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Welcome To Our Site!                                                   

   You have a brand new web site or you have an existing website!In short you are owner of at least one site or you are just selling someone else's products as an affiliate marketer. Now what? There is a common need in all above situation and that is advertising and traffic and if it is low cost advertising and low cost traffic then it is better as you will get more bang for your dollars but suppose it is 100 % free advertising and free traffic then it is the best as you will get 100 % of profits and your investment is your time only. You are here to find out about those tested and working free adverting and free traffic resources right?Congratulation!You are at right place and in right hands.

Suppose  you are a website owner and after just building a great looking site if you think a lot of people will visit your site, your you will get lots of sales, and lots of people will visit your site. Then let me tell you perhaps you are day dreaming and no one can stop you to think that way but it won't help your site or business.

  So what should you do to make your dream come true. Think seriously about it........

How can you get more visitors to your website? What can you do to stimulate web traffic?Again you are here for that goals in mind right?I am going to show you tested free traffic and advertising with which you can generate 50000 visitors every single day and if you are little bit creative you will receive un imaginable free traffic but I suggest you to not only read this page but entire content of this site,each sentence very very carefully.

 Most people think website promotion means search engine submission and link exchange. They go and submit your website to major search engine ,exchange link with some other webmasters and wait for the traffic to flood but do they get lots of traffic or some traffic at all?If they are lucky,they will get a few visitors. But today there are many various ways to promote and market your website. If they do not think about other ways then it is possible the amount of traffic remain the same or even decrease. and if they use all other ways effectively then they can drive lots of traffic to their sites.

 When a small business  started has a very small budget for promotion then the owner can use many other cost effective ways and make his business grow. For this he can use his website and the internet and on the internet there are many cost effective methods to promote any small business.

These methods of Free Traffic & Free Advertising include: Banner Ads,Free Ad Sites,Traffic Exchanges,Text Ads,Forums,Social Bookmark,Article Marketing,Social Sites,Video Sites,Ad-boards,Photo Share Sites,Web Directories,NEWS Groups,Tool Bar Ads, Blogs, FFAs,RSS,Press Release,Pixel Ads,Safelists,Classifieds,Yellow Pages,Link Exchange,SEO-SES,,affiliate programs,animations,local search,start-page ad,pop-up exchanges,hypertext optimization,robot software.

Many methods of promoting on the internet are free. Most promotional methods need proper knowledge and technique to make them work effectively. All methods will not equally useful for your business. I mean some methods will work more effectively for your business or website and some will work less.

Some free traffic and free advertising methods are viral in nature and other surfers and v=web site visitors spread them across the internet..e.g. Free Viral Sites,Social Networks,Video Clips,Blogs,Banner Exchanges,Link Exchanges etc.

   There are many free ways to advertise and promote your site and as a result getting free traffic. I many time hear in forums and discussion boards that this method of free advertising and free traffic is working and this is  working less and this one is not working at all. I want to ask  such a person :Have you really tried that method and if tried,you used the right way for that kind of free traffic and free advertising method. If the answers for both the questions are yes then do you really know  the right and appropriate way for this kind of method. Actually each method listed here is working fine and if you are one of the person I mentioned here then please read each and every word on this site very very carefully. Little gems are hidden in the content  in the form of tips and suggestion.

  Some of the free ways you can use to get free advertising and free traffic. The resources I included are described below with small description and how it works and how can you make them work for you. Here I am giving you just general idea about how can you get free traffic and free advertising resources. Although you can spend a lot of money on an Internet campaign, there are many ways to leverage the Internet and gain free advertising for your business.

        Niche Marketing

       Before you know anything about any free traffic and free advertising resources,you must know about Niche Marketing. Why?Because you are repeatedly going to hear words like relavent to your niche,choose your niche,according to your niche,use niche marketing,choose your niche,target your niche etc and so I tried to explain here what is niche marketing so that you can easily understand other content on this site.

       What is Niche Marketing?

The word ‘niche’ is defined as: “A special area or field of demand for a product or service”. ‘Marketing’ is defined as: “The opportunity to buy or sell”. If you place the two words together, the meaning of niche marketing is :" buying or selling a product or service in a special area or field of demand". In short research and find a niche or find a particular area or field for existing products or 1st find the niche/targeted audience(particular area or field of demand for a particular subject) and then create the products or sell existing products to that particular interested group of people. Because of your research you know there is already demand for products and so you will get good CTR .

Big businesses always use niche marketing. For example the company named Colgate produce a tooth paste with brand name Colgate for the product. In India to target right audience(relevant niche),Colgate has started free dental check up clinic in various state and thus they are targeting the people who are interested in dental care and also motivating them by making them aware of good oral hygiene and at the same time promoting company's product(Colgate Toothpaste)

With use of niche marketing a small business owner can acquire fast success because he is following the principle of demand and supply as well as he has to spend less money because of smaller audience compare to generally marketing a product to entire world. In niche marketing you only promote your products to highly interested group of people and so you save time and money as well as you get high conversion sales ratio and so more bang for less ad bucks. Niche Marketing is blessing for small businesses and home businesses as they often have small budget for everything and a limited number of employees.

From the start or from the 1st step(Research),Niche marketing must be designed to meet the unique needs of the targeted audience or special group of interested people. You must create your products according to their needs or as I said must research and find the less competitive niche for existing products(specially in affiliate marketing).You can not sell a gardening product(e.g. e-book) to a audience interested in making money products and it is natural that you can sell them products about gardening easily. In short do proper research and find out an already interested audience and provide them what they want by following the principle of demand and supply. This way you can be successful withing shorter period of time and you can always target this same audience with other relevant products.

Niche Marketing is really a short cut and proper way to expose your products to the right audience with minimum efforts and minimum budget.

             What Niche Marketing is Not

Niche Marketing is not to sell your product blindly to entire world without knowing about your audience but it is a proper and right method to target right audience. As a small business or home business owner you mostly have very small budget for advertising and so if you find your customer in advance through research and by use of niche marketing principles then not only you can save money but also your time by not promoting your products to the people who are not interested in your products.

Niche marketing does not say to compete but it says to throw the competition out of the window and find a no competition or less competition zone. Niche marketing does not suggest to market the same product millions of other people are trying to sell instead it says to either find a specific audience for existing products or 1st find the specific audience and then create special products for them. In short less competition,more success for a product or business.

Niche Marketing does not suggest to sell your products to random buyers but it teaches you to build  a list of interested people and repeatedly sell the different relevant products to the same audience. Niche Marketing teaches you to build relation with your customers and gain their trust by providing them high quality products at reasonable rates and repeat the process for relevant products.

Niche Marketing does not say to focus on large scale but it says to focus on small scale or in other words smaller audience but highly interested audience. Niche Marketing suggests to research about audience which is highly interested although  it is very small. Niche marketing suggest you to narrow down your audience to a single interest of a broad subject. Let me explain this by above Gardening Niche example. Suppose you want to create a product,e.g. an e-book and if you are a good niche marketer then you know there is enough competitors in this niche and so if you write a general e-book about gardening you get vast audience but more competitors as well so you research more deeply in the gardening niche and find out a particular section of the niche,e.g. rose where there is no competition or very few competitors so you decided to create your e-book about roses. This way you get smaller audience because entire audience interested and you will know  in advance. And you can even further narrow down this rose sub niche to many sub-sub niches by targeting the white rose,red rose,black rose etc etc

Niche marketing does not say to think about impossibilities but it says to think about possibilities to remain in certain market without competitors then you can convert a small audience into a big profit as there is no competition at all.

     Now back to the main goal of free traffic and free advertising resources. As I said before there are many ways you can generate free traffic and free advertising for your site. Some options are shown below......

