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hat is Press Release?In general terms press release is a written announcement for a new website or product launch and submitted to media. For online press release there are many sites and required some skill to write an effective press release.

   Investment Dictionary:
   Press  Release

News that is sent out or released by the company making the news. If it's an earnings press release, the release will discuss the financial results of the company for the recently completed quarter and may provide comments from management. Press releases often list valuable contact information that can assist you in your research, such as the company's web address, information contacts and address information.
How to Use Press Releases and Social Media to Maximize Your Marketing Budget

New social media platforms seem to pop up every week it seems, and each one offers entrepreneurs, businesses, law firms, or publicly traded companies a unique opportunity to grow their business… if they know how.

As we begin the second decade of the 21st century, that may be the biggest “if” in marketing because it ties into so many different facets of how to communicate with customers and clients.

If you know how to write your posts and links effectively.

If you know when to use current events to tie into your company.

If you know how often you should post so your prospective clients don’t feel spammed.

And perhaps most importantly, if you have quality material to share with your targeted customers.

What press release professionals have long understood is the idea that press releases are often the most cost effective and substantial marketing strategies available because they can be search engine optimized to make it easy for customers to find them. Today’s general public is smarter than it was 20 or even 10 years ago. It understands when it is being “pitched” and it has learned to filter through anything seen as too obnoxious.

Since the prospective customer uses the search engine of their own free will and comes across an online press release because the release material is tied into what they are looking for, they don’t feel like they’re reading an advertisement. An effectively written press release makes all the difference.

In February, the press release distribution company PRNewsChannel will do its best to encourage business owners, companies, and law firms to bring their businesses into the social media age by giving away a free online press release distribution (a $150 value) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the month. The winners will be chosen from the PR newswire’s Twitter followers and will include a free search engine optimization.

   How to Use Press Releases to Gain Exposure For Your Website?

By having a third party such as a journalist write a story about you, your brand message becomes more credible and effective. Their coverage offers an impartial endorsement that tells their readers you are an honest person, and that your services or products provide substantial value.

   Understanding How The Media Works

Our society is very time-poor, and this fight for attention includes our journalists and writers. They have to scan through literally thousands of articles, ideas and proposals a day to pick the best ones that will capture the reader's attention. If we want to stand out among the thousands of articles a journalist will receive daily, we first need to understand what they are looking for.

Most journalists will ask - where's the angle or the hook to this story? What is going to appeal to my readers that will make a great story? For example, if the heading of a story reads, "Man takes dog for a walk," then people will not be interested. But if the heading reads "Man takes flying dog for a walk," that story will grab the reader's attention.

There are 10 basic types of media 'hooks' a journalist will look for when reading an article. Note that not all have to be applied at the same time.

1. What's unique about this? What's different about this story? There has to be a unique angle to most stories, unless the story is looking at an emerging trend (in which case the reporter will want several examples).

2. Successful - Reporters and readers love rags to riches stories

3. Great story - The story behind the story (such as Justin Herald's success as the founder of Attitude T-shirts)

4. Controversial - Is there something that will grabs peoples' attention? Are you willing to comment on something that others will not?

5. New statistics - The media loves this!

6. Commentary - Piggybacking off other stories - you comment on other stories

7. Story that is relatable - A broad appeal to the masses (such as the Spotless stain-removal book)

8. Underdog story - The small guy up against large companies

9. Humor - Funny or interesting stories or events that make people laugh

10. Appeal to people's emotions - Tugging on readers' heartstrings, such as a charitable appeal

The media wants a personal human touch to a story, so create everything around YOU. It's not about your business, because a great story is created around a person, not a company. In the beginning build a strong profile of yourself, which will help you create a story around your business.

    How to Start with Press Release

 Start slowly and from smaller local media out lets and then make them big.I mean to say start with local news papers and community magazines. They always need new content and so eager to print your articles and other content. They are eager to introduce local personality as that provide them with real local news.

    Five-step process:

1. Start with your local newspapers, community magazines and radio

2. Distribute your press release to state newspapers, major magazines  and trade and association publications

3. Move onto national newspapers and blogs in your market.

4. Try  radio stations for brief phone interviews

5. Try to arrange television interviews on news or talk shows

With these 5 steps slowly but firmly you will establish yours and your business credibility and  after a duration your business and you become well know in the public. In the process you will generate tremendous free publicity for your business that can never be possible with money. Start locally,gradually cover your state,then target the nation and finally reach the global audience through different media out lets.

    How to Use Online Press Releases To Bring Visitors to Your Nonprofit Website

Even though the media are more fragmented than ever, with many newspapers going out of business but online news sites flourishing, press releases can and should be a major component of your media strategy. Put your press releases online and draw not only the media, but also general readers, potential donors, and volunteers to your nonprofit website.
Write Press Releases Frequently
Take a page from the business public relations playbook, and write press releases frequently. In The New Rules of Marketing & PR, David Meerman Scott suggests that an organization develop a press release strategy, and send press releases at every opportunity. Here is a list of possibilities for a nonprofit organization.
Send a press release when you:

    * have a new take on an old problem
    * develop a new program
    * serve a unique population or mission
    * have interesting information to share (nonprofits should think about any studies they do, or surveys they perform)
    * if your CEO or other prominent staff or board members speak at a conference
    * win an award
    * produce a product or a helpful publication
    * get a big donation or grant
    * reach a goal in a fund raising campaign
    * send volunteers to help with a crisis
    * have expertise on a topic in the news

You can probably think of a lot more possibilities. If not, check out the online press rooms of some large national nonprofits to see what they are writing press releases about.
Distribute Press Releases Widely
Use an online distribution system to send your press releases to a wide audience. This needn't cost a lot and, even if distributed to a limited geographic area, just having the press release on the distributor's website will boost your placement on the major search engines.

Your press release is also likely to be sent out in the alerts that search engines such as Google send to anyone who signs up to receive news that contains keywords that are of interest to the reader. For instance, I receive Google news alerts on the words, "nonprofit" and "philanthropy."

Popular Press Release Distribution Services include:

    * Business Wire
    * Marketwire
    * PrimeNewsWire
    * PR Newswire
    * AlterNet (focuses on environmental, human rights, civil liberties, and social justice)
    * AScribe

Post the Press Releases in Your Online Press Room
Write and post press releases frequently. They will provide a reason for the search engines to crawl your site and index your press releases.

Search engines love frequent updates. In the same way, a frequently updated blog on your website can encourage indexing by the search engines. Be sure to post the press releases in reverse chronological order, but, when you have enough, you can also provide groupings of press releases filed by keyword or topic.
Optimize Your Press Releases by Using Keywords and Keyword Phrases
Search optimization is a highly specialized area, but even the search amateurs among us can learn how to do basic optimization.

Research your keywords to see which would work best for your press release. You can do this at the free version of WordTracker and at Google Adwords.

You will want to choose keyword phrases in your press releases that do not necessarily receive the most traffic. On the most popular keyword pages, it is very difficult to rank highly (preferably within the first couple of pages of results). Pick a keyword phrase that is a bit less popular and your press releases may rank more highly.

For instance, the phrase, "child abuse" (according to Google Adwords) received 2,740,000 searches in one month. But "child abuse prevention" received 49,500 searches. If you have a free brochure on how to prevent child abuse, you might do better using the latter phrase. You could also optimize for several phrases such as "prevent child abuse," "signs of child abuse," etc, all of which have lower numbers of searches. Think about the various ways someone who was looking for this information would search for it. What words or phrases would he or she put into the search box?

Place your keyword phrase in these key places in your online press release:

    * Meta Tag (ask someone familiar with tech issues where this is if it is not obvious within your website system). Look at the top bar of your web browser on any web page to see where that Meta Tag shows up and how it is usually formatted.
    * Meta Description
    * Meta Keywords
    * Title of the press release
    * Subtitle of the press release
    * First paragraph of the press release
    * In the subheads that you use to break up the text of the press release.
    * At the end of the press release

This is no time to give up on press releases or to think that you should just send them to a few reporters. These simple procedures involving your press release strategy will result in a surprising increase in Internet traffic to your website. You'll reach reporters, plus a whole lot of other people who can spread the word about your nonprofit.

    Suggested Resources:

The New Rules of Marketing & PR, David Meerman Scott.
Strategic Communications for Nonprofits: A Step-by-step Guide to Working with the Media, Second Edition, Kathy Bonk, Emily Tynes, Henry Griggs, Phil Sparks.
Search Engine Marketing, Inc., Mike Moran and Bill Hunt.


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    * Attract Journalists with a Press Room on Your Nonprofit Website
    * Online Marketing Guide for Nonprofits

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    Press Release Help

The following page is designed to help you write your press release, plus give you tips and story ideas to capture the attention of local journalists and make your story stand out from the rest!

While no one can guarantee your press release will be published or used for an article, there are things you can do to improve your chances. The biggest obstacle to most press releases is the release itself.

Capitalize the first letter of all words in the headline (with the exception of: "a", "an", "the", or prepositions such as: "of", "to", or "from"). The combination of upper and lower case makes it easier to read.

Does the press release's lead (opening) address or answer the basic tenets of journalism:

    * who
    * what
    * when
    * where
    * why
    * how

Some reporters have limited online access. As a courtesy, always include a contact method for reporters who prefer to have materials mailed to them by conventional means.

Include press contact information below the text of the news release. A reporter reading your release should be able to make a decision about your story in the first screen of the message. Don't waste that space with contact information. They will scroll down to find out who to contact if they want to follow-up with you.

When you write your press release, remember your audience. It isn't your customers. Your audience consists of journalists. Journalists are in the fact business. Their goal is to provide their readers with a complete portrait of whatever they're writing about.

To appeal to the fact-oriented mind of a journalist, forget marketing emotional appeal. You need to give them the facts about your product or service, hard data that shows why your product or service is good and news-worthy. Then let them decide for themselves. If you forget this, there's no way they'll run your press release.

Don't trust your word processing program to catch errors in grammar and spelling. Have a few individuals read the release before submitting it. Do not use HTML tags, bold type or color text which may not transmit consistently across all computer platforms. Our system will remove such tags.

     Top 10 Rules for a successful submission:

    * Make sure the information is newsworthy.
    * Tell the audience that the information is intended for them and why they should continue to read it.
    * Start with a brief description of the news, then distinguish who announced it, and not the other way around.
    * Ask yourself, "How are people going to relate to this and will they be able to connect?"
    * Make sure the first 10 words of your release are effective, as they are the most important.
    * Avoid excessive use of adjectives and fancy language.
    * Deal with the facts.
    * Provide as much Contact information as possible: Individual to Contact, address, phone, fax, email, Web site address.
    * Make sure you wait until you have something with enough substance to issue a release.
    * Make it as easy as possible for media representatives to do their jobs.

 How To Write A Press Release AND Get It Published
Article by Steve Nash
Also See " How To Write a Press Release That Increases Search Rankings "
Article Summary:
This article contains a checklist to writing a press release. And it includes the single most important ingredient of a press release, that will dramatically improve your chances of getting your news published.

Article: How To Write A Press Release AND Get It Published

Writing a press release (or news release) AND getting it published is not difficult.

I say this after struggling for some years to get any of my press releases published.

I stumbled on the most important factor for getting a press release published right after my first release got published in a UK Internet magazine.

I then decided to piece together all the advice, all the tips and tutorials I'd read, into a single checklist, to make writing my next successful press release easier.

The press release checklist below is the result.

Like all checklists, it's brief and to the point. So if you need to understand more about a particular concept I recommend that you read the article Appendix (see below).

Remember, good press releases -- i.e. press releases that get published -- are great ways to get invaluable promotion for your business or website.

So learning how to write a good press release, and then writing them, is definitely 'worth it.
Recognized Internet search engine marketing pro reveals  How to improve and increase search engine ranking using press releases
Read on.

     => Press Release Checklist

o  Step 1 - "What's Your Story?"
o  Step 2 - Think Like A Journalist
o  Step 3 - Mechanics Of Writing A Press Release
o  Step 4 - Example Layout Of A Press Release
o  Step 5 - Is Your Press Release Ready?

o  The missing ingredient - K-I-S-S

o  Appendix: Expert press release resources

An explanation of these steps follows. (Remember, you can learn more from the resources listed in the Appendix.)

