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 You have most probably read the main home page,if you haven't and came here on this page directly & this is your 1st visit on this site I suggest you better read the home page,specially written about Traffic Exchange.

    As I wrote on home page there are two kind of Traffic Exchange Networks 1.Manual Surf Traffic Exchange Networks or just Manual Traffic Exchanges and 2. Auto Surf Traffic Exchange Networks or just Auto Surfs.
This section I have written for only Manual Traffic Exchange Networks.Tips and tricks you find here are about Manual Traffic Exchanges.Don't worry I have written a whole section for Auto Surfs and although they are less effective then manual surfs,still you can gain many benefits by using auto surfs and you will learn about them in related section.

  What are Free Traffic Exchanges

  There are thousands of free traffic exchanges online today. The trick is to find the ones that work best for you. Not all free traffic exchanges are created equal and the most active ones or biggest ones are not necessarily the best ones for your needs. Free traffic exchanges are a great marketing tool for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reason is that you get lots of people looking, and hopefully clicking on your website or promotional pages. But there are hidden benefits to free traffic exchanges you may not have even considered.

Search engines love free traffic exchanges. The incoming and outgoing links they generate is one major thing the search engines are looking for. Plus the rapidly changing content is another reason the search engines love these things. Traffic Exchanges that have more content also generate a higher page rank, and therefore more traffic, and increased memberships.

The key is to find exchanges that are very active and have lots of members. The more members they have, the more potential customers you get looking at your offer and your chances for sales conversions are that much better. But bigger isn’t always better.

We all know clicking on ads in a free traffic exchange can be very boring, monotonous and can take a lot of time. That's why you need to make the best of your opportunity or you will just be wasting a lot of your time and effort on something that just isn't working. If you have your own niche website, then you already differentiated yourself from the pack. If you are an affiliate marketer, then you need to make yourself a good splash page to capture the leads attention and get them to click through to your site. This is the key having success with Free Traffic Exchanges.

One way to use free traffic exchanges to your advantage is to join a few at first, and see if your sales pick up. If your sales aren’t doing well, then test out a few more. When you do find a few traffic exchanges that appear to be generating sales for you, then narrow those down until you find the ones that are working. Now concentrate your efforts on those because they’re the ones you want. Things may change and sales may start to fall. You must always be watching your results. If or when sales start falling, it is time to change your splash page or design another one. Always design 2 at a time and measure the results from both. This way you can scrap the ones that don't get a very good click through and keep the ones that convert.
If you're going to be using multiple free traffic exchanges, and I recommend that you do, your first priority should be to pick up a multi-tab web browser such as Modzilla Firefox. You can download that free at firefox.com.

Getting free traffic to your website is a lot of work. If you don’t have the money to spend on full blown PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns like Google AdWords, free traffic exchanges are a great way to get the traffic you need to succeed.

  Using Free Traffic Exchange

   These days internet has emerged as both, a market and hub for marketing. Unlike the ‘brick and mortar’ world where large manufacturers manage to squeeze out the market bases of smaller companies, the internet provides haven like the free traffic exchange. They are extremely useful to those product and service providers who do not have the advertising budget to compete with large corporations.

Free traffic exchanges can be described as opt-in-clubs, which only other manufacturers of products and services can join. By joining these exchanges, a member is obliged to look at other members’ web pages. To gain membership you have to submit in your website which then goes into rotation with the hundreds and thousands of websites already registered with that particular traffic exchange. (This works best for people with high-speed internet connection.)

These exchanges are generally of two types – auto surf and manual. In the former, the exchange automatically keeps on flipping the pages in the web browser. In a manual exchange you need to click on a graphic or banner control to change pages. Most exchanges operate on the credit system. You gain credit by spending time (for example, 30 seconds) on a particular website. The more the number of sites you spend time on, the more your credit. However your credit gets reduced when another member visits your website. With increased credit your website goes into heavy rotation insuring a more effective and wider reach. You can easily register with these exchanges. Most just request some personal information and your URL.

However, you have to be quite alert in choosing a traffic exchange that would suit your business needs. Select one with many members as this helps in getting more exposure. One factor that is conducive to an effective exchange is demography. You should insure that your business is similar to those available on the exchange. Suffice it to say that a manufacturer of handcrafted china won’t get out of an exchange dominated by marketers of leather goods. The drawback of this is that in an exchange where everyone is offering similar services, you would have to work harder to insure that your site does not get lost.

For beginners it is always a good idea to join a few exchanges of both auto run and manual varieties. You can survey the sites and then decide which works best for you. However, it is the manual ones which are better in the long run because the possibility of actual sales is much higher. One of the tricks of the trade is to use a multi-tab web browser. The browser continues to run several websites in multiple tabs while only one window is open for viewing. You can easily surf many exchanges at the same time in this manner.

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges are one of the most important Free Teaffic & Advertising Resources.We will call them TEs in short.There are many different advertising methods to take full advantage of TEs.Most popular are : Surfing & earning credits,Banner Ads & Text Ads.

In simple words a "Traffic Exchange Site" is a membership site & you surf & view the sites of other members & in return other members of the site  surf & view your site for the predetermied time by Traffic Exchange owner & all the members will get credit as per predetermined ratio e.g. 2:1 & as per your membership level e.g. free or pro.

There are two types of TEs (1) Manual Surf  TEs where you surf & move to next site by clicking your mouse (2) Auto Surf TEs where you surf as you surf but you don't have to click anything & you are moved to next site automatically.

  What are Traffic Exchanges?

Are you struggling to find traffic or find most advertising to expensive to invest in? Do you need some fast traffic to your website or products? We cover some of the best traffic exchanges to get free or paid web traffic. Simply surf other members sites and earn credits to add to your websites and have them shown in their surf rotation! If you do not have time to surf, then they have options to purchase advertising through several forms( solo ads, email ads, text link ads, banner ads, etc.) You can also earn cash bonuses for surfing and referring other advertisers to their sites. A good majority of traffic exchanges will let you take cash commissions on any advertising your referrals purchase and earn a percentage of advertising credits that they earn.

So what exactly are Traffic Exchanges and how do they work?

Traffic Exchanges are websites in which you can gain easy traffic to your website. You simply surf other peoples websites and earn credits to add to your websites and put in the rotation of the websites surf area. A broad range of people use traffic exchanges to gain referrals to their programs and raise search engine rank of their own websites.There are many different kinds of traffic exchanges throughout the internet. They will all have their unique look, surf ratio, and other features and functions.

Some traffic exchanges will even offer very small incentives in the form of real cash for surfing their sites. Many different forms of advertising are available with traffic exchanges such as, banner ads, text link ads, featured ads, manual surf exchange, auto surf exchange, and much more, They all have different styles and methods. Purchasing an upgrade package at the most populated or highest trafficked traffic exchanges is also a good move. This will give you much more free advertising and that is disbursed to you throughout the length of the upgrade, as well as other benefits and luxuries that free members do not experience.

There are 2 main types of traffic exchanges : "Autosurf" & "manual surf".

Autosurf exchanges are automatic which means you can leave your computer on and have it automaticly surfing the websites at the exchanges earning you lots of credits while you are away. Generally the point of autosurfs is really only to raise page rank, as very rarely will you ever get a sign up to your program or a sale to your product as people really don't have to look or be at their computer to use the autosurf. An important note also is if you use autosurfs most publishing/affiliate networks are against them and will terminate your account if your promoting your website with their published ads on it within autosurfs.

Manual surf exchanges are sites in which you actually have to physically be at your computer to manually surf other members websites and earn advertising credits. They are great for driving some quick traffic to your sites for free. You can also refer other people to use them and earn a percentage of advertising credits that they earn. There are some non paying manual exchanges and also ones that you can indeed earn real cash with available on the internet. Paying traffic exchanges also let you earn very small amounts of real cash or credits that can be converted into real cash by surfing the websites at their site. Usually they give you certain percentage of cash for every 1000 websites you surf, or while you are surfing you might see a little text icon saying "you just won real cash! click here to claim it!" We have listed here on our website the best traffic exchanges with the widest range of members through out the world as well as the best surf/pay ratio out there.click here to visit our list.-> Traffic Exchange

How To Use Traffic Exchanges Effectively

Traffic Exchanges: Love them or hate them. Why would you use them? Well, it is mostly effective if you have a website that you want to rank higher in the Search Engines and a perfect place to get more hits is at a Traffic Exchange. You might also want to use Traffic Exchanges to get customers for your products or recruits for your program. But you will find with Traffic Exchanges that other people are in there trying to put their opportunity in front of you, and you might wonder if there is any point to it, and whether you are just wasting your time. You will probably find that it is the same as with anything in life: You will have those who are successful, and those who don't make a dime, saying that it obviously doesn't work.

As with any of your other Marketing Efforts, you need to actually put some effort and time into promoting via traffic exchanges. It is best to use your time wisely and surf several exchanges at once. This is easily done with the Mozilla FireFox Browser, where you can have several surf pages open at once with tabs at the top. Plus if you store the surf pages of all your exchanges in one bookmarks folder then you can launch them all at once by selecting "Open in Tabs".

However, the best way to stay organized with Traffic Exchanges is to store them all in an Excel Spreadsheet. Make six columns with the following Headings:

Exchange Name: The name of the Traffic Exchange
Referral URL: The URL you would use to refer others
Startpage/login URL: Some Traffic Exchanges let you surf without login in
Username: Your ID or username
Password: your password to the site
Schedule: List the day you will login and assign credits for each site.

You will make your schedule depending on how many days you have available to do your surfing. I suggest that you do an hour twice a week, and select 10 of the best performing Traffic Exchanges. By making sure your pages are seen 24/7 on just 10 exchanges, your sign up rate will skyrocket. For the latest testing for the top exchanges see the Traffic Hoopla link below. I would also suggest that you include in your top ten one of these new traffic exchanges, which is part of a network of over 500 exchanges, ranging from 300 to 5000 members each. So you get 500 for the price of one, so to speak, as your website is seen on all of these: See the PlaneTraffic link below.

You need to treat your Traffic Exchange surfing as a serious part of your business. Surfing 5 – 10 minutes a day will therefore not be enough. You need to be consistent and surf regularly for about an hour a day for your page to get regular exposure to others. There are two ways to get a lot of exposure on Traffic Exchanges: Surf a lot or purchase credits. You can also upgrade and will triple your efforts doing that as you will get a higher surf ratio and more credits if you refer someone. So the best scenario would be to do all three.

Another good way to get more credits is to make referrals. You can have a splash page, like the one on Traffic Hoopla, to advertise for referrals. If a Traffic Exchange gives you a way to communicate with your referrals, use it. You should send your new referral a welcome message, with a way to contact you if they need assistance. You never know, you might make a loyal team member who will follow you in other ventures. Always remember to use your signature file at the end of your message.

So, what else should you promote? The lovely corporate pages of your business might look good on a traffic exchange, and you might want use traffic exchanges for your corporate website to get more hits and rank higher in the search engines. However, as everyone is there to promote his or her opportunity, you wouldn't get many sign-ups from that effort. The best thing to do is not to use your corporate website at all, but a cleverly designed splash page used to capture leads, as very few of us are ready to buy something the first time we see an ad.

An effective page is a very simple lead gathering page such as a generic recruitment one or a customer prospecting one. You can design the first one to be totally company independent so that when somebody contacts you through it you can discuss what's best for them in person. They also get directed to your site afterward to read at their leisure. A Lead Capture Page offers people a valuable free information product, such as an e-book or video in exchange for signing up from your link. To put it simply; that's the key to effective advertising in the exchanges. You only have around 20-30 seconds to grab someone's attention so come up with something different; something amusing or topical. Stop wasting your traffic and start using your traffic to build your list.

Many Traffic Exchanges provide features that aren't being fully utilized by Traffic Exchange Members. These features are there to assist you in your promotional efforts. Features like the way-station, where you can set your pages to show one after the other in succession so that it gets maximum exposure. Or you can have your splash page and your banner linked so that they show simultaneously. You should take advantage of all these features that exchanges provide. They are there to help you gain more exposure to your product of service, and provide you with a way to mentor your downline.

Did you know that Traffic Exchanges are one of the very best ways on the web to exploit the benefits of banner promotion? According to Tim Whiston, a writer and entrepreneur who has been involved with Internet Marketing since 2003, this is true. A well designed banner placed on the surf bar or within the members area can generate loads of very targeted traffic for your site. Text banners are especially effective. If you haven't been taking advantage of the banner rotation offered by your favorite exchanges, you should do so right away. A strong banner campaign can produce some very favorable results.

It is very important to stand out from the crowd. You can do this by not only using a well designed splash page, but also a customized page that personalize the site for the viewer. For example at TrafficSwarm you can use a splash page specifically designed for and addressing "TrafficSwarm Users."

You have to keep working at your advertising. Long term success will be yours if you consistently and regularly advertise, because you are keeping your business name in front of people for an extended period of time. Always check what other people are promoting and how they are doing it. Not only can you get ideas for your own advertising, but you can get ideas on website design, headlines and images. Make sure your face or logo is on every banner or splash page you promote. By doing this, people will see the same picture over and over again, and this will stick in their mind. Just like Coke promote themselves by making sure you don't forget their logo. The longer you do this, the more results you will get. Traffic Exchanges are a long term project, not a short term one. If you stop promoting after a few days and proclaim: "This doesn't work!" guess what …. You're right!

The importance of tracking your ads when using Traffic Exchanges cannot be overemphasized. I mentioned Traffic Hoopla before, which tests effectiveness, but only you can find what works for you by tracking your own results.

Being a member of a mixture of about 10 well chosen Traffic Exchanges give you free advertising which can be an effective way of advertising and marketing if you work it correctly. Are you going to be part of the Internet Marketing Statistics? Which part are you … the 95% who fail, or the 5% who succeed? It is up to you.

What You Need to Know About Traffic Exchanges

Briefly for those who don't know, a traffic exchange is a membership site where you view other members sites in exchange for them viewing yours. There are many forms of exchanges. Traffic, banner, startpage and autosurf exchanges all help generate traffic to your site for free. For almost all new online marketers, traffic exchanges are the first place they start, so if you have a product targeted to "newbies" traffic exchanges are a great place to market it.

Warning: Google adsense
does not allow traffic exchange traffic. Unless they changed it sense the last time I checked. Read the rules carefully with any paid to promote program also.

One important thing to remember. You are marketing to other marketers. No one I know of surfs traffic exchanges for fun. Everyone on a traffic exchange is clicking for credits, not looking to buy. They may make a purchase if an ad catches their eye, but don't expect high conversion rates from traffic exchange traffic. The chances that a surfer trying to build up credits will stop to surf through your site are also slim. This is where splash pages come in.