          Website Promotion Options

1. Send E-mail Announcement

If you have an existing list then after building a new site you can send e-mail announcement or if you do not have a list then you can rent a list but do not spam and do not use the mean ways

2.  Use Mailing Lists & News Groups

There are thousands of newsgroups and mailing lists out on the web. Choose and pick the right one but don’t spam. You can not post the ads directly in a newsgroup but promote your site through signature. You can create newsletter & send your own newsletters to your subscribers. You can inform your visitors what is new in your website that way
  Join A Discussion Group

Join a group that is relevant to your business. Share resources and valuable advice. It’s okay to use your signature line, but otherwise don’t post direct ads.

 As I said before there are millions of news groups and you can always find some relevant to your product or site. The people in a news group is live active audience and really interested in the subject a news group is formed and you can take great advantage of this live active audience. Remember you can not post any commercial ad or spam message to any news group. Instead you can include a signature in your post and that is allowed. If you can establish yourself as an expert in your field in a relevant news group then you are going to get lots of traffic to your site.

  Never ever visit a news group occasionally just to say hi and mentioning your url. This will not be welcomed by regulars and they will scream at you for spamming. You will get ill reputation for yourself and your site. It will not help your business but harm your business. Instead of doing this visit the interested news group regularly and find the problems posted by other members and post the solution with insightful information. This way people will see you as helpful body and respect and trust you.

So keep this in mind never ever spam a news group if you want to take maximum advantage of a news group.It is true that you can never ever reach a prospective buyers heart with spamming of any form and at any medium of advertising


           A newsgroup is a group of people on-line that share similar interests and concerns. Using newsgroups to promote your site can be tricky and time consuming. Not all newsgroups allow advertising postings, so you will need to read the rules when you sign up. Post useful information and helpful advice and become a frequent user of the group, both in giving advice and asking questions. Include your name and Web address with every e-mail or posting. If you find there is sufficient interest in your field of expertise you may want to create a newsgroup of your own.

           E-mail lists

           E-mail lists are similar to newsgroups. The main difference is that the announcements goes directly to the participants e-mail box. E-mail lists require more caution  then newsgroups.

  The Internet offers hundreds of targeted e-mail based discussion lists, chat rooms and news groups made up of people with very specialized interests. Spend at least one hour each week searching for groups where a conversation is taking place. Do not use aggressive marketing and overly plug your company, even if you see some people doing so. Instead, add to the discussion in a helpful way and let the signature at the end of your e-mail or post message do the marketing for you. People will gradually get to know and trust you, visit your Web site, and do business with you.

 3. Informing People "Networking"

Print nice visiting cards and give it to people as well when you socialize or meet friends, make sure you give your url to them.

4. Register with Search Engines

  Keyword Identification

           I mean submitting your site to search engine that is word widely used right.Before submitting you have to optimize your site for relevant keywords and keyphrases. By relavant I mean related to your business or niche.

Search Engines are the key to your site’s online exposure. If you do not want to pay to your web designer for SEO service, then take time and fill up the forms at major search engines.

Yahoo! is a directory of web sites, not a search engine like Google. Every page it lists has been evaluated by a live Yahoo employee for relevance to the category in which it appears. This can be very useful for someone looking for a service or product in a particular geographic area. Therefore, it can be a good site for generating qualified hits to your site from people in your area.

  There are 2 ways to submit your sites to search engines.............

   1.   Manually

   2.   Let a bulk submitter do it for you. 

 Which is the best way manual or bulk submitter?

Let me explain: If you have small site e.g. less than 12 pages then take the time to do a manual submit. If you have more than 12 pages then choose best 12 pages and submit them manually. How can you find about the best pages is by tracking each pages or another way is your c-panel.

These picked up 12 pages are already generating traffic to your site so they are already better optimized and have more chance to rank higher in search results. These are the best pages on your site and you must list them in the search engines.

 Inter connect or inter link all your site pages with html or dhtml menu.It is not wise to use java script menu. Menu will be displayed on each page and so the linking and so any one out of 12 pages is get listed then search engines frequently start to spidering your site and because of inter linking with menu your other site pages will be indexed too.

 Now you know that how to submit your site and get listed but some time it take a month to 6 month for search engines to list your site. So what you should you do to quickly indexed your site in the major search engines?Use my favorite technique...Create a blog on blogger or on your own domain but as everyone knows it is hard to keep with all the regular posting so you can use some one else's blog for this purpose. Just find out a do follow high page rank blog in your niche and visit the blog and post some insightful comment with your link or website url. Do not spam and do not insert short reply like thanks,cool etc. Take some time and write something useful.

You can also create your own blogs.

Also register with It's free unlike Yahoo! And it can enhance your visibility, even though it does not see as much traffic as Yahoo!

Submit your site to Search Engines

 Every webmaster must submit his or her site to major search engines. I only ask you here that please do not rely upon only search engine traffic because of fierce competition. It is hard to get higher rank and even harder to maintain the acquired rank. It requires hard work and knowledge but that does not mean you should not apply some simple SEO & SES rules and get some free traffic to your site.I only want you to not to do that hard way.

Apply these simple rules before submitting your sites to major search engines :

-Check that all the pages are optimized
-Give each of your pages good titles
-Use keywords thoroughly
-Check for broken links.

As I said before you can submit to 2 ways(why I am repeating this?) and then wait. Chances are you won’t be added to any engine’s database for at least a month, so do  some of the things below in the mean time. You should only need to submit your homepage, as the search engine’s spiders (If the menu is in html or dhtml) will follow the links on your page and index those pages too.

  You can read more in SEO and SES section

     Get indexed your site into Yahoo!

 1st of all Yahoo is not a search engine but it is a web-directory like DMOZ and is maintained and edited  by live human editors. They check every page sent to them and only include the best. Yahoo can increase your site's traffic as yahoo is on other most popular site on the net.

When you submit your site to Yahoo,keep these point in your mind.

    - Submit your site in the right category.
    - Understand that your site will not get included over night by just submitting. Be patient as you will have to wait for 2-3 months. They check each page manually and get lots of site submitted to Yahoo every day so you can easily understand the work load.
    - Check that your site works at least in these 2 browser,1.IE and 2. Navigator your because they check the site in both browser and if do not work in either one then they will not include or indexed your site.
    - Do not submit under construction site
    - Read submission instructions and follow them.
    - Your site should be unique and useful to people.

5. Get Linked, Give Link and Banner Exchange

Do reciprocal link exchange with other webmasters. Exchange link only with relavnat site to your business or niche. Just remember high-traffic site webmasters are too busy to answer your requests for a link and they do not gain much in exchange so they are mostly avoid your request , so send request for link exchange to smaller sites. If you have a good catchy logo, let them use as link to you. Banner Exchange links are good way to drive traffic your website also. You can also do reciprocal banner exchange.

Keep this in your mind if you are linking to any other site then people visiting that site through your pages assume that you and your site are connected or related to them and they will also try to judge your site through the linking site. So never do reciprocal link exchange or banner exchange with junky and ill looking site which you do not trust.

 As you know now that this is important from the point of SEO as search engines like Google give more weight in ranking in the search results to the sites which have more links.

  Buy a banner ad or do reciprocal banner exchange or join a banner exchange network.

  Banner ads

           Purchase banner ads - Banner ads give your company more exposure by appearing on other Web sites. You should advertise on the sites relevant to your niche or business.

           Join a banner exchange program - Banner exchange programs are free to join and allow you to place banner ads on other Web sites. You must agree to allow banner ads on your site. Only problem with free banner exchange network is that you do not have control over which ads are displayed on you own site as well as where or on which sites your ads are shown.

6. Offline Advertisement/Marketing

Printed advertising is still working. Web still does not replace printed advertisement whatsoever. If you can afford then you can give ads in the news papers,magazines and on radios and you can get some real targeted traffic to your site. You can print your web address URL on all stationeries; Business cards, Letterheads, mail covers etc. You can also get created the small stickers with your site url and short description and  can get them stick at public places.