     => Step 1 - What's Your Story?

1.1) Find your story, and develop it!

1.2) Position yourself as being different(develop different angles).This means thinking about:

- holiday and event tie-in articles
- tips, articles, advice
- politically and socially important editorial tie-in articles
- new, unique products, Internet innovations and developments
- human interest angles
- interpersonal relationships on difficult issues
- unusual events, unique personal accomplishments, unusual creative ideas
- humor and wisdom, fun and tragedy

     => Step 2 - Think Like A Journalist

2.1) What reasons would an editor want to publish your news (what benefits are there for them?)

- is it relevant?
- is it mildly interesting?
- is it newsworthy?

2.2) Make the main benefit the headline
(Your headline has one purpose: to get the attention of the editor, to get him/her to read your release - use the words YOU, NEW and/or How To)

2.3) Remember the subtext

2.4) Remember KISS (keep it simple stupid!). Write for scannability; write short, punchy paragraphs

2.5) Remember to answer these questions:
"Who? Why? What? Where? When? & How?". Ideally, you would answer these questions in your headline

2.6) Write the press release so it can be put into a magazine, with just a few simple edits. (IMPORTANT)

     => Step 3 - Mechanics Of Writing A Press Release

3.1) The Headline (or title) of your press release is vital (Some say that most of your time should be spent on writing a powerful headline.)

3.2) Your opening sentence continues what you are talking about in the headline

3.3) Tell your story in headline and leading paragraph

3.4) Use specific, powerful (and true) testimonials - use convincing case studies; use a powerful guarantee, and draw attention to it

3.5) Make sure you use no more than 5 bullet points

3.6) Change passive words to active; use the words YOU; and link selling points

3.7) For each sentence you write, ask yourself 'So what?'. And remove the sentence if you can't think of an answer

3.8) Edit your copy ruthlessly, over and over again!

3.9) Finally, make sure there are no attachments, no HTML, no .DOC files. (Everyone is wary of email viruses these days, including editors!)

     => Step 4 - Example Layout Of A Press Release

This is a simple example of what a press release should look like (more or less):


<Title - Headline> -- Benefit (tell me more, 36-40 chars)
<For immediate release> <Simple contact>


<Leading Paragraph> -- What? Why needed? How it will help (40-75 words)
-- Include quotes

<Main Paragraph(s)> -- Who aimed at (the facts). Who cares?

<Final Paragraph>                  -- Summaries; or call to action

<Full contact details>

(Want to look at an example? Visit sample press release
Note: this example didn't get much media attention, because it simply wasn't newsworthy enough.)

     => Step 5 - Is Your Press Release Ready?

1) Is your press release published on your website?

2) Better still, do you have an online press pack?

3) Do you know what to do or say if a reporter calls?

Phew! That's a lot to take in, I agree!

So can you guess what the main problem is, with doing all of the above

...Your press release will be L-O-N-G (long).

     => The missing ingredient -- KISS

Yes, the vital ingredient to your press release, the one factor that WILL increase the chances of getting your news published is to:

Keep It SHORT Stupid (yet another KISS !)

Not convinced? Ask yourself these questions, then:

    * How many of these press releases do you think editors get to read every day?
    * How many long, badly-worded releases will they read before eventually becoming instantly put off just by the length of a press release?
    * And how much more likely do you think a press release will be read if it's a SHORT, quick read.

Keep your press release short, simple as that!

So there you are: another promotion tip that *you CAN* do, to promote your website or business. Just follow the checklist below, to make sure that your next press release gets published:

    * Have a story to tell
    * Think like a journalist
    * Format the press release properly
    * (And keep your press release short!)

     Press Release Format Guidelines

Press Releases - Business, organizational or personal news intended for the Media.
Press releases are best suited for our Targeted Media and Wire Service Distribution.

A press release is a written communication that purports to report on an event, circumstance or occurrence by a third party, and is provided to the news media for the purpose of promotion.

Business, organizational or personal press releases are different from a news article in that a news article is a compilation of facts developed by journalists and then published as news content within a given media outlet.

A press release, on the other hand, is designed to be sent to journalists and or media outlets (newspapers, magazines, broadcasters, etc.) in order to encourage them (the reporter or actual media outlet) to develop news articles on the subject. A press release is generally biased toward the objectives of the press release’s author and is most often viewed as raw materials by the media when creating news content.

Since the advent of the Internet the lines between “news” as compared to a press release are getting blurred, but the purpose of a press release, within its related format, is to reach out to the media to get them to report on your particular message, with secondary “direct to readership” benefits associated with overall Internet based publicity.
The Press Release Format

You must report in the “third person”. Just like a news release, a press release purports to report on an event, circumstance or occurrence by a third party. When writing a news release, be a reporter and report on yourself or your business.

Third Person Example: “According to John Doe, the next version of Webster’s Dictionary will include two new slang terms that were identified in his research as being part of …”.

Inappropriate Example: “I, John Doe, was informed that the next version of Webster’s Dictionary will include two new slang terms that I identified in my research as being part of …”

Press releases are most effective when they are under 500 words, generally two to three paragraphs, preceded by a clear and attention grabbing headline.

Remember, this content is intended to be use by the media, so be accurate and reasonable detailed.

     (Begin with the text immediately below)



Be creative and keep it to one sentence. Capitalize the first letter of all words but do not use all upper case letters. Exclamation marks (“!”) conveys that your release is advertising, not news, and it’s the credibility of news that generates the good publicity.
Paragraph 1

Physical location (country, state, city), Month, Day, Year - Begin with a strong introductory paragraph that captures the reader’s attention and contains the information most relevant to your message such as the “Five W's” of (W)ho, (W)hat, (W)hen, (W)here, and (W)hy, when applicable. This paragraph should summarize the News Release such that if it was the only part seen by a reader, it would tell your entire message, and it should include a hook to get your audience interested in reading more.
Paragraph 2, 3, 4, …

These paragraphs should contain more detailed important information, and make up the body of the release. Pick up with the information provided in your first paragraph, including quotes from key staff, customers or subject matter experts. Make sure you use correct grammar so as not to affect your credibility negatively.

As for content, make sure to keep in mind that you are writing a press release to grab the attention of the media. It is very important to maintain factual accuracy, make sure you are cleared to use quotes or information about businesses, and most importantly have an angle that will appeal to journalists (often by connecting your release to current events or issues). Effective releases usually utilize a strategy known as the inverted pyramid, which is written with the most important information and quotes first.

Try to keep the press release to fewer than 500 words total. Remember, succinct and to the point works best.

The body of your release should be more than one paragraph. The final paragraph should restate and summarize the key points of your release.

Additional 1

Provide avenues for the reader to obtain additional information, demos, samples, etc., and it is important to Internet links. WebWire® provides special data submission fields for company/agency name, contact, telephone, email address, website location, etc. and other online connections (links).

Additional 2

Include trademark acknowledgments, product or event timelines, availability, logistics, etc. in paragraph form.

Additional 3

Background information about the company featured in the release, if appropriate, as well as any applicable safe harbor statement or disclaimers.

Additional 4

With a WebWire submission, include contact information about the release (name, title, email, telephone, etc.) within the appropriate online form. Make sure it is the person who can answer questions about the release.

(End with these characters immediately below)

     A Sample Press Release


Rockwell Collins Helmet Mounted Display Selected For AVCATT

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (August 09, 2009) - The U.S. Army, through the Program Executive Office of Simulation Training and Instrumentation, has awarded Rockwell Collins a $23.8 million contract for the Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (AVCATT) Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) modification and upgrade program.

"This is a great example of how Rockwell Collins integrates multiple disciplines to provide the best solutions for our customers," said Ron Hornish, vice president and general manager, Sensor Systems for Government Systems at Rockwell Collins. "In this case, our expertise in helmet mounted displays and simulation and training made us the right choice for the AVCATT program."

AVCATT is a mobile, transportable, virtual simulation training system designed to provide Army aviation with the capability to conduct realistic, high intensity training exercises and mission rehearsals. The system allows pilots to train and rehearse through networked simulation in a collective and combined arms simulated battlefield environment.

The contract calls for Rockwell Collins to provide the SimEye SR100A HMD, a more compact, lightweight, high-resolution upgrade for its already proven SimEye XL100A, which is presently used in AVCATT.

Developed based on feedback from the warfighter, enhancements include higher resolution, upgraded head tracker technology and reductions in head-borne weight and overall size. The SimEye SR100A HMD allows pilots to feel as if they are part of an environment as opposed to simply viewing a scene during training.

Rockwell Collins will be integrating its HMD -- incorporating an integral IS-900 head tracker -- with its EPX-50 image generator. By optimizing overall system performance of the HMD technology, Rockwell Collins will ensure the success of the visual displays for the AVCATT trainer.

The work for the AVCATT program, which was awarded under the Rockwell Collins' Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Command (STRICOM) Omnibus Contract, will be completed in the company's Carlsbad, Calif. and Orlando, Fla. locations.

Rockwell Collins (NYSE: COL) is a pioneer in the development and deployment of innovative communication and aviation electronics solutions for both commercial and government applications. Our expertise in flight deck avionics, cabin electronics, mission communications, information management and simulation and training is delivered by 19,000 employees, and a global service and support network that crosses 27 countries. To find out more, please visit www.rockwellcollins.com.

Jane Doe, Media Relations
(212) 555-1212

     A FINAL NOTE: WebWire is a highly trafficked Website and is part of what is commonly known as the “Four Ps of Marketing”; Product, Price, Place and Promotion (with WebWire being part of “Promotion” via press release distribution). This one part of the marketing mix, press release distribution, does not guarantee that your release will get utilized by the media. Press release submissions are part of a process, and as such, should be viewed as a complement to other marketing efforts such as advertising, search engine optimization, live publicity, etc.

     How to Write a Great Press Release: A Sample Press Release Template

     What is a press release?

A press release is pseudo-news story, written in third person, that seeks to demonstrate to an editor or reporter the newsworthiness of a particular person, event, service or product.
How is a press release used?

Press releases are often sent alone, by e-mail, fax or snail mail. They can also be part of a full press kit, or may be accompanied by a pitch letter.
What is the proper press release format?

Here's a sample press release template you can use to format your press release correctly:



Note: The three #'s mark the end of the press release.

What should I put in my press release?

    Stop right now and click here to read our in-depth advice about packaging yourself as newsworthy. This is an important step – so don't skip it!

    Let's stick with the theme presented in that report: you run an vitamin web site specializing in weight-loss products. Through the process described in the report, you've nailed down a nice, newsworthy topic – teenagers and how they deal with issues of weight. But that's a broad topic, not a story.

    In the report, we provided a number of ideas for potential stories. Let's pick the first one and craft a press release.

    The story: What do kids think about a "thin is in" society?

    As you sift through your message boards looking for quotes, you see a trend appearing. There are lots of messages criticizing Hollywood actresses and pop singers for being too thin. Many girls are saying that seeing these women make them feel bad about their own bodies. A number of the boys are pointing out that they don't find ultra-thin women appealing.

    Now you've got your angle -- your hook that will grab a reporter's attention:

    Teenagers think that a "thin is in" society pretty much stinks.

    Now let's get writing.

Press Release Headline

    Before you write a word, remember this:

        The reporter isn't interested in helping you make money or driving visitors to your site. He's looking for a story that will be interesting to his readers and pleasing to his editor. He could care less about your great selection, super customer service and commitment to quality. He wants to know only the info that will help him craft a good story about teens and their weight.

    Take your ego out of it. Take your natural inclination to sell, sell, sell out of it. Look at your story with a cold, objective eye.

    OK, let's get to our press release headline.

    State your most exciting news, finding or announcement in as few words as possible. Emulate the headlines you see in the newspaper every day.

        Bad Press Release Headline:

        Good Press Release Headline:

    Don't worry, you'll get to plug your website soon enough. In the meantime, you've just thrown a meaty hook at the reporter.

The Press Release Subhead

    Subheads are remarkably useful tools, yet usually overlooked by press release writers. Basically, the press release subhead gives you the opportunity to flesh out your angle and further hook the reporter, without stepping on the drama of the press release headline.