A splash page is a one page ad telling about your site or business opportunity. Great for affiliate marketers. This is where you presell. Your splash page should be eye catching and informative, but not lengthy. Remember you only have 10 to 30 seconds before the timer runs out to capture their attention. I recommend your splash page link always open in a new window and you state that on the page. I personally hate having to go back to my exchage page and login again, but that's just me. Some gurus recommend that your site break out of the frame and disable the browser's back button. I don't like to be bullied and have never purchased from a site that refreshes everytime I hit the back button.

Most traffic exchanges have a free membership option. Free members get less traffic and don't get most of the extra goodies the exchange offers, but read the terms carefully. I found one exchange, I won't mention the name, that required paid members to surf 60 sites a week to remain active. The idea of paying for a membership and then having to work to remain a member just rubbed me the wrong way.

Upgrades come in various shapes and sizes. You may have three different upgrade options with three different prices. Some are a one time fee, others are recuring monthly. My advice jump on the one time fee and steer clear of the monthly fee. If you are going to buy traffic on a monthly basis there are much better deals out there than traffic exchange traffic.

Most exchanges will give you bonuses for referring new members. When your downline gets big enough you won't have to surf anymore to get a steady stream of traffic, but some exchanges have a minimum surf requirement, again read carefully. Now some of them will even pay money for referrals. A few give you traffic and cash for surfing. You can earn money while advertising your site. What could be better than that?

Learn to use traffic exchanges effectively and you can build a surge of traffic to your site plus pocket some cash without making a single sale. Yes you read it right. Choose the right exchanges and you can make money without making a single sale. Not a lot of money mind you, but money is money.

You will find a lot of offers for cheating software. Don't use it. Most exchanges have numerous anticheat features. You will get caught and you will get banned. A lot of exchange owners own more than one exchange, so if they recognize your name or email address you could be banned from all their exchanges and they will pass your info on to other owners in the forums. It's not worth all the hassle just to be lazy. Follow the rules and traffic exchanges will treat you right.

Traffic Exchanges Can be Like a Dog Chasing It's Tail

Are traffic exchanges really worth the time and effort you have to put in them in order to get results that are beneficial to your business? Can you even get results that will help your business succeed?

If you do a Google search for traffic exchanges, you will find thousands, on Yahoo, millions of sites to choose from. There are all kinds of names for these sites too. From farm animals to sea creatures to pirates and bunnies and just about anything else you can think of. Of course, all are free to join and all have upgrade options.

So are they worth it?

I guess it all depends on what your approach is and what you expect to gain from them. If you like to see lots of hits to your site, then they could be worth it. But, the ratio of time you spend surfing versus the actual results you get are usually not worth the time and effort in my humble opinion.

With the majority of exchanges you get a 3:1 hit/traffic ratio. That means you must surf 3 sites to get 1 exposure to your site. Surf 100 and get 30 exposures. Of course if you upgrade, with most at least, you get a 1:1 hit/traffic ratio plus other added benefits. And round and round you go, just like a dog chasing it's tail.

Now the traffic exchange owners and others will tell you that you will get tons of traffic and hits to your website, which is actually true. My thought would be, who wants tons of hits and traffic if it's not going to do you very little if any good at all towards accomplishing whatever it is you want to get from your website, which in most cases, is to make sales or get sign ups for your programs.

I guess some people just tend to be impressed with lots of hits to their website counters or traffic statistics and it makes them feel good to think that people are actually visiting their site when in all actuality the people visiting are not even paying attention.

The biggest problem or conflict I see with traffic exchanges is that everyone involved with them are wanting the same thing. They all want traffic to their sites and they either want you to sign up for their program or they want you to give them your email address so they can give you access to some rehashed, out of date, free report that will go on and on about less and less. Then they have your permission to pester you later through your email.

Let's face it folks. Traffic exchange surfers are surfing for one reason, to get hits back to their sites. Most, if not all of them, could care less about your site and aren't paying any attention to it except to see what else is out there and how it compares to what they are promoting or maybe to get ideas for their own sites.

Don't believe me? Then let me ask you a question: When have you ever been to a traffic exchange to specifically search for something? Do you go to traffic exchanges to search for opportunities? NO! You use a search engine of course to find something of interest which you had to type in a specific phrase in order to find results.

So who is making money with Traffic Exchanges?

That's easy, the traffic exchange owners are. Whether you stay a free or upgraded member you will be exposed to numerous offers, opportunities and email's. The latest craze going on with traffic exchanges is to show you their famous 'OTO' (one time offer) every time you log in before they allow you to surf.

My beef about the traffic exchanges is, with a little extra effort, you can get much more targeted traffic/conversion ratio's from things like article writing, keywords, SEO, Squidoo, Hubpages and even some social networks than you will ever get from traffic exchanges.

And by the way, all those so called reports out there that tell you they can show you how to get the most from, or what you're doing wrong in regards to exchanges... well, they were all written by... you guessed it, traffic exchange owners.

So it's up to each individual to decide if it's worth their time or not. If you have the time, go for it. If nothing else, you will get to see what everyone else is promoting and get some great ideas on splash and squeeze page layouts and also some compelling headlines and great wording that you can use later for your own promotions. Happy Surfing!

Traffic Exchange Programs to Woo Customers

Did you know that just like link exchange, traffic exchange programs are also available? Yes, today you can virtually subscribe to large scale traffic databases with other websites which allow traffic to visit your site.

How it works

The way it works is that relevant and associated sites will be advertising their services in traffic exchange packages. You just need to contact them and follow the procedures required. Subsequently your traffic will be diverted to these sites and the traffic from them will be directed to yours. You will need to browse all associated sites in the traffic exchange program before visitors start coming to your site. So the more you browse the more the visitors to your site. Thus by a healthy exchange of traffic volumes, it results in a win-win situation through which both parties gain.

Relevant traffic

Many websites make the mistake of signing up for unrelated traffic exchange programs. By doing so, they limit their sales conversion figures as well as compromise on their reputation online. Your website will benefit from traffic exchange programs only if the incoming traffic to your site is interested in what you are selling. Else you just risk losing out in the competition. When you have random, unrelated traffic your incoming traffic maybe high but the conversions in sales will be very slow. Why take that risk when you can start getting sales right away?

Making them work for you

The ultimate objective of your traffic exchange program is to get more clicks into your site and hence more credits. You want to browse through the maximum number of websites in the exchange so as to get the most number of visitors. Also, since these programs are quite straightforward and foolproof, you can expect to be compensated with traffic as per the amount you browse.


There are some traffic exchange programs which provide you with an incentive the moment you sign up with them. By joining such programs you can gain an instant access to cash and bonus credits online. Sometimes just depending on passive advertising techniques doesn’t help. You also need to actively pursue traffic by such traffic exchange programs.

Complementary sites

As you browse through the traffic exchange and visit other sites which fall in the network, you will find sites which are relevant to your own website. It makes sense to individually contact these website owners to ask them for links. This way you can even build on your link density while combining it with the traffic exchange program.

Don’t have too many web pages

Sometimes the success of your traffic exchange program will largely depend on the density of your website. If your site has too many web pages it might make it difficult for other users in the exchange to navigate your site easily. This may make it harder to get access to large scale traffic. So try and keep your website as simplistic and with as few pages as possible so you can benefit from the traffic exchange program.

How to Make Traffic Exchange Websites Work for you

Website advertising drives more traffic to your site through ads and links you distribute all over the Internet. However, ads are a less active way of driving traffic to your site. Once you post an ad, it’s up to the particular ad to attract viewers and entice them enough so they would visit your site. If you think you still need to do something more, well, why don’t you participate in a traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange is a technique to drive more traffic to websites through traffic exchange programs. These programs or websites are websites that offer to increase the traffic in the sites of their members. The idea is to sign up with these programs. Once your site is listed as a member, you will then need to earn credits. These are gained by surfing through websites that belong to other members of the exchange. In exchange for your visit, you will be granted a credit. The more credits you earn, the more members of the traffic exchange will surf through your site.

The credits you can earn equates to a certain number of visits that are driven to your site. However, members of traffic exchange programs also have the option to upgrade to a higher-level membership, which increases their credit ratio. This increases the number of visits equivalent to each credit they earn.

In a nutshell, a traffic exchange is just like any simple exchange of benefits. Aside from exchanging traffic through the traffic exchange programs, however, members can also interact with other website owners in more ways. As a website owner, you will most likely come across sites that complement yours, as you surf and browse through other member sites. To get more benefits out of the traffic exchange program, you can contact the webmaster or owner of a website you’re interested in and can arrange to exchange links as well. These equates to plenty of benefits, given the small price you have to pay. All it takes is some time and effort. Some traffic exchange programs may charge some fees for additional features or extra credits. However, generally, traffic exchange programs are mostly free of charge and available to any website owner or webmaster who is not keen about leaving the dirty work up to static, unmoving ads and links.

Traffic exchange is an easy way to generate more traffic to your site. This is a more active way of pursuing traffic, since the number of visits to your site depends on the number of websites you also browse through. The initial benefit of traffic exchange program is so downright advantageous that this is more or less a foolproof and a truly effective way to drive traffic to your site. Since it also has some other bonus advantages, then, you’ve got even more reason to sign up for a traffic exchange program now. Don’t just leave your ads to do the job. Reach out and make sure that traffic gets to your site. Traffic exchange is the way to do it.

Cheating the Traffic Exchanges

Using traffic exchanges is a great promotional tool for anyone. Either you are an internet marketer or simply want exposure for your forum or blog, using traffic exchanges can benefit you with wonderful exposure. But is cheating a traffic exchange the way to go?

The process of using a traffic exchange is a simple one. You view other member sites, in exchange, for them to view your sites. The more sites that you view, the more viewers that you will receive at your end. It is simple, fair, and based on the premise of good surfing. But always, there will be the very few that will want to "cheat" the system to garner more exposure for their own ventures, without putting in a fair effort themselves. In this author's opinion, these are the lazy lot.

There are many ways to cheat a traffic exchange, and really depends on how the traffic exchange is set up. Let's look at a few of them.

Downlines – Here, a member may sign up under their own membership (as being referred by themselves) and benefit from any downline bonuses that the traffic exchange has in place.

Emulators – Using an automatic clicking emulator, can take away the manual process of surfing and let the cheater simply tend to other activities, while he cheats the efforts of the other members of the traffic exchange.

Refreshing – Some traffic exchanges will give credits for the opening of a browser page to their exchange. Refreshing the browser can cheat these types of traffic exchanges.

Now you may be saying to yourself, that this is a great way to use traffic exchanges, where you do not have to put forth the same effort as other members of the exchange while gaining the same benefits. But hold on. Traffic exchanges have developed over the years and most have very good anti cheating mechanisms in place.

If you are cheating the downline way, then this can be easy picked up by the traffic exchange's own system. I won't mention all of the ways, but repeated signups from the same IP address is a simple give away. The use of emulators have been halted, by many traffic exchanges implementing "clicking" procedures to be actual done by a human. These can come in the form of simple questions to be answered once in while, asking for a certain number or color code to be clicked upon, or by simply changing the area of the screen in which a user must click to continue surfing. Also refreshing browsers, is now a simply pick up by any reputable exchange.

It should also be noted cheaters, that are caught, risk a great disreputation to follow. Not only will they usually be banned by the traffic exchange in which they abused, but more than likely, their actions will be passed on to other traffic exchanges. Owners of traffic exchanges, generally keep in contact with one another, and if a known cheater is doing the traffic exchange circuit, it won't be long that the won't have any avenues to expand their cheating efforts.

In short, there is no place for cheaters in the traffic exchange industry, or any industry in fact. Maintaining good business practices and respect to all involved, is the best approach for enterprises and reputation.

Traffic Exchanges and the Internet Marketer

Internet marketers know that they are in a competitive industry and that there are many avenues of approach for them to market their products or services. Which is the best? All have their positive and negatives. But one to consider, is the user of traffic exchanges.

A traffic exchange refers to the concept of a venue (the traffic exchange) where you are exchanging your visits to other member sites, for other members to view your sites. This helps to increase traffic to your own website and bringing in more traffic. A rather simple process, but effective one, especially for the internet marketer.

There have been many traffic exchanges come and go over the past few years. The long standing ones, are generally the most effective. They will tend to have a ground membership that is active, plus newer members signing up on a continual basis. Thus, generating more exposure for you.

But what is the cost of traffic exchanges? Generally, they are free, and should be free. Members of traffic exchanges usually have to do a little "work", i.e. surf other member's sites. In this vein of thinking they are "earning their keep" at the traffic exchange. Although this is nice in practice, can be a little over burdening, especially if time constraints are of a concern for you. The better traffic exchanges, will offer paid services, just to ease your marketing concerns. These paid memberships can be in the form of extra credits, better surfing ratios, banner displays, even email promotion. All great advertising tactics for the savvy internet marketer.

As previously mentioned, the traffic exchanges that have been around for a while (generally more than 2 years) are the most effective for advertising. Why? Well, its simple. These exchanges tend to be more professional and cater to the needs of their membership. The "fly by night" exchanges and sometimes pop up, and then disappear only hurt the traffic exchange industry, and its members. Also, these exchanges, usually have a good core membership that are interesting in viewing new products or services, and can be new clients for your own internet endeavors.

I must reiterate also, that this can be free advertising, if you want to put a little effort into it. Being a free member of a traffic exchange refers to the vast majority of any exchange. The more serious marketers will of course opt for the paid services of the exchange. But in fact, any free member can have great marketing success.

One final point to mention is that there are two main type of traffic exchange: manaul surf and autosurf. The manual surf exchanges are very much more effective in advertising and promotion, simply due to the fact that your site will be seen by other manual surfers. Autosurf exchanges have their place, but its not usually for the marketing end of this, mainly because one cannot guarantee that someone is viewing your site.

So, in general, if you are serious about internet marketing for your products and/or services … take a look at the traffic exchanges out there, and especially the manual surf exchanges. You may discover an untapped resource for your advertising needs.

Everything About Traffic Exchange Engines

Surfing Traffic exchange engines is one of my favorite internet marketing method to drive traffic to my website
and blog every day. Like any other method surfing for credits had its own advantages and disadvantages. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of traffic exchange engines.


1. Traffic exchanges are free to join, meaning, everyone can use them without thinking on their budget. All traffic exchanges have the upgrade option, if you can afford it, it is much recommended. The upgrade option will earn you more credits per page you surf and extra bonuses.