    * Promote using traditional media. Such as; Newspapers,yellow pages, magazines, classifieds,direct mail, and post cards.
    * If you can afford you can give ads in local billboards,radio stations,TV station ad.
    * Send news releases to print and Web periodicals in your industry and your existing clients.
    Put your URL on everything: Maximize your advertising efforts by listing your Web site address on everything you do. Print the URL on your company’s letterhead, on your business cards, on the front of your building or the door to your office suite. Use the URL in your e-mail signature. List the URL on any print advertising that you do, including phone books, brochures, flyers, and direct mail pieces.

  You should include an e-mail signature to each out going e-mail.You can insert at the end of the message : Your name,address and your clickable url.You can also cover your signature with borders by using characters in the keyboard to make it attractive or differentiate it from the message.

 You know how easy is to include a single line(Your site url) in your visiting card or business card still many businessmen either forget to include the site url or just can not understand the importance of including their site's url in their business cards.When you include your site url in your business or visiting card just include only part and do not include http:// portion.

   Do not forget to include your site url in all the offline advertising you purchased for your business like classifieds,in news papers,magazines,ads on banner,local tv commercial etc etc.You can drive lots of targeted traffic to your site by including your site's url in all the offline ad campaigns.

 7.  Publish Articles

Write and submit your articles to article directories. Do not forget to include resources box with anchor text and your site url in each article.
 Provide articles for others to use in their Newsletters. Book reviews, new gadgets.

You can dramatically increase your Internet visibility when you write expert articles about your field and distribute them as free content for other article directories, e-mail newsletters and other related Web sites. At the bottom of each article written, request a link back to your Web site and a one-line description of what you offer. This is an effective viral marketing approach.

  Writing articles is an excellent way for you to get free publicity. The publicity you receive by having your article published in a newspaper, magazine or website can be worth thousands of dollars in equivalent advertising space. Well written articles yield better results than advertisements and earn you respect from customers, who see you as an expert in your field.
The best articles are “tips” or expert pieces. People are looking for guidance and will purchase from the experts who show them how to solve their problems.
For a listing of on-line magazines (e-zines), visit: You can then contact the editor of each magazine and offer them your article.

 8. Publish A Press Release

Do not forget to send a press release to local medias and if possible national medias whenever something news worthy happens in your company.Now a days you can submit your press release free of charge to online media sites and this way you can gain free international exposer and lots of free traffic to your site.Do not forget to include your site's url in every press release you submit either to online media outlets or offline media outlets.

  Newspaper or Regional newspapers can give you a very good mileage. Write a press release about your site and mail it to all printed media within the area you do business in, plus any publications read by your target market. Press releases can also be submitted to on-line sources. Srijan Interactive can write and submit the press release for you.

 Media Releases
Having a story written about you and your business will not only bring you lots of new customers, but will also provide you massive credibility. Stories about you in the media are far more believable, powerful and attractive than any ads you could possibly run. People will trust and respect you instantly.

A media release should provide enough details to be informative, but it should leave out just enough information to be tantalizing that the media person calls you to find out more.There are many excellent ebooks on internet marketing. I would recommend you pick up at least one and start reading.

 9.  Start An Affiliate Program

If you sell your own products or resell rights products then you can start your own affiliate program. You can decide how much and on what bases you want to pay to your affiliate.I mean per sale,per lead or per click. The best is per sale modem as you have to pay only when you actually make a sale.You can use an affiliate software hosted on your own server or you can use the available online service like click bank,paydotcom and cj etc.

10. Free Classified Ads

There are thousands of free classified sites where you post your ads for free.Most have upgraded option with more visibility. If you can write short but effective ads with eye catching & attention grabbing headlines then you can drive lots of traffic to your site.

11. New Content
  Add your new content in your site or blog. Search engines like fresh new content and so if you can add new content in your site or blog,the search spiders will more frequently crawl your site and your site will be considered more authentic in the eyes of search engines and it will help you to increase your site ranking.

  You can create RSS feeds and submit fresh content to RSS directories.
12. Friends & Family

Tell your friends,family members and other contacts in your address book about your site.

13. Pay Per Click
You can use the PPC for your advantage as nowadays there are only 2 ways to get higher rank in search engines. Lots of linking and paying for higher ranking and finally getting free targeted traffic but with PPC anyone can get targeted traffic and you have to pay only for clicks so real visitors. Let me warn you if you do not know how to design a PPC ad campaign right way you may loose the money.

  Purchase Pay Per Click (PPC) ads like Yahoo Search Marketing, Google AdWords.

14.   Television Ads :

  A small business or home business owner can not afford an ad in state or national level television channel because of limited budget but still he can go for local cable network and reach to local audience.

15.  Magazine and Radio Ads :

  An ad on the radio or magazine is less expensive compare to television ads but it is still expensive for a small or home business but you can get free exposer for your company and website if you are an expert in your field and can provide insightful information about problems and solutions for those problem related to your business. Both mediums are content hungry and you can easily contact the editors and administrators and explain about how and what type of free content you can offer to them.This way you can arrange a free interview with both medium and during discussion you can mention and talk about your business and website.

16.  Submit your site to every web directory. Pay to submit your site to specialized directories.

17.  yellow pages

  Post your ads in online yellow pages sites and you can purchase a yellow pages ad in offline yellow pages directory. Do not forget to insert your site's url in any yellow book advertising you already do.

 I know one company which spends lots of money in offline advertising such as yellow pages,magazines,news papers but they never include their site's url in any advertisement. The company's site is online for many years but they never understand the importance of their own website.

 In short never forget to add your site's url to any offline printed advertisement. If you are going for full color page ad in a yellow page directory or in a magazine or in a news paper then it is not difficult to add your site's url as you have more than enough space but suppose you are going for a small listing in a yellow page directory where only 3-4 lines are allowed then make sure you keep one line reserved for your site url.

18. Blogs:

A blog,short form of we blog is a personal online diary of someone where he can express his thoughts freely  and without any limitation and share those thoughts with his readers. On a blog you generally find collection of articles about blog owner's personal life as well as what is going around him and his business.You also find the collection of articles related to blog theme or niche.

Now a days blogs have became very popular. A blog owner can receive feed back about anything or on any topic through comment posting features of a blog. A blog owner can also promote his business and website through his blog. He can keep his existing customer updated by posting news about new development and new products and he can educate his prospective buyers by providing useful information about his products and help them or motivate them to take right decision.

There are many locations on the internet where you can not submit your site e.g. blog networks and blog directories but if you run a blog then you can submit your blog at these location and can generate free targeted traffic to your website.

Search engines love fresh content and if you are a regular blog poster then it will increase your ranking in search engines and so also increase the ranking of your site as well.

You can also give your site SEO advantage by posting useful comments on high rank do follow blogs of other bloggers.

  Promote your web site in Online Forums and Blogs. A lot of people like to read forums or blogs. If you like to write a comment to a blog or discussion forum add your "signature" web address URL at the end of your e-mail message do your marketing for you.

19.  Podcasting :

What is a pod cast or a podcasting?In simple term it is recording of your own voice but technically podcast is an audio files recorded in a radio talk show format. You can publish your podcast on your own site so other can listen online or can download and listen at later time. You can also submit your podcast to podcast directories such as apple i-tune. People can listen to your podcast online or can download and listen to them through i-pod or other small music players. If you want then you can get free podcasting software with which you can convert your audio files in appropriate format and can publish them. For more information about the free podcast creating software please see down this page.

 20. Online Communities :

 There are lots of social networking sites across the internet where you can find like minded people.You can always find people interested in the topics relevant to your business. You can discuss with them about the problem and solutions about the discussed topics and get great exposer for your site or business by indirectly mentioning them.

