.  It will slash the learning curve of doing everything right.

The Importance or Web Directories

I will start this article with a question: What is a web directory?

"A web directory is a directory on the World Wide Web. It specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. A web directory is not a search engine, and does not display lists of web pages based on keywords, instead it lists web sites by category and subcategory. The categorization is usually based on the whole web site, rather than one page or a set of keywords, and sites are often limited to inclusion in only one or two categories. Web directories often allow site owners to directly submit their site for inclusion, and have editors review submissions for fitness." – This is the web directory definition, as provided by Wikipedia.

As you can probably see in the definition above, a web directory is a collection of links, organized by categories. So far, nothing too difficult. However, what is the utility, or the importance of a web directory to the regular webmaster?

Well, every webmaster knows that incoming links to a specific site is one of the factors by witch Google selects and positions a web site.

How do we detect a “good directory” ?

A directory which can bring you a “clean link” has to have the following characteristics:
1. No reciprocal link. There are many directories out there who require a reciprocal link from your site. The reason for this is obvious: advertising! Don’t submit your web site to these directories, it won’t help you. Google won’t “like” your web site very much because according to Google’s algorithm, a web site is ranked higher if it has more One-Way links.
2. No redirects! Before submitting to a directory, take some time and browse that directory. If you notice a redirect when clicking on a link, move on to the next directory.

A clean backlink to your web site should look like : http://name.extension , where name=your domain name, extension: domain name extension ( com, net,org, etc)

3. Pagerank Transfer!
Google ranks websites based on the their content and incoming links. The ranking is between 0 and 10. A link from a web site with a higher page rank than yours can pass pagerank to your web site. Here comes the problem: some directories transfer PageRank, others use the “no follow” attribute , which won’t pass page rank to your web site. Avoid them, however don’t ignore them because Page Rank doesn’t also influence your site’s SERPs.

4. Registration.

Some directories require registration before you will be able to submit your web site(s). When you are thinking of submitting your web site to many directories, registering on each directory can be a time consuming task. It’s your choice, of course.

Web Directories - the Benefits and the Future

Web directories are collections of website listings, broken down into categories, based on the topic of the website. Typically a website owner would submit their website  for inclusion in a web directory. If accepted the new website would be placed in the most appropriate category and sub-category. Some web directories charge for inclusion, some are free. The inclusion fee generally reflects the PageRank of the web directory. The higher the PageRank of the web directory, the higher the inclusion fee.

Website owners use web directories to promote their websites. This is done in two ways. Firstly, visitors to the web directory who are looking for a website regarding a particular topic will often browse the relevant category. Upon finding a website with information that interests them the visitor may visit the website, and thus increasing the websites success directly.

The second benefit is gained via the hyperlink from the web directory to the listed web site. Many search engines, including Google, count the number of hyperlinks to a website or web page, and consider each of these links as a vote. The more votes a web page has, the more important it is considered. The more important a web page is considered, the higher it appears in search engine results. Therefore, the hyperlink benefits the website by driving more visitors to the website via search engine searches.

If you are a website owner you can increase your websites presence and visitor numbers by submitting your website to various web directories. You will need to decide whether to pay for inclusion, and to which web directories to submit your website.

Web directories have worked in much the same way for many years. Recently a growing number of bid for placement web directories have appeared. These web directories function in a different manner by allowing the web site owners to pay an amount they decide. The website with the highest bid appears at the top of the list, and the other bids follow accordingly. This list appears on the homepage of the web directory, passing maximum PageRank to the listed websites.

Whilst the new bid placement web directories are causing some discussion on the internet, traditional web directories will continue to provide a useful resource for visitors and web masters alike.

What Can a Web Directory Offer?

I    nternet
is knowledge. The web is in essence a vast database of information, providing instant access on a wide variety of topics. Search engines and web directories provide high-quality information, covering subjects under diverse categories. The main purpose of a web directory is to generate content specific traffic, helping to the process of link construction.