This means traffic exchanges are also free to use. When you register, you add the link you want to promote and then you start clicking, the worth of one page view is changing from one engine to another and varies from 0.3 credit to one credit or more.

2. Traffic exchanges are very easy to use. The first step is to register, then you add your links to promote to others. Now you start clicking and surfing for credits. After each click, wait for the timer to go off and then click again.

3. Earn bonuses, and more bonuses. Each traffic exchange engine has its own way to give more to those who surf it. You need to pay extra careful when surfing and look for the extra bonuses that come up every few pages.

4. The more website you surf the more exposure you get. More clicks means more credits, there are also bonuses to those who surf more. After earning your credits, go to your member area and assign them to your links, to make you links available for others to see.

5. Surfing for credits on traffic exchanges is the best method to use when you are lacking the inspiration or motivation to do any internet marketing work. Open a few traffic engines in tabs and surf them simultaneously while watching TV, sitting with your legs up, and relaxing.

6. It doesn't take long to surf 50 or 100 pages; it takes about 30 minutes to one hour. If you surf 5 or more websites simultaneously on different tabs, you can earn enough credits to promote your website that day.

7. You can earn extra credits by referring new members to the traffic exchange. Some engines will reword you with credits when referring a new member and you also earn credits when your downline is surfing for credits, this way you earn credits the passive way.


1. The conversion rates of traffic exchange engines is very small, you need to test your results and change your promotions to get better results with time.

2. It is better to use traffic exchange engines to build your list and send prospects to your sign up form to your newsletter by showing a squeeze page on the traffic exchange. You will get best results if your promote a squeeze page and not an affiliate link or a link to selling products.

3. Like many other programs traffic exchanges are free for the basic suite. For better results it is best to upgrade your account and earn more credits and more exposure.

An upgraded account is offering more links in the rotation, more banners and text links in the rotations, more credits per click, and more higher value to the bonuses earned.

4. Many people make money online using only traffic exchanges, however, if this is not your main marketing method, you should use other marketing methods too, and limit the time you spend surfing for credits.

5. Like you many other internet marketers are using traffic exchanges to build their lists and promote affiliate links. You may found some very good offers while surfing the engines, but you must beware and stay focused, or you will find yourself joining too many newsletters with no information, and too many affiliate programs
, that you need to promote too.

Staying focused will help you surfing for one purpose, earning credits to promote your own links.

Surfing for credits is a free, fun and easy way to advertise and promote your website and links.

Quest for the Best Traffic Exchange

Before I start, let me just give a definition of The Best here as different person may have a different opinion of the term. As for me, The Best here simply means something that delivers the result that I want. To be more specific, a Traffic Exchange that really brings traffic, and not only that, it also brings quality traffic to a website.

But what exactly is Traffic Exchange? Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

"A traffic exchange is a type of website which provides a service for webmasters in exchange for traffic. It is similar to the autosurf concept with the exception that traffic exchanges usually use a manual rotation.


A traffic exchange website receives website submissions from webmasters that join traffic exchange networks. The person who submitted the website then has to browse other member sites on the exchange program to earn credits, which enable their sites to be viewed by other members through the surf system. This increases the number of visitors to all the sites involved.

Exchanges enforce a certain credit ratio, which illustrates the amount of websites the surfer must view in order to receive one hit through the program for their promoted website. Many sites offer the ability to upgrade one's membership level for a more equal credit ratio.

As the viewers are all website owners or affiliates, it is possible that some might find certain member sites interesting and thus make note of them on their own sites, sending more traffic their way. Most traffic programs also impose a time limit when members are browsing, ranging from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. Some incorporate the use of captcha to ensure user interaction…”

My quest started in July 2008 and naturally, to do that I hopped from one Traffic Exchange to another in order to have an understanding and subsequently decide on which is the best.

It is probably not wise for me to list the names of all the Traffic Exchange sites which I have evaluated here but it is suffice to mention that I evaluated around 7-8 of them. My evaluation focused on three key areas:

• Available features

• Ease-of-use

• Able to deliver

The 2 ½ months quest finally brings me to Linkreferral. What set Linkreferral apart from the rest are these two killer features:

• Review on members’ websites

• Add to favorite

In my earlier article The Ultimate Lead Generation Techniques, I discussed on how to exploit these two features to bring in hordes of traffic to your website.

As a conclusion, Linkreferral is the best traffic exchange for a small business set-up with a small budget. It has successfully packaged the system to deliver all the expectations of a so-called Traffic Exchange.

The Traffic Exchange Secrets to Unstoppable Traffic

It’s common to hear many marketers complain that traffic exchanges don’t work and they don’t use them for their work at home business. While I don’t deny that I have never made an extensive study on how these people arrived at such conclusions, I can only guess that these people do not really understand traffic exchanges enough to take advantage of a very powerful business platform. This article hopes to show some of the best known approaches of many successful marketers who use traffic exchanges to generate unstoppable traffic for their home business opportunities.

What To Promote In A Traffic Exchange

Many people fail to understand that you should be promoting the traffic exchange first before promoting your work at home business. These are the people who often do not have a real marketing plan for their business and follow a short term vision of making money online – lots of it and fast. They may find some initial success, however this is short-lived as their efforts are usually unsustainable. Eventually, many will be left disappointed in their home business venture.

On the contrary, having good planning that follows a business marketing plan and tracking your results is a good, sound business practice. You can start by joining many good traffic exchanges, perhaps about 10 as a start growing to as many as 40 eventually when your home business grows. Your initial strategy after joining them should be to build as many referral downlines as humanly possible. Downlines are those people who join you in the same traffic exchange. Many traffic exchanges have their own rules, but most of them have unlimited downline tiers for you.

Unfortunately, some marketers in your downline may not become your serious business partners. I would dare say if you can get a 10% good people who actively promote and build your lower tier downlines, this would be a fair result. So try to set some achievable targets like building 300 people in your downline within the next 6 months. If you focus on growing this downline, eventually you will succeed and begin to experience a massive amount of traffic visiting your site.

Use The Right Business Tools

In order to see the light of your well-conceived marketing plan or strategy, you do need to find good home business tools to achieve your result. One of the best traffic generating programs that you can join is Traffic Tornado, which has 28 different traffic exchanges under its wings. This unique downline referral builder allows promoting several programs together. Besides building traffic faster, it lets you extend your marketing reach to a wider audience. Promoting these programs generates traffic from the activity of members that you introduce.
Download and use a software called Mozilla Firefox. It is a very powerful and easy to use web browser, which has the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser task. The great thing about this program is that multiple pages can be saved as a group and reopened together (your
start page addresses). You'll be able to surf with 10 of your traffic exchanges at the same time. Using this method, a surfer can easily generate a thousand hit credits within an hour. I am sure this would be a real encouragement too if you are just starting a home business.

Building An Opt-in List

Traffic Exchanges can help you grow your leads and opt-in list for your home business. There are two good ways to do this by introducing Splash Page and Squeeze Page.

Splash Page

Splash pages are fast loading pages designed to get better results using the traffic exchanges. Remember always that the person viewing your page is primarily concerned with generating traffic to their site and want to do so in as little time as possible. If you have a great big long page with your offer no matter how well written the odds are against you. You need to do something creative that will grab their attention quickly.

Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is used like a splash page but with an email capture form on it from an auto responder. The best way is to find a product or write an email series to give away to get them to join up to your list.

From Leads To Customers

If you have a system to convert leads into customers, traffic exchanges can be an excellent low cost addition to your marketing portfolio. When properly used, you can generate leads at a low cost.

In conclusion, you can see how a traffic exchange, if used properly, can really help your Work At Home Business reach greater heights. If only more people take the trouble to understand it a little better, there would be lesser internet marketers proclaiming that traffic exchanges do not work.

4 Simple Techniques To Make Traffic Exchanges Work For You

Let's face it the majority of traffic you receive from online traffic
exchanges is junk. It's mostly users who only want to earn credits while giving nothing in return. Most of the time the people who view your pages don't even look at it! However, I've been using traffic exchanges effectively for the last year using a few systems I've developed. Read on for more information...

Create Individual Squeeze Pages To Build Your List

If you are in to internet marketing then you absolutely must have a list! It is especially important if you are marketing only to online income seekers.

I've found that when I take the time to make a squeeze page with the traffic exchanges site name and letting the traffic exchange users know how joining my list will increase their exchange credits my response rate is through the roof!

I typically make a standard landing page but I'll include the exchanges name in the headline. As always, I'll give out something of value for free for joining my list.

This has worked for me time and again. I can chalk up to 600 extra subscribers from this technique exclusively.

Create Individual Pages To Promote Other Traffic Exchanges

What better way is there to get tons of traffic exchange credits then referring others? Most traffic exchanges will earn for you on multiple levels. This means that you will earn a percentage of credits when your referral earns credits. This can stack up quickly and earn you a nice stream of residual traffic.

Another great way to utilize free traffic exchanges is to create individual squeeze pages that promote other traffic exchanges you're a member of. It's a great way to virally increase your downline while at the same time building a nice stash of free traffic credits.

It's easy to do this. All you need to do is create an individual landing page for each exchange you're a member of. You have to make sure that each landing page is promoting a different traffic exchange.

Also don't forget to include in the headline the name of the traffic exchange the landing page is being promoted in.

Promote Relevant Free Offers

It is easy to see that most people surfing exchanges are freebie seekers. The best offers to direct them to are related free offers. Promoting programs like Instant Buzz or Free Advertising Blog is a great sell for any traffic exchange. It is generally a waste of time to promote anything that requires an initial investment.

Using these techniques I've managed to increase my overall income by a sizable amount.

How To Generate 600 Traffic Exchange Credits Per Hour

Have you found yourself wanting to surf more sites but have to wait until the timer counts down before you can go to the next site? Ever wondered what else you can do while you wait? As you know, the only way you can get more credits and visitors to your site is by surfing more sites.

Why spend long hours surfing when you can get more done in one hour. After discovering this method, it will be totally up to you, if you want to surf longer. More surfing increases traffic to your site. This method will sure cut down on the time you've been spending in the past. Yes I do know how it feels when you have to wait for the timer to count down and your thinking about a number of other things you can be doing.

If you're like me, you're looking for the fastest way possible to get the job done. If you believe time is money, the faster you get traffic coming to your site then the faster you will get money to your account. I know you wouldn't mind getting you checks coming in a bit faster.

How will this benefit you? How does paying your bills on time sound? Or having the money to buy your next car cash? One more thing before I move on, owning your home faster than you thought. I know sounds even better. Now let's get to the how. First you need to sign up with a minimum of 5 traffic exchange sites? What is traffic exchange? A free traffic exchange offers website owners the ability to promote their websites or affiliate marketing campaigns for free, or at very low cost.

The objective is to surf around other members websites, and for each viewing, you get so many of your own URLs and banners added into the rotation for other members to view. You must view the site for 10-20 seconds before you can move on. There are hundreds, if not thousands of free traffic exchanges online today. When you would have completed the registration process on your first account, go ahead and submit your home business or affiliate squeeze pages or sites that you want to drive traffic to. Bear in mind some of the traffic exchange sites allow you to submit more sites than the other. Choose what is beneficial to you. Even though you may only be able to submit 3 sites compared to 5, take note of the membership total.

A membership of 50,000 may be beneficial than 16,000. What happens here is you have more fresh eyes to view your site. This is for the free membership level but if you decide to upgrade then the benefits increase. In some cases you can submit unlimited sites. With the first traffic exchange site open, click on the open a new tab button on your web browser toolbar to open a new page. This will be for your second traffic exchange site. Do the same set up as the first then repeat until you have at least five exchange sites set up. Don't forget to bookmark all tabs for the next time you surf. Go back to the first exchange site to begin surfing the next page. While the timer is counting down, switch to the second site to begin surfing. Continue this method until you get to exchange site number five, then repeat cycle alternating between tabs. Do this for one hour or as long as you desire.
Save to your favorites or bookmark any sites that may interest you in order for you to view again when you are through surfing. Here's what it would look like if you surfed 5 traffic exchange sites for one hour compare the difference with this new method: 15 second timer = 1 site

2:1 ratio = (every 2 sites you visit you get 1 visitor, some sites are 1:1) 60 secs.(1 minute) = 4 sites

60 min. (1 hr.) = 240 sites

240 Ã- 5 (traffic exchange sites) = 1,200 sites

1,200 ÷2 = 600 credits

Whether you are a newbie to internet marketing or a seasoned marketer this is a great free advertising method to generate more leads and promote your online home business. I challenge you to do this for the next 7 days and watch the difference. Good success and happy surfing.

Traffic Exchange Profits - Turn Your Traffic Into Cash Flow!

Are you tired of not making any money online no matter how many different programs you try? Would you like a fool proof way to make a steady income online? Why don’t you participate in a traffic exchange? Traffic exchanges are one of the most effective ways to make money online as long as you do it the right way.

A traffic exchange is website service that enables you to view someones website, and others in turn view yours. You earn credits when you view someones site, and you use those credits to have others view your site.

Traffic is the lifeblood of your website. Whatever your site does or doesn't do, without traffic it will not work! So lets discuss how you can use traffic exchanges to make money online.

Traffic Exchange Tip 1 The Best Use of Traffic Exchanges

Many Internet marketers say that traffic exchanges don't work. It is probably because they are not using them right. Most people (maybe this includes you) make the mistake of promoting affiliate pages or some kind of sales page. This never works, because people are surfing to earn credits and not buy something. You need to catch their attention very fast and offer them something they could use to build their business.

Traffic Exchange Tip 2 What Should I Promote

The best pages to promote in a traffic exchange are splash or squeeze pages (opt-in page). They must load quickly and be above the fold. You need to offer something of value to the surfer so they will want to visit your website and either opt-in to your mailing list of get your free offer. Make sure you grab their attention with your page!

Traffic Exchange Tip 3 How Do I Make Money

In order to make money using a traffic exchange you will need to surf enough to have your page shown around 100 times a day. If you are using a squeeze page to gather email information you should have your autoresponder set up so that you are promoting your products that pay you. You will need to build up some trust first and then your list will buy from you. You can surf about 2 hours a day and build up 100 credits pretty easy.

When properly used traffic exchanges can earn you a lot of money and help build your online business. Reach out and make sure that traffic gets to your site. Traffic exchange is the way to do it.

Traffic exchange(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
-Traffic Exchange vs. Bounce Rate
-Using Traffic Exchanges Effectively(Not from me from Wikipedia)
-Adsense on Traffic Exchanges
-Practical Tips(By Me)

-Definition : A traffic exchange is a type of website which provides a service for webmasters in exchange for traffic. It is similar to the autosurf concept with the exception that traffic exchanges usually use a manual rotation.