 21.  Subscriber Lists:

 Build a list of prospective buyers as well as existing customers and send them occasional information about new products,special discounted deals,coupons for themselves and to give away to others and other news about your site or company.

  Do not forget to include your site's url in signature of message to send. Do not just include your name and site's url but also include full address of the company office,name of the company,phone number of the company,e-mail address of your company and url of your site. Do not use free e-mail service like yahoo or g-mail etc while communicating with your existing customers or prospective buyers but use the e-mail address of your site's domain. This will build respect & trust about your site & products. Remember people buy easily from the site/company/person whom they trust well.

I know to start a news letter or ezine is hard work and time consuming task but believe me you will get some marvelous result with this e-mail marketing strategy with your subscribers. As I said before now a days you can get all the content written for you by a professional writer for a small fee and you can use autoresponders to send the news letter automatically but do not forget to broadcast occasional news manually.

22.  Win awards:

  There are many research organizations online which provide many types of awards to the site e.g. best designed site,most useful site,best content site etc. You can apply for these awards and try to win them and get lots of publicity by releasing a press note about the winnings.By displaying awards on your site you can gain trust of your site visitors.

  Something Useful About Awards...

Awards used to distinguish a webmaster from others in the herd and the awarded sites will proudly display all the collection of awards they have received. But now a days the facts came out about fake awards and the politics and low moral standard about selecting a award winning site and so the importance of some awards have been decreased but there are still many awards which are considered genuine and still maintain their dignity.

As I wrote above awards like hilariously-overblown,Golden Web Awards have lost their charm and easy to win with some manipulation by webmasters and so became meaningless.

23. Donation

 You can donate your time,money or company resources to charitable organizations. This way you can kill the 2 birds with a single stone.1st you are doing social charity.2nd you can tell the organization to send a press release about your charity so you can get indirect free publicity for your business. If you do not have money or resources to donate then you can still donate your valuable time and participate actively in charitable organization's activities. You can arrange an interview on behalf of the organization and during interview can mentioned your business and website and receive lots of free publicity for your business. 

24. Business Publications

You can publish news information about your business,a small report in the form of booklet,a small booklet about each of your product,a catalog of your products,a price list of your products. Do not forget to include your site url in all these publications and give them away to your prospective buyers and encourage existing customers to pass them to their friends and relatives.

In short provide as much free information about your products to the prospective buyers and others as you can.

25. Coupons:

Provide existing customer some discount for your existing products as well as new ones.You can do this by providing them coupons. Make the coupons expired after certain dates to increase and force them to take advantage of the discount. Encourage them to pass those coupons to their family and friends as a gift from them. People like to give away gifts which do not cost them anything.This way you can expand your customer numbers and make the existing customer loyal to your company and products and finally convert them in to repeated buyers.

You can also offer free sample and go through all the steps mentioned above.You can even advertise your samples as try before buy campaigns.

26.   Give Away Stuff

You can get free advertising for your site by giving away free promotional items such as desktop themes,screen savers,wallpapers,e-cards etc etc. Do not forget to put your site url on everything you give away free. Also collect e-mail addresses of gift receiver to make follow ups on the future.

You can also register your give away gift items at

27. Contests

        You can arrange contest on your site like best articles,best comments. Keep the rules & prize info clear for everyone. These will help to increase the traffic to your site as well as increase the number of times people go back to your site. You may want to run a contest or game, or have a guest join your chat room.

28. Customer Service:

Do not forget to provide excellent customer service to your existing customers. If required do not hesitate to give full training to your entire staff. Provide special training to the sales related staff member and make your each staff member that the one and only goal of the company is to provide satisfaction to the customers.

If you and your staff can do this your business will get very very good mouth publicity from the satisfied customers and as you know this kind of viral promotion is base on personal recommendation and so the most powerful one.

 Mail flyers to your current client base - "Web Cards"

           Sometimes when we have something new we tend to promote it to new customers and forget about our current ones. Remember the cost of acquiring a new customers is much much more than that of keeping an old one.

           A sound marketing company must always maintain good relationship with its existing customer base and keep them informed about the latest happenings.

           Send a post card or flyer announcing the launch of your Web site. Include the URL and a brief description of what the site offers. Can your customers order on-line? See new merchandise that just arrived?

           "Web Cards" is the perfect solution. These cards have a color picture of your home page and your Web address on the front, and are blank on the back for your special message, or may be pre-printed.

29.  Business JV Alliances And Partnerships:

Build a sound alliance with a company which offers relevant and complimentary products to your own products. If suitable for both companies,both owner can go one step further and can sign up a long term partnership deal.

Do a joint promotion,a joint press release about the JV deal and include other partner's products in each other's promotion. Both partner can provide discount to existing customers. This way both companies will increase customer base as well as sales and profits. Do not forget to include reciprocal linking to both companies' sites.

30.  Ezine:Newsletter

 You can start an ezine or a news letter to provide news about new developments to the existing customers. You can provide useful information about your products and even can introduce new relevant products of your own or of your jv partners. Through news letter you can offer occasional discount. In short this is the great means to keep in contact with existing customers.

31.  Answer Sites

Use the answer sites like Yahoo Answers and Google Answers to solve the problem relevant to your niche and establish yourself as an expert in the eyes of such sites' audience. You can add signature in your profile and when you answer the questions asked by others,your signature will be included in each of your reply. This way you can drive lots of targeted visitors to your site at 0 cost to you.

32. Bookmarking Your Site.

Do not forget to ask your visitor to book mark your site. I know they can do that without your asking but people forget to do such simple task so you have to remind him to do so and also provide them instruction about how to do so. You can tell them that by bookmarking your site they can easily visit your site at later date. This way you will get some free repeated traffic to your site.
33.  Viral Marketing Techniques.

 As I said viral marketing strategy to promote your website with different viral marketing
techniques e.g. by giving away a free viral e-book or software with give away rights,by providing a useful high quality service etc etc. You can read more about this down this page in Free Viral Websites' description.

34. Webrings

You add some targeted traffic to your site by joining a webring relevant to your website. Webring owner or creator or maintainer is generally called ringmaster and he has right to accept a site or decline it. webring provide facility to a surfer to visit similar sites of interest from a single location and webmaster will get a chance to share traffic with one another and the ring master will get lots of free traffic from other ring members' sites thus this is win win situation for everyone involved.You can get  more information from:

Generally Webrings are promoted under the names like affiliations,strategic alliances,partnerships or as a webring for so and so. There is a common idea behind each and every webring site and that is to get together and share traffic with oneanother. You can find webring related to your site through search engines like Google.

When you try to join a webring please keep  these point in mind...............

 -Your site should be as good as other sites in the ring or it may not be accepted.
 -If the ring has no criteria or rules it is junk site and not worth joining
 -Check the standard of other sites if poor they will gain more from your site then you get in exchange from other sites.

Still you can find Webrings which is suitable for your site's quality and standard. The general procedure is to fill up a form and after that the ring master review your site and if your are accepted inform you about the further steps you have to take. If the webring is a site designed olderly ways then you have to send an e-mail message with your site's url and short description to the ring master and again if accepted he will inform you about further steps you have to take.Once accepted you will have to included webring site's link on each page of your site.After doing this just keep a close watch on how many free visitors you are getting and how many are sent through your site.I f the ratio is far less then equal and if you are getting a very few visitors in return then my suggestion is you should break the deal and pull out your site from the webring

  Just remember all the ringmates are there for mutual benefits. In other words helping one another to grow the business but by doing this they are un intentionally competing with one another and so make your site and deals different than others,just offer something original and with special quality.

35. Measuring your results

           One of the advantages of the Internet is that you are able to see how many people are going to your site, what pages they are going to and when. This information helps you to determine what people are interested in and what they are looking for. Srijan Interactive includes such reports with all Web site hosting packages.

