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hat is an Ad Board?Ad-board is a unique type of free advertising site where you can post free ads and when other members of the site visit the ad-board site for posting their own ad,look around and thus mutually every member gets some free advertising and some free traffic. Most of the ad-board sites offer two types of membership and a pro member's ad always shown on the top as well as he can insert a permanent text ad and a banner ad on his or her own ad-board. He can also contact and mail to all the free members on his or her personal adboard. Free members ads generally stay on ad-board for 3 days but still remember every ad-board site has its own rules and terms and conditions. If you can submit your ad to multiple ad-boards then you can expect fair amount of traffic as well as one way back links for higher ranking in search engine.

Ad-boards – A good source to drive traffic to your site.

Most marketers think that search engine and pay per click are the only genuine and reliable source to drive traffic or get visitors and if hey ignore traditional way of free advertising source like ad-boards. What do you think?They are right?In my opinion they are not totally wrong but if you are not a newbie and either an intermediate or pro marketer then you know how hard it is to optimize your site,keyword research,fierce competition all these lead to hard work if do this yourself and if you higher professional help it takes money and it is even more difficult to maintain your search engine ranking after acquired it.PPC also needs money and if you don't have proper knowledge about adwords you most probably loose money instead of making money. But yes you get free targeted traffic from search engines and paid targeted traffic from PPC.

After testing several methods of marketing and let me clear that ad-boards are among one of them. Frankly I was not expecting much from free ad-board advertising but the results I found were unexpectedly surprising. Even I got surprised when I found out that Free Ad-boards can drive 10 to 200 unique visitors to your site. This test is done with only 100 ad-boards and so I am sure if I can reach 2000+ ad-boards it will be an amazing amount of free traffic but manually posting to all the ad-boards is not possible and good news is now-a-days many software program for auto submission to ad-boards are available in the market and even online service as well.But don't worry you can always start without investing a single cent if you are ready to post or submit your ad manually. Don't forget that you also get temporary backlinks(depend on how many you can submit) to your sites as a free member and permanent backlinks as a prom member.(depends again on you are pro member of how many ad-boards)

I am not saying about websites of discussion forum type websites that allow  tons of rubbish advertising but I am speaking about the simplified versions of Free ad-board sites which allow you to place free classified type ad on its front page.

How it works?

New ad's headline is placed on the top and previous one is pushed down. Some ad-board sites allow to place your ad without seeing other member's site but some do have a rule that you can only place or submit your ad after vising certain number of other member's sites by clicking ads.

To get maximum results from free ad-board advertising,It is very important to know the audience of such websites, in other words people using free ad-boards and to understand their psychological intention for using the free ad-board sites. The people those are here are very special groups. 70 percent of Ad-boards visitors are absolute beginners who register with several promising affiliate programs and are  trying hard to earn the promised cash(From affiliate merchant's site) by advertising their affiliate links without any actual marketing strategy. They are willing to try any method of marketing whethe it is allowed or not to aquired some result/sales.

20 percent are webmasters,generally intermediate marketers and only 10 percent are professional marketers who know exactly what they are doing,why they are doing and what they want to achieve. These types of visitors are welcomed by any true marketer.

Keep your ad simple and straight to the point!You will have only 5 seconds to grab attention of your prospects and so your ad must be  precise and with clear message without any confusing sentence.70 % of them are newbies so write your ad from that perspective. If they do not understand your ad then you will loose their attention even before they have 1st look at your offer.

You can apply here AIDA formula(To read more please visit free advertising section).Create short and sweet ad with attention grabbing and emotionally provocative ads and describe products main feature precisely which make them to know more about your product. Remember same advertising principle as used in banner ads is true for ad-boards advertising. Do not reveal to many things about your product.Just get their attention with minimum words and when they visit your site you can always describe your product in details.

Here is a small test to perform on yourself: imagine yourself as a visitor looking at your advertisement text for the first time. Would you be interested? Would you be able to understand the offer in the ad? If not then prepare a new copy as a lot of people are going to feel the same way.