-Concept : A traffic exchange website receives website submissions from webmasters that join traffic exchange networks. The person who submitted the website then has to browse other member sites on the exchange program to earn credits, which enable their sites to be viewed by other members through the surf system. This increases the number of visitors to all the sites involved.

Exchanges enforce a certain credit ratio, which illustrates the amount of websites the surfer must view in order to receive one hit through the program for their promoted website. Many sites offer the ability to upgrade one's membership level for a more equal credit ratio.

As the viewers are all website owners or affiliates, it is possible that some might find certain member sites interesting and thus make note of them on their own sites, sending more traffic their way. Most traffic programs also impose a time limit when members are browsing, ranging from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. Some incorporate the use of captcha to ensure user interaction.

Almost all traffic exchange programs are free, although many of them offer special features to paid members and offer credits for purchase.Almost all traffic exchange programs encourage users to build their own referral networks, which in turn increases the referrers' amount of credits.

The traffic generated in a traffic exchange can be leveraged by using a downline builder to assist the user in building a referral network in the many different traffic exchanges.

In practice, traffic exchange programs are generally used by small business owners or marketers who either want free advertising or use the exchange programs for low-budget advertisement campaigns.

-History : Traffic Exchanges date back to the beginning of the web and were primarily used by organizations to share sites between employees.Viewers would rate pages in a similar fashion to the now popular social bookmarking phenomenon. When interesting websites were hard to find a traffic exchange for an organisation new to the web proved an invaluable tool.

Circa 1994 traffic exchanges moved from corporate intranets to the web. In an effort to build communities the concept of rating pages was replaced with rewarding members for viewing.

It was 1996 before traffic exchanges began to charge for traffic and around this time the concept changed from a tool for locating interesting sites to a commercial one.This change in direction resulted in increased popularity at the expense of the content which is now almost exclusively commerce.

-Traffic Exchange vs. Bounce Rate :Most of people use Traffic Exchange programs to increase their site visit rate. Traffic Exchange programs offer both the Auto and Manual Surf options with a timing of 10 to 60 seconds. An 'autosurf' program requires no human intervention to rotate the sites in the database, and is used primarily to inflate the total number of site hits. This practice is rather controversial as it may skew the results of website popularity. People's main reason behind joining a Traffic Exchange program is a theory based on Search Engine ranking. The more visits, the more the ranking will increase but it is now thought that such techniques are outdated and do not influence SEO and SERP ranking. A factor which may negatively influence the ranking is the Bounce Rate. If a website or blog has a high bounce rate then it will be considered that people are not interested in the content.The Bounce Rate is calculated by the average rate a visitor stayed on the site. So whereas the Traffic Exchange sites increase the site visit rate, on the other hand they also increase the bounce rate.

-Using Traffic Exchanges Effectively : The key to using traffic exchanges is understanding that the person will only be viewing your site for 10–20 seconds. Rather than sending the person to your website, you should be sending them to a specific advertisement designed for traffic exchanges. The most effective are squeeze pages, which have a simple headline, description, and opt-in form for an autoresponder. Then the surfer can easily type their email address in and receive more
information about your product or services at a later time.

-Adsense on Traffic Exchanges : Google has specifically stated not to use Adsense on Traffic Exchanges.If you wish to advertise your website on a traffic exchange, but also have Adsense ads, simply create separate pages for advertising in traffic exchanges that do not have the Adsense ads.

Are Traffic Exchanges a Scam?

Traffic Exchanges aren't for everybody, you know? Who else wants to multiply the hits received by Traffic Exchange sites? Fellow Surfers, one of the best kept secrets ever: The Traffic Exchange Hit System

Did I grab your attention? Well, let talk about Traffic Exchanges. Traffic Exchange can be immensely profitable, but it can also be truly unforgiving for those who don't know what works and what doesn't. This article is about getting you on the right side of the curve, using the techniques that I learnt the *hard way*.

So, which is the winning strategy?

Your business URL's should really take second place to start out with. Yes, that is. You DON'T have to advertise your business URL's on traffic exchange. If you do it, you are out! So, what should you advertise? There are two options here:

1) Advertise other traffic exchange.
By concentrating on surfing and advertising your Traffic Exchanges you will in a few short months have so many credits pouring in you can do less surfing and more marketing and advertising with your other business URL's, these credits will mostly be made up from your downlines. If you dedicate to this you will build major downlines in all your traffic exchanges earning you more credits than you will ever need (some exchanges allow you to sell or cash in your credits) and when members upgrade or purchase additional credits you will either receive credits and/or cash also. You will also have the time to start out with brand new exchanges and other businesses – by this time your memberships and downlines will grow really fast whatever you are promoting! I found out the hard way and learnt from this mistake. I concentrated first on my business URL's! What I did not realize is that I should have viewed the traffic exchanges as a business also and not just an advertising medium, because as your traffic downline grows in each exchange so will your credits and cash, and when it comes down to advertising… credits are as good as cash any day. But as an example if you are a member of 20 traffic exchanges and you have 10 upgraded members in each (200 members) giving you say $1 in commission per member each month (check individual member sites for details on referral bonuses and payouts) that is tidy some ($200 each month they remain upgraded). Stick with it and you may find that you are earning more from your traffic exchanges all put together than your business URL you are promoting in the early days!

2) Advertise a splash page to build your list.
If you want to know more about this matter, visit my site The Traffic Hit System

Welcome to the elite circle of PROFESSIONAL surfers!

Why Traffic Exchanges Suck

The theory of a traffic exchange is great- you need traffic, they provide traffic. Signing up for a traffic exchange means you will be getting more traffic all right, but there is no guarantee that any of it will translate into sales. Traffic exchanges make no sales guarantees, and they don't much mention your actually making money after getting this new traffic. So why do people join them?

When signing up with a traffic exchange, you are agreeing to visit other sites in that exchange network. For doing this, you will then get traffic from other members directed to your own site. So, site owners are looking at your site, browsing around, they may see something they like and buy it. Or, they may think your site is a great idea and mention it on their own site. Of course, in reality, it never seems to quite work that way.

Large sites don't have much reason to join traffic exchanges and look at other people's sites like this. Small businesses with fairly new sites do. So guess who joins traffic exchanges? Any advertising you might get on a site from being seen on a traffic exchange is going to be on a small, low budget site, which likely won't bring much traffic your way even if it does happen.

In addition, many traffic exchange systems are set up on a cheesy automatic timer so that you don't have to spend too long looking at any one site in order to get in your quota. The time each site is given is usually less than a minute, giving you such in-depth exposure to those small, beginning websites. Just imagine the business that will come your way from all of that.

Think about your own reasons for wanting to join up with a traffic exchange. Is it to seek out new life and new civilizations? To boldly find new websites and buy lots of stuff from them? Heck no. People want to join because it is cheap, or free, and you don't have to spend much time looking at those other sites in order to bring traffic to your own. So how many of the other guys do you suppose join the exchange to buy things from other people?

Most traffic exchanges work on a credit system- you have to earn credits to get viewers to your site. You earn credits by looking at sites, then those credits are used to send viewers to yours. And the quota is usually not one to one. Sometimes you have to look at two or three sites in order to get one person directed to your site. So, members are going to try to look at as many sites as possible to get their own traffic numbers up. Seeing as many sites as possible, combined with the short times they have to view each site, it is pretty unlikely that any one site will stand out enough to ever return to. So, if you want untargeted traffic for no real reasons, traffic exchanges are terrific. Otherwise, traffic exchanges suck.

3 Tips on Complementing Traffic Exchange Features

Traffic exchange is surely a very effective way to generate traffic to a site. It could also be a good way to have potential customers, which is a great challenge. Most of the traffic drawn from traffic exchanges is from Internet Marketers as well who just wants to have back traffic from the program. For this reason, it is a necessity to formulate a strategy to complement the features of traffic exchanges. This will also help increase the possibility of getting traffic conversions form the traffic generated by traffic exchanges aside from having streaming traffic.

1. Make a squeeze page as a landing page. Having a list is vital for an Internet Marketer. It serves as a library of future contacts or potential customers. These people are ones who has high possibility of making a purchase, therefore adding up to the sales.

Considering that the surfers are mostly internet marketers, the offer on the squeeze page must be of their interest. Could be about having extra credits when leaving their details, credits upon purchase, or whatever package that would compel them to leave their contact details. This is good as long as it is a real offer.

The list that will be created through the squeeze page could be used to send them some updates for up-selling and other offers. This list will be very useful for this matter. It also creates a bigger probability of having customers, and loyal buying customers in the future.

2. Set up pages promoting traffic exchange programs. This technique can be done with several traffic exchange programs as long as membership is active. Referral bonuses can only be credited to active members.

In doing this, referrals will come its way. Traffic exchange gives bonus credits for every referral under a member’s name. Aside from that, a certain percentage gets earned when the referrals earn credits whether it is through referring other people or surfing other member’s sites. This is surely a great source of streaming traffic.

There could be a state when a member with lots of referrals does not need to browse on sites to gain credits because the referrals will do it. So time for traffic exchange browsing can be lessened but the benefits will still be acquired.

3. Include free offer packages on the landing page. Since most of the traffic directed to the landing page are internet marketers, then the free offers to be given must be related to internet marketing. An example could be free advertising, and something similar to it.

Internet marketers wouldn’t just go for an additional investment in a second. Free offers help entice them. Being compelled to take part of the free offer would lead them to leave their contact details. In the end, every internet marketer hooked to have the package will be added to the list that could be used for future promotions.

Traffic exchange may have its flaws as some say so, but there are a lot of ways to make it work for an online business owner. It surely brings huge traffic to a site which is one of the best benefits an internet marketer can get from it. Managing it properly leads to utilizing the traffic exchange program very well as a powerful marketing tool.

How To Get More Traffic To Your Website Using Traffic Exchanges

Many people who join traffic exchanges are website owners looking for free traffic. There are also many affiliate marketers who join traffic exchanges because they want to drive traffic to their affiliate links as well as internet marketers who want to increase the number of their opt-in e-mail subscribers. There are hundreds of traffic exchanges on the Internet...The traffic exchanges who have the most members usually provide the best results.

A traffic exchange is a service that enables you to visit a member's website, and in exchange other members of the traffic exchange will visit your website. You will earn credits when you view someone's website, and then those credits will be used to have the other members of the traffic exchange visit your website. Most traffic exchanges will allow you to advertise more than one URL so it's possible to promote websites, affiliate links and opt-in landing pages with one account. Most of them also allow you to refer others and earn traffic credits automatically from their efforts.

There are 2 main types of Traffic Exchanges: Manual Surf and Auto Surf. With manual surf, you will need to click on a button to visit the next website in rotation and earn credits. With auto surf, you watch the websites on your computer as they appear automatically every 15 or 30 seconds and you earn credits automatically without having to lift a finger. Although both of these traffic exchanges will bring visitors to your website, the use of a manual exchange is much more likely to bring visitors who will actually read the content of a website and then subsequently take a desired action such as making a purchase or subscribing to an e-mail newsletter.

Some Traffic Exchanges have an option to upgrade or "Pro Membership". Pro members receive extra traffic credits, more benefits and even commissions from the traffic exchange.

Increase Your MLM Business Profit Using Traffic Exchange Programs

Network marketing opportunities
for enterprising and innovation-savvy marketers are galore. Advertisements for network marketing opportunities inundate the web. The thrust in the realm of network marketing is underpinned on optimal exposure of the business opportunities. As such any marketer keen on getting optimum results will strive to join as many traffic exchange programs as available.

But what is a traffic exchange program?
A traffic exchange program is a third party facility that provides a service for publishers or webmasters to exchange web traffic. In the past, the auto surf concept was the most popular model of traffic exchange that uses a rotating banner. At present there has been a surge of numerous traffic exchange programs available on the Internet.

In this design the users of the traffic exchange programs are required to 'browse' or 'surf' sites or view ads in exchange for a rebate of web traffic to their own sales pages. In order to be effective with traffic exchanges, administers normally require the purchase of a 'paid' package in order for them to drive more traffic to your sites or to have your ads appear more frequently.

Here are I have listed a number of sites that you can join in order to get free traffic:

Needless to mention the kill in such drives is encapsulated in the capacity attained through meaningful presence in as many appropriate web interfaces as available.
Below are some of several ways that can be exploited to maximize traffic flow from these sites.

- Always measure your clicks through the rates for your ads. Tweaking your Ad copy is one way of increasing the rates through clicks. In this facility you must perform some split testing for your campaign to know if the ad is doing well or not. A comparison of two ads will enable you to choose the winner and eliminate the dark horse.

- Advisedly you must take time each day to click on other people's ads. This can earn you significant credits and will result in your own ads appearing on other people's home pages more frequently. If lack of time is the inhibiting factor here then someone must be outsourced and paid to click on a number of ads in order to increase your credits.

- Aim and sum up your entire business opportunity within one or two lines as you are striving to compose an ad that is definitely attention grabbing.

- When you start generating some revenue from your site then you can consider the feasibility and expedience of upgrading to a premium package as a strategic move of raking in more traffic to your site.

At the end of the day the traffic exchange programs are a numbers game. The more frequent your ads appear, the better are your chances of generating significant leads into your sales funnel.

Traffic Exchanges - Great For List Building

Traffic exchanges seem to be a flocking ground for every kind of online business imaginable. The concept of visiting other marketers\' sites in exchange for free credits which will allow you to display your site to \'like\' minded consumers/entrepreneurs is wonderful.

Many online marketing enthusiasts are cash strapped when it comes to paid advertising. The ability to generate traffic to your website for no cost is attractive and popular. A traffic exchange offers any online business just that opportunity. Like many things however these sites are not without flaws. A common complaint is the amount of time you have to spend \'surfing\' for the credits needed to generate a respectable amount of traffic to your website. Another is that this traffic is not very targeted.

Let\'s discuss here what it is we need to do to effectively use both our time and our results when attempting to increase traffic to our own websites using a traffic exchange.

Firstly the claim that \'surfing\' for credits is time consuming is accurate. Now the question is how can we better use this time.

By enrolling at more then just one exchange you can align them on different tabs of your browser. When you open them simultaneously you can now skip from one exchange to the next when you\'re surfing for credits. This will allow for you to multiple the results of surfing efforts within the same amount of time.

Firefox and IE 7 both have this multiple tab feature so there\'s no need to purchase or add any additional software to accomplish this.

