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Don't Use These Programs To Save Time & Labor

  If you don't want to waste your time & instead you want to leverage your time,I suggest not to use below mentioned Free Traffic & Free Advertising Resources.There is nothing against the site owner of these programs.Many of the owners are repuated Internet Marketers & operate many successful sites. It is my personal opinion what you want to do with these programs is your choice.

Reasons I included these programs are.........

1. Program doesn't provide the result as claimed.
  2. The surfing problem(Specially TEs)
  3. The sites which provide benefits to only his owner.Specially there is nothing for free members.
  4. Some sites' intentional setting so that you waste yor time for owner's benefit.

   I have also stated individal reasons for each program.I hope this information will save tons of your time & save yourself from lots of tension & fustration!

  Actually I was not going to include these Free Traffic & Free Advertising Resources but then I came to know many of our members are using them & wasting their time & labor so we decided to include them here.Although I have marked them as not useful,some of them has 50000 to 80000 members so still they are good sources for paid advertising like text ads,banner as,solo email ads etc & for pro membership you should check each Free Traffic & Advertising Resource features.Still I recommend not to use them even as a pro member except for paid ads.

[A] Traffic Exchange Sites You Should Not Use.


     It was very good site in the past but its new avatar is not worth your time.There is no defined  mechanism for earning clix.Some time you receie clix for waiting for 30 seconds & some time you get message-Invalid click.You can not edit your site's url.Once you enter a url you can still  add new url but you can not delete the old url.


     I have got 5000 hits collected & my site is pending aprooval for 3 months.I contacted the owner but still no reply.Never ever use any site where you don't get good customer service!


     Surf page doesn't load properly while surfing & when you refresh the page you have to enter the secrity codes again & at each refresh!It wastes lots of time while doing multi tabs surf.


     Surf page loading problem after you surf 3-4 pages


     Surf page loading problem from the start


     Surf page loading problem from the start


     Surf page loading problem from the start


     Surf page loading problem from the start


     Surf page loading problem afer 4-5 page surfing.

      Surf page loading problem from the start

      Surf page not working at all.

      Surf page loading problem

      Surf page loading problem

      Surf page loading problem

      Surf page loading problem

   More programs for each section will be included as soon as we find out about them.If you have any bad experience with any site providing
service about Free traffic and Free advertising and if you want to include that site in this list insert your comment in our Guest Book as well as join our forum about free traffic and free advertising resources to discuss the problem as well as to know the experiences of other members.We can even inform the problem to the site owner if so many members are facing the same problem.

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