    Here's a headline/subhead combo I might use for this press release:


    Website Forum goers Weigh In: Teens Don't Find Ultra-Thin Celebs Attractive;
    Girls Say Negative Self-Images Reinforced by Hollywood's Super-Skinny

The Press Release Lead

    It's Journalism 101 -- the lead paragraph includes the who, what, when, where and how of the story. If the reporter were only to read the lead of a good press release, he'd have everything he needed to get started.

    There's no room for BS, hype or sell. Just the facts.

        Bad Press Release Lead
        Recently on theplace4vitamins.com, an online store dedicated to selling the best herbal products, teenagers had the chance to say what they thought about weight loss and whether a society that pressures young people to be thin is a good thing or a bad thing.

        Good Press Release Lead
        America's teenagers are angry at Hollywood for glamorizing ultra-thin bodies, and many girls say they feel too self-conscious about their bodies as a result of watching TV, movies and music videos. The findings are gleaned from more than six months of ongoing discussion and debate at the website theplace4vitamins.com. According to theplace4vitamins.com President John Smith, anger and resentment toward the Hollywood ultra-thin runs deep, particularly among teenage girls.

The Rest of the Press Release

    The balance of the press release serves to back up whatever claims were made in the lead and headline. In this case, you'd pull some quotes from the message boards (an aside here: if you really were to pull quotes in this fashion, you should only use the poster's name or identifying information with his or her permission. Otherwise, simply say "a 14 year old boy said..." or "a 16 year old Midwestern girl added..." Also, if this technique appeals to you, be certain that a disclaimer appears on your message boards notifying posters that all posts become your property and copyright). Use enough supporting material to make your case, and to demonstrate that, whatever angle you're promoting, it wasn't something you slapped together carelessly.

    Next, a quote will help put in some perspective:

        "I was surprised by the level of anger expressed in these messages," Smith said. "Teenagers are far more clued into this issue than most people would imagine."

    Or, you might ask an expert for a quote:

        "This demonstrates once again the need to teach young girls and boys about how to develop a positive self-image," said Jane Doe, author of "I Like My Body Just As It Is". "theplace4vitamins.com has done a true service by bringing these attitudes to the public's attention."

    Finally, spend a sentence or two describing your company and what you do:

        theplace4vitamins.com was founded in 1997 to provide consumers with a wide choice of vitamins, supplements and herbal products. The site offers a range of articles, research materials and message forums for the health conscious consumer.

    This paragraph is known as the "boilerplate" -- an old newspaper term meaning a block of standard text that's used over and over again (e.g. the explanation of symbols on the stock price page). In this case, it's text that you might use at the bottom of all your releases.

    Place your boilerplate right above the # # #'s.

    One more trick: below the ###'s, add a line that says something like:

        If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with John Smith, please call Pat Brown at 555/555-2222 or e-mail Pat at pr@theplace4vitamins.com

Some Key Things to Remember

        * Stay away from hype-bloated phrases like "breakthrough", "unique", "state-of-the-art", etc.

        * Always write it from a journalist's perspective. Never use "I" or "we" unless it's in a quote.

        * Read lots of good newspaper writing, such as the New York Times or the Washington Post to get a feel for the style.

        * Shorter is better. If you can say it in two pages, great. If you can say it in one page, better.

  How to Use Press Release Distribution Services

Press release distribution services do exactly what it sounds like they do: they distribute press releases. How do they work? A company or public relations agency drafts a press release about a new service, medical breakthrough, product, or event. The company submits the press release to a distribution service. The press distribution service then sends it out to subscribers—journalists, media outlets, and interested researchers—either by email, fax, or wire service.
Press Release Distribution Services

The most well-known press release distribution service is PR Newswire. Founded in 1954, the company reports that more than 70,000 individual journalists and 22,000 media outlets currently subscribe to PR Newswire for Journalists. Subscriptions are free for individual journalists, provided there is some affiliation with either a media outlet or website.

The website also reports millions of non-journalist users access PR Newswire for research and multimedia tools like press conference cybercasting. In addition to press release distribution and online conferences and events, PR Newswire has affiliations with Canada NewsWire and international press release distribution services.
Corporate and University Press Release Distribution

Not all institutions distribute press releases through a service. Some corporations and universities also maintain internal press release distribution services. Nike, for example, has a special website called Nikebiz just for press releases and latest product and company news. There are 13 separate press offices at Harvard, each of which distributes news releases either by RSS Feed or by browsing the website.

To sign up for corporate or university press release distributions, visit the website and look for a Media link, found either in the main navigation menu or in the footer at the bottom of the page. Some websites use words like "Press" or "For Journalists." If the website offers an RSS feed, subscribe. Otherwise, sign up for email notifications or just check the website regularly for new press distributions.

Read more at Suite101: How to Use Press Release Distribution Services: Releases Generate Stories, Starting Point for Research http://resourcesforwriters.suite101.com/article.cfm/how_to_use_press_release_distribution_services#ixzz0ikwwIdrB

Press Distribution as a Starting Point

Press release distribution services and individual email press releases can serve as a starting point for story ideas. No matter how good the press release, though, always do additional research. Remember press release submissions are written by public relations people, and their goal is to put positive light on the subject, not to provide actual journalism. PR companies distribute press releases in order to give basic facts and ideas for stories, they are not full stories in themselves. Use press releases for statistics, angles, or potential interview sources, but don't rely on them for full stories.

Read more at Suite101: How to Use Press Release Distribution Services: Releases Generate Stories, Starting Point for Research http://resourcesforwriters.suite101.com/article.cfm/how_to_use_press_release_distribution_services#ixzz0ikx2SEsk

 Press release
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A press release, news release, media release, or press statement is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something claimed as having news value. Typically, they are mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to assignment editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, and/or television networks. Commercial press-release distribution services are also used to distribute them.

The use of a press release is common in the field of public relations, the aim of which is to attract favorable media attention to public relations professional's client and/or provide publicity for products or events marketed by those clients. A press release provides reporters with the basics they need to develop a news story. Press releases can announce a range of news items such as: scheduled events, personal promotions, awards, news products and services, sales and other financial data, accomplishments, etc. They are often used in generating a feature story or are sent for the purpose of announcing news conferences, upcoming events or change in corporation.

A press statement is information supplied to reporters. This is an official statement or account of a news story that is specially prepared and issued to newspapers and other news media for them to make known to the public.



One anecdote on an origin of modern press releases is about an incident in 1906 involving Ivy Lee,[ who is often referred to as the first real public relations practitioner. At that time, Lee's agency was working with the Pennsylvania Railroad, which had just fallen victim to a tragic accident. Ivy Lee convinced the company to issue the first press release to journalists, before other versions of the story, or suppositions, could be spread among them and reported. He used a press release, in addition to inviting journalists and photographers to the scene and providing their transportation there, as a means of fostering open communication with the media.

While there are several types of press releases (such as the general news release, event release, product press release, financial/earnings releases and, more recently, the social media release), press releases very often have several traits of their structure in common. This helps journalists separate press releases from other PR communication methods, such as pitch letters or media advisories. Some of these common structural elements include:

    * Headline — used to grab the attention of journalists and briefly summarize the news.
    * Dateline — contains the release date and usually the originating city of the press release.
    * Introduction — first paragraph in a press release, that generally gives basic answers to the questions of who, what, when, where and why.
    * Body — further explanation, statistics, background, or other details relevant to the news.
    * Boilerplate — generally a short "about" section, providing independent background on the issuing company, organization, or individual.
    * Close — in North America, traditionally the symbol "-30-" appears after the boilerplate or body and before the media contact information, indicating to media that the release is ending. A more modern equivalent has been the "###" symbol. In other countries, other means of indicating the end of the release may be used, such as the text "ends".
    * Media contact information — name, phone number, email address, mailing address, or other contact information for the PR or other media relations contact person.

 Video news releases

For more details on this topic, see video news release.

Some public relations firms send out video news releases (VNRs) which are pre-taped video programs that can be aired intact by TV stations. Often, the VNRs are aired without the stations' identifying or attributing them as such.

TV news viewers can often detect the use of VNRs within television newscasts; for example, many movie-star "interviews" are actually VNRs, taped on a set which is located at the movie studio and decorated with the movie's logo. Another frequent example of VNRs masquerading as news footage is videotapes of particular medical "breakthroughs," that are really produced and distributed by pharmaceutical companies for the purpose of selling new medicines.

Video news releases can be in the form of full blown productions costing tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. They can also be in the TV news format, or even produced for the web.

Recently, many broadcast news outlets have discouraged the use of VNRs. Many stations, citing an already poor public perception, want to increase their credibility. Public relations companies are having a tougher time getting their pre-edited video aired.

VNRs can be turned into podcasts then posted onto newswires. Further to this, a story can be kept running longer by engaging "community websites", which are monitored and commented on by many journalists and features writers.
 Embargoed press release

Sometimes a press release is embargoed — that is, news organizations are requested not to report the story until a specified time. For instance, news organizations usually receive a copy of presidential speeches several hours in advance. Product or media reviewers are commonly given a sample or preview of a product ahead of its release date. In such cases, the news organizations generally do not break the embargo. If they do, the agency that sent the release may blacklist them. A blacklisted news organization will not receive any more embargoed releases, or possibly any releases at all. They may also be compelled to honor the embargo via a legally binding non-disclosure agreement.

However, it is very hard to enforce embargoes on journalists, as there is constant pressure by editors to scoop other news outlets. It is unlikely that a PR agency will blacklist a form of media, as other clients may want to be featured in this publication. This problem is sometimes overcome by controlling the timing of a release via email rather than relying on the journalist to do so.
 See also

    * Electronic press kit (EPK)
    * News conference
    * Public relations (PR)
    * Spokesman

  (If you want to know about above topics in detail justn post your comment in the Guest Book and if you want to discuss about Free traffic and free advertising resources with like minded people then just registered at out Forum.You will get a chance to post your offer as a classified ad in the Forum as there is a section in the Forum where you can insert your ad)

     Why Use Press Releases

The most common reason to use a press release is because it is the standard method of communicating your news to your intended target. If you don't know there is structure for writing a press release :1st a Short precise headline.2nd Short to the point message.3rd an opening paragraph about what the news actually is. Because of this format structure  it is easy for a annoyed assistant editor to quickly scan your release to see if it's relevant to their needs. If it is relevant press release as per assistant editor then the body of the release contains additional information as well as contact information of business owner or a pr person.

Every editor has learned to detest and rely on press release because Press releases have been the standard method of broadcasting news for .Some News paper like the Los Angeles Times receive up to 3,000 or more press releases a week, and they diligently peruse each and every one when properly submitted. A press release is what an editor expects to see. Press Release is the primary method of communicating your news to media editors, regardless of media format.

 Whenever it is necessary you must use a press release if you want to get the word out to the media about your news or product launch.

     Being Newsworthy

In this communication era most small business owner became aware of the press release and so most media editors and their assistants' desks are over flooded with press release notes. Unfortunately these small business owners are not pr persons so they write an advertisement disguised as press releases but have no value as a news or not newsworthy so what media editors do is dumped such press releases in the dustbins. One more reason for increasing in press release notes are e-mail,instead of fax the press release can be send by e-mail and so it became damn easy or anyone. As a business owner you must learn how to write a good press release which is newsworthy and acceptable by news editors
Being newsworthy means writing a properly formatted press release(see above 1st,2nd,3rd again) which includes an engaging headline  that announces something new. It's supposed to be news or news story, not an advertisement, and must be worded that way.

Examples of newsworthy press releases:

• Company Launches and Mergers

• New Product Launch (consumer good, website, etc.)

• Joint Company Partnerships

• Staff Hiring/Appointment

• Public Company Performance (audience growth, number products shipped, etc.)

• Legal Lawsuit or Court Victory/Settlement

• Recall of Product and specifics

• Public Gathering/Convention Event

• Protest Rally (local news)

• Charity Event

• Political Announcements and Endorsements

Either you write your own press release or hire a pr firm or just taking help of press release distribution service,in any case your only reason to send a press release is when you really do have something to announce.

Send your press release only to relevant publication and medias or your press release will be discarded by editors. Your press release must not seems like an advertisement. Every media has ad department and press release is related to news so if your press release seems like advertisement ,editors will dump it in the dustbin. You must write a standard press release which is newsworthy.