Now we have to face the issue of the lack of targeted traffic you receive from these exchange sites. Actually we\'re going to alter our marketing strategy concerning what it is we\'re attempting to accomplish for our online business.

Targeted traffic is considered website traffic that is most likely interested in making a purchase of the product you offer, right? Well the pool of \'participants\' found at most exchanges is very mixed. It would be unreasonable to expect to find potential customers that fit the profile you would need to buy your \'unique\' product. Here\'s where we shift our marketing strategy to better fit the audience we\'re advertising to.

Instead of trying to sell our particular products to this audience our attention needs to be more focused on list building. By setting up a landing page and driving the traffic to that instead of our sales page you will have a better chance of collecting names.

Of course you\'ll want to offer a free gift in exchange for their contact information so make it something they find useful.

Assuming most people at a traffic exchange are interested in either making money online or generating more traffic for their business we can now better target their needs.

Now you are marketing your landing page with a free giveaway more directly related to the wants or needs of the audience found at an exchange site. In return you\'re building a list in which you can direct your online marketing efforts towards in the future.

Traffic exchanges can be frustrating and time consuming unless you change your expectations and the way you work them. By better coordinating your efforts and focusing on list building, you will find that these exchanges are well worth the time invested.

Solving The Traffic Exchange Riddle

Anyone in the internet marketing field has used, or at the very least is familiar to some degree with, traffic exchanges. If you are not very well informed, look them up - you'll likely as not read many horror stories about them.

However, a traffic exchange can be a great thing for your business provided you know how to effectively make use of it. It's a simple enough concept - you look at others' websites and they in turn look at yours.

A page view is counted as about ten seconds of exposure. However, this is not nearly enough if the page features a lot of multimedia content. Ten seconds won't be enough time for the page to finish loading. Don't use a full sales page or affiliate page. In the small amount of time you'll get, a blank page or one that is only partially loaded does nothing for your business.

A traffic exchange is best used to gather leads. Nothing else, just collect email addresses and names for future marketing efforts. A capture page which loads quickly and has one eye catching feature will work to your best advantage - you can make even a web surfer pressed for time take notice of your page. A fast loading lead capture page with one bequeathing feature will generally make even the most impatient surfer take note.

What you want is a page with a concise message, no scrolling necessary and which loads fast. This is what will work best for you in a traffic exchange. Once that surfer's attention has been grabbed and they opt in to your list, they have become a lead and you may email them via your autoresponder.

Of course, this is exactly what you want. You can then promote your offers to leads any time. Simply put, you need to set up a good lead capture page - then you must get to the task of getting traffic to your page.

Firefox is the tool of choice here. Multiple tabs are tailor made for traffic exchange servers. You can open several tabs and move from one to the other, generating hits from several traffic exchange servers at once. It works like a charm.

You can even try to build a downline in these traffic exchanges - you will then receive some of the traffic they generate while using the exchange. If you can get others to direct traffic to your page for you, this means more traffic and less work for you: a winning combination! If you have several lead capture pages up and running, you are going to need a rotator. A lot of traffic exchanges accept rotators, but not all of them - check with the exchange for what they allow.

There is another issue with this continued surfing - some surfers can simply not hold themselves back from opting into a slew of lead capture pages and get bombarded with email and offers from all of these pages.

You need to teach yourself to ignore all of these offers facing you and go on with the business of getting more traffic to your site. This is why you're surfing; stick to the task at hand.

There is even software out there which permits you to submit a URL to a rotator. In these setups, hits are purchased in bulk from a variety of traffic exchanges and all of the submitted URLs benefit from this promotional tactic. This is perhaps not as efficient as some other methods, but it does save a lot of time.

Follow these simple steps: use a traffic exchange to find leads using fast loading lead capture pages with opt-in lists being directed to your autoresponder. Then either buy or surf for traffic. This system still works very well, is simple to use and will reward your efforts.

Share More and Get Profitable With Traffic Exchange

The amount of traffic your site receives will determine the volume of sales your site makes. This is especially important if you are a small startup that wishes to make its presence felt. Through traffic exchange you can achieve dramatic increases in the number of visitors to your site.

How does it work?

Traffic exchange works on the same principle as link exchange, except that here you are corresponding with other sites to gain traffic. The idea revolves around a simple concept – you share and receive traffic from other websites. Thus within the same network, visitors can check out information from your site as well as the site who is a part of the traffic exchange program with you.

Why it really works

One reason why traffic exchange has stood the test of time is because of the fact that it is free. Yes, today there are hordes of sites that are willing to exchange traffic with your site for absolutely no cost. Best of all you can achieve thousands of hits per day through such traffic exchange programs.

The newer exchange programs

There are the free sites and then there are the paid ones. While the obvious choice would be to opt for the free traffic exchange programs, it really isn’t the smartest thing to do. Usually choosing such services will result in hordes of traffic - but who do nothing. So what that means is you will get plenty of clicks on your site but hardly any sales. This is why paid traffic exchange programs work better. They are far more targeted, get you traffic that’s already interested in your products and thus you get to increase sales. Nowadays you can even buy clicks for a fraction of the cost and also get cash in lieu of the credits earned.

Promotions and credits

With some of the more recent traffic exchange programs you can now even send in your website promotions and ads into the network while hunting for other sites in the program. Your site gets to earn credits while you keep yourself occupied with games and other amusements.

Backlinks and popularity

The good thing about traffic exchange programs is their ability to get you plenty of backlinks to your website. As your reciprocal sites gain in popularity, your site too gets more visibility and prominence online. This results in better search engine page rankings, as well as more clicks to your site. What’s more, you also get to place your site better in the free search engine listings.

Trial and error

Just like any other marketing tool, traffic exchange programs too have their share of scams. Therefore, the key to success is entirely through trial and error. Some exchange programs have proven to be very effective in terms of sales conversions while others have been a waste of time for many businesses. You can analyze which works for you through patience and monitoring the performance.

Tips For Success With Traffic Exchanges

There are several things to do after creating a website and the most important is to get targeted traffic. You have to register with traffic exchanges and then log in to earn "credits". You may be given one-half or 1 credit for browsing other websites for 20-30 seconds. At the same time you specify your own website and it is similarly displayed to other users on the same traffic exchanges. Every time your website is shown for 20-30 seconds you account will be deducted for one-half or 1 credit as the traffic exchange charges. Extra credits are also earned by referring more members or they may be purchased outright for cash.

Traffic exchange websites let you specify which types of websites you wish to view by selecting categories. Similarly you get to specify the category for your own website. This brings in targeted traffic, in other words it brings visitors who are already interested in the product category you specify. If you can make the website look good then there is a good chance that viewers will stay and even make a purchase.
Offer something for free in order to retain visitors. It may be an eBook, free report, an audio or a video clip. Traffic exchanges are not voluntary. Most members are there because they have no choice and every 20-30 seconds they see a different sales pitch. Offering something for free with no hint of selling is a good way to distinguish yourself.

Lead capturing is the next crucial step and you must have an autoresponder or similar mechanism to let people leave their email address so you may contact them later on. Attach your freebie to your lead capture system. Many e-mails sent by autoresponders
are often caught by spam filters or placed on junk mail folders so it is recommended to choose an autoresponder company with a high email deliverability rate.

Make your website copy fresh and interesting because most traffic exchange surfers are suffering from advertisement overload. If it looks or reads the same it will just get ignored. Also you webpage should load quickly due to the fact that traffic exchange members will usually not spend than 10-30 seconds looking at it before the traffic exchange allows them to earn their traffic credit and proceed to the next site. For that reason, traffic exchange owners generally recommend the use of splash pages or squeeze pages.

Always prefer traffic exchanges that allow you to specify more than one website and advertisement option. Running multiple advertisements will significantly improve your chances of success. You can also compare different ads to see which works best.

Getting traffic to your website is only a part of your overall marketing strategy but it is the first and hence everything else depends on it. If you are a network marketer then you could be earning some money just referring new members to traffic exchange websites.

Traffic Exchanges and Their Effective Use

The term "traffic exchange" can mean different things in the realm of internet marketing, but for the sake of this article, it refers to the many "surf for traffic" or "auto surf" web sites. A traffic exchange web site consists of a number of free or paid members who earn system credits by viewing other members' web sites. The overall idea is that when enough people view a member's site, that member will make sales, gain opt-in leads, obtain downline sign-ups, or all of the above.

To sign up with a traffic exchange web site, submit username and password information, some personal information and often a primary web site. Most sites will use email confirmation for account activation to ensure the use of a real email address. Once a member it's time to set up the web site urls that are going to viewed by other members on the exchange as they surf for credits. Many sites provide free credits on signup so that the new member's site can begin to be viewed immediately. When a web site is setup for viewing, credits can be assigned to site which will dictate how many times the site will be shown in the network. Some exchanges allow only one site at a time, but most allow for many and even have an auto-distribution feature with can evenly distribute remaining credits to all of a member's active sites that are established in the network.

Most traffic exchanges have both free and pay memberships. Some even have different levels of pay memberships. It is easy to get started with a free membership, but there are many incentives for upgrading. One incentive is that paid members often get a better surf ratio. A surf ratio is the number of sites that have to be viewed by a member in order for their site to be viewed one time. For example, a 3:1 ratio means that the member must view three different sites in order for their site to be viewed once. Most pay memberships offer a 1:1 ratio, but some go further and offer 1:2 or 1:3 ratios, meaning that a paid member need only view one site in order to have his site view two or three times! Surf ratio is an important factor to evaluate when deciding in which exchange one should upgrade to paid status.

Another advantage of paid membership is it often comes with discounts on purchased credits. Most exchanges sell credits to people who have more money to spend than time to surf. Purchased credits, like earned credits, can be assigned to one's web sites in the exchange. A paid member will often get a big break on the price of purchased credits. In addition, most traffic exchanges reward their paid members with free month credit allocations. This ensures a constant exposure to their web sites.

There are ways to use traffic exchanges that can be very effective. Instead of using the main page of a web site that has lots of information on it, create a "splash" or "capture" page. This type of page is simple in design but attractive and attention-grabbing and it's main goal is to get a user to click on a link that takes them to a sales page. Be sure that the link opens up a new browser window so that the user's surfing is not interrupted. Another use for splash pages is to capture a user's name and email address for an opt-in email list. Offer a free eBook, promotion code or other incentive in exchange the surfer's sign-up. When creating splash or capture pages remember that most of the members of the traffic exchange are business owners, webmasters or internet marketers, so offer something that would entice this audience.

When utilized properly, traffic exchanges serve as a power tool in the internet marketer's tool chest. When many are utilized, especially with some upgrades, good, consistent results are very likely.

Are Traffic Exchanges A Waste Of Time?

This is a question I see so often in marketing forums, and annoyingly the people who respond to such a question predominantly agree that traffic exchanges are a waste of time. In this article I want to put the record straight.

The fact is that traffic exchanges DO work, and ARE an effective way of promoting your website. You just need to know how to use them correctly.

There's a common belief that traffic exchanges will only deliver untargeted, almost worthless traffic to your website. To some extent this is true. In my experience if you try to sell anything on traffic exchanges, whether it's your own product or an affiliate product, then yes maybe they are a waste of time.

However, what you need to do to get results from traffic exchanges is to create and promote a squeeze page to capture the visitors' name and email address. Offer a free product or report, for example, as an incentive for people to sign up to your list. Once they're subscribed and have opted-in to receive email messages from you, then you can begin building a relationship with them and earning their trust, before promoting products to them in due course and making money this way (you should provide good content in your emails as well, and not just product offers).

In addition to this you will get optimum results if your site is related in some way to making money online or getting more traffic, for example, as this is what most users of traffic exchanges are predominantly interested in.

To get the most success, ie the most number of subscribers to join your list, you need to maximize the hits you receive from the various traffic exchanges that you are using. There are several ways to do this (other than surfing for hours on end). You could simply buy credits, which is fine, but I personally prefer to cross-promote the various traffic exchanges and build a downline of referrals in each one, who earn me credits automatically every time they surf, eliminating the need to do a lot of surfing myself.

For example, I use crazybrowser which allows you to have multiple tabs open, and provides easy scrolling between each one, making it very easy to surf multiple exchanges at once. What I like to do is promote one exchange at a time (my referral page) on all the different exchanges and build a nice downline, and then promote another and so on until I have a nice downline in each one.

Once I have done this I can start to promote my own squeeze page and use the credits earned by my downline to receive hits to my site automatically. I do surf myself as well on occasions but it's good to know that you will receive credits even if you don't have the time to surf yourself.

Using these methods I'm adding subscribers to my list on a daily basis, and although there may be a case for arguing that traffic exchange users are not the most profitable subscribers to have on your list, I've found that some of my most profitable subscribers, ie those that spend the most money, are those who originally signed up from a traffic exchange.

To conclude then, in answer to the original question posed, traffic exchanges are most definitely NOT a waste of time. The people who claim they are are simply not using them correctly. If you promote a squeeze page which encourages people to sign up to your list, then you should attract a steady stream of new subscribers, who could earn you some nice profits in the long term.

Traffic Exchanges - Are They Worth the Effort?

There are advertisements, articles and more that all state how great these traffic exchanges are. But are they really worth the time and effort they require? Will you really get a lot of traffic and if you do get traffic, is it good, purchasing traffic?

There are many traffic exchanges; TS25, Traffichits, Traffic Swarm, TrafficG, etc... If you can think of a subject there is probably a traffic exchange named after it - there's even Mafia Traffic and Dead hits. The basic idea is that you click on a website and watch it for 10-30 seconds and for every 1-3 sites you view 1 person will view your site. This can be quite tedious as to get a sizable amount of traffic you must view an awful lot of websites.

Most of these traffic exchanges have come up with an upsell from the free traffic exchange. For a set fee around $10-$30 per month you get 1,000 or so free credits and a quicker timer or a better conversion 1:2 instead of 1:3 or similar. The problem here is that most of this traffic is seen as robotic by the search engines so it will not help much in your ranking. This traffic is also people just like you trying to get traffic. Very, very few will have any interest in your product or site and most will click right through to the next screen. So yours doesn't even fully load - in other words they won't even see your site. Yes, there are sales made through the traffic exchanges, but it is so low of a conversion that you must really visit tens of thousands of pages for each conversion/sale.

Most traffic exchanges do have a virulence aspect built in which can help, but just like with Mary Kay and any MLM program, only the first program participants will reap much from this. You need a huge downline for it to be worth your time and this can take a long time to build. Just like Mary Kay, there are only 10 or so people per exchange getting most of the results. The rest are basically wasting their time and helping others (their sponsors) to get rich.