36. E-mail marketing campaign

           E-mail marketing campaigns have gotten a bad rap because of the "spammers". Many people feel it is clogging the Internet with useless information and tends to be very annoying to the person receiving it. Companies tend to send the same message to the same person three, four, five times a week. Direct e-mail marketing can be effective if used properly, which includes using an Opt-in e-mail list, sending your message once a month, and including an easy way to unsubscribe. click here to start your E-mail marketing campaign
37.  Buy an ad in an E-zine

           Find and advertise in e-zines where the subscriber base is made up of your target market. These ads run between $5.00 and $25.00 depending on the length and the number of subscribers. click here to place an ad in an E-zine..

38. Announce on your ISP's Member Site List
        Announce on your ISP's Member Site List
Most Internet Service Providers (ISP) provide a list of their members home pages. Some of these lists are rather simple. Others are broken down into business, personal, and other categories. This is free public relations and people do browse these lists. If for no other reason, to see their own listing. If you can add a description, by all means do so and spend as much care on it as you did in submitting to the search engines.
39. E-mail to VIPs

If you read in the paper or hear on the news, that Congressman I. M. Polluted has given up on budget and welfare reform and has decided to coddle up to the Model Railroading special interest in congress, you should sent him a fax, letter, and/or e-mail announcing the great resource that you have made available free to the web-walking public. Representative Polluted might just be so impressed by your public spirit and the incredible content of your web page that he reads it into the Congressional Record the next day. And 60 minutes may find that so noteworthy that they send Andy Rooney out to cover the story in his next chat. Imagine, your life will never ever again be the same.
Special Interest Groups

40. Provide Free content

 If you want to generate never ending free traffic then produce some free content like articles,graphics,images,java scripts etc etc and allow others to use them free on the conditions to include a link back to your website .Best things about this is you do not have to link back to those sites using your free content and you get lots of back links to your site and now you know the importance of back links from the point of SEO and SES.

41. E-books

 One more way to promote your site at no cost is to create a useful  e-book relevant to your site or product and make it available as free download from your site and provide give away rights to others to pass the e-books to others. This way not only you can promote your site and product to large targeted audience but also can build a large list of targeted subscribers and even help others to do the same without any hard work at their parts. In the process you will get lots of free traffic to your site.As your e-book expose to more and more people,you will receive increase amount of traffic to your site

42. Forums,Message boards & Newsgroups

 If you spend some time regularly in relevant forums,message boards and news group and post some insightful information with your signature then you will surely get some fair amount of traffic to your site.None of these three allow you to post commercial ad or spam and only way to promote your site is to include your signature in your post.

43.  Freebies Giving

Create a valuable product relevant to your site or product and give it away free from your site on a condition to subscribe the visitor to your mailing list. This way you can build a targeted list and get repeat traffic to your site and increase the sale of your product by following the prospective buyers.

44. Guest Books

 One great way to receive free traffic to your site is to sign up other webmasters' guest book when you visit their sites.You do not have to post any commercial ad and it will not be allowed by any webmaster and the webmaster will delete it and can even accuse you for spamming his guest book.Just insert a nice comment and useful suggestions and leave your site url at the end of the comment with your name.It is enough to drive traffic to your site

45. Conferences and Seminars

 Try to attend as many conference and seminars as possible. The conferences should be relevant to your business. At seminar and conference contact as many people as you can and give away some valuable things with your site url like a ball pen,a paper weight,a purse,a mug,a key chain. This will build relationship as well as generate free traffic.

46. Free For Alls or FFAs

 As I wrote in the FFA section your link will remain on the top for only 15 to 20 minutes as it turns with new submitted url so actually there is no great benefit to gain and remember not to use your primary e-mail address for submission purpose as you are going to get lots of validation e-mails.

Owning FFA pages - Another way to use an FFa network is to maintain your own free FFA page by getting a pro membership. This way you get a chance to include commercial or promotional message about your product or site in validation e-mails.

47. Autoresponders

  Autoresponders are best friends of an online marketers as well as your never tiring employee which work for you 24 hours a days,7 days a week and 365 days a year without asking about salary raise or anything else.It is said that at least minimum 7 follow up is needed before a prospect buy any products from you and you can make this task of following your prospects totally automatic with the help of autoresponders. You can insert the follow up e-mail messages in advance in an autoresponder and the responder will automatically deliver each message to your prospect at previously decided dates.

48. Visitor Exchanges

There are many websites popping up on the net that are known as Traffic or Visitor Exchanges. People become members of these sites with the goal of generating free traffic to their site. The way it works is quite clever.
You visit another member’s website and in exchange someone visits the website of your choice. Most of these programs work on a 2:1 ratio. This means that for every two sites that you visit, someone else in that same Start Page program will visit your site. Simple concept, isn’t it?

49. Vehicle Signage

Here’s an expression I hate to use: SPEND MONEY getting stickers for the back of your vehicles proclaiming your Web Address. Thousands of people will spend time behind all your vehicles, including your private family cars, and read that message. Stickers in the rear window work brilliantly (your staff may be kind enough to stick them on their private vehicles as well!) They are effective and very cheap when you consider the exposure they give.

The quick and easy way to get stickers is to contact via their "Bonza" web site:

50. Your Business Premises

Place signs EVERYWHERE at your premises. It’s OK if they are knocked out on your computer or even by hand and a bit rough – that conveys a message that this is the latest, breaking, hottest news. All the signs have to say is "!"
Add dot com to all your existing signage. Again, it doesn’t matter if the addition is rough! This catches the eye!

51. Word-of-mouth

If you promote your business on the internet by providing helpful product and service information and useful expert advice for users, then you will soon have users promoting your business by word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth spreads quickly on the internet and is one of the best forms of promotion for many businesses. Instant text messaging (SMS or IM), social networking web sites and forums, chat and email are all used for word-of-mouth promotions, as well as internet, mobile and landline phone calls. Still, word-of-mouth works best in person, face-to-face.

52. Chat

Chatting on the internet to prospects and clients can be another form of publicity. You can even open your own chat room, conference or webcast. You may learn more, for example, by chatting with us here.

  Not all these ideas may be appropriate for your business. The important thing is to think creatively and experiment. The Internet is an extremely flexible tool that gives your business many avenues for advertisement and enables you to react quickly to customer feedback.

   As we both know : You are here to know about tested & result provider Free Traffic & Advertising  Resources.Here on this Home Page there are links to each resources as navigation menu over & you will also find the links at  bottom of  the each page. We have done this for easy navigation so that you can access each & every resources by navigating back & forth. At each resources section we have provided some  nice tips(just a single paragraph or some time even a single line,if you follow my tips then you will  be able to produce maximum result for your business or website .In addition to follow my tips,be little  bit creative & think about your own situation & you will come with new ideas. After all we both may  not be in the same boat. I mean not in the same situation but let me assure you that my tips will work  in any situation 90 % of the time & you may have to peek your own brain 10 % of the time. In short  my tips will work in the most situations. If you want to use these resources successfully & want   enormous free exposer for you business  or website just don't rely on a single kind of resources.  My advice use all the resources extensively & don't leave single stone unturned!If it requires to learn something,do learn that thing & it will save all the frustration & headache  in the long run.Don't forget these all are Tested & proven Free Traffic & Advertising Resources.

 Ok!Enough tips,suggestions & advice!Now let me give you brief information about each resource. You will find the particular tips & tricks at the related page for that kind of  free traffic & advertising resources but here on this main home page you just find the basic information about  all the resources & what we have listed here.