A web directory has the available information arranged into diverse categories. The data must be processed and implemented with care as systematic organization is the key to any web directory. Internet users have to be given the option to navigate with ease, while at the same time be allowed to benefit from frequent updates and constant accurate information.

There are two types of web directories and they each serve their own purpose. By far the most popular is the general web directory, offering all kinds of information under assorted categories. There is also the specific web directory or niche, having a main topic from which other related data expands. Each has its own advantages, but if you are looking for wide variety you should definitely consider the general type.

Website directories are extremely popular today and they no longer represent a novelty. They have suffered various improvements, along with the development of the Internet and are extremely useful. These directories are committed to links and constantly guarantee the spreading of the information to a multitude of Internet users. Easy access is what most users are looking for and this is what these web directories can provide.

The keyword for web directories is linking. Providing exact links is important and the next step is categorizing those links. It is different from a search engine and comprises of multiple categories. The site owners can also submit their websites and participate to the development of web linking.

As the purpose of website linking is to generate traffic, using a SEO web directory can increase this process and also improve the quality of the traffic in general. With the help of a SEO web directory, one can benefit from particularized searches and acquire much more diverse information. Search engine optimization has proven to be one of the most popular techniques related to the Internet technology and it is widely used today worldwide.

A SEO web directory is all about structure. Optimization is essential for any web directory and one of the most crucial factors is the use of such techniques. Apart from traffic quality, a SEO web directory is related to providing valuable information and useful tools. There are many Internet users who try to optimize their websites and fail at doing that. By using these techniques, they target more traffic to the website and not only.

What can search engine optimization bring? First of all, more visitors and thus much more popularity. Using keywords can certainly help you and is in fact recommended that you do that. Always make sure that the content of your website is optimized and you will surely see the benefits.

There have been a lot of discussions on the subject of web directories. Some things are still unclear and specialists are trying to untangle them. The basic fact to keep in mind is that they represent categorized links and they provide precise, utile information. The various categories have in their turn sub-directories and can actually help you find what you were searching for in a brief amount of time. You should use them with confidence.

The Importance of Submitting to Web Directories

You might be wondering what the point is to even list your website  with web directories when all you are concerned about is being number one with the big search engines.

Well, the answer to your question is that many people search web directories when they are looking for a specific type of site. And, being the number one result with the big search engines is an arduous task that never ends. So, many webmasters choose to submit to web directories in order to increase their traffic.

Directories are great because people do not have to know exactly what they are looking for. Instead, they can have a general idea and simply search the directory to try and find a site that meets their interest.

People should make sure they are searching within the directory and not on the entire World Wide Web to receive the best results. Another thing to keep in mind as well is that the title of the website and its Meta tags are all the directory will be searching, so those who submit to a web directory should play close attention to the title and Meta tags to ensure the highest amount of traffic.

Websites in directories are listed under subheadings as well, which makes searching easy. Those looking for websites on health can simply click the health category and see the sites listed.

The same goes for a wide variety of other categories as well. Once you get through all the subcategories and find the type of sites you are looking for there is one thing to keep in mind.

And that is the way websites are ranked within the directory. They may be ranked in alphabetical order or even in the order they were submitted. Some web directories even rank sites by their page rank. Just keeping this in mind is important to ensure you get the best results.

If you are considering submitting your website or websites to web directories then you should keep in mind as well that there are some web directories where actual humans handle submissions and other directories where computers do it all. You want to make sure you submit to web directories that are edited by humans.

This means an actual person will check out every site and make sure it is valid and not spam. Only legitimate sites will get listed with the web directory.

If you submit your website to web directories where people do not edit all the submissions then the directory wont likely have a very good reputation, not many people will visit it, and your site wont get a lot of traffic. So pay very close attention to the web directories you submit to.