     Free Publicity with Press Release

     What is a Press Release?

 A press release is generally called news release. Writing a press release is not difficult as actually a article about something new,a new product,a new launch,a new site,a new development etc which is news,and writing a short article about this news in a manner as a journalist write is press release. The main goal of a press release is to highlight an interesting new event which is newsworthy e.g. new product announcement,a new site,winning in the court about some dispute.

     Costs of  Press Release

 Press Release is actually free if you can write and distribute yourself but if you hire professional it is relatively inexpensive to prepare and distribute. Compare the price of a full page ad in different publication and small coverage in other medias. Even your local newspaper can charge thousands of dollars for a small ad. Research shows that a press release have generated more free publicity than a combine paid ad campaign done in all the medias.

After you distribute your press release ,it is picked up by news medias and who find your press release suitable with its media ,feature your press release as news story and free publicity is generate for your or your website. It is possible that your news story  can show up in more than one news papers as well as in news talk shows carried on major networks such as NBC or CBS. Suppose you want to publicize your press release to specific niche than it can be done and hit editor's news feed who write for specific niche. If you want world wide coverage for your products or service then news release or presss release the best marketing tool.

  The benefits to sending out news releases include:

    * low cost
    * increased visibility for your company
    * high demand for press releases
    * added credibility for your organization
    * new customers
    * new investors
    * free publicity

     A Single Press Release Can Skyrocketed Your Website Traffic?

  You and me both have heard about Press Release and we both know now that we can promote our sites using press release. But it is true that still many marketers do not know the real potential of press release and many still either do not use press release at all or do not use it properly.If you are one of the marketer or webmaster who has not use press release for promotion then you may feel like banging your head on the wall or table after you read this true storey.

I built a review blog about traveling related niche(very fine sub niche and do not want to reveal the niche) about 3 years ago. The blog has only traveling related product reviews. Frankly it was very hard work as my part because I wanted to post only high quality genuine content. There are lots of site across the internet which have too many duplicate content and I did not want my blog to be one of them. I wanted to provide unique content and high quality service and products to my readers so that I could get repeated traffic and genuine comment from my readers and also could increase the readers' base. The writing review had taken lots of time as before making my blog live,I wanted that there was enough content.

Finally when I made my blog live I just want to expose my hard work to as many people as I could as well as also wanted to generate as many sales as I could. I had many options for promoting my blog, like my subscriber lists,banner ads,link ads,PPC,contextual ad networks,article market,classified sites,press release etc etc. I generally use article marketing and in the past I had got very good results for my other sites and that is with article marketing alone!So I started to write articles but after writing 2-3 articles I got tired because of the hard work I did  during past weeks to create content for my blog and so I gave up temporarily and decided to take rest during weekend and visit my friends and family.

Fortunately before living I did an amazing thing and that was I wrote a press release for my blog. I had not done it before and so I did not know how to write,what to write and what should be the structure as it was 1st time for me. So I goggled and found some press release sites online and then browsed some press release and I even found a tutorial about 'How to Write A Press Release'.So finally I wrote the press release about my blog

 I wanted to use online free press release sites and free press release distribution service like PRweb but as I was pressing for time I knew I had to go for professional press release distribution service so instead of using free service I decide to pay for extended paid service which was providing guarantee of same day distribution and so I paid and went for my mini vacation!

As soon as I came home from vacation on Sunday night I was eager to check the result from press release distribution. It is natural as I had paid $250 for the service. I wanted to check if I had got some visitors to my blog through press release(Remember I had not use any other method of promotion because of tiredness)so logged into check my states and to my surprise(actually I was so excited almost saved myself from falling out of the chair)there were hundreds of visitors had visited my blog within the 1st few hours of distribution of press release. The blog had also received thousands of new visitors during these 2 days and lots of comments as well. Now I was absolutely excited wanted to know if I had made any sale through this traffic or not but the products I had reviewed on my blog were not from an affiliate network like cj or paydotcom so I had to visit each merchant and had to check sales individually.

 I had collect the data from each merchant's site. During 1st rush hours only I had made 5 sales for a product. Various products had got different response but there were continuous sales progress. On Saturday total sales were 17 and between Saturday night and Sunday night there were another 21 sales and so total sales through press release within 2 days were 43 and I had earned total $3457.60 in net commission. Not bad for only an hour of work!

After 4th day the traffic from press release diminished a little bit but was still producing enough sales. Some publishers contacted me who wanted to publish my press release in a newspaper and magazine. My press release release was also featured on some high page rank site and it had link to my site so search engine spider followed the link and my absolute new blog was indexed in the all major search engines within 24 hours. After some days the traffic from press release was dropped to a few visitors but I had got very high ranked for some of the great keywords(Remember my content was unique and original and I had spent lots of time to create it) and so search engine traffic started to increase at an amazing rate. In short I had got an exceptionally good result with a single press release. press releases at first sight!

 After this incident I became fan of press release and I use press release regularly and it is one my main strategy to drive targeted visitors  and lots of targeted traffic to my blog or website. Let me remind you that you can also submit a press release for an existing website or blog(It is ok if it is not new release),the only condition is that your site or blog should have some news worthy changes,events,new jv etc.

     How Can Use Online Press Releases To Make Non-Profitable Website Profitable?

 Now a days medias are divided in different sections. TV,radio,newspaper magazine etc and all have subsections like news chanel,movie chanel etc.Because of this division some newspapers had gone out of business and many are still on age of being closed down but surprisingly there is development in online news sites' section. I mean online news sites are thriving and becoming more & more popular each & everyday. You can take advantage of this popularity by using press release in your business promotion strategy.

     Use Press Releases Frequently

To make your non profitable site profitable use press release frequenly. Make a strategy for your site and small business or home business about press release. Now a days the new rules of marketing and PR ,author David Meerman Scott writes that each and every small business or home business and site should have a firm policy about press release and never give away any opportunity to release a press release. In short you should use every newsworthy event in your company,small business or home business or on your site to send or submit a press release to all the relevant medias. You can even use professional press release distribution service to take immediate advantage.

     You can send a press release on these occasions. This is just examples & you should be more creative...:

    -Your site has solved and old problem or adapt a new approach to an old problem.
    -Your site has started a new service or an additional feature is added.
    -You have launched a new product.
    -You have survey or poll results which are useful to others.
    -You or one of your staff member has attended a conference about your business or industry.
    -Your site or business has won an award.
    -Your site or company has release a new catlog or price list.
    -A loan or grant has been passed for your company or business.
    -You have signed a new JV with other company or site.
    -You have donated a consideration amount of money for charity.
    -If your site was down then you can state the reasons for the cause.
    -Your site has achieved a higher ranking in search engines.
    -You have applied a new marketing strategy.

   In short grab each and every news worthy event or occasion and send press release about it.

As I wrote above these are just some examples and you can be creative and find many more situations where you can send press release. If you can not think of then the good idea is to visit online press release sites and browse some press release and I am certain you will get lots of ideas.

     Press Releases Distribution

 Distribute your press release properly and try to reach as large audience as possibly can. You can use the online press release distribution service to reach large audience and it will not cost a fortune. As I said before you should use press release frequently and so you should have a system to distribute press release properly

Where possible you should use your main targeted keywords(Do not try to include all the keywords. It is not possible and if you try you can not write an effective press release. Just a one main keyword or maximum two is more than enough) because it is possible your press release  can be sent in the alerts. For example search engine like Google provides such a free service and you can sign up for particular alerts on keyword bases. So when your press release is picked up by Google and if Google spiders find a keyword worth alerting to subscribers then an alert has been sent to all the subscribers who subscribed to get alerts for that particular keyword.

 There are many Press Release Distribution Services(I have included most of them on the next page)but here are a few of them:

    - Business Wire
    -PR Newswire
    - Marketwire
    - PrimeNewsWire
    - AScribe
    - AlterNet (Their center of interest is social justice,civil liberties,environment & human rights )

     Press Releases  & Your Online Press Room

As I said before grab each and every opportunity to send a press release. As you may know search engines like fresh new content and so the search engines' spiders crawl the online news and press release related sites regularly because of new press release and news submission  frequently during the whole day. You can say that some of these sites have something new(content) added every minute. Your press release has your site's link embedded so when search engine spiders crawl the site you have submitted the press release,they follow the link and also visit your site and so if your site is new then it get indexed very quickly and if your press release is for an existing website,and if the site has been optimized properly and content is base on keywords or targeted to keywords then chances of higher ranking in the search engine is there.

As I said above all major search engines like fresh and regularly updated content so if you are frequently writing and posting press release then why not post them on your blog as well. You have already done the hard work so actually it is free content for your blog. There are 2 ways to do this.1st. Create a Press Release category in the existing blog and post all the press release there.2nd.You can create a new blog absolutely themed on press release and post all the press releases there. You can even give your blog a name something like 'Our Press Release/s'.You can even allow other bloggers and webmaster to submit their own press release on your blog(Frankly this is new idea about creating a separate blog for press release and I have not applied it till now but I am sure it is going work and near future you may find one of my blog on the press release).When you allow others to post their press release on your blog,you get free and fresh content and search engines will spider your blog regularly. And if you have some SEO and SES knowledge then you can easily get higher ranking for such a blog.

Use either way to post your press release on your blog but remember to post your press release in reverse chronological order(Last entry first).

You can write your press release content with targeted  keywords. You do not have to perform a new research for keywords as if your site content is optimized and keyword targeted the you have already done the research. Just pick up one or two good and highest converting keywords and target your press rlease content with these keywords. There is no high quality professional SEO and SES knowledge will be necessary,just follow the basic principles of SEO. But with this little more work you can expecdt your blog to rank high in search engine results.
Instead of targeting single keyword target a keyword phrase. This way you can exclude the most competition with other blogs and sites.

If you are absolutely new to SEO,you can get more information and basic knowledge freo SEO & SES section.You can use the online word tracker's keyword suggestion tool(FREE) and Google Adwords' keyword research tool(FREE,TOO).The links for both is down the page.I have also included these both links in related section as well as in the Online Tools Section.

You should choose the less competitive keyword phrases although those phrases are less searched by the surfers. Because it is hard to rank high on most popular keywords and keyword phrases. Instead go for less popular and so less competitive keyword phrases so chances of ranking higher in the SERP will increase.

Let me explain you with an example. Suppose you are writing a press release about new money making product. Then if you try to target a keyword phrase 'make money' then you will be competing with millions of other blogs and websites(Many newbies do this and make mistake of targeting this keyword phrase in the PPC/Google Adword and so loose the money).As an experiment just open the Google and type this  phrase 'make money' in the search box and hit the enter or go button. You can easily see how many websites and blogs are competing with one another for this keyword phrase. Now instead of doing this if you target the keyword phrase 'legal ways to make money' then you will have minimal competition and chances of ranking on the 1st page will be higher. This is just an example. You should be creative,and find all major variation for your keyword phrases. Think if you are a person searching for your site or product,what will you type in the search box?The word tracker's keyword suggesatin tool will be helpful in this situation.

     Where to place your keywords & keyword phrases in your press release?:

    -In theTitle (of the press release)
    -In the Subtitle
    -In the First paragraph
    -In the subheads( use to break up the text of a PR)
    -In theMeta Tags
    -In the Meta Description
    -In the Meta Keywords
    -At the end

Just never ever neglect the task of writing and submitting your press release because of some hard work involved. Never ever satisfied by sending your press release to a few journalist or reporters. Take enough time to distribute your press release at all possible media outlets(Online + Offline).If you can afford then take advantage of professional press distribution service. In short a good press release can change the financial future of your entire business. Your website will get lots of free targeted traffic with regular press releases.

     Press Release: Why SEO Experts Should Not Use Press Releases

   Rumor has it that press releases are the next big thing in the SEO business, and many companies are spending top dollars trying to write the next big press release announcing the next big balloon breaking technology. But is this really the next big thing?

By definition, a Press Release is a kind of news item released by the company on whom the news is being reported. As such, you will have to compete with all the other press releases and hope that your will get picked up.