Which type of products should you offer to this audience?

 Anything free will be most welcomed. If you are a owner of a membership sites which offers free membership and useful tutorial,software or or any product which can shorten the path of success or help or make the marketing easy for newbies. If not you can even offer special free report or e-book with your affiliate links embedded but be careful in preparing such report or e-book. It should have more free programs then paid ones with useful information. By this not only you will build list but also earn indirect money from affiliate programs and on latter days you can follow up and develop  relationship marketing and promote newbie friendly products!

        It is obvious that the free ad-board owner get maximum benefits as such sites are generally high traffic sites but as I explained above as free poster you can also take advantage of this audience and drive traffic to your site. Remember as a free poster you have nothing to loose and everything to gain as this is 100 % free advertising and 100% free traffic.

       These free ad-boards can never generate enough traffic to any site and so never  should be used as primary source of free advertising and free traffic but can be used as an alternate or as an additional source or free traffic and free advertising.

   Some tips to improve your result

1. First of all - read and obey the board's terms and conditions!Don't use anything which violates ad-board's terms and conditions e.g. don't use a frame breaking script or pop-up windows. There is no use how great your ad is if it is going to be deleted by ad-board administration. This is the one major cause of failure with free ad-board advertising.

2. As I wrote before keep your ad precise and relevant but never ever use deceptive titles or subject lines. This is dishonesty and an immature behavior as a marketer. Sooner or latter people find out your lies and you will get lots of  negative mouth publicity which will harm your business instead of helping it any way and once you defined as an untrust worthy person your products will become untrustworthy in the eyes of your prospects though hoe great products you have so beware before using any mean technique. As an ad-board owner myself I deleted this kind of posting as soon as I find them.

3. If it's allowed, Try to post multiple ads with different titles and ad content and test which is working and select and tweak the winner and discard the loosers..Most of the ad-boards allowed to post multiple ads provided you use different e-mail address for each posting.

4. Be a little creative and differentiate your ads from others. Just be careful I am not saying to use fake words it is not ethical and won't help as I said before but I am saying to be creative in your titles without words. Did I say without words?Yeah!To understand you have to check below examples of actual ads which caught my attention immediately. But before applying this technique just find out that it is allowed on the ad-board by contacting the owner or administrator

 This one is better: ({{{`'?.¸()`'?.¸ Your ad title! }}}}}¸().?'´¸.?'

 Have a look at this one: ??????###»» Your Ad ««###????

  <==> This ebook is completely free! Psst! <==>

 This one is best  <#><#> ('!')  F R E E S I T E T R A F F I C ('!') <#><#>
There are many types I am using  and newer ones may come up!

        The most popular type is where you can post your text ad directly on ad-board's front page without seeing anyone else's ads and your  ad will stay there for pre determined times,varies between 3 to 10 days and depends on the owner. After the predefined period your text ad expires and you get an e-mail from administrator to re post Your text ad free for new cycle and this way you can keep your text ad on the ad-board by re-posting at regular interval. This types of ad-boards are most effective ones.

        Yes you are right the owner and or administrator are in advantageous position as they can keep their ad  and banner ad there forever and as a owner you can contact all the members. But most of these free ad-boards offer a pro membership option where as a pro member you can own your own ad-board where others can post free but as a pro member(applies nominal monthly or yearly fee) you can insert your permanent text ad and banner ad on the top and the ads will stay there forever. If you want you can change the banner or text ad any time from your admin area. As a owner of your personal adboard,you can contact everyone posting on your personal ad-board.

       As a owner(pro member) you can also build a list of prospective buyers and if you don't spam and violate their privacy then you may find some future JV partners.

       As the owner or pro member your permanent text ad banner ad will be in front of everyone that visits your personal ad-board. This single benefit alone can repay your pro membership fee for the board many times over .As a pro owner you can also sell pro membership to others and earn commissions

       And finally as a owner you are the one who are sending those expiration,confirmation amd invitational e-mails to the posters of your own ad-board and if you don't know just let me tell you can insert your ads in those e-mails and most of the posters are regular posters so they will  see your ad over and over again so I suggest you to promote your own ad-board effectively so it remains active with fresh traffic coming in and provide good support service to existing members to keep them active.