Web directories are very important because they allow webmasters to increase their websites page rank with the big search engines thanks to the back links. Back links are like a popularity contest and the more you have the more popular your site.

So, web directories can really help your site get ranked higher by Google, MSN, and the other big search engines.

So, web directories will not only increase your traffic, allow people searching for your particular product or service to find you, but it will also increase your ranking with the search engines and benefit your site overall.

Building Permanent Back Links Using Web Directories

Everyone seems to be looking to make their first million online with pay per click advertising these days. That is because the big players in the industry are promoting PPC heavily. But while the world is looking at PPC, some marketers are quietly making money using old but effective traffic generation methods.

Remember well established like DMOZ, Ezilon, Yahoo Web Directory, etc.? Many marketers have already forgotten about these directories. With all that hype going on about PPC, this is understandable.

But bear in mind that a portion of PCC traffic comes from the search engines. And when you are submitting your sites to web directories, what are you hoping to attain? That's right, you are hoping to get higher rankings in the search engines. Does it work? Time and again, web directory submissions have been proven to be highly effective in SEO. Why is that so?

1) Links are highly relevant.

The links are well organized in their appropriate categories, so you never find irrelevant links next to yours. If you submit a gardening link to the gardening category, you can be sure that only gardening URLs appear next to yours.

2) Static text links.

Web directories list static text links - these are links that search engines love to crawl. You can even submit deep links (links to internal web pages) if you like. Use your target keyword phrase in the anchor texts (very important!).

3) Well aged websites.

Many web directories have been around for ages, and they are well indexed by the search engines. If the web directory has a high page rank, that means the search engines think highly of the website. With inbound links coming from well established websites, your sites have a much better chance of ranking well in the search engines.

When you submit your URL to web directories, you are acquiring permanent links. Permanent links are links that will remain on the website during the lifetime of the website. You don't have to pay any fees to keep your links there.

Some web directories may require you to pay a small fee for a permanent listing. Others will require you to pay a monthly fee. Of course, the web directory must be really popular to be able to command such fees. In return, you get a featured listing, which means that your links will be ranked above other non-featured links in the web directory.

If you have the budget, you can purchase such listings. But only buy featured listings from high page rank directories. Otherwise, you can always stick to the free web directories. There are so many free directories out there that you probably won't be able to submit to all. To save time, outsource the web directory submission to an SEO service provider. They will help you do all the work

Web Directory Submission - Choosing The Right Directories

Web directory submission is probably one of the quickest and easiest way to build links on the Internet. The reason why webmasters want to build links is because they want to rank well in the search engines. You see, the more back links a website has, the better it will rank in the search results. That will lead to the inevitable - more traffic!

There are many link building methods. Some are easier to execute than others. Web directory submission belongs to the "easy to execute" category. You don't need to do much to submit links to the web directories. All you need is a valid website that is not under construction, some keywords, an email address, and a brief description of the URL. The same information will then be submitted to all the web directories.

The only challenge with this method is that it can be time consuming and boring. No one wants to sit around to submit links to web directories. As an Internet business owner, you shouldn't be doing that too. Therefore, you must look for alternative solutions. Here are 2 suggestions.

1) Pick the right directories.

There are a plethora of web directories on the Internet. It's almost impossible to submit to all the web directories you come across. To save time, make a list of web directories that have high page rank (at least 3 and above). Focus on these web directories, and get your links approved. Forget about the rest. As you release more websites, use back the same list. Watch for page rank updates, and keep your list updated. Sometimes, a new directory may acquire a high page rank. You can look out for such directories as webmaster forums.

If you can afford the time, you may want to include a few web directories with page rank 2 or less. In this case, make sure that the web directories have search engine friendly URLs, and they don't require reciprocal links.

2) Outsource web directory submissions.

There are internet marketers who hire others to submit their URLs to hundreds (or thousands) of web directories. The cost will depend on the number of submissions that you are gunning for. The more directories, the higher the cost.