Why Will Your Press Release Be Trashed?
1) Unless you are writing a press release about Microsoft, Adobe, Sony or one of the other mega-companies, or at least about a company that is relatively well known, forget about it. Journalists and news editors receive thousands of press releases a day and there is no way that they will waste more than a quick glance. So why should you pay a company seven to eight hundred dollars for them sending your press release to thousands of editors and journalists when they are going to junk it anyway?

2) Unless you are announcing a truly revolutionary product or technology (which I assume you are not since you are only interested in using the professionally paid and written press release to boost your search engine rankings), whatever you make up or announce such as some new free deal or new portal offering something unique, your chances of being picked up are very slim. Yes, the PR companies will tell you that they have vast experience in writing Press Releases that will make yours stand out and get picked up but this is not accurate. The only way your PR is going to get picked up is if it truly is something out of the ordinary or something that no one has ever thought off.

3) Unless you plan to spend millions of dollars and then just by sheer volume your site will go ahead in the search engines, this is not a good option. Why? If you send a large number of press releases then these will be placed on the different PR companies websites main page. Since most of these home pages have a very high page rank, your site will get a boost. The question is whether this boost is worth the large amount of money you will put into the PR companies pocket. No it is not. Use that money to buy (though I do not recommend this) links from high-ranked websites and you will pay less and receive more benefit.

4) Any press release, even if it has been accepted, will remain on the different pages for just a short time, making the time and effort and even more so the amount of money you paid fruitless.


A press release is useful if you wish to contact the press and maybe get some free publicity, but it is of no use if you wish to use it as a tool in order to advance your website in the search engines.

   Press Releases - Helping Raise Business

   It has been noticed that businesses, whether small or big, puts in huge amounts trying to find ways to get best publicity for their organization and its achievements. Publicity is nowadays widely considered in company’s budgets to enhance profits.

Reaching to your customers has become more essential, and intricate. There are many methods available on net to publicize and market your business, but one of the cheapest methods is to use online press release websites, as many of these offers free of cost or low-cost PR options.

With online press release one can simply reach the targeted online community. PR web-sites offers article submission database of free content and reprint articles. Publishers, who are in quest of free reprint articles and the business community, who wants to shoot their business, make the best use of this significant resource to enhance their marketing weapon.

     Here are ten effectual tips to write well drafted press release.

1.    Starting should be solid: Your title and initial lines should cover, what you want to convey. The remaining part of your press release should depict the detailed information.

2.    Draft it for journalists & media agencies: The journalists receive thousand of press releases on daily basis. The media agencies and journalists would grab your press release and only if, with slight editing or no alteration.

3.    Consider addressee’s Interest: The audience’s interest consideration is most important to be keeping in mind that if you were a part of audience, would you be interested like to read the press release, you have written.

4.    Make it appear practical: Point out real facts of your company or organization, as people are also intellectual enough to make out what is true and what is not?  Present information on product and services in what they are interested.

5.    Tie the story with real facts: Don’t put bluff and add-ons. If you find the content using much added extras, make it natural and real. If content seems too good to be true, turn down the tone little, as it may possibly hurt your own credibility.

6.    Use only necessary words: Don’t use extra adjectives, extravagant language, or unnecessary expressions like “The most powerful”. Describe your story with lesser words, as verbosity distracts from your content.

7.    Avoid using jargon: Limited use of jargon could be allowed, if you aim to optimize news release for search engines. The finest technique to communicate your press release is to speak neatly, using regular language.

8.    Avoid exclamation: The use of exclamation point (!) may hurt your press release. But, if you have to use an exclamation point, use only one.

9.    Company permit: Companies are very defensive about their name and credibility. Get written permission before putting in an information or quotes from officials or associates of other companies/organizations.

10.    Company Information: The press release should conclude with a short description of your company, which illustrates your company, products, service and a brief history of company. But if you are making a combined press release of two or more then two then you should, provide information of all the companies.

Writing quality press releases is a process that requires immense skill and experience, as every single word of a press release may be examined. This is why many companies hire public relation firms for official press releases and other media contacts.

Inaccurate or poorly drafted information in an official press release can be a point to slicing a company or organization’s credit.

     How You Can Use News Releases and Announcements to Promote Your Business

Press releases are no longer just for the press. Here is how you can use Press Releases to promote your business and web site.

Press releases and news announcements serve many different functions in addition to being source material for journalists to write about.  Yes, it is good to have BIG news that will motivate a writer, editor or journalist to write about your company, product or service, but that is no longer the only reason to create a press release. You don’t need big news just a good hook.

Whether or not you use a Public Relations Agency or do it yourself, here are three good reasons why you should try to write and distribute at least one press release every month.

1. Its Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization & Press Release Optimization) – One of the most important components to getting top Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., search page results – appearing high up or number one when someone searches for your product or services is the number of external web sites that link to your web site.

Your news release appearing on an online or industry news site, at a social networking site, on a newswire such as BusinessWire or PR NewsWire, or even at a directory of press releases, helps improve your site’s overall SEO. In addition to that posting and SEO results, many other sites and blogs may pick up that release and print it on their pages as well, further increasing the Search Engine results for your web site and business.

A good news announcement could show up on hundreds or thousands of different sites!

You need to post new releases on a regular (monthly) basis. As most major news sites only keep their press releases online for about a month or so, you need to keep posting new press releases and news announcements every month to maintain your SEO rating and web page search results positions.

By SEO optimizing your new release and by embedding hotlinks in it that link to specific landing pages on your site, you can further increase how high up your web site will appear in the search results.

You should also make sure your press release also gets posted on your own web site. (You will be amazed by how many businesses neglect this obvious step).  By posting your press releases on your own site, you increase the amount and quality of content on your site. As you probably know, most search engines heavily weigh the amount and quality of content on a site when assigning search results.  For most search engines, the two of the most important factors towards getting a high search page result is the amount of quality links pointing to your web site and the amount of quality content you have on your site. News announcements can fulfill both.

2. Your news announcements and press releases can inform potential customers about your company, its products, services and areas of expertise. No longer targeted to just the press and media, good press releases and news releases also function as marketing documents for your organization.

Most people and businesses now rely on a web search as an integral part of their search for products, and services. Seeing your news announcements all over the web – at the magazines they read, at various blogs, and as a result of web searches, can greatly help boost your company’s brand and product awareness in their mind. It is also useful to have news announcements that inform current and past customers of what is new and that you are still successfully in business.

3. Press may be interested in your “small” news and may want to include it as a standalone announcement or as part of a trend article or column. They may be doing an industry overview or product round up. Also, it is also useful to occasionally inform press that you are an expert in your industry area and are available for comment as needed.    If they don’t see press releases from you or your company on a regular basis, you will drop off their radar screen. You need to show ongoing, consistent news and growth or the press will forget about you.

Better Search Engine results and great SEO, direct out reach to your customers and potential partners, and ongoing contact to the media are the three main reasons why you and your company need to develop and distribute an ongoing series of press releases. They don’t have to be big news. Small news is fine. A new hire, updated web site, and upgrade to your software, new partnership, maybe speaking at a conference or industry event.
Mark Shapiro is a professional writer with over 17 years experience in public relations and media relations. Mark Shapiro has worked with hundreds of companies throughout the world, promoting their products and services. He has written thousands of press releases and news announcements. He has hundreds of articles published covering a wide range of subjects including media relations, public speaking, internet marketing, web video, digital imaging, etc.  SRS Tech Public Relations provides a wide range of public relations functions, from big picture strategy planning to writing, distributing and following up on press releases and contributed articles, pitching products, services and solutions, and setting up and hosting show/phone briefings with editors and analysts

     The New Rules of PR: How to Use Press Releases to Reach Buyers Directly

The Web has changed the rules for PR. With the ability of millions consumers around the world to read press releases directly on Web sites like Google News, Yahoo! News, and via vertical market sites and search engines, marketers must fundamentally alter the way they write and distribute their press releases. That’s not to say that having mainstream media write about your organization isn’t important. It is. But newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV are now icing. To take advantage of the cake, focused organizations leverage the power of PR 2.0 via press releases to distribute ideas directly to the market.

This seminar will demonstrate how savvy marketing professionals develop a direct-to-consumer PR strategy, segment buyers and write press release content to reach them, and distribute press releases via the Web. The media has been disintermediated. The Web has changed the rules. Buyers read content directly and marketers need to be talking their language. The primary audience for PR and marketing messages is no longer just a handful of journalists; it is millions of people with Internet connections and access to search engines and RSS readers.

     Using Blog PR to Promote Your Site

The recent trend of using the press release to promote an online business has emerged with good reason # good press costs very little and can do more for a business than thousands of dollars of marketing. Most businesses use press distribution services like PR Web or PRFree to get the word out about their news. While distribution services certainly can be effective, they tend to miss out on arguably the most influential group of the press # bloggers.

Bloggers mold and shape the opinions of their readers, who are normally the most important in their particular industry, many of whom are also bloggers. Not long after a post from an influential blogger, your news has been picked up by several other bloggers and within days you are all over the blogsphere. Before you know it your site is getting more attention than it would if a story ran in the local newspaper! So how do you get the influential bloggers in your industry to run a story about your business?

     Why Would Anyone Do a Story About Your Business?

Are you a new company? Did you just launch a new product that they could review? Did your business win an award? Are you a group of college kids who started a company on savings from your summer jobs? You get the idea. There needs to be a reason that someone would want to read about you. Bloggers take pride in the content they feed their readers. You don't stand a chance of getting a blogger to write about you if you don't have a story that their readers will be interested in.

     Research Bloggers in Your Industry

More is less when it comes to contacting bloggers. Buy a list of 1,000 bloggers and send out a generic email to all of them and you'll likely get no response. But send a small amount of personalized emails to the appropriate bloggers and you'll be shocked at how many positive responses you get.

The first step is to make a list of the bloggers that would be interested in your story. You can generally get a feel for whether or not a blogger would be interested in your story by reading a couple of posts and checking out their bio. If they've done a few similar stories in the past or they are heavily involved in your industry, there is a good chance they'll want to hear your story. If not, leave them off your list and move on.

The single best method that I have found to research blogs is the Technorati Blog Directory. You can peruse blogs in your industry in order of "authority" - how important Technorati thinks a blog is. This is extremely useful. For example, if you are in the travel industry, you can view a list of the most influential blogs in the world of travel.

Another great way to find the right bloggers is to search through your competitors press sections on their websites to see what blogs have mentioned them. You can also find out who has mentioned your competitors by looking at the sites that have linked to them (type in "links:www.theirsite.com" on Yahoo!). There's a good chance that if they found your competitors story interesting, they'll find your story interesting as well.

Compose Your Email

The best way to contact bloggers is by email. The good news is that most bloggers make themselves easy to access and provide their email addresses on their blogs. The bad news is that most people don't know what to do with said email address once they get it. Use the following outline for your email and you'll see amazing results:

    * Have a simple subject. You probably won't get many responses by treating your email like a press release and writing RELEASE in the subject line. Try something simple like "fan of your blog" or "comment about your blog." You want to make sure they actually read your email and don't mentally mark it as SPAM when they see the subject.

    * Start by complementing them. Since you've read their blog and learned about them from their bio, you know quite a bit about them. Use it to your advantage. Compliment them on your favorite post, or how cool it is that they worked for XYZ company.

    * Request them to post about you (be direct). In three sentences or less, tell them your story, why you think it would be of interest to them and their readers, and respectfully ask that they write a post about it. Be direct and to the point. They will respect that.
    * Offer something in return. You have something that could help them. Maybe it's a link back to their blog from your personal blog, or maybe you could provide them with a free product or service that could help them or their business. One way or another, there's something you have to offer them in return for the time spent on a post about you.

    * Close with something nice. Thank them for their time and wish them luck with their blog and/or business ventures.

Notice that of the five components of the email, only one is about your story. The rest of the email is spent complimenting them and offering them something. Your chances of getting a positive response have just gone through the roof. Every blogger, no matter how large, likes to hear that people are enjoying their posts.

Respond Promptly and Respectfully

Not everyone is going to agree to run your story. Some will say that they don't do that type of thing or that they don't have time. Since you have been so nice as to compliment them, they will still usually reply either way. Regardless of the response, be sure to thank them for their time and wish them luck with their ventures. You never know when they will encounter someone who needs your product or service in the future (remember, they are in your industry) and if they have a positive image of you and your company they will undoubtedly give you a good recommendation.