   How to promote Your Website with Free Ad-boards!
       As you know any method of Free advertising and Free Traffic is the best way to promote because it doesn't cost you any money. The most  asked question in internet discussion and at social networking or community sites is 'How can I promote my website for free?'Now you are on this site so you know there are many ways to promote your site without spending any money. But in the forums and community sites most of the answers were limited to two methods.1.Start your own blog 2. Designed a search engine optimized site and submit it to major search engines. Do you agree with their answers?I know you don't and at least not after visited this site. In my opinion you should go for all the available option and find out which is best for you.

       Free ad-boards are a great way to get free  advertising free traffic. As I said before most free ad-boards usually offer two types of membership memberships one is free and the other is pro. When a new ad-board is launched the owner some time give away pro free membership to founder or initial no of members as a part of promotional strategy and get enough members and when the ad-board reaches the predetermined member he starts to charge for pro membership but those founder members will never charges if the deal was for life time membership and if the deals was for a year,6 months or a month then after your free pro membership duration is over the ad-board owner will provides 2 options either to pay and upgrade and maintain your pro membership status or down grade and use the ad-board as a free member. And again as I said before the pro membership is not generally expensive and rewards are many.

  Benefits of using free ad-boards

 -You can posts your ads for free
 -Email your referrals
 -Organize your links by having them all in one place (pro only)
 -Build a list (pro)
 -More than one way to advertise either by using links or banners (pro only)
 -Promote more than one program all at the same time
 -Gives you tools to promote your free ad-board intern getting more exposure for your websites or blogs
 -Free ad-boards are picked up by the search engines(more incoming linked to a single domain)
 -Helps you get traffic to your websites or blogs
 -Find out about other programs and offers through other's advertisements.
 -Earn commission if someone upgrades(pro more commission)
 -communicate with all ad-board posters (pro only)
 -sell banner impressions (pro only)
 -add and/or remove categories (pro only)
 -decide what price your advertisers pay (pro only)

  As you can see there are many benefits to advertising and having a free adboard membership. I am a member of many free ad-boards my self about which you will learn on the next page. I just really like them and free advertising and free traffic I receive to my sites.

   Here is a list of Free ad-board sites that I use myself:

       Now you know exactly what you can get with the method of free traffic and free advertising from the free ad-boards and what exactly you should do to take maximum advantage of the free ad-boards.
   Promote your free ad-board
        You a newbie to online marketing,you intermediate marketer or a pro online marketer and If you have your own site or not and if not you are promoting other people stuffs as an affiliate marketer. One thing is common in all above situation and that is you will need traffic to your own site or traffic to your affiliate URL. And what if you can get some free advertising and free traffic so that I try here to explain more about free ad-board advertising .

  If you get pro membership and become  the owner of your personal ad-board you can........
   Promote All Your Businesses On One Single Portal
       As a owner of your personal ad-board you have many advantages over a free member. As an pro owner you can advertise your own businesses. Yes, you can advertise your businesses on the one single portal! As a pro owner you have full administrative access to ad-board and you can mange your members and advertisement,text ads,banner ads and e-mail ads about which you have read above.
   What skills are required to run your own ad-board?
       If you are worried about the technical aspect of your own ad-board then let me clear that you don't have to worry about it at all because you just got and easy to understandable administrative panel and server,hosting and other things will be look after by the main site owner and he is charging pro membership fee for that reason only. You can easily  manage everything related to your own ad-board from the admin panel. However still one more confusion to clear is that as a free member you also receive your own free ad-board and admin panel with limited  authority. You can not sell banner ads as a free member. You can not insert permanent banner ad. You can not insert e-mail ads(you read above).You can not contact all the member of you ad-board only contact the members personally referred by you. And still You don't have to worry about  the technical side of things,and it is taken care of for you without pro membership fee but with limited functionality. Your advertising board will be hosted for you FREE of charge. No installation, configuration or anything technical to worry about!
    3 Best benefits of owning a free ad-board
       Promoting your own ad-board is truly beneficial. If you need more traffic to your websites then this will create more traffic for you as adverts will remain in the top position. You will also earn a commission for referring other members. You can build  list of subscribers.