When you outsource, there is no need for you to sit at the computer and submit the URL one at a time. All the work is done for you. You may, however, have to provide a valid email address so that confirmation emails can be sent to you. You may then login to your email account and click on all the confirmation links once submission has been completed. A full report should be provided, letting you know where your links have been submitted.

The entire process may take between 2 to 7 days, depending on submission volume. Be patient, and remind the service provider if the wait gets a bit too long.

Web Directories Listing and the Benefits to Your Business

Listing your site in various directories, gives your site a great boost in your search engine rankings and helps your site in coming in the top results of all major search engines out of which main ones are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Directory owners are well aware of the importance of PR when selling links. The higher the PR of the directory, the more the directory owner can charge for link submission. Directories are useful to the user in that if a user wanted to find a site under a particular topic, it would be easy to go to the appropriate category and choose from the selection of links. All links in a web directory are well-categorized and meaningfully sorted out.

You can list your websites
from arts and literature to news, articles, developer tutorials and shopping. List your company at online business directory, offering small business free listings to worldwide businesses and companies. Most of the directories are no costs or hidden fees, listing on this site is a must and with the exception of Dmoz , and Yahoo! And this is probably the best value for webmasters.

Website directories are very useful and help in the search engine promotion of the websites. A website that is listed in a good web directory is given a preference by the search engines. Search directories might sound so pre-Google but submitting to the right directories might prove better than optimizing. Specialized search engines and portals have the advantage that the audience they attract consists of people who are interested in a particular topic and if this is your topic, you can get to your target audience directly. Search engine friendly URLS and links to promote your great web content, submissions to all quality sites is the best solution for the start.

This is why submitting your site to a web directory can help you when you are optimizing your website in order to gain more viable traffic for your site. This free marketing could generate a lot of positive effects for your website. Submission to web directories is a great promotion tool in hands of informed person, so now you are one of them and your website will definitely get excellent results it deserves.

How to Get Instant Results With Web Directory Submissions

We live in the age of instant coffee and the equally instant World Wide Web. As a result most people expect things to happen instantly including success in online business
. While in some instances this lack of patience can prove to be a major stumbling block, in other instances the very nature of the web provides for immediate results.

Take web directory submissions as an example. The reason why they have always been so popular is because they work rather well in giving any webmaster immediate results for their promotional efforts.

How Web Directory Submissions Work
There are literally thousands of web directories on the World Wide Web. Many of them have an option for free submission and another for paid submission. Now the really attractive thing about directories is the fact that they tend to have respectably high Page Ranks (PR). Secondly in most cases, when a link pointing to your site is placed at a web directory it will tend to last forever, meaning that it will also drive traffic in the direction of your site for the same length of time.

So it is highly desirable to have links in every web directory that you can find, pointing in the direction of your site because you will always end up with twofold benefits, namely immediate traffic and long-term traffic.

How To Submit Your Site To A Web Directory
Submission of your web site or blog site URL to a web directory can be done either manually or by using software.

There are a number of webmasters who have enjoyed amazing success and high traffic by constantly submitting their sites to web directories. What they usually do is to purpose to submit their sites to a certain number of web directories every day. Even with a target of ten per day, the numbers quickly add up and at the end of one month you will find yourself with 300 links. At the end of the year you will have a whooping 3,600.

Then there are those who rely heavily on software to automatically submit their sites to a high number of web directories. For example there is this software that will give you a staggering 750,000 links almost instantly. With a large number of links like that, it is hard to imagine you ever having a problem of inadequate traffic trickling to your site.

The Problem With Manual Submission
While it is true that many webmasters and bloggers have succeeded in the past with manual submissions, the truth is that it has a number of problems and obstacles, these days.

To start with the whole process is very cumbersome and extremely time consuming. The reality is that submitting even just to 10 web directories daily would take up a lot of valuable time from a webmasters day. This is the reason why software that undertakes this vital chore is so popular on the Internet.