Sit Back and Watch the Traffic Roll In

Over the course of the next few weeks you will see post after post appear about your business. Be sure to send another thank you email to the blogger after the post and also be sure to promptly provide whatever you offered them in return. At this point you have developed a mutually beneficial relationship with someone important in your industry that can become invaluable over time.

That wasn't that hard was it? With a little research and a carefully crafted email, any business can effectively use blog PR to drive traffic to their site.

About The Author
Adam McFarland owns iPrioritize - simple to-do lists that can be edited at any time from any place in the world. Email, print, check from your mobile phone, subscribe via RSS, and share with others.

     How Can a Press Release Help You Get Free Publicity?

     What is a Press Release?

A press release or, news release as it is also called, is a condensed article that is written in a journalistic style.  A press release is not a sales document, resume, or an advertisement.  The purpose of the news release is to highlight what is interesting and newsworthy about your company or organization.  This can include announcing product releases, new services, or drama within your market.
What are the Press Release Costs?

Press releases are relatively inexpensive to prepare and distribute. Compare the price of a full-page ad from a major news publication – generally tens of thousands of dollars.  Even local papers typically charge several thousand dollars.  For less than a few hundred dollars, you can receive better, more comprehensive coverage than paid advertising.  Research shows that most news releases generate a higher return than even high powered ad campaigns.
Free Publicity

When members of the news media feature your story pulled from your press release, free publicity is being generated. Frequently, your story can show up not only in one major newspaper, but in three, as well as in news talk shows carried on major networks such as NBC or CBS.  If you are looking to publicize in local markets only, releases can be directed to those local publications and hit editor’s news feeds who write for your specific industry. If you are looking for global coverage, news releases are the best marketing tools.  In a sense, a press release is a gift that just keeps giving.

News releases not only reach journalists but they also capture potential customers and/or investors which means that your products and/or services can be both funded and be made more profitable simply based on the media attention your release receives. Whatever your target audience may be, news releases offer you a way to become known to the public without a significant investment.  Even large corporations who spend millions of dollars on ad campaigns continue to use news releases to maintain public interest which results in higher revenue.
Added Benefits for Sending a Press Release

Another advantage to sending out news releases is that there is always demand. All news organizations, to include magazine editors, broadcast, and industry specific editors use press releases to develop the bulk of their published news stories.  From a consumer stand point, editors who report on your news release are considered disinterested parties, meaning that your announcement was chosen because of public demand for relevant and useful information. Often, paid advertising is suspect in the customer’s eye because companies are more interested in their products selling than what is in the best interest of their customers.

To sum up, the benefits to sending out news releases include:

    * low cost
    * increased visibility for your company
    * high demand for press releases
    * added credibility for your organization
    * new customers
    * new investors
    * free publicity

This free publicity generated from your news release is all the better because the media has given its stamp of approval which adds credibility and value to your company or organization.
PRWeb Direct Services

PRWeb Direct Services provide expertise at every stage of the news release process.  From rough draft to final copy, from search engine optimization to tracking, and finally the extensive distribution and coverage networks, our experience and proficiency deliver results.
NewsCrafters™ Writing Services

NewsCrafters is the writing arm of PRWeb.  Our staff is made up of experienced seasoned writing professionals who understand marketing, news, editing and quality news release writing.  We pride ourselves on our excellent communication skills and providing you with the best services possible.  No release is final till you are completely satisfied.

    * Our writing services begin with the $129 Rough draft to final copy, which is essentially a rewrite for your targeted audience.

    * If you are beginning from scratch, we offer a $325 package that includes mining your website for relevant material, a rough draft and final copy that provides the hook needed to compete for editorial attention and interest.

Research has shown that editors take approximately 7 seconds to read your headlines and first paragraph.  Style and content win out over other less crafted releases.  NewsCrafters are masters of style and copy and can bring your news story to the forefront.

  Publish a free press release and benefit

By posting news or articles about you and your business
in Google News or any other search engines, you stand a fairly good chance of generating traffic to your site. The more people see you and read about you, the more chances that a percentage of that number will gravitate to you. The more people read about you, the higher the number of visits you will have. Besides, just being in Google News is a really big deal, and people know that if you are in Google News, you are worth the space they give you. It means you are a force to be reckoned with. You are upcoming.

Because a press release can be sent out in the form of a news article rather than a paid advertisement or review, the cost for advertising done through a press release is often very low, if not completely free.

If your press release becomes popular, then the results could also lead to other websites linking to your site. Your press release would then have also succeeded in creating the much envied “linkbait”.

Many services online, such as “12 Press Release” , "World Press Release" or “Free Press Release” will publish your press release totally free – therefore continuing the idea that you can get a great amount of exposure with little or no investment apart from your input.

But don’t be fooled, press releases do take time, and perhaps practice as well. First of all, you need a concise and catchy headline.

Whether it’s an intriguing question or an interesting statistic, you need something in your headline that will catch the eyes of both the web journalists and the web readers alike.

Once you have written a good press release, go ahead and send it out to as many of the best press release websites and companies and see how much traffic you can gain for free!

In addition to submitting your press release to print and television media, you should take advantage of the press release sites that the web has to offer, both free and paid are available. There are many free press release websites for you to take advantage of. They create free backlinks to your website which helps with search engine optimization (SEO). Just make sure you follow each site’s guidelines for submission carefully, or else your press release will be rejected by the editor.

The press release that gets published on one of the media outlets will have your website link provided within it. Those who have reviewed your release and want more information will click through the link or check out the website.

Once the optimized press release is distributed, it gets picked up on various sites and channels including news search engines such as Google news and Yahoo! news. Every time another website picks up the press release, it reproduces the release along with all of your keywords and links. This has the effect of generating widespread backlinks (links back to your site).

Press releases are one of the most powerful publicity tools available today for all business owners. Use it to your advantage and join all the other successful internet marketers who have use press releases many times in the past with very positive results.

Press Release Marketing 101 -getting The Most Out Of Your Press Releases

Using press releases for marketing purposes for promoting anything from new web sites to new product announcements have become increasingly popular lately as business owners learn the powerful benefits of using press releases.

Press releases have been used over the past few years by quite a few smart business owners and marketers that have seen first hand how they can help their business
get the recognition they need in marketing new products or services both offline and online.

But a lot of businesses have been reluctant in using press releases as they were unsure of how to properly construct a simple press release or how to distribute them for maximum effectiveness.

Using press releases can be a very effective marketing tool and seo strategy if constructed and implemented properly.

Learning to write a powerful optimized press release can often drive tons of targeted traffic to your web site while providing multiple back links that can lead to increased page rank and numerous top ten search engine rankings for your targeted keywords.

The real secret behind writing any effective press release and to gain maximum exposure for your new product or service is to plan your release out carefully even before publishing it.

A poorly constructed or planned press release is just a waste of your time and resources. You want to target the message of your press release for the purpose it was meant for.

So, the first thing you must do before writing is to figure out just what do you want to accomplish with your press release?

- Do you want to create some brand awareness for your web site or products?

- Do you want to add additional subscribers to your newsletter or ezine?

—Or are you trying to promote a new product or service you have developed or are marketing?

Once you've decided what the most compelling reason is for your press release, you can then get down to the business of writing it.

The first thing you may want to do is sketch out a rough draft of your press release to see how it flows. Does it provide the needed information to get the word out and has it been properly formatted?

Most press releases have a certain format that they follow. If you're unsure of how to format your press release correctly you can view a sample press release template here at http://www.prweb.com/pressreleasetips.php#template .

The number one most important aspect of your press release is your headline.

Get it wrong and you will limit the effectiveness of your release.

Your headline is what the search engines are going to pick up on first. The headline is what normally gets listed first once indexed so make sure you use it advantageously. List any key points here, using your keywords or a catchy headline so that it will grab your reader's attention.

Also try to keep your headline as short as possible as Google gives more weight to keywords if not surrounded by irrelevant words. Again planning is essential.

If promoting a new site include the URL in the headline. If promoting a product or service then include some keywords in the headline.

Some press release services use a summary box. I normally write a catchy one-paragraph recap of my press release using some of my targeted keywords.

Without being spammy, I will normally optimize my press release by using some of my targeted keywords in the first and last paragraph. I will also include some of them throughout the release for a keyword exposure of approximately 2-5% saturation.

Tip: if you're promoting a web site, I will normally mention my URL around three times within the release for the maximum benefit.

One of the first questions I had when I first started writing press releases was what was considered a great release? What did it consist of and how was it constructed?

Being curious, I emailed my contact at http://www.prweb.com/ and asked them if they could show me a few press releases that they considered as excellent examples.

These releases have received their editorial scores of 5 on their scale of 1 to 5; with five being the highest.

They sent me three of them for review and you can see each one of them here:




Study each one of these against the press release template to see what is required for an effective release.

Note: to get additional exposure for your press release via www.emediawire.com you have to have an editorial score of 4 or higher. So it is to your benefit to write the best release you can the first time around.

Once you have studied the examples and want to try submitting you own press release you need to know which ones are the most popular ones being used.

Here are some of the press release services I have used and found to be effective:





With most of press release services you can submit your press release for free or via paid inclusion. Paying for inclusion gives you the benefit of faster indexing into the search engine news services and natural search engine result pages.

Normally your release will be picked up by Google news within a few hours after its release. From there it will normally show up in the natural search results within a few days or a week.

I have used both of these services in the past but have found that paying them at least the minimum amount for their distribution services will allow you to view your stats online. It will also allow you to choose different categories for my press release to be displayed in, giving your release a chance for wider coverage.

So using press releases can and is a very effective marketing tool that you can use for promoting your web site or affiliate products if done correctly.

By using press releases, I have been able to create a steady flow of targeted visitors to my web site and affiliate programs while generating dozens of back links to my web site.

Even though the effects of each individual press release may be short lived, they still have provided me with both free and inexpensive ways for getting hundreds of new visitors to my site and quite a few top ten positions in Google for my targeted keywords.

So isn't worth while to at least check out the benefits of using press releases in your marketing methods? A little work now could reap amazing results.

     How To Write A Press Release?

What is a press release?

News to the media, prepared in a journalistic manner and from the point of view of the media. A press release is structured as follows: header, headline, lead, body copy, and boilerplate. Press releases are distributed simultaneously to all selected media by mail, fax, and increasingly by e-mail. Commercial press-release distribution services are also used to distribute press releases.

How to write a press release?

Decide why you are writing a press release and determine your thought. Keep it short and to the point. Usually, press releases are no more than one page. Print the words "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" in the top left-hand margin in all caps.

Follow this line with relevant contact information:

- name

- title

- address

- phone number

- email address.

Write a headline and center it in bold type just above the first line of the body of the press release. Headlines typically highlight the most important, significant or shocking fact in the release.

Create a dateline - the starting line of the body of your press release - that includes the city where the release is generated and the date.

Make certain the first paragraph includes all the vital information:

- The where

- When

- Why

- What

- Who

Wrap up the last paragraph with a "for additional information" line, a place to find more details. An annual report or a Web site can be with complete sources of information.

Center these marks, " # # #" or "-30-", at the bottom of the page to indicate the end of your release.

     Why write press release?


By effective press release writing and distribution, your company can achieve a significant and measurable increase in brand visibility on search engines, web site traffic & sales. Press Releases can help you achieve excellent rankings within major search engines. Press releases provide opportunities for inbound link development when Yahoo News, Google News and major news search engines list your data online.

Press release also benefits your website when you issue a release because you are providing relevant information to those searching for news related to your industry. It could be a prospect looking for industry info when researching a purchase or a journalist researching a story. At any rate, your company will be represented in the search results, which increases the relevant traffic to your site.

How to distribute a press release?

Distributing a press release at the right time to the right individuals is key to publicity. Detail and preparation will help you execute this important public relations activity.

You can send the news release directly to the media yourself, using the mail, fax, or email. When in doubt about the best option, ask the journalists you will be sending your release to. This can have the advantage of creating a more personal connection with the people you send the release to. Submit your site to a few online news wires and news websites. There are a number of sites that require payment. However, there are a few good free websites as well.