 Message boards are a form of communication. Think of a message board the same way you’d think of a social party. If the party was from the PTA, you’d expect schools to be talked about. If the party was being given by an investment firm, you’d expect money and finance to be discussed.

What you would not expect at either of the above parties is for folks to enter the party and run around saying “buy my products” and “visit my store” without ever even saying hello to anyone at the party. What are the chances you’d buy from that person or even visit that store?

Here are several do’s and don’ts for message board use:

Do introduce yourself to the group. Leave the ad behind on your introduction. Let folks know who you are, where you live and why you’ve come. Did you come to the group to learn from others? Did you come to contribute your own knowledge? Did you come to talk about one of your favorite hobbies? Did you come to hear how others view parenting?

Do contribute to topics that are of interest to you. I recently found a message board about picky eaters. My own daughter, who is now 23, was once a very picky eater. I jumped right in and began sharing many stories from my daughter’s childhood.

Do develop a profile on the site you are visiting. Most sites allow you to fill in your name, your hobbies, where you live and often your URL. Take advantage of these profiles and share yourself with others.

Do create a signature. My own signature is usually just my URL. However a line or two under your URL is just fine, as long as the community you're visiting allows this. Always check the signature rules before creating your own signature.

Do read some of the posts to get a feel for the community. Some communities are more formal than others. Some communities are very laid back.

Don’t post ads. There is nothing that will leave a bad impression like an ad. Some communities will both delete the ad, and also ask you to leave the community.

Don’t post messages that say nothing. If you have nothing to say, wait for another topic. I’ve visited one community where the same person answers every topic with “I agree”, and then puts her signature there. Is it no wonder that she once posted she gets no sales from her networking efforts? The same is true for messages that say “welcome to the group”. It's fine to welcome new members, but contribute on other boards as well. Don’t let your only posts say “welcome”.

When I first learned about message boards, I read for at least a solid week before I posted anything. I really wanted to understand the personality of the group. Since that day, I have met hundreds of people through message boards. I’ve made purchases, made sales, and made friends, all as a result of posting on message boards.

 Ad Board Advantages: How-To Get Max-Exposure From Free Internet Advertising
By babydigg