 [1] Free Viral Website :

       You notice the word viral. Viral infections spread very rapidly so with this type of sites. In viral infection you must have to come in contact with the person or a material extracted from the person same with the viral sites your viral url must come in contact with others.In other words you must promote your viral url.This kind of website has a MLM like structure. The best point is you have to visit other member's sites even before  you can  register your account so every one gets the definite exposer. Don't  worry it is just 7  to 10 sites only & takes only 10 to 12 minutes to watch all the sites & get the codes for each site .After registration & verifying your e-mail address you can log in & gets your own promoting url.At the sign up you have inserted your own site so when you click or copy & paste your own  promoting url in a browser you can see a replicate site but with a twist of your site on the top.Now as other people join the site thorough your URL your site goes down to one stage below & every one joins after you also going to promote his or her own URL so every one including you promote other 7 to 9 site with  your own site & so every one get millions of free visitors. This works like an MLM.As you know in MLM every one gets the benefit  with the efforts of team. To successfully use this kind  of advertising,you must promote your own URL otherwise it will not work at all. Same like an MLM. This is just a basic explanation how a viral site works for detailed tips & tricks you should read the Free Viral page from the navigation menu above.

 More about Viral Technique and not about Free Viral Website

  What is Viral marketing ?

It is true fact that viral marketing increases online sales!Now a days you can read about viral maketing across the internet but what actually is viral marketing?

In simple term like in medical field a viral disease can infect to anyone that comes in contact with the patient or something of the patient.The same way in viral marketing strategy,the viral website owner create something which his or her site visitors pass on to other surfers on the net or hope to pass.But as in medical field it is necessary to come in contact with either with patient or something of patient,the same way the viral site or something of viral site must comes in contact with other surfers.One more thing is why should viral site's visitors help to spread the service or site to others.So the viral webmaster should provide some free product or service which his site visitors not only can get benefit by using it personally but can also get benefit by introduce the service or product to others. For example Free Viral Website(Service), visitors can get free traffic but by introducing the free service to others,they will get more free traffic.2nd example is viral e-book.By reading the e-book the visitor can gain new knowledge and by giving away from his site,he can build his list.

By using viral marketing principles you provide something free(incentive) to your site visitors which carries your sales mesage.You also include further benefit (with this free product or tool which carries your sales message) if they spread the product or tool or service to the other people.The main goal is not to push your visitors to do that but make them spread the word voluntarily about viral thing by providing them more benefits and in exchange generate more free viral traffic and more free viral advertising for the viral site owner.

Another example of free viral service.....Free email services = free viral advertising

There are many free e-mail service provider on the net and they include an ad about their free service in the message you send to anyone.Some also include other advertisement as well.The receiver read the message as well as about free service and as I said because the service is not only free but also a good quality service so he or she join and start to use the service and when he or she send the message to anyone the same cycle is repeated with his or her receiver and so on to infinite level.

Best example is Hotmail(If you do not know they are the father of all viral marketing techniques).Hotmail sends 110 million legitimate emails each day and have 250 million active users worldwide.Just imagine if you can put your sales message on 800 million emails/week and even you get a very very low response then still that will be millions of visitors to your site.

I can understand these are very huge figures and you and me can not start such service over night so how people like you and me(webmasters) use viral marketing in our marketing strategy with a small budget or with 0 cost?

Best & Free option is Articles

 You can write articles about tutorials,tips and information about specific subject.You can add a resources box at the end with your name and site url and submit them to article directories,ezines etc.You can give away articles from your site as a free content.When someone needs free content about the subject about you wrote articles and the 1st thing he or she is going to do is to search through article directories and when he finds your article which he wants to publish on his site then he will have to include author resources box (which you have included in the article with your name and your site url)to give you credits to original author.This is must and no one can publish your article without including resource box.This way he gets free content and you will get back links and some free traffic to your site.When some one visit his site and like the article and if he wants to publish the article on his own site like person number 1 then he also has to include a resource box  and so on.Now you can easily understand the viral power of a single article and if you write and submit many articles at all possible places then the sky is the limit but I am not finish yet many people like the articles written by you but they do not want to publish them on their sites but still they want to share these very good content through social networking and social bookmarking.This way your articles become more viral.

    So whenever you write an article do include a resources box with small copy right notice like:The article is free to publish on the condition that a publisher must include resource box with the article and give credits to original author.

  If you want to take maximum advantage of viral power of articles then do write multiple articles relevant to your site content. You can submit your articles to many places on the net and there are vast audience for written content about any subject and when the content is Free a very large audiance is waiting for you. But if the articles are about anything and not relevant to your site content,you will not get much benefit from the traffic you receive.

Another way to use viral marketing is publishing viral e-book and give it away to your site visitors and allow them to do the same. The e-book should be relevant to the products you promote. This way not only you can build a list of targeted subscribers but you also provide such tools to your subscribers to do the same without any hard work and without charging them anything. This is win win situation for both,e-book creator/provider and receiver.

One more great way to use viral marketing is publish a news letter or an ezine with good insightful content. If your news letter or ezine contains high valued content and some useful information then your subscribers are going to forward it to their friends and families. You can also suggest them to do so and can even provide some incentive to make them do so.

Your ezine or news letter should really have valuable information or your subscribers will not stay with you for long time.So do not mere sales speech in your ezine issues instead provide insightful information about your product,service and niche and include the sales message indirectly.

The ezines are very popular on the net from the start and still remains the same.If you do not have content for your ezine then you can get it written for you.There are many services available for this purpose but believe me if you can take some time and write it yourself then your readers will be feel attached to you and you will get credibility as an expert in the eyes of your subscribers and they start to trust your expertise and you and lastly your products or the products you suggest.

 If you do not want to spend money and hire a professional writer then a free way is to search the content for your ezine in the search engines.Type "free ezine articles for reproduction" in the search box of any search engine and you will easily find required content.

 You can also use the free viral software or podcast to use as a viral tool.

In short viral marketing should be win win situation for both parties-Provider and receiver.Provider gets free traffic and free advertising by giving away a valuable service or product and receiver gets free service or free valuable product. Receiver should get more benefit by introducing others to the viral product or service.

 [2] Free Banner  Exchange Networks(FBEN or BEN)

      This is a kind of a site where you can join as free or pro member and then gets the codes from your member's area & put that codes on your own site or sites & banner exchange network shows other members' banner ads on your sites through these codes.You have to submit & approved your own banners to show your own banner ads own other members' sites. This is beneficial to every one involved. How?

1st  The Free Banner Exchange Owner :Generally in each Banner Exchange Network Free Members' Exchange Ratio is 2:1 so the owner gets an extra 50% impression from each free member which either he can sell or use to promote his own business.

2nd Free Members : You got free advertising for inserting a small codes on your site.As I wrote the ratio is 2:1.Every 2 impressions on your site, your banner ad is shown one time on some  other member's site.You can also buy the impressions at discounted price as a member.

3rd Pro Member : For a nominal monthly membership fee you can get the 1:1  exchange ratio so more exposer for your ads.

      You see every one  involved gets the benefits as a form of banner ads.

To be successful in this kind of advertising you must insert  appropriate codes,check that codes are working & you must get the impressions(your site should have traffic)  within the terms & conditions of a banner network so if possible I suggest to insert the codes on a prominent place on your web page.

 [3] Free Advertising Sites :

      There are many many sites on the net where you can advertise your business or money making opportunities absolutely free but some of them are more effective & some of them are not at all so I have included here only ones which are tested & providing results.Each of  this site works differently & there is no common way of describing them except that you get the free advertising. So you  to get all the information about these sites you should go to the navigation menu above or below & visit the pages by pressing Free Ad button.