The main wires include:

* Canada Newswire

* CCNMatthews

* Business Wire

* PR Newswire

* PR Web

Main benefit of press release distribution in Google news is that it goes to the straight to the people who can search online news. The communication network that is generated at Google, yahoo & MSN and can be by world of mouth from the people who have read the press releases. You will know its happens because of more people visiting your website. Your website name will become easily recognizable. Be prepared to answer media questions regarding your press release.

How to generate profit with press release writing?

Writing press releases is one of the most important ways to promote your website over Internet. Press release writing frequently will help your website be noticed by the web traffic. Press releases are an essential part of your advertising and promotional campaign online, and hence writing an effective press release, which is newsworthy, and attention grabbing is the most important. Only writing the PR does not help your purpose. It needs to be well complemented with proper use, to get the most effective result.

Get Free Traffic From Press Releases

Press Releases have continued to be an important tool for businesses, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and social activist groups across the web. Few pre-internet communication forms have translated so easily to web publications. It is easy to add a press release to your web site or blog. You can even post them in forums across the web to drum up discussion on the topic. A press release should announce something of value, be it an event, a new release, a change, a promotion, or whatever it is, you should be sure it is well written, interesting, and reaches your target audience.

The goal of the press release is typically publicity.

The strange thing about press releases is that few people actually release them to the press. In cases of large corporations, governmental agencies, or large NGO’s there is generally little coverage of the press releases in main stream media. For your press release to be effective, you should make sure you send it to the appropriate newspaper reporters, editors, magazine reporters, bloggers, and other writers for publication with widespread audience. This could mean finding the email of the small business editor of your local newspaper, or of all newspaper reporters covering this beat in the country. It mostly depends on your client, or if you are doing it yourself, your audience. However, if you fail to submit the press release to the various people that cover this news, it will be just another post on the internet. It is doubtful those same reporters will seek out your press release unbidden.

If you are working regularly with press releases, it will them be necessary to create custom mailing lists for their distribution. If you have multiple clients, some of the contacts may overlap, but many will be distinct only to the individual campaign involved. So you will have to create a custom list of reporters, editors, web masters, and bloggers before you send out the press release, otherwise you will have to do it from scratch every time. If you build these mailing lists while browsing the web and doing other work, over time you can create lists of hundreds of good sources who work in the field and can republish the details of your press release in their newspaper, magazine, or blogs.

If you are really seeking publicity for a client or web site, you can also submit your press releases to TV news outlets and look to promote a reference in a specialized report, or market analysis. This usually works well for new gadgets and software releases, but it depends on the weight of the information and product involved. Another way is to have your press release read, video taped, and then posted to a video hosting site such as YouTube or others. The budget of the account involved will determine whether it is a highly produced script or a guerillas marketing campaign. These are just some of the things to consider when writing a press release, most important to remember is networking.

http://www.prweb.com (small contribution)




































http://www.prweb.com (small contribution)


http://www.prleap.com -






























































































Articles Or Press Releases, Which One Is Better?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get from clients. It isn't that one is better than the other. Both have their purpose. However, the purpose for each is far different and you should not get article marketing confused with press releases.

Of course good copy writing is essential to both a press release and article marketing. And both are optimized to contain your keywords for seo purposes. But the relationship between article marketing and press releases ends there.

Article Marketing is the distribution of well-written, informative articles to article directories in the hopes that they will get syndicated by or reprinted on other websites and blogs. Article marketing helps with link popularity for this reason.

Article Marketing helps with branding you as an expert in your field and can drive traffic directly to your website if readers like the article.

Press Releases are written to announce a newsworthy event. They are distributed to news websites, news agencies, news blogs, newsletters, etc. They are not the same as an article.

Most press releases I see submitted aren't newsworthy at all however. People are using press release distribution to send out articles. They have article marketing and press releases all mixed up.

I read press releases that sound like sales letters all the time. Pure self-promotion is not a press release at all. It's a sales letter sent out through a press release distribution center.

People who see these know the difference. News agencies who could be printing or redistributing your press release to a wider audience can see the difference at a glance.

If you do not know how to write news, you do not know how to write a press release. Unfortunately, many of the people on the web who offer to write press releases for money don't really know how to write press releases either. They know you don't know the difference between a press release and an article or sales letter either, so they get away with charging money for the service.

Go to any press release website. read the press releases. You'll see more than 50% are self-promotion or just articles. If it doesn't read like something you would read in a newspaper, it isn't a press release.

You can do a press release in the first person or from the company perspective, but you have to be announcing something that is newsworthy. Something new happening. Something that people will want to know about. A merger, an acquisition, a partnership, a new website launched, (Can only be done once!), a new blog launched, are all things that can be newsworthy and must be presented as a news item, not as a "Come Visit MY Website Please!" article.

Press releases do even better if written as a reporter would write about your announcement. The Reporter, (press release writer), can even interview you and others at your company for quotes to use in the press release.

People are hungry for news. A press release should only be distributed if there is news to announce. Yes you want to optimize your press release for the search engines but SEO is not the number one purpose for distributing a press release.

Announcing something newsworthy is the first reason. You only optimize it because it is being distributed on the web and that is the secondary purpose for the press release, not the first.

If you want good results for the money you spend on a press release, do them sparingly and only when you have something newsworthy to announce. You'll get more bang for your buck, more traffic, more people reading about you, and you'll make back your investment every time.

How to Use a Press Release to Promote your Web Site

A press release, or a media release as it is sometimes called, is a way to make an announcement to the news media about your organization and your web site. This could be a product release, a webinar, a new version of software
, a new section in your web site, the latest financial results, a new strategic partnership and so on. The list is endless.

Press releases are used by all the major companies to inform the press about what is going on in the company. As you read on, you will discover the different parts that make up a press release, how to write them well and how to distribute press releases on-line including at the Free Press Release Center.

A press release is made up of different sections. It starts with a headline then there is a summary of the press release and then this is followed by the actual contents and finally the contact information. A well written press release can capture the attention of journalists and get you good exposure. In preparing your press release you need to consider several key things which are outlined below.

The first part of the press release is the headline. The headline is in title case. This Means You Capitalize Every Word Except for Prepositions and Articles of Three Words or Less and Short. Ideally the headline should not be more than 170 characters and it doesn't end with the period (or a full stop as the British would say). Your headline needs to be sharp, to the point and eye catching. Some journalists see hundreds of press releases each day. Your one needs to stand out.

The summary paragraph is a synopsis of the press release in regular sentence form. It doesn’t merely repeat the headline or opening paragraph. It just tells the story in a different way.

Next comes the actual text of the press release. This is known as the body of the press release. The first paragraph, known as the "lead", contains the most important information. After that you need to remember that in a press release you need to keep sentences and paragraphs short, about three or four lines per paragraph. The first couple of paragraphs should cover the who, what, when, where, why and how questions. The rest of the press release expounds on the information provided in the lead paragraph. It includes quotes from key staff, customers or subject matter experts. It contains more details about the news you have to tell.

At the end of the press release you need to include a short back ground paragraph about your organization. You then need to list the contact person's name and phone number. You should include a phone number so that journalists can contact you easily without having to wait for your to reply to emails.

One very important thing to remember when writing a press release is that you are writing for journalists and not for potential clients, consumers or visitors to your web site. Journalists use press releases as a starting point for a larger story or feature. Press releases written as sales pieces will be completely ignored.

It can be very difficult to get your press release noticed by a journalist. It is a sad fact, but many press releases are quickly tossed in the trash without being studied. Journalists have deadlines and a job to do. Press releases help them do that job, but unless your press release stands out it will be in tomorrows garbage collection. You need to get the journalists attention. The press release needs to be good. It needs to contain news. And most of all it needs to be better than the other 200 press releases the journalist saw that day.

Once your press release is ready you need to distribute it. A good starting place is the Free Press Release Center. The power of FPRC is in its keyword linking. With each press release the you can choose a keyword and a URL (different to your main site URL) which will appear as a link (using the keyword as the anchor text) in your press release. This gives you free links to your site using the anchor text of your choice. Plus it is in a natural context, i.e. the text of their release.

A press release is a great way to get media attention for your web site. Used well your web site news can be tomorrows headlines.

20 Press Release Tips On How To Write And Submit A Press Release

A press release is a news release or press release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something claimed as having news value. Typically, it is mailed or faxed to assignment editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, and/or television networks. Commercial newswire services are also used to distribute news releases. Sometimes news releases are sent for the purpose of announcing news conferences.

1. Make your press release newsworthy and not just advertising for your business. The media wants you to pay for the advertising they offer.

2. Send your press release to the media that relates to it only. Blanket press releases to all media is a waste of everyone's time.

3. Press releases should never be more than one page long.

4. Put your header, contact information and release date at the top of your press release.

5. When writing your press release use short sentences and double space your lines.

6. Your header and first few sentences should grab the readers attention.

7. Use the body of the press release to talk about your business, and products or services you have. One way to do that is to tell a story about your business.

8. Proofread your press release several times. This is important. You do not want a press release going out with spelling or grammar errors.

9. Do you have a website? Write a press release about the new products or services you're offering on your web site.

10. Create a press release about the results of an online survey or poll you have completed.

11. Submit a press release about a trade show or seminar you're hosting or attending.

12. Write a press release about a no cost class you are teaching that would be of interest to the public.

13. Create a press release about your opening of a new web site, or any awards your web site has one.

14. Write a press release about a free internet newsletter you're publishing.

15. Create a press release about online products or services you're giving away.

16. Submit a press release about a business association or club you're starting.

17. Write a press release about a famous person that's endorsing your business.

18. Create a press release about a partnership you are creating with another business.

19. Submit a press release about a new book or e-book you wrote.

20. Write a press release about major sponsorships you're doing online.

You can see there are many different ways to use press releases to announce what is going on in your business. Can you think of any others? Thanks to the internet it has become easier to create and announce press releases online.

How to Properly Write Press Releases

The good thing about press releases is that it is much cheaper than cooking a huge ad campaign and the results if successful is even better than the result of an ad campaign that required an enormous amount of money. Now press releases are actually different from a resume, an advertisement  or a sales document. It is actually an article written with a journalist's touch that aims to highlight the interesting and newsworthy element of your company, product or event. In making press releases you need to consider that you are having two target audiences whenever you write one. You need to think of the journalists who will first asses your press release and the audience who will read it after the journalist found it newsworthy and had it published.

Since you still need first pass through a ruthless and intensive judgment of a journalist, you need to make sure that your press release will be able to convince the journalist that your press release is newsworthy to be published. Now these people are really busy and they really get tons of press releases each day. One thing that you really need to work on is how to make your press release unique and different from any other press releases that they get each day. It must be able to catch their attention just by the first look. And you also have to keep in mind that since journalists are super busy people, a long and flowery press release won't appeal them. So make your press release brief and concise. In order for you to have this achieved, I have prepared some tips that will be very helpful when you make one.

You need to first put on your release date. This will let your journalist when to report your affair. Contact information should follow the release date. It should include your name and number and other contact details. A very informative, comprehensive and yet catchy headline must be punched in after your contact information. This should be catchy enough without too many words such as adjectives and adverbs. It must be able to answer at least three of the Wh and H questions. The introduction is next and this opening paragraph must be similar to the dateline of a news article. You have to maintain the simplicity and the newsworthiness even in this part of your press release. This should be able to provide the basic information about the event being discussed in your press release. The body of your press release must expand the information discussed in your introduction. This is where you put your supporting facts and issues that may be of help if your press release gets published. A line or two about your company and its mission shall complete the last part of your press release which happens to be the company profile. It is sometimes referred to as the boilerplate. Then you can just put the word END at the bottom of your press release as an indicator that your article is finished. It will also be helpful if you will put a more detailed and expanded contact information at the very bottom of your paper. Adding your company logo will also help your press release to get the authentic and official look.

Submitting Press Releases to Sell Affiliate Products

Many assume that press releases are only a method used by business owners to bring media attention to their products or companies. This is quite true, however, press releases can also be a great way to sell affiliate products or a product that you own.  Press releases tend to do very well in the search engines and they provide valuable back links to your website.  In this case, you're not writing your press release for the media but rather for the average reader.