There are better ways to spend your time. Write articles and submit them to sites like ezinearticles for maximum readership. This will give you traffic that is virulent and long lasting. And it isn't a scam like MLM, its just you and your site links getting all the benefits. If you write interesting and helpful articles you will get great, targeted traffic. Ezinearticles even has numerous pages devoted to help you learn what to write and how to writ it to get maximum effect. You can also do press releases and word of mouth through forums and other free sites. In the long run you will do much better. Traffic exchanges are a waste of time. Don't take my word for it - try them and you'll see why I'm right.

Why Use Traffic Exchange Programs?

Traffic Exchange programs? Why would any business want to exchange their traffic with other businesses? First off, this is not the proper interpretation. It is only a service offered to online businesses that have a common objective to gain more exposure for their business.

Traffic exchange programs are many and varied in their operation. Some will let you surf the Internet as you normally would, with the only exception being that you set your browser's start page to their default advertising page.

Once your homepage's browser loads you earn a certain number of advertising credits. You get additional credits for clicking on links of other members in the program's network. You can then use these credits for exposing your links to the network, with a chance of potential visitors and sales.

Other traffic exchange services make your surfing experience a bit more complex, since you would have to wait for a timer to expire in order to be awarded credits, and while that timer counts down you are forced to view another person's website from the network.

Many of these measures were taken by the traffic exchange programs in an effort to minimize or eliminate cheating, since some users came up with ways to cheat the system by using software programs that auto surf and earn credits.

Participants to these traffic exchanges will surf the Internet with a slight modification of how they normally would, in an effort to collect credits.

A surfer will conclude that the less distracting from the normal surfing experience, the more the surfer would be willing to use that traffic exchange program. Also, the less a surfer is forced to view an advertisement, the more targeted he/she will be for that product or service.

For example, someone who reads a headline in a traffic exchange and clicks on it to view the website is more targeted than someone who views it because he/she is forced to wait for a timer to expire.

You now know what traffic exchange programs are, and how they work, their main benefits are:

1. Free

Most traffic exchange services are free, although you can upgrade your membership to get additional benefits in some. This means that someone with a low or no budget can start advertising their website fast and for no cost.

2. Targeted Traffic (for Internet Marketing)

When your product is Internet marketing related, the traffic you would receive to your website will be somewhat targeted because it will be people like you, who are looking for more ways to increase their online income.

3. You can build an Opt-in list.

To do this, design your webpage to give out a freebie or a 5 part e-course in exchange for an email address. You can then follow up with these leads and market to them in the future.

4. Recruit affiliates

If you own your product and have an affiliate program, you can recruit affiliates to sell your product for a commission. The more people selling your product, the more income you will make.

Traffic exchanges offer a great free way to promote your business. They should be included in your advertising arsenal but make sure that you leverage your time effectively.

Find a traffic exchange program that will not hinder your normal surfing behavior, while advertising your business and you will be able to maximize your time and effort with this free marketing tool.

How To Build Downline With Traffic Exchange Programs

Network marketing opportunities are everywhere. You can go online and find tons of advertisements for network marketing opportunities scattered all over the Internet. But if you really want to maximize the exposure of your business
opportunity, you must join as many traffic exchange programs as you can.

But what is a traffic exchange program?

A traffic exchange is third party that provides a service for publishers or webmasters in exchange for sending traffic. In the past, the auto surf concept was the most popular concept of traffic exchange that uses a rotating banner. Now there are a lot of traffic exchange programs available on the Internet.

Basically the user of the traffic exchange programs are required to ‘browse’ or ‘surf’ sites, or view ads in exchange for having traffic sent to their own sales pages. In order to be truly effective with traffic exchanges, they normally require you to purchase a ‘paid’ package in order for them to drive more traffic to your sites or to have your ads appear more frequently.

Here I have included most of worth joining sites so you do not have to search anywhere in order to get free traffic:

There are a couple of ways that you can maximize your traffic from these sites:

- Always measure your click through rate for your ads. Tweak your Ad Copy to increase click through rates. If you do not split test your ads, you will not know if the ad is doing well or not. Always compare based on two ads so that you can choose the winner and eliminate the loser. Rinse and repeat.

- If you have the time, spend some time each day clicking on other people’s ad. You can earn enough credits so that your own ads will appear on other people’s home page more frequently. If you don’t have the time to do it, just outsource the task to someone and pay them to click on a number of ads in order to increase your credits.

- Try and summarize your entire business opportunity within one or two lines. You want to write an ad that is quite ‘attention grabbing’.

- When you are already making some profits from your site, you have the option to upgrade to a premium package to drive more traffic to your site.

At the end of the day, it is all about a numbers game. The more frequently your ads appear, the better your chance of generating leads into your sales funnel.

7 Basic Benefits from Traffic Exchange

Traffic exchange basically means viewing others site to have the others view one’s own site. It is a sort of advertising or site promotion that is really inexpensive. One can actually start in it without spending for membership fees.

The initial reason in surfing other sites within a traffic exchange program could be the basic one. However, as time goes by there are other benefits one can get from it aside from generating traffic to a site.

1. Having downlines. Once a downline signs up, the chance to communicate with him or her is open. A relationship must be developed to gain trust, and this downline can also be included in the list of prospects. It is not for promoting products but at least to start building a list, which is helpful in online business.

There are traffic exchanges that allocate downlines when a certain credit for viewing sites within the program is reached. There are others that offer a number of downlines at a minimal cost. Aside from getting credits, the contact details of these downlines are good to be included in the list.

2. Watch out for some sites offering a small amount as a payment just for viewing them. The usual offer for this starts with 1 cent but it makes a lot of sense if the individual is really a power surfer. These bonuses can be accumulated to purchase credits or banner and text link ads at sometime; or just be requested as a payout.

3. Check on ad clicks. There are advertisements within traffic exchanges that give reward just for clicking advertisements and staying on the page for a few seconds. Increase in credits is a usual reward. This may not be a usual offer but being keen on these would be great.

4. Keep an eye on some offers to receive emails that have links to ads. The links in the email directs to an advertisement and once on the page, staying there for a few seconds gives a corresponding number of credits.

5. Use the credits earned. Make sure that the credits accumulated are assigned to a site, a text link, or a banner ad that must be promoted. This is the main reason in joining traffic exchange.

6. Surf regularly to increase activity points. There are traffic exchanges that give activity points as a reward to regular surfers or for joining forums, and newsletters. One reason for this is to gain more credit percentage in viewing sites.

7. Continuously drive traffic to a site. Always spend time surfing to have a stream of traffic flowing to the site. It is the initial reason for joining traffic exchange and it must always be kept in mind aside from the other possible benefits it can offer.

Knowing these further benefits aside from the basic reason for being a part of a traffic exchange makes surfing more exciting. Watching out for offers adds to the urge to browse more often to take part of the onetime offers within the program.

 How to Get More for Your Money on Traffic Exchanges

Making use of traffic exchanges is an excellent way to generate traffic and publicise your business on a shoestring marketing budget. In this article I will look at how you can get even better value for your money with TE credits.

There are several ways to earn traffic exchange credits. The most common way is to surf the traffic exchange and earn credits by viewing other people's pages. While you can do this on a free account, it is always worth thinking about upgrading to a professional account status as this brings you several advantages. First of all your credit earning ratio will be much better so you will earn more credits every time you surf the TE. Secondly you will be given a large number of credits every month that you maintain your pro status.

Traffic exchanges often make special offers and give away extra credits to anybody who upgrades within a special campaign period. New TEs often make a very nice offers so as to build their list of subscribers more quickly. Established TE's sometimes give away free credits to celebrate anniversaries. Other exchange owners like to run special half price or low price/bonus credit offers. Look out for those special offers and make a point of taking advantage of them. There is no reason why you ever need to pay the standard price for credits.

You can also earn bonus credits after completing a certain number of page views during a single surfing session. Get to know which TE's offer this kind of bonus, and aim to complete the required number of page views each time you surf that particular traffic exchange to take advantage of the bonus.

One of the best ways to earn bonus credit is to build a downline. Every time you recruit a new member you will probably earn a certain number of credits, or perhaps you will be able to buy credits at a nice discount. If the member upgrades you will be rewarded with a commission either in cash or credit. Once your downline has grown to a certain size you will no longer need to spend time surfing the TE in order to generate credits.

Because TEs are free to join, even in experienced marketers can build a downline without too much effort. One of the best ways to do that is to join several traffic exchanges and cross promote each of them on your other exchanges. You can expect a reasonable signup rate because you will be advertising your TEs to a highly targeted audience - people who use TE's!

However, you do not want to use your standard credits for this publicity campaign. Many TE users are not aware that they receive three types of credits on most exchanges, standard credits, banner ad credits, and text ad credits. Reserve your standard credits for your main offer and use the other type of credits that you receive, such as banner credits and text ad credits to cross promote your TEs.

You can also promote your exchanges on your website and your blog. Make a list of all the TE's you have joined, and include your affiliate links so that it is easy for people to check your list and sign up straight from your webpage.

By following all the tips in this article you will be able to earn thousands of extra credits every month for your Internet marketing campaign without having to spend hours and hours surfing the traffic exchanges.

6 Tips On How To Use Traffic Exchanges To Build Your Business

Traffic exchanges
are wildly popular. You see them everywhere you look, but do they work? In this article we will answer that question and discuss how you can use traffic exchanges to build your business.

In simple terms a traffic exchange is just what it says. You exchange clicks on ads for potential traffic. I say potential because although your ad is being displayed that does not guarantee traffic. It just guarantees impressions or exposure.

To get people to look at your ad and then click on it and go visit your site takes some skill. This is how you use traffic exchanges to build your business if you do it right.

1. You keep it very simple. The first thing you notice when you are surfing ads for credits is that most people are promoting a sales page and you are waiting a few seconds so you can click on the next ad. A sales page is not simple. It is too long and most people will not read it.

2. Promote a landing page instead. A landing page or a splash page is short and is designed to get people to quickly give you their name and email address. Your landing page needs a good title, a couple of support statements, a free gift, and a short 2 line form.

3. Get a good autoresponder
and follow up with your free gift and then anything else you want to promote. You are better off to give and give some more in the email messages you send. Eventually you can ask for an order, but that comes later.

4. Surf several traffic exchanges at one time. Click on one, go to the next, go the next, and so on. Using a browser with tabs like Firefox will help you do this quickly. Try to do 4, or 5, or 6 at a time if you can.

5. If you do not like one traffic exchange you have joined, replace it. Eventually you will find several that work well for you. Then work those every day.

6. Watch your email for any specials. Different traffic exchanges will offer double credit days, or incentives to get you to surf. Use those to your advantage and surf extra hard with them on those days.

Traffic exchanges will work if you work them. The nice thing is they are free to join and can give your business a jump start when you have more time than money.

Why Manual Traffic Exchanges Aren't Good For Your Website

Some webmasters may be tempted to use manual traffic exchanges to bring in visitors, these are websites in which the user visits other people's sites in exchange for a visit to their own. Manual traffic exchanges typically use a timer and a browser script which you browse continually through websites that have signed up for the exchange. When you visit the other person's site for a certain amount of time, typically 10-30 seconds, they will in turn visit your site for that same time period. The person doesn't have to actually look at your site, but just stay at your site until the timer is done. Many exchanges have problems with cheaters and bots.

The traffic you get from these sites is of very low quality, most of the users don't even pay attention to your site and probably tab out to another browser until the timer runs out. While the volume of traffic may seem high, virtually none of them have any interest in your site's content and they won't stick around, which just uses up your bandwidth. In most cases these sites are a waste of time and were created to bring in ad revenue by selling banners on the script or in the site rotation. 

These sites usually take a lot of time to use as well. You can do an unlimited amount of site visits on most of them, but it's not worth spending hours per day visiting other people's websites just to get very uninterested visitors. If you visited websites for an hour straight at 30 seconds each, you'd have visited 120 websites in that hour and got around that many hits back. There are much better ways of using your time, like creating content for your website or learning about other ways to promote your material.

You should use different tactics to get quality traffic to your website. Some examples are buying advertising to get more traffic to your site or do link exchanges with similar sites. Getting listed on search engines can bring in a lot of quality visitors, and search engines typically look for unique content and sites with a lot of backlinks. Try doing research into Search Engine Optimization(SEO), which is the science of getting better listings on search engines like Google and Yahoo. New webmasters may get frustrated at first because it's hard to bring in traffic, but there are much better options than manual traffic exchanges.

Building Your Opt-in List With Traffic Exchanges

A large number of people and companies are making use of traffic exchanges for generating traffic for their business. Consequently, they draw visitors to visit their site and if their site is interesting enough, these visitors may also turn into customers. In traffic exchanges, almost every company is trying to advertise its own products or services and also looking for more and more new businesses. So basically, you get a large number of advertisers as well as buyers.

In order to build an opt-in list with your traffic exchanges, you have to offer something which is able to appeal to advertisers in traffic exchanges. To do that, you have to create a subscription web page and offer information on how better results can be produced from the traffic exchanges. Also use a squeeze page and ask your visitors to leave their name and email address so that you can get in further contact with them.

Do not forget to add a thank you page at the end on which you can so your gratitude towards the customers to visit your site and give their information. On that page, you can also feature the product or service your company is manufacturing or selling. It can be in the form of a free e-book or subscription to the newsletter of your company and do not forget to include your web links in them. With the use of your imagination, you can create a thank you page which is one of the greatest ways for marketing your company. Once you have set up your web page, you can start marketing your promotion offer on traffic exchanges.

Once you have managed to convince the visitors to leave their contact information on your squeeze page, you can gather all the information and create an opt-in list. This is a list of the names and e-mail addresses of your website's visitors. They have visited your website which means that they are interested in the product or service provided by your company. Research has shown that most people have to be reminded about a company again and again before they actually take a step to avail its services. Keeping this in mind, you can send your company advertisement along with your newsletter to the visitors again and again.

In order to ensure that you have got the valid e-mail addresses of the visitors, you can have an autoresponder signup form on it. In this way, you will have their valid e-mail addresses of the visitors which you can use afterwards to continue marketing your products or services.

If you do not have technical skills, there are many professional service providers who will create your squeeze page, thank you page and even your opt-in list for you. As these are very simple tasks to do, these services are available at quite affordable rates so that nearly every budget can afford them. Building an opt-in list is one of the very best effective techniques that can be used for popularizing and enhancing your business.

A Secret Few Understand About Affiliate Marketing and Traffic Exchange

Two industries that are many times misunderstood when it comes to Internet marketing are traffic exchanges and affiliate marketing
. Let's take a look at how you can effectively combine both to create an excellent income for yourself.