 [4] Free Traffic Exchange Networks(FTEN) :

       There are two kind Free Traffic Exchange Networks.1. Free Manual Surf Traffic Exchange Networks(FMTE) & 2. Free Auto Surf Traffic Exchange Networks(FATE).Free Manual Traffic Exchange is better but you can also get benefits from even Free Auto Surf Exchanges.In FMTE you surf other members' sites & to see the next site you will have to either click on a number or an image or for a new mouse over  facilitated FMTE just have to put your mouse over the number or image(no clicking required).In other words your presence is required for surfing.In FATE next site comes automatically. No clicking required by you.In other words your presence is not required so they are far less effective.

In a traffic exchange a free member generally gets 2:1 surfing ratio(Differs with each traffic exchange) so when you visit 2 sites your site has been shown once on the network to other members.To get enough exposer & to keep your account active you must surf  the joined traffic exchanges regularly.You can also buy the hits from inside the members' area.Same as Free Banner Exchanges every on involves is get benefit of free traffic & free advertising.
 [5] Text Ad Exchanges (TAE) :

     This is relatively new kind of free advertising sites but  in many ways similar to credit based safelists except that in these kind of site you earn credits even clicking a banner & text ads inside your members' area.Now a days this is one of the best way to get free exposer to your business or other money making opportunities & far more effective then any other means of advertising.

       To use this kind of sites(Thousands of them are available-free to join) you must have enough credits to send your e-mail messages to other members & earn credits you must read other members' e-mail measges & click the credit links.Same as credit based safelists except that once you have enough credits you can send your e-mail message to every member of the site.

     Again there is a free as well multi types of membership offers from the site owners & every site has its own membership fees(for upgraded membership) & benefits. You can read that on each sites. Mostly these kinds of sites accept only Gmail e-mail address so you should have one or you can easily open a free Gmail account.Most of them also provide paid to click ads for cash earning & with enough cash in your account they even allow you to either withdraw your amount or upgrade your membership.

   Terms,conditions & rules differ with each site & you must obey those thing to use the site.

 [6]  Forums :

        Forums are very effective ways to not only get free targeted traffic but also get very high pr quality back links to your site.Actually you should search the forums related to your niches/business by inserting search term "keyword + forums".You should use your signature in the forum to get maximum result.Some forum even required regular posting to be remain active.There are many softwares available which help you to automate the process partially & save your time.This method of free traffic is time confusing but it is one of the most effective method  & must be use by a serious marketer.I have included here some most effective forums.

 [7] Social Book Marking Sites :

      This is a kind of site where anyone can save your url to access latter by him or general public.Why anyone does this?Because he or she liked the information on your site & want to easily access it  when he/she has more time & also to share the information either with friend or public.
        These are also high pr authoritative sites & not only millions & millions of urls have been saved there but also millions of people visit theses kind of sites everyday. Modern social book marking sites provide many other features  & if you are serious about your business you must learn to use these sites effectively.

[8] Article Directories :

      One of the free and best way to promote any site is article marketing. As I said above you are applying lots of marketing strategies in one through article marketing....e.g.Viral marketing,Search engine marketing,Content marketing,Link building etc etc.l have already written enough above in Free Viral Sites so will not repeat. Here in this section you will find some tips,tricks and the name of important article directories where you can submit your articles.
[9] Social Sites or Community Sites :

     These are the sites which can give immediate boost to any kind of sites.You can sign up and get free membership or can get a pro account for a small fee but it is very difficult to use these sites effectively & not so simple just sign up & insert your ads & get the result.There are ways to use each kind of this site effectively & your business of any kind can be exposed to millions of people & can be achieved the result & growth beyond your wildest imagination but you will have to learn to use these sites effectively. There is no common tutorial or steps you can follow. Each site requires different technique & tricks. I can write a separate book for  how to use each site effectively so this is not the right place  & not even possible to write all the information here. Even it can not be learn over night by anyone.

          The common things among all these sites are : Each site has millions of members,each site is an authoritative high ranked sites,free to join & free to contact & invite other members so if you are absolute new to these sites you can still get lots of benefit.How?Just sign up with each site  & insert your all the websites' urls in your profile,use the classified section & blog section & actively participate & invite other like minded same interested  people to join you as a friend.

           Now a days this is the most effective ways to reach millions of people & I have included all the sites that I myself use everyday & going to include new ones.

[10] Video Sharing Sites :

          These are again very high ranked authority sites.People are crazy about this new multi media platform & you are crazy as a marketer if you don't take advantage of this craziness!Millions of people visit these sites everyday & if you want a laser targeted free traffic then these are the sites you should use effectively.
        Believe me it is not difficult at all to make  simple videos about your business or website & upload them to these kind of sites.Many softwares are available to create stunning videos & uploading automatically to these sites.You can even use your pc's inbuilt utility movie maker  to design simple videos.

        In short you must use videos in your marketing & I have listed all the sites & going to add new ones.

[11] Ad Boards :

      As the name suggest this is a kind of site where you can submit free ads & it will remain on the site for predecided time/days(decided by site admin/owner) and other members who visit the site to submit his or her own advert may take a look at other members ads.Not very effective way but you definitely get some exposer & back links to your own site.I suggest don't waste much time after this type of free advertising.You should use a software to submit to many adbords similarly so  you can not waste much will get the information about the software on the Ad Boards pages & it is not a freeware!I mean you have to paid once for the software & then you can use it to submit your ads to 500 adbords.No monthly fees will be required.

[12] Photo Share Sites :
          Yes you can use Photo Sharing sites at some extent to drive traffic to your sites. There are many photo sharing sites around the internet but some them more important from the point of marketing than others. Read more about them in the related section

[13] Web Directories :

         These are the most effective traditional ways to get high ranked in search engine & get lot of free traffic.It was working in past,works today & will work in future.

         I have included here many directories where you can submit your content & get not only free traffic but higher search engine ranking by getting quality back links to your own site.I have included many tools & services which you can use to save your time.

[14]   NEWS Groups :

           Before the wide spread of the net,news groups were the only means online for exchanging messages with others. People were using modem and dial uo connection to connect to the news groups. There millions of them as usenet networks and you can find a newsgroup almost on any subject. Millions of people use them every day so if you can participate in a newsgroup relevant to your own products or site,you can drive lots of traffic to your site but remember spam will not tolerated in any news group. You can not post any ad or commercial message directly.Like forum you can insert your site url in your news group signature

[15]  TB Ads :

   As the name suggests after joining the site you will be given a toolbar codes/software which can be installed on your own PC. You will get detailed instructions inside your members' area of each site. There are different versions for different browser so download the appropriate version according to the browser you use the most.I recommend Mozila Firefox for security & fast browsing.After installing the tool bar you don't have to do anything new to get the free advertising.Just surf the net & work as you generally do & if you find some interesting ad on your browser's tool bar click & visit the site & you will get more credits.Amazing way to get free advertising right! 

[16]  Blogs :

          It was a time when blogging was consider a new technology but not now. Every one know about them.This is a vast subject & can not be explained everything here. It is not right the place to explain. Just keep in mind that by submitting comments on higher ranking do follow blogs related to your own niches/business,you will get one way authorized back links to your own sites which most of search engines like,specially Giant Google.I have included here free tools in this section by using them you can find higher ranked do follow blogs related to your business/niches/keywords(There is not much benefit to submit your comment on not or do not follow blogs) & can submit your comments on these blogs.I have also included some do follow higher ranked blogs themselves.

     If you use this method of free advertising & free traffic effectively & if your site is optimized for search engines by targeted keywords then you will be surprised by the free targeted traffic you get from the search engines.

[17] Free For Anyone Networks(FFAs) :

         You might heard that don't waste your time with FFAs. They are not working now!Wrong !Still they are many FFAs where not only you get backlinks to your site by submitting your sites,get a very little exposer as every one on a FFA page is there to either submit his or her site manually or now a dasy people use submitting softwares to submit his or her own sites to thousands of FFA pages so they never visit your site at all but some of the FFAs provide free leads(E-mail addresses) to even free members & that is the most interesting part.