Press releases, when submitted to the right companies such as PR Web, will give you tons of action in the search engines.  This is because they have developed certain technologies that make their press releases very search engine friendly.

Another advantage is that you will have individuals and companies other than news reporters or media outlets, picking up your press release and placing it on their website.  Subsequently, not only will you get back links to your press release but webmasters also publish them. This means that you are able to benefit from hundreds or even thousands of people reading your press release absolutely free.

When a company or an individual prints your press release on their website, you are automatically getting an endorsement and being exposed to a targeted market. All you had to do was create and submit your press release.

In order for your press release to be successful, there are a number of things that you must include.  You will need to include the keyword or keyword phrase that you are targeting in the headline of your press release. You will also want to include it several times throughout the release. You obviously need to add links to your website also.

It is important to remember that press releases are not simply articles or advertisements. You do need to spend some time and learn how to write a quality press release.  In order for your press release to be accepted by the top press release sites it has to be of high quality. You can’t just slap anything together, submit it and expect to receive results. On certain press release websites, you must receive a certain quality score before you get full distribution of your press release. Therefore, you will have to work very hard to ensure your press release is newsworthy and well written.  If you cannot do this yourself, you may want to outsource this task to someone else.

Your better press release websites are not free.  Typically, you will need to pay at least a small fee to get a good amount of distribution and to ensure that your website link is hyper linked (clickable).

Releases are a fantastic way to sell affiliate products or even a product of your own.  If you give them a try, you may be surprised at the amount of back links that you can quickly generate and also how well your press release and website does in the search engines. It is important to note that this is only true if you choose keywords or keyword phrases that are not ultra competitive.

Press Release Service - Why is it Important for a Company to be in the News

Although some companies have an in-house PR department to manage Press Releases, for many companies, it may not be possible to distribute the Press Release or Press Statement to all media channels due to resource and manpower constraints. This is where companies providing Professional Press Release Distribution Service become essential. A Press Release is generally used to inform the public through news and print media of an event or issue, or information for the general public, which concerns the company. Press releases are also a useful tool to create visibility about a company and its activities. In the present day and times, with the whole world connected to the Internet and most Internet savvy individuals spending many hours every day searching and browsing for information, knowledge, services, products, etc, an Online Press Release Service is extremely crucial for a company, to create online visibility on the internet, through proper and affordable Press Release Distribution Services and gain widespread media coverage.

Some Press Release Distribution Services companies specializing in offering Online Press Release Service also combine Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with very high quality news distribution, thus making the press releases more visible to the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. These Press Releases come up in searches when users search with a search term related to the client company and the Press Release, thus creating visibility for the company. These Press Release Service companies ensure widespread coverage of the Press Release, drawing the attention of bloggers, journalists, and general public alike. Press Release Distribution Services companies also ensure that the Press Releases and announcements reach the people interested in the client company and its activities, company news and information, etc, and provide links in the Press Release content for the interested individuals to follow back to the companies website, thus ensuring targeted traffic.

To increase a client company's online Internet presence, and thus the potential for increasing sales and revenue, the Press Release Distribution Services employ teams of experienced professionals with years of experience in writing and optimizing Press Releases in many diverse areas for many companies involved in many different fields like Real Estate, entertainment, etc. This does not mean that these companies offer Press Release Service only for big companies or large Multinational corporations only. Press Release Services are very affordable and are also available for individuals like members of the legal and medical profession, small business professionals, and small companies too, with different packages and services available according to requirement.

In the modern world today, as in the good old days, it is important to remember that - "Out of sight is Out of Mind", which simply means that if a company or an individual is not visible continuously and regularly in the print, news, and online Internet media, the world will soon forget they exist, and move on to something more interesting. Everyone wants fresh and interesting news and information on a regular basis and abhors stale news and soon forgets an individual or company, which is not in the news on a regular basis. As a company or individual, aspiring to be visible on the Internet, it is important and crucial to hire the services of a company providing Professional and experienced Press Release Distribution Services.

Press Release Distribution Services - Let the World Know

This sometimes led to untrue information about the company being printed and circulated, and led to misinformation for the general public. In 1906, Ivy Lee, who is referred to as the first public relations professional, advised the Pennsylvania Railroad, which had recently suffered a tragic accident, to issue a press release to journalists and print media, and provide correct and proper information to the media, before they could write some other incorrect version of the causes of the accident. He advised the company to properly inform the journalists and news media about the accident and present the facts of the incident before they could cook up a story on their own. This incident led to the birth of Press Release Distribution Services and the Press Release Service industry.


In the early years of the previous century, Press Releases were done through the news and print media, radio, etc. In the last decade of the previous century, with the boom in the use of Internet, Online Press Releases caught on, giving birth to the Online Press Release Services and Press Release Distribution Services industry. This industry is booming today because the Internet is accessible all over the world and not limited to a certain area, country, or continent. An Online Press Release issued by a company in the USA can be seen and read by any individual, anywhere in the world, at any time. The world today has become a global village and that is why it is important for a company to be known and recognized all over the world, and not just in its own area, country, or continent.


There are many companies with varying degrees of experience and years in the industry offering a multitude of services and packages. Many of these companies only work with large companies and multinationals, but many others also provide excellent, dedicated services to individuals and small companies too. Press Release Distribution Services is also used as an online marketing strategy, through targeted press release distribution and has become an essential tool for staying competitive and well known in today's market. Online affordable Press Release Services include news and information delivery to a multitude of channels that reach specific audiences including industrial media, potential clients and investors, newswires, and more on a regional, national, and global scale.


In the current competitive market, every one, be at a successful individual, or a multi national company, requires solid Press Release Distribution Services. Whether it is a successful individual like Britney Spears, Madonna, or President George Bush, or a company like Ford, Coca Cola, or a small company in Texas, or Delhi, all of them require Press Release Service, to properly present their image, provide information, news, and views, ensure visibility, and also to ensure that the general public gets the right information at the right time.


Press Release Services provided by these Professional and experienced Press Release Distribution Services also include writing the Press Releases, and assisting the client companies and individuals in writing a Press Release in the proper format and with proper words in the content. A properly formatted and worded Press Release is as important as the proper distribution to the right channels and media. An improperly formatted or improperly worded Press Release has a negative impact and may damage the companies / individuals image and reputation. That is why it becomes crucially important to select the right Press Release Distribution Services Company, which provides all services, and at an affordable price too.

4 Ways to Create an Interesting and Appealing Press Release

Whenever you are ready to launch a new online venture, a great way to drive targeted traffic
to your new website is to write a great press release. When writing a press release it is important to keep a few things in mind to avoid having your press release labeled as shameless self promotion.

Even though the press release is a form of advertising, it is important that it does not sound like advertising. A good press release should sound like a third party that has nothing to gain by the press release informing interested parties of a potentially interesting website or online business

The first thing to keep in mind when writing a press release is that you want to convince the reader that you are providing valid, researched, information rather than presenting your opinion as fact. A great way to show the reader that the information contained in the press release is legitimate is to provide statistics. Hard numbers and facts will help give the press release some credibility. When providing statistics stick to simple numbers that help illustrate or back up statements made in the press release that will not be to confusing.

Secondly, make sure the press release is written in an interesting manner. Be entertaining even when facts are being presented. Write your press release in the same manner as a news article or something that is going to be read for entertainment reasons. A dry press release containing nothing but facts and figures is not going to make interesting reading and will not create the same buzz that a creative, entertaining press release will.

Third, when writing your press release do not constantly mention your domain name or website. Most press releases will have a contact area for media and that area will give you the chance to provide the relevant domain name. Mentioning the website domain name by providing the full URL once in the body of the press release is also acceptable. Having the domain name present in the press release anymore than that will make the press release seem like nothing more than a way to get free promotion and will be ignored by many of the people you want to read the press release.

Lastly, do not stuff your press release with keywords or sales jargon. Remember, a press release is not a sales pitch. It is completely possible to promote yourself, your product, and your website without sounding like an online sales

Press Release Writing- an Important Tool for Link Building

A press release or a news release as it’s called is nothing but simple statement carrying news about the schedule events or announcements of an organization. Press release writing  is meant for online media distribution.


As more and more people are looking for online news to get information, there is a stiff competition among web sites to come on high ranks on search engines hunt. Along with quality SEO content writing, link building is an important tool to optimize your web page according to Search engine tools. And especially inbound links are vital to help in getting high ranks. There are different ways to increase link building such as by directory submission, article submission, blog submission and finally press release submission. Correctly optimized press release writing can build link equity. Press release writing can be used as an effective search engine optimization marketing tool.


If you wonder how to write a press release, then no need to worry. Writing a press release is not that tricky only if one follows the standard format. Press releases should always contain relevant as well as noteworthy news concerning the organization. Writing quality press releases has its own advantage for your releases can be submitted on other relevant sites and this helps in more number of viewers which in turn generates high rank from search engine optimizer tools. If your news item is managed to be displayed by search engine biggies like Google and Yahoo, your website rank increases automatically without any effort.

Keywords are very important in any SEO content writing and Press release writing is also no exception. The selection of keyword should be based on extensive latest research. It should be mostly looked for yet less competitive. A keyword-rich content on press release is precious for your business. An appropriate keyword density level (between 8 to 15%) should be maintained. A correctly optimized press release ought to have keyword links in it which helps getting high ranks from search engines. While writing a press release, you should try to use keywords in backlinks (i.e. links back to your website). This is another way to promote your website.

After writing press releases, another important task is to submit these releases. You can send the text in form of mails to newspaper and web editors. However a more a more efficient way is to submit the press release writings into the online press release services for the search engines often spider those service sites. If your content is original and well written, the chances of getting high rankings by search engines are better.

After the press release is distributed among online media, make sure to publish the press release writing on your website and put them into an RSS feed, it will act as an endorsement to reach out to more number of viewers and a is considered as a smart move for optimization purpose. Optimized press release writing will coerce your potential clients which in turn will help increasing your business.

The 4 Major Problems Found in Press Releases

The Four Biggest Problems Found In All News or Press Releases

Press releases, sometimes called news releases are powerful promotional tools, they often reach people across the country, or even the world at zero cost.

A press release is typically free in print publications; multiple newswires will broadcast your news item over the Internet, occasionally for no charge, often with a fee.

If they are going do what they do, however, press releases must be composed of powerful writing. In only a 500 word document, these news releases can reach

Here are 4 pitfalls which you'll want to work around:

1. Being Overly Sales-Oriented

On the surface, a press release is about information. It's job is to create hype of your your service and product and create an image of your company and yourself as standouts in your particular niche. It ought to sound like a factual story; an excess of storytelling, flowery writing, or first and second-person styling will remove the authoritative nature of your press release.

2. Not being self-promotional in the article

The ultimate outcome of a news or press release is encouraging the readers to purchase from your business. It should always lead back to you, your business, your services and products, and your place of business. Keeping that goal in your mind, your news needs to be more compelling than a traditional "Grand Opening!" That is OK to have when you're embarking, although some more thought-provoking options are discussed in Tip number 4. Attempt to finish the press release with an action phrase.

3. Being too infrequent

A news or press release should never be considered a singular event; rather, send them out often to attain a cumulative benefit. once every month is a proper frequency to maintain and establish awareness. Also, make sure to distribute them to many newswires. Depending on whether yours is an online business, a brick-and-mortar business, or both, you have a bunch of choices like local news paper(s), trade publications and magazines, and online news or press release services. For the greatest wide-reaching advertisement effect, then send it to multiple places.

4. Poor selection of release date

More often than not, the nightly news is all related to a particular has reader's attention from the start. The editors be automatically more into the press release because it is similar.

# Tie in with a special event in your town, a religious holiday or other special day. Your calendar is always full of special events like awareness weeks and recognition months, and other special times. It is usually easy to find one of these to connect to your service and product.

# Write about a current controversial subject. Or make a controversy, by challenging something an expert has recently done or said.

# Reveal a scam. People love to complain about scams!

# Use your document to announce a free report, white paper, or guide you have recently published. (Be ready to deliver the freebie)

When created properly, news or press releases can be powerful marketing tools. If you don't want to write your press releases yourself hire someone skilled in writing press releases and get in the habit of submitting press releases on a regular basis. Dedication to this particular piece of marketing pays off in greater exposure and bigger profits.

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