The Dangers Of Submitting To Directories With Software
Now even if you were to decide to submit your site pronto to web directories using software, you still need to be very careful. On of the reasons for this is that not all software you come across will be as successful in doing what you are told it is capable of doing. Not only that, some submission software could be designed to do things that upset site engines, meaning that you can easily find that instead of getting the high traffic that you had anticipated, you will get your site banned at leading search engines, thus effectively shutting down any traffic that you would have received directly from search engines.

What You Need To Do To Succeed With Directory Submissions
For you to succeed with directory submissions, you must first understand that this is a game of volumes. The higher the number of sites that you submit your URL to, the better the result. This means that the best option is to go for automatic software submission using software. However you also need to be very careful to deal only with very reputable sites when it comes to finding the right software for this vital chore.

By observing these rather simple rules, you will find yourself well on the way to success with your site and chances of finding really successful software for submission will be high.

Web Directories - What Are They?

Even today, many people are still unaware of the term ‘web directory'. In this article, I will briefly discuss what web directories are and what they are capable of.

Basically, a web directory is series of web pages, categorizing links to other web pages.
One might associate a web directory with his local yellow pages. Another common definition is that web directory is a directory on the World Wide Web which specializes in linking to other websites and categorizing their links. Web directories often permit site owners to submit their website for inclusion, and have human editors review submissions.

Some people think a web directory as a search engine. Actually, it is not. In addition, it does not display web pages based on keywords, instead listing web pages in convenient categories/subcategories. The categorization is generally based on not a set of keywords, but the whole website and there is often a limit of one or two categories for site inclusion.

There are numerous directories on the internet, the most well known ones being provided by Lycos, Yahoo, LookSmart, Google and ODP (Open Directory Project). The latter is a powerful player in the directory market because of its open content approach to editorial review and its use by Zeal and Google. Looksmart's voluntary run directory closed in the first quarter of 2006, much to the dismay of the users.

Experts still refute the statement which says web directories have superior quality. Furthermore, web directory development is still said to be a relatively hard task. Hopefully, there have been many attempts in recent times to make directory development easier by using a ‘links for all' kind of link submission site using a script, or any number of available PHP portals/programs. As an icing on the cake, social software techniques have spawned new efforts of categorization, with major websites like AMAZON adding tagging to their product pages.

In a nutshell, A web directory is a listing of websites organized in a hierarchy of categories.

Web Promotion? Submit to a Quality Web Directory

Today webmasters are using various methods to build links and drive traffic to their website. The techniques which are usually used are article submissions, reciprocal link exchanges, traffic exchanges and directory submissions. In this article you'll read about directory submission as the method of promoting your site on the world wide web.

Web directory is a site which is organized according to different categories and subcategories. All the links which are submitted to a web directory
are classified according to their categories. If you want your website to be accepted by a web directory then you have to submit it under most appropriate subcategory.

If your website is accepted in a web directory then you will get a quality one way link pointing towards your site. Greater will be the number of one way links directing to your site better will be your rank on the search engine result pages.

You are able to submit your website to another web directories with the help of various methods. A website can be submitted to web directories manually or with the help of a semi automatic software. A few SEO companies also offer directory submission services. If you prefer to submit your site to several directories you should pay attention on the quality of directories. If you are submitting your site to a web directory then first of all you should check it`s google page rank. Sometimes you've to pay if you want your link to be included in a web directory and most of the directories also need a reciprocal link to be placed on your site.

The Benefits of a Web Directory

In the past few years, the use and size of the World Wide Web has grown exponentially. The largest database of information has proven useful to millions of people worldwide, providing information access to less-developed or isolated regions. Being so big and comprising so many topics, some considered it was time to organize it and they managed to do that using what is known as web directory.