We could probably summarize this article in one sentence by saying, when you use traffic exchanges go for the lead as opposed to going for the sale. What we mean by that is promoting your affiliate marketing website is not the best way to utilize traffic exchanges.

What you want to do is go for the lead, meaning capturing contact information by giving away something of value such as a free report or e-book. This contact information is sent to an autoresponder where you can now follow up over and over for future sales.

You know that you have a minimum amount of time for your page to be displayed if you have ever clicked on a traffic exchange. This is another problem with promoting your affiliate website itself.

People just do not have enough time or the attention span to sit and read a sales letter. But they will have enough time to quickly read a short splash page that hits a few high points and at the end has a sign-up box where they can put their name and e-mail address.

To do this you will need to create a landing page that is attractive enough to encourage your reader to give you their contact information. This is also an excellent place to include a header that you begin to brand yourself with.

You might even go so far as to put your picture in the header or on the landing page itself. As you develop campaigns in various traffic exchanges, you will be branding yourself as well as trying to build a list for future follow-up.

This is such a simple concept that it really is amazing more people do not do it. We have all seen many differnet things promoted in traffic exchanges. Think about what captures your attention and maybe ones that you have actually clicked on or joined.

Very few of us ever buy a product off of the traffic exchange. But we do sign up for free reports and e-books, which then get us on a list where we begin to receive e-mail. It's off of these e-mails that we may very well buy a product from an affiliate marketer.

This is the secret few people seem to really understand. The right way to use affiliate marketing and traffic exchanges is to go for the lead and follow-up for a sale at a later date.

Traffic Exchange Programs - Adapt For Success

Is surfing for hits a waste of your time? Is spending money as a Pro member of any traffic exchange program ever worth its monthly fee? If you are using a hit exchange program and are starting to wonder if you are heading in the wrong direction, then the following information may allow you to adapt your marketing strategy to fully utilize the power of traffic exchanges and find greater success.

Lack of "targeted traffic
" is the most common complaint heard about hit exchange programs. It is said that many hit surfers are not paying attention to other offers, but merely "clicking' for more credits.

What is the easiest way to conquer this problem?

Generate your own targeted traffic by engaging the surfer directly! Develop a simple, yet effective landing page that catches the surfer's attention and clearly spells out your message. The faster the page loads, the less clutter and external pages, the more likely you are to make a conversion.

Not making any sales?

Use this time to capture their name, not their credit card. Most Internet users are not comfortable buying a product the first time they see the offer online. Add to the fact that you have 30 seconds or less to convince them they should buy your product and it is pretty far fetched to think you will make a lot of direct sales.

Gathering contact information to use in a follow up message series is the most effective use of your time in front of the surfer. Capturing leads allows you to not only promote to them on an ongoing basis but builds the trust you need to make the sale as well.

Wasting too much time?

Earning credits can be time consuming, but it is ultimately what makes the process effective. Break up your surfing into smaller portions. Keep one browser window open and whenever you get a minute or two, surf a few pages. It will keep earning hits from becoming monotonous and frustrating. Supplementing your surfing with a paid or Pro membership also allows you more freedom to break up the process simply because you do not need to worry about running out of credits.

Offering a Replicated Website?

Many hit programs members are promoting a site that replicates for each new member. Because there is no option to change the website and the competition is far greater due to sheer numbers of the same promotion, many get frustrated by their lack of success.

My suggestion is to try one of the many smaller hit exchange programs available. If you break away from the few widely known traffic exchanges and enter new territory, you may find a wider variety of promotions and greater success of your website converting leads.

Free traffic can be a very ineffective method of Internet marketing if you are approaching it incorrectly. Adapting your marketing strategies to target the audience is very easy to implement will allow you to see improvement in your lead conversions and future sales. Take the time today to implement these procedures and discover the true profit potential in traffic exchange programs.

-Practical Tips By Me :
-Don't use the site which have loading or surfing problem.Don't worry there are thousands of sites.
-Do the multi tab browsing.Use Firefox or Crazy Browser for that.Firefox is best.
-Don't surf blindly just for credits & visit the site of your interest as you will come across many usesul
 sites while surfing.To save time & visit the site later on just write click & open the site in new  window & then book marked it.
-Don't surf manual & auto surf sites together.
-Don't try to sell something directly,instead just use a squeeze or landing page to generate leads.
-Brand everything on your sqeeze page including yourself,your company &/or site & your product.
-Always put an open in new window link on you squeeze page.
-Use eye catching headline in your squeeze page with bigger bold words.
-Don't designed your squeeze page conjested with describing too much information.In stead  keep
it neat,clean & attractive with just writing only one or two most important facts.
-In short your squeeze page or landing page is specially designed to use in TEs.
-Surf regularly in all the TEs you have joined.
-Understand if you have a 50000 crdits in a single TE or  you have just only 100 credits in 200 TEs = 20000 credits and those credits are far less then 50000 credits but believe me those 20000 credits are more valuable then 50000 credits in a single site.You will reach vast audience of visitors with  using many TEs & with less credits.
-Classify all the sites as per timers.E.G. 8 to 10 seconds,15 to 20 seconds,20 to 30 seconds etc &
  then surf them in their groups with multi tab.
-Use this free software to fast change the tabs.(Link is down the page)
-Read the mails of TE owners.You will get news about new changes & credits as well.
-Most important build your referrals by actively promoting each TE so you will get free credits from
 your referrals' surfing & as well as referring them.Either you can promote each TE separately(time  consuming  & very difficult) or you can build a special page & send traffic from your main site(very  easy & effective).
-Put each TE's Banner Codes & Text Ad on your site.I have written a seperate page in Banner Section for this so you can  understand how much important this is to insert the codes.

  Let me make this clear : I have not included 
here all the sites & given order numbers  as their popularity or how many members each site has but  I have grouped them as per  their surf times so you may find the 1st site relatively new and with less number of members.Average surf time for most of Manual Surf Exchange sites is 8 to 12 seconds but you will find the site even with 5 second surf timer as well as 30 seconds surf timer.Let us start with Manual Traffic Exchanges with 30 second timer.These are TEs with highest surf timer.I hav not seen any TEs with greater surf timer then 30 seconds.

 Manual Traffic Exzchanges With Surf Timer Of above 20 second but belo or equal to 30 seconds

 [1] Weekly Revenue Share
 Intro : Relativlely new site with very good site designed.Offers 250 free credits to   members who sign up for his or her 
new account.Free and pro memberships are available.Pay 15 % referral commission.Share the 80 % profits with pro members and weekly pay outs are made.To get 80% revenue share in profits the pro members must view menimum 90 sites to claim rebates.

 Timer : 30 Seconds
 Surf Ratio 
Free Member  = 2:1
Pro Member    = 1:1

 Site States(As on 4-3-2010)

Total Url's : 278
Today's Surf : 6
Yesterdays Surf : 30
Average Surf : 167
Current Surfers : 0
Today's Shows : 6
Yesterdays Shows : 30

 Features :
- Extremely easy to join
-You can advertise & get free traffic even as a free member
-Earn cash even as a free member & earn even more as a pro member
-5 websites can be advertised by a free member
-You can access tools page,add website & buy hits pages directly from your surf bar.
-In built Ad Clicking features where you can earn credits by clicking ads in your member's area
-You can advertise 5 different banners as a free member
-Built in Banner Exchange & Text Ad feature where you can earn  impressions by inserting both codes in your site pages.
- You can buy credits or upgrade your membership in side your member's area.
-You can also purchase news letter ads which will be sent to all the members of the sites
-You can purchase daily sponsor ad as well but have to reserved your spot in advance.
- You can convert you credit from site credits to banner impressons or text ad impressions & vice versa.
-The admin/owner arranges regular contest.You can get the current contest's info by log in & pressing the contest button
-You can buy solo ad which has been sent to all the members of the site.
-If you have any question you can any time contact  owner by pressing support tab inside the member's area.
-You can view your referrals with e-mail id by pressing downline//banners tab & even contact them
-You can change anytime your  profile details user name,e-mail addres or password by pressing Profile tab inside member's area.
-You can see how much commission you owe to the site by pressing commission tab
-You can use in built ad tracker &  you can make maximum 5 url  tracker as free member.
-You can even generate and download Statistics Report by pressing Statistics button inside member's area.

 You must follow these rule to use the site.

 you are NOT allowed to:

    * Use robot/auto surf software of any kind.
    * Promote Immoral, Illegal, or Illicit websites.
    * Promote Adult, Hate, Racist or any kind of material that will cause offence.
    * Any language other than English as the predominant.If you are interested in free promotion, free advertising, marketing or networking, then this is the right place to be. AdlandPro has been offering free and paid advertising services to small businesses since 1996. We have the most complete and most affordable advertising solutions for small businesses and home entrepreneurs.ant language (minor use of a foreign language is permitted but should not represent more than 10% of the total page).
    * Use an auto-responder email that automatically answers your email such as spamarrest, spamcop, mailblocks etc.   Be aware some of these services send spam in your name and can cause your email account to be shutdown by your ISP!
    * Use an email address that prohibits the receipt of emails from weekly-revenue-share  for any reason.
    * Send unsolicited email attempting to promote weekly-revenue-share

 Privacy Policy Of the site

 Information Collection and Use of Information
In order to use this website, a user must first complete the registration form. During registration a user is required to give his contact information (email address). This information is used to contact the user about the service and products we provide or wish to provide. We will not sell, share, or rent personal information to others.

This website takes every precaution to protect our users personal information. When a user submits sensitive information via our site, the information is protected both online and off-line. Only the administrator of this site can access personal information of the users.

Right to Cancel
Our users can cancel membership and be removed from all newsletters and databases. To do this a link is provided at the end of system generated email messages from weekly-revenue-share.com, click the link and you will be taken to a web page where you may choose to be removed from just newsletters or the entire database.

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 [2] Ad Land Pro

Intro :       This is basically a classified ad network sites but the site offers many other useful services like free e-mail account,free hosting,forum,community discussion,search engine submission etc and Manual Traffic exchange is one of them and very much important & valuable service provided by the site.
 If you are interested in free promotion, free advertising, marketing or networking, then this is the right place to be. AdlandPro has been offering free and paid advertising services to small businesses since 1996. They have the most complete and most affordable advertising solutions for small businesses and home entrepreneurs.

 You can do following on Ad Land Pro site at no cost to you:
1. Place your free ads in our classifieds and community pages ($2.50 value)
2. Place your free ads in our Free Traffic Exchange (130,000 users) ($2.50 value )
3. Free subscription to our "Adland Digest" Newsletter ($5.00 per month value)
4. Obtain free leads for your business using our community system ($5-$10 per lead value)
5. Earn big money with our affiliate program (up to $10,000/month)
6. Participate in discussions to learn more about marketing and promotions through the Adland Digest ($5.00 per month value)
Surf Timer : 30 Seconds

 Surf Ratio
Free Member  = 2:1
Pro Member    = 1:1

    *   Totally Free to Join! - Massive amounts of  real, live traffic absolutely FREE!
    * Aggressive Anti-Cheat Mechanism.  Auto-Surfers, Spiders, and Robots can simulate clicks on your ads and rapidly deplete your credits.  Our security technology allows us to detect and eliminate such cheats to ensure each hit is a genuine human click and not an automated one.
    * No Software Required.  The Traffic Exchange program is run completely from our end and is all controlled by you using your internet browser over the web.  No software to purchase or install.
    * INSTANT Exposure - The moment your ad is submitted, our Traffic Exchange System begins deploying it to our user network of over 130,000 sites.  This means your ad could potentially reach a whopping 130,000 desktops all over the world!
    * Simple to Use - You need only select the type of display you want, copy the code into your website, write or select your ad, and you're done.  Our traffic exchange doesn't waste your time so you have more time to do things you enjoy.  Let US worry about  your traffic!
    * Save Money on Bandwidth - We don't display your actual web site until such time as a user clicks on your ad which saves you dollars on wasted site displays to users who may not be interested or may not have even seen your site.  This means more money in your pocket and not wasted on "tire-kickers" who will never buy anything from you.
    * Visitors Are Voluntary and Targeted.  Because visits are by choice and not forced, you receive more targeted traffic.  We do not use or allow simulated click technology to deliver traffic to your website.  All of our users get to your site the same way; with their finger and a mouse.
    * 130,000 Active User Network.  Your ads are instantly exposed to this enormous network in several countries and all over the U.S. and Canada.  Just imagine how far your ad could  travel.

 If you have a website, you MUST get involved with this program.  You'll be amazed at the amount of exposure your website will receive and you'll feel secure knowing that the visitors you see coming to your site day after day are  REAL people who are truly interested in what you are offering.  Don't fall for those other programs which deliver what appear to be unbelievable numbers of visitors to your site by using automated software!  Get REAL LIVE TRAFFIC NOW!
"...What Other Traffic Wholesale Companies DON'T Want You To Know..."

Ever wonder how some of these other companies deliver on promises to "Flood your website with waves and waves of targeted traffic"?  Simple, and I'll bet you didn't even know you were part of that plan either.

Have you ever been surfing the internet and had a small window pop up in the corner of your screen and then disappear or wind up underneath all your OTHER windows?  Imagine thousands of others like yourself seeing the same thing.  Now imagine you buying this service from many other sites who promise tonnes and tonnes of traffic and it's YOUR website that wasn't seen.  It's like throwing a matchbook with your ad in it onto a busy Downtown New York sidewalk and hoping someone will pick it up and read it.  Did you ever click on those windows?  No?  Do you think others will?  Of course not.  Yet it appears as though thousands of people are visiting your site.

The Adlandpro Advantage

Adlandpro's proven traffic exchange system has been online for over 2 years running with a large majority of these users having been with us for over half of that time.  Our Traffic Exchange users visit your ads because they want to...not because they are forced to or don't know they even saw an ad.  Other companies will try and make you believe that your ad is being seen by millions of people each day.  We can't make that promise and we're glad because that means we can guarantee you QUALITY clicks from people who are actively looking for reputable services; services like yours each and every day!

Traffic Exchange Credits

"What is a Credit?" - A credit is equivalent to 1 display of  your ad on the Traffic Exchange Network and you get 500 Free Credits just for signing up!   That means your ad will be displayed 500 times for just becoming an Adlandpro.com user.  Go ahead and try us out!  There are 2 ways to get involved with the Traffic Exchange Program on Adlandpro.com:

Earn Traffic Exchange Credits

    * Get credits for 6 levels of referrals - Let your referrals earn your credits for you.
    * Get credits for surfing the Traffic Exchange Network yourself
    * Get credits for others surfing the Traffic Exchange which you have referred.
    * Choices.  Choose to make the Traffic Exchange your start page, display a pop-up window, or add code to display the ads only once per visitor in a 24 hour period.