Author: Anonymous
Source: free-articles

12th November 2003 – Free Advertising, Free Advertising,, Free Advertising, boards are gaining popularity as a means of maximizing free advertising on the Internet. Today they are used to increase dramatically from one site to offer serious Marketers Alexa Rating and fresh, new business leads for the advertiser. A different breed of FFA Web site such as networking, popping of the ad boards are up around the internet far superior to "old school" FFAs because they offer an effective advertising members' page of their website, which appears each visitor to the site. Advertisers scroll through to add advertising on their site link. They are also obliged to do every day click-through to keep their advertising at the top of the list of links. It took a stroke of genius from Artbiz2000 come up with a solution to improve and the "old school" situation and FFA Ad-board, only text contain links. Program Owner Paul Skinner created ClickTraffic.com Advertising Service, which offers all the benefits of FFA and a new style of the Ad Board. Here is how 1ClickTraffic, works and guidance on this or other ad-board service to make your largest advantage.1ClickTraffic use is simple, but effective in producing fresh leads for your business opportunity. To link to the display board, you must appear on the site of the owner's first connection. You will then be submitted to the side of the owner and then you can link your are carried into the designated place. Your ad will be inserted before any other text link ads that owners will be site and your entire website in a window at the top of the owner site.I have embedded display 5 tips to follow when posting to 1clicktraffic.com or any other Ad-board service to generate advertising and fresh leads for your business. Posting Advantage One:, Free Advertising, When you place your ad, use a catchy phrase. Invent a, Free Advertising, phrase that is original and meaningful. Such a catch-phrase, Free Advertising, will entice people to click on your ad to find out which stores will carry it. A great, catchy phrase, you get lots of free traffic to your website. Avoid hype and incredible income claims – they are not effective! Posting Advantage Two: Never use your company name in your, Free Advertising, ad text phrase. Many visitors will know what you offer before they click it yourself and you will lose hits. Your best option is to build a fast loading mini-site to advertise your business opportunity – then you can create your own banner exchange banners and even more advertising exposure. Keep your ads fresh and original to win the greatest exposure you can for each ad you place. Posting Advantage Three: The greatest advantage of offering an Ad-Board considers it your links on the page for a much longer time than any FFA is. If your ad on the ad board, he remains on the board for days and weeks, not for a few minutes like in traditional FFAs. The thing I like most about this advertising medium is that, Free Advertising, I only ONE email confirmation, Free Advertising, of the ad-vehicle owners and when the display is about to expire,, Free Advertising, I get an e-mail alerts, so I click back my display is at the beginning, or bring back my post link, or post another ad. It's always a good idea to keep posting new ads, if they remain on the side for a long time – it is always like a "permanent" link, without having to reciprocate. The free link is, of course, the only advantage of posting ads with FFA. Posting Advantage Four: Keep your ad exposure and you will be amazed. I have ads posted on some boards and received hundreds of page views – I sometimes even follow bookmark them how many hits I. I can set my ad wording, if he is not working to draw more hits. I also got some references as a result of posting ads on these boards – and yes, I also track my visitors! Posting Advantage Five: Even more effective is to host your own Ad Board! Hosting your own ad board, you can develop a list of opt-in advertisers. Get your ad sent to all the contributions to it once and each time they renew their ad. It is a win-win situation for both the advertiser and the owner or moderator of board.As ad ad board owner, the first three links on the board are yours and they will remain there permanently. With 1ClickTraffic, you have three ad Insert the Windows, where the advertising, Free Advertising, space on your page owners can sell! This allows you to promote your own chances there, or you can high-traffic advertising space to sell your visitors, and others that need attention for their opportunities. Now This is

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Advertising Tips - Making The Most Of Message Boards

   When I first starting promoting my first business online, I was told by all the big boys that promoting on message boards was a total waste of time. Well, I was never one to listen to what others told me to do without at least testing it out first. Well, I've been using message board advertising now for over four years and doing it successfully. Want to know how? Keep reading and you'll find out how message boards can bring effective results if you use them correctly.

Message boards are sites where people come to post ads for their income opportunities, acne books, sports products, or whatever. There are message boards for just about every niche imaginable. The problem with these boards is that because the top ones are so busy, your ads don't stay on them for very long. Some boards are so busy, an ad can literally be gone in a half hour. Because of this, it can be difficult to get your ad seen at all. However, by using a few techniques, you can actually get results with message board posting.

The first thing you have to do is stand out from the crowd. If you go to most message boards, you will see the same subject lines, which is all anybody gets to see in order to decide whether or not to read your ad. If you want to get people to read you post, you have to be a little outrageous, even controversial. I use subjects that most people would say are on the borderline of just plain inflammatory. But as long as I don't use profanity and abide by the rules of the message board community, there's nothing wrong with being a little off the wall. It will get your ads read.

The next thing you want to do is write an ad that is also a little different from the ones you're used to seeing. Don't be afraid to be confrontational. Again, as long as you don't use profanity and abide by the rules of the message board, you'll be okay. You want to invoke emotions from people. You don't want them to read your ads and go to sleep. Be straight forward, honest, and brutal if you have to. But don't be dull.

Finally, seek out message boards that don't have as much traffic. Your ads will stay on the first page a lot longer. So, even though you don't get as much traffic, you actually will get more people to see your ad. This is probably the most important technique of all.