It must be clear that a web directory is completely different from a search engine. This type of directory available on the World Wide Web has the ability to provide links for various websites, assigning them to diverse categories. The search engine
provides Internet users with the information after relating to keywords; on the other hand, a web directory uses its available categories to list various Internet sites.

As with other programs related to the Internet, there are many things to know about a web directory. There are certain characteristics and requirements, website possessors having the possibility to submit their websites. The subjects presented by a link directory are more than diverse; they generally show how many information the Internet can contain. A wide range of categories are presented, each one having subcategories, depending on the spatial location and spoken language.

The quality level of the web directories is always open to argument or debate. The content must be only of high-quality, the various types of listings must be in clear and comprehensible terms. A link directory can be a wonderful way to explore the information you are interested in. For example, if you are looking for a painting you can try the link directory called ‘Art’. There you have several sub-categories, such as art history, performing arts and visual arts. From then you just have to look further and in the end you will surely find what you are searching for.

These interconnected listings of website categories can also present information about subjects such as: business, computers and Internet, health, home and sports. Practically, there is not one single topic a link directory cannot cover. There are particular categories, helping people to benefit from selective information.

Web directories and their subdirectories include a wealth of accessible data, demonstrating once more the communication opportunities of the Internet. Such websites present accurate and up-to-date statistics about available categories, active and pending links. The Internet and such URL directories are much more than a popular technology; they enable individuals to share and receive information with people from every corner of the world.

The growth of the Internet technology also allowed the development of web directories and link listings. Broad topics are available, offering the possibility of a refined search. More and more people are interested in creating link directories, wanting to help to the broadcasting of information and updating their links constantly. The information must be relevant and the categories as clear as possible. People have to go to a main category and find what they are looking for using subdirectories. It is not complicated; on the contrary, it is quite simple.

High-speed Internet connections have had a deep effect on people from all over the world. Information technology is an ongoing trend and web directories are extremely popular. They represent a common way to obtain various links, bearing useful collections of data. Their popularity cannot be denied and it is likely to increase in the future. You can submit links or search for the latest links; it is up to you how you benefit from this amazing technology.

Web Directory Unveiled

One of the most important and determining factors in the success of any web site is the use of the search engine optimization
techniques. The web masters aim for their sites to be to be among the highest and fastest ones listed on any possible search engine.

One way link building can be easily achieved by using web directory
submission. Of course, this is easy for a person who knows what he or she is doing! So, for those of you that are not perfectly aware of what this consists of, I will begin by setting some things straight from the start. It is a commonly known fact that the search engine spiders are nothing but computer programs which automatically browse the web looking for sites to add to a search engine.

Web directory submission is great help for any webmaster in the world. For instance, some of the most well known sites such as MSN and Yahoo are based on directories and users that want to find web sites within a specific field and use directories in order to quickly getting to the information they are in need for. Web directory is the perfect tool for anyone looking for a free way to build links. It does not even require for you to return the favor by linking back to a particular web site. The result is that you can get your web site listed on a popular site without spending a cent.

Should you have decided to test this technique, the first thing you will have to do is finalizing your web site. I am saying it because the persons in charge with web directory submission do not accept any unfinished web sites. And it can get even worse: by submitting an unfinished site to the web directory, you will be making it quite difficult for the resulting finished site to be ever listed. Therefore, keep in mind the fact that you must absolutely finish your site before submitting it to the web directory. Do not see the action of filling the forms as a waste of time and try to fill out as many of the optional fields as possible. This is a commonly made mistake, so try to stand out from the crowd and avoid it!

The quality of the content is also essential! So do not forget to come up with good titles for the pages in your web site and with a good and accurate description for the site. This description must catch the eye of the users of the web sites and, at the same time, match the requirements of the persons responsible for the web directory submissions.If all of these tips are not enough to make your web site get listed on the web directory, you can always apply some more touching techniques as thanking the people whoa re meant to review your site. They are also humans and will most certainly have more patience with your web site if you treated them nicely!

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