      An example of an Adlandpro.com Traffic Exchange Ad Section.

Purchase Traffic Exchange Credits

    * By purchasing Traffic Exchange Credits, you receive a large number of credits at a single time.
    * You choose how many credits you wish to purchase (20, 40, or 80,0000 Credits) available at very low cost.

Price     Included Credits
$15.00 USD     20,000 Credits
$28.00 USD     40,000 Creditsviralhosts
$52.00 USD     80,000 Credits

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Place Free Classified Ads - Adlandpro
Free Classifieds Ads.

 [3] Viral URL

Intro : This is not exactly a Manual  Traffic Exchange.Then why I have included the site in this section of Manual Surf Traffic Exchange?Simple though it is not a manual TE,it has an in built feature with which you can earn free advertising credits exactly as a traffic exchange.It is basically a shorten url  cum tracking service with many built in other valuable features.

 You are getting ripped off! It is proven that many customers; when they see your affiliate link in the URL bar, replace it with their own, and often even just cut it off! This means, your hard work and marketing costs are being blown with the customer RIPPING you off... Not anymore: ViralURL protects you and ensures your affiliate links are never exposed!

If you already promote a website, as an affiliate or even your own site, you are leaving money on the table and there is a good chance you are having sales STOLEN from right under your nose!

Marketing is a very tough industry but if done right, is VERY profitable! You ever wonder why some people make huge incomes online whilst others lose money? The ones making the money understand a few simple concepts and have security measures in place.

Let�s talk about security. You need to protect your affiliate links. Not doing this one thing could be costing you up to 300% in profit! Studies reveal how the average online marketer should be making 4 times the sales... Put another way you're losing 300% of the commssions you rightfully deserve.

Imagine that your losing campaigns might actually be profitable ones yet you don't know it. ViralURL performs MANY functions, with the first one being, protecting your commissions!

The SHOCKING truth is that you are getting ripped off! It is proven that many customers; when they see your affiliate link in the URL bar, replace it with their own, and often even just cut it off! This means, your hard work and marketing costs are being blown with the customer RIPPING you off... Not anymore: ViralURL protects you and ensures your affiliate links are never exposed!

Business in ANY industry is all about �leverage�. Those that have it: WIN, those that don�t: lose! The more leverage you have, the more money you are able to make.... ViralURL creates MASSIVE leverage!

Imagine promoting an affiliate product. The user clicks your link, and then navigates away. Worse yet, they buy the product and cut you out of the sale! Not a good way to conduct business.

Now imagine you promote a product cloaked with ViralURL: The user clicks your link and stats get recorded for you. They then see the logo in your �Viralbar� and click it. This opens in a new window so they remain on your affiliate page. When they join ViralURL, they go in your downline! You can now email them, and their referrals and their referrals down 5 levels, every week! They choose to buy your product and, with ViralURL protection, you get paid!

Wait... There�s more! You can leverage the power of this one visitor to earn credits and have your text ad shown on �Viralbars� around the globe! Instead of promoting an ugly affiliate link, you are leveraging the same visitor in many different ways to grow your business virally!

Now you can have a MASSIVE, Viral List - Even if you suck at list building! Using leverage, the list building is done for you! ViralURL is the secret weapon that will boost your profits 10 fold and crank up the traffic to your site, whilst protecting your affiliate commissions in four easy steps!

If you have any questions about the ViralURL system we'd love to help you out. Feel free to contact us any time.

 Surf Timer : 30 Seconds

 Surf Ratio
Free Member  = Earn 30 creditsYou are getting ripped off! It is proven that many customers; when they see your affiliate link in the URL bar, replace it with their own, and often even just cut it off! This means, your hard work and marketing costs are being blown with the customer RIPPING you off... Not anymore: ViralURL protects you and ensures your affiliate links are never exposed!

If you already promote a website, as an affiliate or even your own site, you are leaving money on the table and there is a good chance you are having sales STOLEN from right under your nose!

Marketing is a very tough industry but if done right, is VERY profitable! You ever wonder why some people make huge incomes online whilst others lose money? The ones making the money understand a few simple concepts and have security measures in place.

Let�s talk about security. You need to protect your affiliate links. Not doing this one thing could be costing you up to 300% in profit! Studies reveal how the average online marketer should be making 4 times the sales... Put another way you're losing 300% of the commssions you rightfully deserve.

Imagine that your losing campaigns might actually be profitable ones yet you don't know it. ViralURL performs MANY functions, with the first one being, protecting your commissions!

The SHOCKING truth is that you are getting ripped off! It is proven that many customers; when they see your affiliate link in the URL bar, replace it with their own, and often even just cut it off! This means, your hard work and marketing costs are being blown with the customer RIPPING you off... Not anymore: ViralURL protects you and ensures your affiliate links are never exposed!
Business in ANY industry is all about �leverage�. Those that have it: WIN, those that don�t: lose! The more leverage you have, the more money you are able to make.... ViralURL creates MASSIVE leverage!

Imagine promoting an affiliate product. The user clicks your link, and then navigates away. Worse yet, they buy the product and cut you out of the sale! Not a good way to conduct business.

Now imagine you promote a product cloaked with ViralURL: The user clicks your link and stats get recorded for you. They then see the logo in your �Viralbar� and click it. This opens in a new window so they remain on your affiliate page. When they join ViralURL, they go in your downline! You can now email them, and their referrals and their referrals down 5 levels, every week! They choose to buy your product and, with ViralURL protection, you get paid!

Wait... There�s more! You can leverage the power of this one visitor to earn credits and have your text ad shown on �Viralbars� around the globe! Instead of promoting an ugly affiliate link, you are leveraging the same visitor in many different ways to grow your business virally!

Now you can have a MASSIVE, Viral List - Even if you suck at list building! Using leverage, the list building is done for you! ViralURL is the secret weapon that will boost your profits 10 fold and crank up the traffic to your site, whilst protecting your affiliate commissions in four easy steps!

If you have any questions about the ViralURL system we'd love to help you out. Feel free to contact us any time.
Pro Member    =  Earn 60 credits

 Features :
# Listbuild on auto-pilot
- build a massive downline virally!

Build a huge downline with no effort and email it every few days to build a strong relationship with them and promote any program you want. List building has never been so easy!

# Advertise your website to a targeted audience
- guaranteed traffic increase!

Promote your business with Viralbar text ads, banner ads and guaranteed visits! Increase the quality and quantity of your web traffic with our easy-to-use advertising tools.

# Send broadcast emails to our members
- cheap quality lead generation!

Optional upgrade to email from 3,000 to 6,000 fellow marketers every 3 days with our system mailer & generate qualified leads at a very low cost. A must-have for any internet or network marketer!

# Make huge commissions on upgrades
- boost your online income!

Earn above industry-average commissions on upgrades and speed up your online income! No matter if you promote the system or not, you can earn commissions virally!


Not only has ViralURL brought an outstanding tool to the network-marketing market, they have also created one of the best income opportunities I have ever seen.

Now I can finally protect my affiliate URL and also make money sharing the tool with others.

After using this tool I noticed that my signup ratio started to increase.

I can't believe I have been losing out on all these signups during all these years.

This tool is a must for everybody with an affiliate link. I will use it for all my programs from now on.

ViralURL will help anybody get more traffic and sign ups to whatever site they are promoting.

The members area is fantastic and it will benefit everybody, especially new people to internet marketing.

People would be crazy if they don't sign up and take advantage of your site

You must follow these rules to use the site

-Again you can not use any spamming method to promote the site.
 -As a ViralURL member with the membership account of the type Free, Gold or Diamond you agree to receive emails from other members through our system
 -As a ViralURL member you agree not to use missleading subjects in messages to other members.
-With adult content or pornography
 -Spyware or malicious virus containg site
 -Site involved in any kind of illegal activites
 -Site involved in Hacking
 -Site contains illegal copy righted content
 -Site contains offensive materials 

 Join the 63,885 Members That Already Earn an Instant Income, Track, Cloak And List Build 100% on Autopilot! Get Your Very Own Supercharged ViralURL... FREE!

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  [4]  Viral Hosts
 Intro : This is also 
not exactly a Manual  Traffic Exchange.Then why I have included the site in this section of Manual Surf Traffic Exchange?Simple though it is not a manual TE,it has an in built feature with which you can earn free advertising credits exactly as a traffic exchange.It is basically a shorten url  cum tracking service with many built in other valuable features.

 ViralHosts is a fantastic system providing everything online marketer's need, without needing all the skills required to operate a regular hosting account. Add in a mailer, huge commissions and everything else and there's no denying this is a must have service.
You see, when I (Colin) started online, I struggled setting up a website. I didn't know how to choose a host, and didn't know how to design, program and setup my website. I'm not a designer, Server tech or programmer! Through trial and error I finally got some sites up, and guess what... They made ZERO money!

Five (5) years later, I run sites that do seven figures a year in revenue and work on very high profit margins, but it wasn't a walk in the park getting here. I made a bunch of mistakes and finally discovered that the two hardest, most important things to earning money online are:

* Setting up a site that looks decent... don't want to blind your visitors, works well and actually stays online (good hosting needed)

* Traffic - Targeted traffic finding your site among the millions that come online and 'clutter' the net every day!

Two rather large issues that I am sure you have encountered as well. Even to this day I still make mistakes and still struggle to find good hosting. The other day I got a tweet from someone saying one of my sites was down.

Turned out the whole server was, so when I eventually found which company they were hosted with and logged in, I saw that I had not made the payment that month and my account was suspended. I had 7 different hosting accounts and it was a nightmare to manage them all, so I decided to go to a man who can do that and put them all in one place. Enter...
ViralHosts Dot Com!

ViralHosts is not just a free hosting service, it is also a list builder, traffic generator and website creator! The biggest 'problems' are solved with one service...

Not only can you host your domain(s) with us, but you can also use our point and click templates to get your site up live and hosted with a few simple clicks! If you don't have your own domain name, that isn't a worry either, we will give you a sub domain to use!

To make an income online, you simply MUST have a website. It is non negotiable. Sure, some people claim you can use PPC traffic to affiliate link to someone else's sales page, well for every 1 person you can show me who makes money like that, I can show you 99 who don't. Personally, I don't like those odds.

ViralHosts gives you a free, simple way to start branding yourself online, generating opt-ins and promoting your... or other people's offers!

That is the hosting side, lets chat about the list building side.

You see, ViralHosts has a 5 contact level double opt-in database, meaning every person you refer goes under you. Then every person they refer does as well. This happens for all referrals down 5 contact levels.

These people would normally never have found your list, but now you will be able to mail them every week through our system. Lets take a look at what your list will look like if you refer just 5 people and they did the same, as you will see below... by hosting with ViralHosts there is no reason you can't refer 50, 100 or even 1,000 people!

Contact Level # In Double Opt-In Database
List Level 1 25
List Level 2 125
List Level 3 625
List Level 4 3,125
List Level 5 15,625
Total List Size: 19,530
  Almost 20,000 in your double opt-in database that you can mail, simply by referring 5 people, and here is why you should be able to refer a lot more then that... and lets not forget that, depending on your membership level, you can also earn up to 60% commissions on those you personally referred!

The beauty of this is it is automatic! If you choose to leave the bar on at the top of your site, it links to this page with Your Affiliate Link built in. The link opens in a new window, so the user doesn't get taken away from your site. When they join ViralHosts, they go in your double opt-in database as a personal referral, and as they refer people, the snowball grows bigger and picks up speed... Taking your list size and income with it!

If the person you refer chooses to upgrade their account with ViralHosts, you get paid large commissions... This means, hosting with us actually pays you!

On top of the affiliate commissions we literally DO pay you! We place ads on your site that open in a new window as to not take the visitor from your site, and we pay you to do so. We will pay you 5 cents per 1,000 page impressions you get, and ready... 5 cents for every 1,000 that your personal referrals get. So imagine as you refer more members, your earnings from their page views increases and these are payments!

Don't worry if you would rather not have ads on your site, we have those options available too after signup...
In Summary
ViralHosts is a fantastic system providing everything online marketer's need, without needing all the skills required to operate a regular hosting account. Add in a mailer, huge commissions and everything else and there's no denying this is a must have service.
ViralHosts will...

* Provide You With Marketer Friendly, Reliable Hosting (50 MB Storage & 500 MB Bandwidth)
* Build Your List on Autopilot!
* Pay You 5 cents per thousand page views on your site, and 5 cents per 1,000 from all your referrals
* Open up another Revenue Stream via High, Automatic, Recurring Commission Payments

Powered by Linux, Intel, Cisco & cPanel

And it will cost you: Nothing (Free)

Even if you already have your sites hosted elsewhere, why not use our free hosting to make a new one and add some content with links pointing to your current site. This is a great way to build some nice, quality inbound links back to your sites. You don't even need to buy another domain as we provide you with subdomains you can use.

So why wait any longer before acting on this 'no-brainer' offer and fill out the form below to get started now...

 ou don't even need to use the hosting as your main host if you already host somewhere else. It can simply be used to build more links to your main site... & you will earn on the pageviews your site does get! Of course, you can use it as your main hosting account too!

P.P.S - You will not get emails from people below you. The only people you will get emails from are your upline and the odd Gold member. This is NOT a safe list, so even though you can potentially email 30,000+ people per month, you will only get a few emails per day and can opt-out at any time. Act NOW to secure your financial Future!

P.P.P.S - We almost forgot to mention... as a free member you can earn up to 40% commissions!
 Why it works?
  Every one who involved in making mone or selling products need reliable hosting & traffic & with your free replicataed site you are going to provide them
with Free Hosting, Free Traffic & Free Advertising System with gaurantee of real visitors & they will also get same system to offer to others & so the free traffic will explode to millions.This is proven method  and works for any niche/business.

ViralHosts is a fantastic system providing everything online marketer's need, without needing all the skills required to operate a regular hosting account. Add in a mailer, huge commissions and everything else and there's no denying this is a must have service.

You must follow these rules to use the site

-Again you can not use any spamming method to promote the site.
-With adult content or pornography
 -Spyware or malicious virus containg site
 -Site involved in any kind of illegal activites
 -Site involved in Hacking
 -Site contains illegal copy righted content
 -Site contains offensive materials

  Sign up right now here.......


  Want us to include your choice of  program?Know any similar program?Want to include that  program?Just send us the site link but we will include only the programs which pass our test &  provide results.

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