By following the above tips, you'll see that you actually start to make sales from your message board posts.

    Network Marketing - Secrets for Finding Prospects on Online Message Boards

Once you have started your online network marketing
and MLM business, you will need to advertise and promote your opportunity. If you are looking for an inexpensive and effective way to advertise, consider using message boards and forums. Used properly, message boards can be a great source of leads for you.

   How do I write effective ads BULLETINS BOARD

How to make your ad to the classified ad website or bulletin board? What would be a great response ad? 1. Pay attention to completing the details. Author ads must be a real person or a real company. Personally, I draw attention only to messages with the maximum reliability of the submitted information: the name of the company, or name and the name of the individual - the author of the ad. If the author is an enthusiast or ad Nick - it is of the announcement with caution. Some of the emancipation of some Internet users do not always correspond to the place of the emancipation. I have encountered a situation where a major company, the services which I would like to take, writes in one of its pages: "You get here by accident. Probably because your eyes covered with beer, while your hands quake." Try not to sink to this level and, in particular, do not sign their ads with "Don Giovanni" or "Astronaut." 2. Write interesting. Your ad should be to attract attention at the first left his sight. If you write: "We are looking for regional representatives" or "web-design studio is looking for distributors of its services - it is not interesting. Moreover, such a great variety of ads. Your ad should be intriguing to distinguish among these. Compare the two ads: "You are given a unique opportunity to become a distributor of cosmetics company. Your ability to earn is unlimited. It is not a business in the traditional sense and not to walk on the institutions to purchase merchandise. Change your life. Touch the beauty. All details for all correspondence . This is a real ad. But it does not attract. It is too quiet. Past such ads can be, and then forget it. Another announcement: "You have not recently been in France? Romantic, wonderful adventure, love fragrances - all of these spirits will remind you to" Venus. "We invite you to the world inviting smells and sensations! Once you become our representative - you will find yourself back in Paris! " People are attracted by the intriguing question of the possibility of your visit to this beautiful country. Perhaps they have never been to France, but to go where few people refuse. Another interesting admission - on the contrary. Do not amuse sensual strings, but quite the contrary - to play on fear and other negative feelings. And do not mock the readers and offer them to get rid of the trouble. You can train in the preparation of the interesting ads. You can look at the numerous boards, view ads placed on them and think, on which one would you respond? Personally, I once came across an American one ad that I was terribly interested. "I need eight people who want to earn $ 20 000 a week." I was intrigued number "eight". Why is it you want it 8 and not 10 or 20? And why do these people need to go? Are not they fly together like flies on honey in large numbers?

3. E-mail is not too much. If you begin to paint in the ad all the characteristics of your wonderful products, but even in such signs, reducing that ordinary people do not understand - your potential partner will move to a neighboring ad.

4. E-mail specifically. Be sure to specify with whom you work - whether it be pipes, metal, or exotic insects. Many of your readers are interested in not only working conditions but also the object with which to work.

5. Place your ad with the permitted intervals. This rule is not easy to observe, because they have to memorize for each speed of its board new ads. There are board and heading the new ads are appearing in the continuous flow. Such boards can and should place your ad every day. On the other boards - the frequency of appearance of new ads less frequently. And if in one screen, the board will meet several of your ads, this would not only benefit, but harm. Because the board of visitors will be allergic to your ad to your project, and to you personally.

6. Continuing to change the text of your ad. In one instance, readers interested in one sentence of your ad, your ad in another of their interest is something else. If the first ad, you can mark the high salaries come to your business people, in another ad, you pay attention to the interesting work that you offer, or an opportunity to buy your product with a substantial discount.

7. Be moderate enthusiasm. Internet
filled various pyramids, tales of instant earnings - all of these ads are designed to simple guys and lured to a large number of exclamation marks and multivalued digits of your potential earnings. Therefore, use caution and with enthusiasm. Serious people do not understand.

To sum up: be honest and interesting.

If your are from UK, you can submit your ad to United Kingdom Classified ads

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