                    Terms,conditions & rules differ with each site & you must obey those thing to use the site.

       You get free backlinks,some exposer & interestingly free leads & some even allow you to download it everyday. Now what if you are a member of 10 FFAs & each only supplies 200 leads everyday then that is 200x10 = 2000 new  prospects you can reach free of charge & monthly 2000x30 = 60,000 prospects. You can send e-mail  messages to them about your business or money making opportunities(terms & conditions apply)

       What to do with this free leads as your auto responder service provider or web hosting provider will not allow you to e-mail them. They will consider this as a spam!So what to do?Even your ISP may not allow(Generally not allowed!)so you can not even send from your own PC!Then what is the use of all these leads, right?Nothing to worry,I will show  an amazing simple way on FFA pages how you can send them without the fear of SPAM & send even without spending any money.But I am not going to give you is as a free meal.Although you cab send the e-mails free of charge,you have to buy my report to know the exact method.So there is a nominal intial investment to acquire the knowledge but you can use the method and send free e-mail for life long.1st I have decided to provide the information here without any cost but this is vital information and one can even misuse it and so to keep spammers and serious marketers seperated,I decided to charge a nominal sum but believe me every penny spent is worth thousan times more than what you get in exchange.

      There are both kind of memberships are available at this kind of sites & naturally pro members get more leads & other beneficial advantages. again terms,conditions & rules differ with each site & you must obey those thing to use the site.

[18] RSS :

         RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. There are many RSS feed directories where you can submit your site's RSS feed to these directories & not only get free traffic but also high ranked authoritative back links to your site.

          If you are new to this you most probably  are thinking where to get RSS feeds for my own site then let me answer you have to create them.But I don't  how to create RSS feeds  then again nothing to worry  & without going in to much technicality I have included here a free online tools with which help even a computer illetrate can create RSS feeds for his or her site.I have also included other tools.This is also one of the most effective ways to get long term free traffic to your site.

[19] Press Release :

         Press Release is one of the best marketing strategy and you should use it frequently. With a single press release you can get so much exposer and free publicity that you can never by that with any amount of money.Make a habit of submitting press release whenever something news worthy happens in your business.Press Relese can also provide you SEO advantage and it is possible to getn your new site indexed in majot search engines very quickly by properly using press release.

[20] Pixel Ads :

         Pixel ads were new concept before but not now.I never get much traffics from these sites but you definitely get quality back links from this kind of sites.Very few provid free advertising & you have to purchase a pixele spot for a yearly or life time spot.In this kind of a site you submit your pixele ad & your ad is on a pixel page which has millions of other link so a good pexel page is most probably a high pr page & so you get a high pr back link(links if you have purchased more than 1 spots) to your site and your search engines' ranking improves. I have included here some of the most effective Pixel Ad Sites(including both free & paid ones)

[21] Safelists :

         Safelist is a one of unique kind of membership sites where everyone joins & agrees to receive commercial e-mail message from the other members of the site as well as admin or owner.There are basically two kinds of safelists.1.Simple or General Safelist(Older technology but some of them are still very effective.2.Credit Based Safelist where you  must have credits to send your messages to other members & to get free credits you must read other members e-mail messages & click the credit links in the message to earn credits so these kind of safelists are more effective then General simple ones.There are millions of safelists on the net but each one is not effective so I have included only tested ones in the Safelists section.

      In short safelists are the sites where you can get free e-mail advertising & with a single click you can reach the entire database of the members(Depends on your membership level).Generally free members can only send e-mail messages to other free members,have to receive messages from every member & can send less frequently while pro members can send to pro & free both,have receive e-mail messages only from  other pro members & can send his or e-mail ads more frequently & this way get more exposer.

    In many safelists there are multi types of memberships e.g. Free,Pro,Executive,Platinum etc & the same rules apply as shown above as Free & Pro members.

   Every safelist has its own terms,conditions & rules & you must obey those thing to use the site.

[22] Classifieds :

         In a way classifieds are effective and not effective both.If you are in a niche/business which targets general net surfer/public then you will get vary effective results & if you are in net marketing niche then it will not work well.There are millions of classified sites all over the net.No  one can submit to all the sites manually  & each site is not effective.The solution?Use either a good classified service or use a good software to automate the process.I have included here some classified sites which are tested  & provide desired results.

[23] Yellow Pages :

         Big business generally advertise in the offline Yellow Pages Directory but you can do that if you can afford.Best way to take advantage of such type of advertising is through online yellowpages sites.You can place a small ad like classifieds.You can read more about yellow pages advertising in Yellow Pages Section.

[24] Link Exchange
           This are the sites where as a member you can exchange a link with similar sites of your niche and get higher search engine ranking with mutually beneficial way. This is actually not free advertising or free traffic resources directly but with this method you can get many reciprocal link exchange partners,the exchange itself act as middle man & provides you facility to maintain,manage & acquire new link exchange partner at the same time keep in contact with your link exchange partners. They have means to know your link partners has actually put your link on his or her site or not  & thus you get genuine partners who are really  interested in mutually benefits.

        More link exchange partners you have = Equals more ranking in search engine(Must have similar niches targeted sites) & thus more free search engines traffic with their own blessing.

        There are free & paid both types of services available & I have included only tested free ones but as you know you can always get more benefits from an upgraded pro membership.

    Terms,conditions & rules differ with each site & you must obey those thing to use the site.

[25] SEO-SES :

         SEO stands for search engine optimization and SES stands for search engine submission.Search engine optimization is very vast subject and can not be learn over night.Big companies spend millions of dollar to rank high and keep the existing ranking but in this section I want to show you the basic of SEO and you must use basic SEO rules while designing your site.You should submit your site to all the major search engines.In this section you can learn basic of SEO and some tools for free submission of your site.

[26] Miscellaneous :

         I have included the sites here which are equally effective for getting free advertising & free traffic but can not be categorized,at least not by me.

[27] Don't Use These :

         In this section I have included the sites which you should not use & a tiny logical explanation why you should not use.

[28] Make Money :

         Our Affiliate Programs For Our Other Sites(200 +). Watch this section carefully as we are in pre-launch. Going to launch affiliate program with multi 
tier and forced matrix  which will provide you great earning opportunity as well as product to resell. + Any other money making opportunity which we will feel exceptionally good enough to present to you.

[29] Our Other Sites :

         Here in this section you will find information about our other sites. Not just links but small description so you can decide and visit only the sites in which you are interested.

[30] Online Tools :

        There are many free tools on these sites scattered in each section so I have included the link of each tools here so you can access them directly and do not have to search for links but if you want to read about any tool then you will have to browse the related section and have to find out.

 These all are effective methods to get free advertising  & generate free traffic.I use them everyday,tested them & get 50000+ visitors to my site every single day.

       Use these all methods wisely,be a little creative,learn new things if required & you will get  a flood of laser targeted visitors to your site & exploded your sales to beyond your wildest dream. Make your mind to invest some money in some valuable tools & service. Believe me every cent  you invest will multiply thousands of time in future. The tools & service I have recommended are not necessary if you want just  average result but if you want  to save time & want exceptional result then they are must.

     Other thing I want to suggest is download our toolbar & install it on your PC. Benefits?Many....

 1. You can access all these resources with one click

 2. You will be informed immediately about new resources with our desktop informer.

 3. You will be informed immediately about new money making opportunities

 4. You can access the forum with one click & share your ideas with other members.( Link is at the bottom of each page)

 5. You can access the guest book & insert your comments about any resource immediately.(Link is at the bottom of each page)

 6. You can access all the online tools on this site with one click.

  Want us to include your choice of  program?Know any similar program?Want to include that  program?Just send us the site link but we will include only the programs which pass our test & do provide claimed results.

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